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Peter Jensen - 1968 - - Smithtown - 2002.04.02
Memories: I saw my name mentioned in the "gone but not forgotten" listing, In Memoriam. I'm still here, of course if anyone cares. I'm still going strong & treasure all the memories I had at Division Ave H.S.

Frank Montwill - 1985 - - Center Moriches, NY - 2002.04.03
Memories: Hanging out out the deli and the famous KEG parties.
Comments: Hope everyone is doing great.

Larry Raphael - 1967 - - Oakton, Virginia - 2002.04.03
Memories: 1) Walking almost 2 miles to school every day;
2) Forget who did it but remembering one of the afternoon periods a student stuck his head in the doorway of our classroom (before class started) and puked right in the doorway! Given time, or others will remember who you were and then you have had it! Ha!;
3) Going over to Tommy Chin's Laundry Store/Home to see if he was there -- Looking back this is now one of those nostalgic moments... up to the time they then bought the biggest and newest house in the Levittown area, got a pool table and each kid also got a car! Wow!!;
4) Trying out for the basketball team at just the wrong time (being cut) -- 11th grade and what turned to be one of their best seasons. Still, I had a great time trying out.
Comments: Looking back, I feel somewhat missing something or whatever for not participating more socially in the events at school. Maybe it was my overly introvert personality in those days. Maybe it was living at almost 2 miles away from the school. Not sure! But, rather than just recognize many of the names, I wish I had interacted more in those days.

Rosanna Goldstein - 2000 - Levittown - 2002.04.06
Memories: I will always remember the days I dreaded walking into that building, but what I remember most are the days that I'm glad I did. Thanks to Mrs. Evans I actually read my first book (I mean I actually read the entire book!!!).

Dianne Oest (now Dianne Ludewig) - 1982 - - Levittown - 2002.04.10
Memories: Too many to write!!
Comments: Info on a 20th Reunion?

Barbara Gallo (now Barbara Bitela) - 1973 - - Antelope, CA - 2002.04.11 (new e-mail 2003.02.05)
Looking for: Mike Rizzo
Memories: The shows of course! Anybody seen Mike Rizzo? babz

Gina Latif - ??? - - 2002.04.13
Memories: Graduating

Ryan Dooley - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2002.04.13 (new e-mail 2002.12.16)
my webpage:
Looking for: You
Memories: Well there aren't any.

Marie (MaryAnn) Agostino (now MaryAnn Poldino) - 1964 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Kings Park, NY - 2002.04.15
Looking for: Cathy Yarmosh

Mark Shapiro - 1974 - - NJ - 2002.04.16
Looking for: Diane Barrett 1974 Grad

Stephen Bailin - 2002 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2002.04.18
Memories: Being on the school bowling team since 7th grade and graduating Division in June of 2002.

Grace Moga (now Grace Novara) - 1966 - - Milford, Connecticut 06460 - 2002.04.18
Looking for: too many people to list... on the short side... Vinny Buchetta, Bob Rice, Ginny Camarata, Judy Welch, Tish Espesito, etc...

Carole Friedman (now Thomas) (deceased) - 1974 - 2002.04.21
Comments: I thought I would use this site to let people know that my much loved and sorely missed sister passed away 10 days after her 42nd birthday in 1998. Carole was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and battled for eight years the ravages of the disease before finally closing her eyes for good. She was a couragious fighter and outlived the predictions of all her doctors. She got her strenth and spirit from her very special son Robert. She is also survived by her husband Joey.

Marty "Cook" Friedman (deceased)- 1966 - 2002.04.21
Comments: I thought I would use this site to let my bother's old friends know that Cookie passed away Sept. 1993. Cookie suffered with multiple sclerosis for many years and after contracting the AIDS virus was just too weak to fight off the constant assault on his body. He died quietly, surrounded by his entire family. I miss Cookie more than I can say and I just thought there might be some people out there who lost touch with Cookie over the years and would appreciate knowing about his passing.

Robert Grant - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Bethpage, NY - 2002.04.22
Comments: God Bless everyone / hope everyone is doing well.

Erica Joseph (now Erica (Ricki) Weber) - 1968 - - Fairfax, VA - 2002.04.23
Comments: Hi to all who have found this web site... isn't it great. I was on Long Island until 1988 but never ran into any old classmates, never got word of any reunions and now I've stumbled on this! That got me digging thru boxes of stuff till I found my yearbook talk about being transported back... to another place, another time... a life time ago.
I was rather quiet and distant in high school but still it all brings back so many memories and so much curiosity... How did every one turn out? Are the "most likely to succeed" successful? Are the most popular still center stage? Have the quiet unnoticed people made names for themselves.
I sure would love to hear from any and all who are reading this.

Theresa Mayeski (now Theresa McDonnell) - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lebanon, New Hampshire - 2002.04.27
Looking for: I am looking for the disco queen Judy Pollinchock.
Memories: One of the best things that I remember is being at Polinchock's house watching soaps, munching out and listening to Neil Young. Where is Tooky (Terry Rogers) anyway? Does anyone know where Karen Doyle or Kathy Fitzpatrick? Kim McDonnell and I are looking for anyone who remembers us.

Allan Katz - 1972 - - Millbrook, NY - 2002.04.27
my webpage:
Memories: All the different cliques and the labels that went with them. Hanging out on the front lawn. Not going to class. Feeling like crap after doing laps for Mr. Pivnick. The prom. All the crushes that went unfulfilled. Hanging out on the streets, drinking beer or Sangria and smoking with hordes of people en masse.
Comments: I haven't been in touch with anyone in the past thirty years. Recently picked up the yearbook and reminisced. Just taking a walk down memory lane (a little foggy sometimes), but that's just like me. I think it would be great to see how time has had an affect on everyone. Life definitely went by a lot more slowly in those days. I look forward to some communication and reuniting.

Bob Benn - 1963 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Nashville, TN - 2002.04.30; - 2002.04.15
Memories: Hanging out at the North Green during the school year and "4 down / 3 over" at Jones Beach in the summer.
Comments: The class of '63 needs to plan a 40th reunion for next year, I'd help but there needs to be someone with a local presence to head it up. E-mail me if you have any interest in a reunion and if you'd like to help get it organized.

Mike Hublitz (now Max Power) - 2001 - - Levittown - 2002.05.01
Memories: Sitting next to my girl Leona in Mrs. Ward's class

George Williams - 1986 - (moved away 1984) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Cumberland, RI - 2002.05.01
Looking for: Cucky Ragona, Tommy McCormick, Harry Torres, etc.
Memories: The friends, great sports, bad music (looking back), the clothes (it was the early-mid '80s), and the fact that it was the All-American suburban school.
Comments: Grew up in Levittown (16 years) then moved to NYC & finished 11th & 12th grades there. You do not know how good you had it until you are subjected to the NYC school system! Missed not finishing out my youth with all the friends I grew up with from kindergarden to 10th grade. Would love to be included in the 1986 class reunion listing & get info on the next get-together for that year. Hope to hear from some old childhood friends.

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