Yearbook Volume 11

entries from 2002.01.01 through 2002.03.31

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Doug Powers (now Ringo Starr) - 1973 - - Liverpool, England - 2002.01.01
Looking for: Anyone that doesn't hate me.
Memories: Cutting out & going to my parents house (THEY BOTH WORKED), and sometimes charging a "lunch money admission", so that I would have money for the weekend. Sound shrewd???

William Simonetti - 1969 - Levittown, NY - 2002.01.01
Comments: Married the beautiful Michele Pantatello 30 years ago this coming March while in the Air Force (we're still married). Have 3 beautiful (like their mother) daughters; Jennifer (28), Elizabeth (28), Katherine (14). Work for Metro-North Railroad at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

Janine DelGaudio (now Traina) - 1994 - - Farmingdale - 2002.01.03
Looking for: Jeanne Toale

??? - ??? - 2002.01.03
Looking for: Joann Dargenio

Corinne Kaegi - 1972 - - 2002.01.04
Looking for: Peggy Rochon

Lynda Walker (now Lynda Schowengerdt) - 1972 - (left before graduation) - - Atlanta, Ga - 2002.01.05
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me
Memories: I would like to attend the next reunion.

Demi - 2003 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Ltown Still - 2002.01.05
Memories: Hmm I dunno spirit night hehe... Chillin' with my friends

Elisa Nystrom - 1971 - (should have been 1971) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27)- Port Charlotte, Florida - 2002.01.06
Looking for: All past friends
Memories: Although I graduated from General Douglas MacArthur HS in 1971 after being asked to leave DAHS (as at that time I have to admit I was a little wacky) I have never forgotten the friends I had at Division as most of them I had been in grammar school with. I have always thought of you and always wanted to still be there while I was attending MacArthur. Friends there were just not the same. Although it's been about 30 years since I've seen most of you, you are thought of often with fond memories. To name a few Debbie Stebbins, Joanna Stewart, Geri Gibson, Teri Tripp, Debbie Robinson, Audrey and Ray Backer, Steven and Thomas Geronimous (and your brothers too) and there are so many I can't begin to mention them all. Since I last saw most of you after graduation I became a hairdresser for many years and then did a few other things here and there and for the past 19 years. I have been a Floral Designer, an award-winning one at that. I now live in the sunny state of Florida, own my own home and have a 28-year-old son and a 4-year-old grandson. Would you believe it, we're old enough to be grandparents? I live about 2 minutes from another classmate some of you may know, who I've known for over 40 years and is my most cherished friend, her name is Rita Sherwood. You might have seen her at the last reunion. Next one she goes to I think I may just join her. I would really love to hear from you so please drop a line or two and let me know how you're doing and what's been going on the past 30 years. I hope you all are happy, in good health and enjoying life. With fondest thoughts of you all, Lisa.

Walter Speelman - 1964 - - Folsom, CA - 2002.01.07
Looking for: Jim Carney, Bernie Karpel, Colleen Fay
Comments: Married to Marion (Grob) Speelman class of '65.

Maureen Gowen (now Maureen Sinclair) - 1972 - - Lusby, Md - 2002.01.08
Looking for: Just looking...
Memories: After 8 years at Holy Family I was really happy to meet Doris Flynn, Louann Duggan, Wendy Eng Hong, Kenny Murphy, Chris Euell, Kevin McHugh... We all went our separate ways, but I have lots of great memories. Mr. Fricke's class, senior ski trip, Mr. Balas's class, cutting school with Ellen Shaw and having wild parties and Carl P's house. Donna Pantesco, you were wild! Lot's of good times.
Comments: Jim and I have lived in Hawaii for 2 years, Virginia, South Africa for 2 years, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania and now Maryland. Lots of traveling, but we have lived here on the bay for 10 years now. Great place to bring up kids. We have two. Caitlin is 17 and Timothy is 15. Big jocks. I spend my life going to lacrosse games (he's a goalie, she's a middie) volleyball games, and football games. Was never into sports while in DAHS. I'm making up for it now. Jim's brother, Ricky Sinclair, is a pastor up in Madrid, N.Y. He and wife have 9 children! I've spent the last hour reading these web pages. You've done a great job. Would love to go to another reunion. Our 20th was a blast. Thanks for all your work Trina!

