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Welcome and Dedication

Alumni Directory

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more DAHS Memories

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There are 21 volumes so far:
( Volume 21
Volume 20
Volume 19 Volume 18 Volume 17 Volume 16
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Division Avenue High School Alumni Newsletter (Classes of 1960, 1961 and 1962) -- Online Edition
A newsletter of nostalgia and updates for Class of 1960 and friends

The Shows - a year-by-year listing of DAHS theatrical productions (nearly complete)


Some photos of DAHS (exterior, various lighting)

Dragon Gallery (some artworks depicting blue dragons)

Faculty Directory

DAHS teachers past and present who've signed up, plus "wanted" list:
Faculty Online

Complete teacher lists for some years:
Faculty Lists

Memory exercise -- remembering our elementary and middle school teachers (a few school photos too)
Levittown Schools

In memory of the faculty and staff we knew, who are no longer with us.
In Memoriam

Upcoming? DAHS Reunions

Class Reunions:

1977's 30th Reunion - Friday, October 26, 2007

Organizers, please write in with some friendly details.
Note: We don't always get notified. Check with a classmate, or check the websites of these two popular reunion planners, to see if they announce that they have booked a reunion:
Reunions of America, Inc. www.reunionsinc.com Reunions Unlimited, Inc. www.reunions-unlimited.com
(Look up "Division" or "Levittown Division" and your year.)

DAHS Reunions Past

DAHS today?

Division Avenue HS web page www.levittownschools.com/division/

Levittown Public Schools website

Division Avenue High School 1997 website
(Last updated June 1997; preserved here. Photos and more.)

Fundraising: Theresa Wieczerzak Memorial Scholarship Fund & Dollars for Scholars

DAHS & Local Events (upcoming and past)

Levittown, NY - Levittown memories, photos, links, news [not available.]

Directories - links to a some online directories

Finding People - notes on using some online directories.

Health, safety, ecology

Blood donors always needed. nybloodcenter.org

a personal warning on the health consequences of prenatal DES exposure
-- of interest to anyone born between 1941 and 1972 (classes of 1958 to 1990)

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