Robert Block - 1965 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Highland Park, NJ - 2002.01.09
Looking for: Technical Electronics Alumni of '65-'66 and Brooklyn Poly Alumni from DAHS
Memories: Laskerland vs. Levyland
Comments: I'm kicking myself that I didn't find this site sooner. This is better than and it's free.

April Harman (now Leonard) - 1982 - - Clearwater, Fl - 2002.01.09
Looking for: Nancy cannarelli, kim graves

Carlos Reyes (now Carlos Renita) - 1986 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Venezuela - 2002.01.10
Memories: karate practice! I loved it...

Dawn Crawford (now Manzolillo) - 1985 - - Delaware - 2002.01.11
Looking for: Andrea Ferricane class of 1986 or 1987

Avrum J. Rosen - 1972 - - Huntington - 2002.01.13
Comments: This is a note to let people know that we have started working on the class of 1972 30th (is that possible?) year reunion. If you were listed on the Class page, you already received an e-mail on this. The response for an organizing committee has been great. If you want to come to the reunion, help work on it, or know the whereabouts of people not listed, please let us know. If you are from other years and want to come or know the whereabouts of classmates (especially your older and younger siblings), please let us know. We are all older, funnier looking and fatter. We might as well get together before all we do is read on anothers obits. See you soon.

Elisa Nystrom - 1971 - (should have been 1971) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27)- Port Charlotte, Florida - 2002.01.13
Looking for: All the "OLD" gang. You know who you are!
Memories: My most up-front memory is graduation day, wishing I could have been graduating with all my friends at DAHS. Friends that I had since I was in grade school, Laurel Lane and Northside. To mention a few Debbie Stebbins, Joanna Stewart, Jeri Gibson, Jimmy Stewart, Steven Geronimous, and also ones I knew in the start of DAHS Debbie Roberson, Teri Tripp, Audrey Backer and Ray Backer. And now my longest and dearest friend Rita Sherwood. Rita has been a loyal and dear friend through all my ups and downs without her who knows where I would be now. For the past 30 years we have lived no more than a few miles from each other and when I moved to Florida so did she. I call her sister when I refer to her because she couldn't be closer even if she was. I thank God for her every day. She always reminds me of some of the reasons why I left DAHS (asked to leave). Like going up to school and picking up all my friends and cutting out using my father's car to go driving around or to the beach. Who knows why kids do what they do as I have a 28 year old son of my own, who I sometimes wonder the same question about and I also have a 4 year old grandson. I remember Mr. Danube the science teacher - boy was he strange, and Mr. Anderson the math teacher being so laid back, Mr. Calderone - boy was he a pip and Good old Mr. Freud who transfered to MacArthur the same year I did. That was the best - he actually thought he was getting rid of me. Well when he saw me in the hall I thought he'd almost pass out. He dared me to graduate and graduate I did with a degree in Cosmetology. There are so many other things I remember the list is too long. But most of all It's you, The people and friends I knew. Love to you all and happiness and as they said in those days and should say again PEACE. Lisa Nystrom
Comments: Please Write I'd love to hear about all the things that have been going on in your lives. And if ever your in S.W. Florida stop by would love to see you. Rita lives about 4 blocks away from me. We would have a grand old time.

Gina Fiorello - 1981 - - Winter Springs, Florida - 2002.01.15
Memories: All of my school years were my favorite memories.

Claire Whalen - 2002 - - Levittown - 2002.01.15
Memories: Laura's Nova. Ski Trip '02 * Crackshack Hotel. Jr Prom * Ghetto Bus. Dairy Mart. Crocus. Wisdom Sump. THE bowl... etc. etc. etc.

Erin Cunningham - 2004 - - 2002.01.16
Comments: JAPS YOU ROCK - Mwa Girls

Frank Monte - 1966 - - Rochester, NY - 2002.01.17
my webpage:
Looking for: Vincent and Paul Accardi
Memories: The North Green
7th Grade Dances
Playing Hookey with the Accardi brothers
Surfing in the Sump in the winter with cafeteria trays

Loretta Scarangella (now Loretta Johnson) - 1978 - - Londonderry, NH - 2002.01.17
Looking for: Carolyn Izzo

Gary Pickrodt - 1970 - - Selden, NY - 2002.01.17 (new e-mail 2003.10.28)
Looking for: Rita Sherwood, and anyone else who wonders what happened to me :)

Fran Hirsch (now Fran Spofford) - 1981 - - Florida - 2002.01.19
Looking for: Everyone
Memories: Hanging out at the sweatbox

Patricia Zambuto (now Servidio) - 1980 - - 2002.01.19
Memories: Dave Emeritz's English class, the Yearbook staff, Mr. Festante, after-show parties, rehearsals at the auditorium for yearly musicals, and the school nurse.
Comments: Thanks, Dave, for the memories - wishing you all the best!

Penny Schiller - 1969 - - Cape Cod - 2002.01.19
Memories: Thank you ALL for your cards and letters - so many of you have written wanting to know more about Flectners antics travling with the circus - the truth be known, I haven't heard a thing since the incident where she suppossedly pulled a thigh muscle while riding an elephant - there was a rumor about her running around with a calypso dancer named Tony... but i'm not sure if that's accurate... but I can almost hear her calling him... "Tooooooooonyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"... "TOOOOOOOOOOOOONYYYYYYYYY" "Has anyone seen Tooonyyyy?"... Eileen O'Brien/Peterson and I had a gas crashing the reunion of '66 this past summer -- their DJ was better and they gave out mugs! I was sorry more didn't infiltrate -- Eileen and I are looking forward to crashing the next 20 years of DAHS reunions... god knows the last 20 have been fun... as for Mike Brown... i hear he's been looking for his diploma - if anyone should see him - tell him to look in the health food store - i think he lost it there...

Jackie Conrad - 1966 - - 2002.01.20
Memories: Anyone who wants to get together, it doesn't have to be as big as the 35th reunion. (Thanks, Caryn and Barnet.) Let's just do it before time just passes us by.

Meg Gowen (now Meg Schreck) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Wichita, Ks - 2002.01.21
Looking for: Barbara Byrne, Leslie Wallace, Maureen Nolan, Valerie Gordon
Memories: The DECA trip we took in our junior year. We got into trouble of course and got locked in our rooms when we were not supposed to be at some lecture or something. That was a big mistake, we had even more fun. Barbara and I were not ones to hang around too much in Levittown but we did make some good friends through our years there and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Comments: Even though I did not hang around much in Levittown I married a fellow levittowner, Dean and I will be married 30 years this year. We have 2 kids Kristofer is 27 and Amy is 24. Both are married and Amy is having our first grandchild this February. Very exciting. Amy is a teacher, she also lives here in Kansas. Kris lives in Ronkonkoma and works in the audio/visual field. Dean is retired and I work at an alarm company in the collection dept. We moved here last year after living in Patchogue for 25 years. This site has been a lot of fun reading and hope to see some more names that bring back some more memories.

Lorraine Prasch (now Lorraine Fazio) - 1968 - - New Paltz, NY - 2002.01.25
Looking for: Jackie Stalberg

Ed Watson - 1979 - - Massapequa Park, NY - 2002.01.26
Memories: Great friends, good times and a lot of very happy memories. Thanks to all of you for these memories!!

in memoriam, Bruce Nystrom -1966 - by his sister Lisa - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Port Charlotte, FL - 2002.01.29
Looking for: Any of his friends who remember him.
Memories: The memory that stands out most in my mind is upon graduation when shaking the principal's hand my brother Bruce buzzed him with one of those hand buzzers. I knew what he was going to do and had to promise not to tell our mother. Well I thought it was hysterical, not so with Mom when she found out. He had to go get his diploma from the principal's office. A few of his friends I do remember are Dwight Powers, Dennis Madison, Al Madison, Eddie Hellenbeck, Billy Flynn. Bruce was always a fun-loving spirit. He loved a good time and was a true friend to all who knew him. He passed away in 1970 after suffering from a broken neck sustained in a pool accident. He is survived by 2 Terrific Children and now one Granddaughter, our Mother and myself and my son and Grandson.
Comments: Thank you Dwight for remembering Bruce you were and still are a true and loving friend. I had thought he was forgotten by all but his family as his name had not been even mentioned in the graduating class list, as a Deceased member of the DAHS family, until I read one of your letters. I thank you with all my heart for remembering his life. I loved him dearly and always will as I now know other people do also. Thanks for easing my pain. Lisa Nystrom, Bruce's Little Sis.
Would love to hear from any of his old friends who have memories to tell. Can e-mail me at ___ or write to: Elisa Nystrom 477 Ricold Terrace, Port Charlotte, FL 33954. Will answer all, Thanks for the memories!

Bethany Hale - 2002 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2002.01.30
Looking for: High School Reunion Information
Memories: The time when Carl Yarsinske went to school in nothing but his bell bottoms and a left arm cast. I laughed so hard I wet myself. I will never forget DAHS it was the best experience of my life! I will miss all of you and hope to see you again at the reunion.

Kim Shane - 1982 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Rocky Point, NY - 2002.02.04
Looking for: Billy Schiffer
Memories: The Variety Show
Comments: Good times in Division High

Mary Steinbrecher (now Kuffner) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Cove City, North Carolina - 2002.02.05
Looking for: Anyone who wants to write
Memories: Chorus. Sound of Music in 1970
Comments: Would love to hear from any one back home. Life here on the farm gets kinda boring at times.

Brian Blane - 1976 - - Parker, Colorado - 2002.02.05
Looking for: The Redwing Gang
Memories: My friends, my Pinto and just being in Levittown.
Comments: I've only been back to Levittown a few times since I moved in 1977 but I still consider it home. I'm glad to see and hear that DAHS is alive and well. Thanks for the website and the chance to catch up with some old friends.

Peggy Hellenbeck - 1965 - - Nashua, New Hampshire - 2002.02.07
Memories: Dances, Proms, Football Games, Levyland and Laskerland.

Elizabeth DelGiorno (now Elizabeth Chaleff) - 1978 - - Levittown - 2002.02.07
Memories: The Senior ski trip, when one room had a bathtub full of beer.

Ernie Castaneda - 1976 - - San Antonio, Texas - 2002.02.07
Looking for: Alan Gonzalez

Edward Pratt - 1965 - - Aurora, Co - 2002.02.09
Looking for: Harvey Silverman, Sammy Eisenberg 1967, Darcy Lovegren 1973, Bonnie Pierce 1972

Amanda Uster - 2004 - - 2002.02.09
comments: I don't have Panda8612 anymore!

Ron Ziegler - 1976 - - North Woodmere, NY - 2002.02.09
Looking for: Some of my old classmates out there in cyberspace.

Lorraine DarConte - 1975 - Tucson, Arizona - 2002.02.10
What am I up to lately:
"SPINSTERS: Writer/photographer Lorraine A. DarConte (Division Avenue class of 1975) seeks women 27 and older who have never married for a book project. Subjects must be happily single, have an interesting /exciting career and/or hobby. Not seeking “man-haters,” just those who realize/discovered/know there is more to life than getting married. Book to feature full-page photos of each individual along with text featuring their views on marriage/work/life. DarConte is the author of several books including, "Feng Shui" (Ariel/Andrews McMeel Publishing) and her work appears regularly in several photo magazines such as Shutterbug and Rangefinder.  E-mail Lorraine at for more information and/or to apply."

Barbara Libertelli (now Barbara Fusco) - 1978 - - Winter Haven, FL - 2002.02.12
Memories: Remember sitting by the open windows of the Senior Lounge listening to tunes on the jukebox. Integrated Studies was the best! Remember the marriage experiment! I'll always remember the Senior Ski Trip and we had the water bed in our room!!! I've enjoyed each reunion and look forward to the next one - hopefully in 2003!

Joanne Robson (now Martelli) - 1974 - - Saint Simons Island, GA - 2002.02.12
Looking for: Anyone who wants to say hello... I would love to hear from Richie Johnson or Robert Johnson or if anyone knows anything about them.
Memories: The Stands, hanging our behind the school... boys on one side of the bleachers, girls on the other until everyone had a few. The church, running from the cops, Azalea pool, running from the cops, North Green, running from the cops. My best friends, Kathy, Susan, Peggy, what a fun time we had! All my friends from Division... Our senior lounge... Beanie streaking from the lounge through the parking lot... We had bad times and good times... What a learning experience!

Doriel Wyler (now Not) - - SF, CA - 2002.02.17
Looking for: Cynthia White 1970
Memories: Class Rings and snow storms
comments: Please change my current info!

Fred Von Burg - Taught English - Long Island - 2002.02.22
my webpage:
Memories: Seeing how well the students did during the once- or twice-in-a-lifetime oratorical contest. Also, working with the writers of "The Flame."
Comments: The students at Division were mostly so well-intentioned it made my stay there really worthwhile.

John ("CHEZ") - Hicksiville - 2002.02.23
Memories: Hanging at the North Village Green - visiting my girlfriend at night by her window - Playing football for Coach Jewell - Loving memories of Coach Amen - to all of my good friends that I hung with - good memories and looking forward to seeing everyone in July - and soon to be a proud grandfather in July!!! P.S. I made it!!!

Lisa Carroll (now Ferreira) - 1989 - - Levittown - 2002.02.23
Memories: Pat and Lau, I know you guys are coming home! NC is making Lau into a southern belle, and Beverly Hills!! Mr Movie Star. Does the whole world know you are doing films? Get your butts back here!! I haven't been sane since, except thursday night tv. When you come visit we are going city crazy in the 'vertible with pretty girl. I mean crazy like '92. XOXO as always... ME

Angelo Rizzolo - 1985 - - Crystal River, FL - 2002.02.24
Comments: Living in Sunny Florida. Married to Karen (Rydlewski) for almost 12 years. We have three wonderful children. Angelo Jr. 8, Richie 7 and Kaylee 2. I own Angelo's Pizzeria & Ristorante in Inverness, FL. If ever in the area stop by and visit. Hope to be able to make it to the 20th reunion! Life is Good!

Karen Rydlewski (now Karen Rizzolo) - 1985 - - Crystal River, FL - 2002.02.24
Comments: Went to Summit Lane from Kdgn-6th grade. Attended DAJHS for 7th grade. Moved to Florida in 1980. Married Angelo Rizzolo in 1990.
We have three children. We love living in Florida but we often reminisce about the life we had as kids growing up in Levittown.
We hope to be able to make it to the 20th reunion.

Thomas Smith - 1961 - - Levittown - 2002.02.24
Memories: My first prom was a nice memory and my first love was a bigger memory. It was a beautiful time in history to grow up and see and be a part of all the changes that have taken place, and an era in time where the music was just great.
Comments: Division Avenue was a great school, and the teachers were super, and took an interest in what you were striving for.

Thomas Smith - 1961 - - Levittown - 2002.03.01
Memories: Great memories of growing up in Levittown and attending Division Avenue High School. Good friends for life were formed here. Nice memories of my first prom and my first love and my first car. Good memories of going to the drive-in movies, with a carload of friends. My first part-time job, in Mays on Hempstead Turnpike.
Comments: Division Avenue excelled in sports. In its glory, Division was the envy of people going to other high schools, and we were proud of our school colors and our accomplishments.

Thomas Smith - 1961 - - Levittown - 2002.03.09
Memories: Going to all the sports that Division Avenue competed in, and cheering on a victory
Comments: Division Avenue was a great school to have attended, and it was a nice era in time

Brian K. Fowler - 1982 - - Hicksville, NY - 2002.02.25
Memories: The school plays... "Fiddler on the Roof" aka, Fyedka... and "Carousel"... aka Heavenly Friend. HomeEc. with Mrs. Wojnar. The 9th grade school strike... when people were jumping out the windows... lol. Drivers Ed... with mr. Dennis... and yes, Mr. Greenberg giving out the ingredients to Nitroglycerine in 8th grade science class... he must be a lot of fun on the 4th of July.
Comments: When is the next class reunion... and where?? I seem to have missed the last one.

in memoriam, Pete Vagnuolo (d. February 11, 2002) - 1980 - by his brother Louie - ) - Fort Lauderale, Fl - 2002.02.25
Memories: I would just like to let my brother Pete's classmates know that he passed away on February 11, 2002.
He was 39 yrs old, a great brother and good friend. Pete was full of life and loved to live it.
We loved to re-live old Levittown stories, folk lore if you will.
I will miss him with all my heart... Louie Vagnuolo

Andrea Vidal - 2001 - - Fayetteville, North Carolina - 2002.02.26
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone who's missin Andi~! ***MuAhZ***

Kerry Merkle - 1989 - - Lindenhurst - 2002.02.26
Looking for: The McKee Brothers
Memories: We were the longhair burnouts. Glad I cut my hair when I look at those pictures. Those were great times though!!

??? - ??? - 2002.02.26
Memories: Please note the passing of math teacher, Mr. Shaun Morrissey. Mr. Morrissey died on Monday, February 25th in New Jersey where he had retired.

Jamie Colen - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Hampton, NH - 2002.02.28
Memories: It is now about two years since I have made my first entry to this yearbook. I went back and visited Levittown a while ago, and the memories that flooded in were just amazing I just drove around in a stupor thinking of riding bicycles with friends EVERYWHERE! Secret make-out areas like behind the shrubs at Northside school and inside the tunnels at Laurel Lane! Remembering the smell of summer, what ever happend to those trees?! The forts we built in the ditch, apple wars, acorn wars, skateboards (I am still riding slalom). Hopping pools, the sumps and the little toads that hatched behind the Azalea pool, the bike paths next to the parkway... All my old friends that I have not seen in twenty years, but their faces as clear and yesterday, Chris and David Joyce, Kyle Canavan, Chris Corritore, Jimmy Curran, Kathy, Pat, Lisa, Ann. Thanks.

Bob Schreck - 1973 - - New Jersey - 2002.03.01
Memories: Too many to mention!

Arthur Tangel / Artie - - Sunny Florida - 2002.03.01
Memories: Hi all fellow grads and class of '74... Looking to make contact with anyone from class of '74... was back to the Island in July '01 and got homesick... Looking for old friends.

Steven Martinez - 1985 - - Roseville, Ca - 2002.03.01
Looking for: Tom Heslin and Robert Grant
Memories: Battle of the Bands in '82/'83
Watching the girls
Heavy metal
Comments: I left School in 1983 {Later on I went back and got my Ged}
But that's where all my memories are. I was a quiet and insecure kid at Division. Music ruled my life then and still does today. I live in California now. But I visit family and friends every few months in NY
Levittown was a great place to be born and raised in. I'll always miss it! I'm Married and have 2 great sons Jace 10 and Bret 2

Linda Passaretti (now Linda Lyles) - 1982 - xclusive (not 2004.10.07) ; [not 2002.03.24] - Uniondale - 2002.03.02
Looking for: My cuz, Elliott LoPicollo
Memories: Hanging out with my friends, fake IDs, dangerous rides, Fulton Street, etc.

April Aguilera - 2003 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Claymont - 2002.03.04
Looking for: Any one who knows me!!
Memories: When I graduate will be my best memory.
Comments: It's been fun hope to see some of the people again.

Glen Mittel - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown, NY - 2002.03.04
Looking for: Mr. Rufa

Debra Dee Bader (now Debra Dee Hammock) - 1980 - - Georgia - 2002.03.05
Looking for: Old friends from jr hgh
Memories: 7, 8, 9th graders... Old friends that I have forgotten since I moved to Ga.
Comments: If you remember me Debra Bader please email me.. lol

Kerry A. Nicolay (now Kerry A. La Salvia) - 1993 - - Stone Ridge, NY - 2002.03.06
Memories: All the plays we put on... So much fun! And of course I'll never forget the marching band.
Comments: Am having a great time here in upstate New York. I have a little boy named Alex, he's one and a half. I am a nurse in the CTICU here in Poughkeepsie.

Tim McCarthy - 1980 - - Cape Coral, Fla - 2002.03.06
Memories: Mr Wright's class ("Hey Mr. Wright, can I borrow your comb?") Hanging out in Integrated Studies. God those sofas were great. Cosmo Guerin.

Steve Steidinger / Steido - - Schneider's Children's Hospital / Ltown - 2002.03.08
Memories: Chillen with everyone
Comments: Don't take life for granted!

Robert Christiansen - - Chicago, IL - 2002.03.09
Memories: Being ridiculed, but Carol Hull, Susan Kelly and Jeanne Hunter were nice to me and said nice things to me shortly after my appearance as piano player at the '76 Variety Show. I stammered and I blushed, but I thanked them.
Comments: I am happy to say that I parlayed my piano-playing at the '76 Variety Show into a short-lived year-and-a-half (almost a year-and-three-quarters) part-time piano-playing career in a bar in Chicago from 5/2000 through 1/2002. And that I released a piano-playing CD in 2001 and have just recently released a live CD titled "The Rob Show live from Miami Beach." If you email me and request this CD, I will mail you a copy, just for asking.
Even though I am the "piano man" from Levittown, NY, I still hold down a full-time career at an insurance company.
I dedicated my 2001 CD to Patty Brown, my girlfriend in the second grade, but I never heard from her so I guess she never got wind of it.
If anybody knows how I can find Brian Connors (class of '77) can you let me know. He was a good friend for a couple of years.

Ernie Castaneda - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - San Antonio - 2002.03.11
Looking for: Gladys Rodriguez, Alan Gonzalez, Sandy Roden, Sharon Paul, Stu Becker, to name a few
Comments: I'm still in the military and just wanted to reach out and find out what became of everyone I was friends with and then some.

Bill Pantesco - 1969 - - Marietta, Ga - 2002.03.12 (new e-mail 2002.10.09)
Looking for: Someone tell Fred Kiesecker to sign on!

Nancy Rydlewski (now Nancy Tighe) - 1976 - - Clinton, NJ - 2002.03.13
Memories: Good memories (mostly) of Sat. night parties at Andy Gottlieb's and Pat Lanotte's (sp?) houses. Fri./Sat. nights we used to go to the "Church" to hang out (and be chased away, probably due to the racket we were making). Saturday football games were fun. Playing hockey and just hanging out at Peggy Pergola's house is a fond memory. As I got into 10th & 11th grade, I really enjoyed getting to know other friends beyond those I'd always hung around with. The DAHS teachers were awesome. Mrs. Miranda was in a class of her own, Mr. Miller was a lot of fun and Mr. Erbacher deserves a medal for what we did to that poor man.
Comments: Andy & Jeanne Gottlieb and my sisters, told me of this site. It is great! Thank you so much for keeping this going. The memories from the yearbook volumes made me laugh and cry at the same time. Hey, class of '76 we are way under-represented in these volumes. Get those memories together (we're not that old yet!). I've been married to the same special man, Brian, for almost 21 years. In fact, he and I used to go to some of those parties I mentioned previously. I no longer blame him for going to Holy Trinity. We have two wonderful children, Meghan (age 16) and Brian Daniel (age 12). We moved around a bit after Levittown. Yorktown Heights, NY - Orlando - Clinton, NJ, but never miss the opportunity to ride around Levittown whenever we're in the neighborhood. It would be great to hear from old friends so please drop me an email. I hope to make the next reunion!

Bob Scheiner - 1988 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown (where else?) - 2002.03.20
Memories: Everybody say a prayer for some of those that haven't made it.

Dina Sarra - 1994 - - Levittown Island Trees - 2002.03.20
Looking for: Jeane Toale
Memories: I think out of all the grades we had it the worst. We lost friends of ours at a very early age. I don't know about any of you but something I especially will never forget. Rest In Peace Kevin. On an up side I think we were the closest grade to each other. I also think that's because of Mrs. Carroll she was the best person. She was like our other mother. Thanks for that Mrs. Carroll. From Dina Sarra

Gary Harding - 1981 - - Halesite, NY - 2002.03.22
my webpage:
Memories: Hanging in the computer room. Secretly taking over some of the ID's. And everyone thought it was a computer problem.

Some people could not get on deliberately. I wonder how??? LOL!

Bowling team. Being the ONLY member of the 1981 Mens Swimming Team. Qualified for county, but got no where after that. But at least I started it!

Working on the junior prom. That was fun!
Comments: Been with Avis Rent A car for 16 years, now in Operations Management in NYC. Former President of NY Islanders Booster Club, now run their web site.

Change of address. E-mail if you want the full one.

Can not believe 21 years have nearly passed since graduation. Where does it go?

Happily living in Halesite (Huntington Harbor). Hope all is well.

Louise Nicolosi (now Louise Hayn) - 1960 - - Wappingers Falls, NY - 2002.03.23
Comments: The Spring 2002 issue of the DAHS NEWSLETTER (Class of 1960) hit the Internet early this morning. If your email has changed and you did not receive your copy, email me and I will send you one. If you were not in the Class of 1960 and would like a copy of the newsletter, please email me for a copy. If you have any information about a 1960 graduate, let me hear from you and it will be published in the Summer 2002 issue. Spring is here! Enjoy it!

Lisa Edvabsky - 1994 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Bethpage - 2002.03.23
Comments: Email me

Christina Sushko - 2002 - - Levittown, NY - 2002.03.23
Memories: My favorite memory about high school this year was just chillin' with my friends and hanging out with them along with making jokes, And along with the year of 1999 I was asked out by a sweet guy and had many good kisses with him to and he will alway be my best friend.
Comments: I wish the bestest luck to all the Sr. of class 2002 and along with the upcoming classes too, And may Division keep winning all football games and also with HOMECOMING.

Frank DeConnick - 1999 - - Levittown - 2002.03.23
my webpage:
Looking for: A job at Pixar

Doug Corapi - 1972 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lake Elsinore, CA - 2002.03.26 (new e-mail 2003.03.14)
Comments: If anyone remembers me say hello, what the heck.

Scott McCook (now Scott Flair) - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - San Fransisco, CA - 2002.03.28
Comments: I am not ashamed of who I am

David Goldenberg - 1975 - - East Norwich, NY - 2002.03.29
Memories: Graduation

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