Yearbook Volume 13

entries from 2002.05.03 through 2002.12.03

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Colleen B. Drozd (soon to be Colleen Moustafa) - 1996 - - Levittown, NY - 2002.05.04
Comments: I just want to tell everyone that I recently got engaged on October 20, 2001.

Petri Pietiläinen - 1992- (exchange student) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Nurmijärvi, Finland - 2002.05.05
Comments: This site brought up some memories! I can't believe it is already ten years since I got back from my great exchange-student year from DAHS.

Caroline Lopez (soon to be Hidalgo) - 1993 - - Orlando Fl - 2002.05.09
Memories: Junior and senior prom, with my best friends Teresa Lynch and April Oberle. Where is Thomas Ignizio?
Comments: I am so happy to have found April and Teresa, one big happy family!
now Aunt Teresa and Aunt April to our daughter Gabriela.

Penny Schiller - 1969 - - Cape Cod - 2002.05.12
Looking for: Barbara Friedman
Memories: I was saddened to hear of Marty Friedman's passing. He was a kind and funny man with a wonderful spirit. I remember the first time I heard his sister Barbara refer to Marty as Cookie when we were walking to school -- we too lived a jillion miles away from DAHS, on Blacksmith Road by Weaver Lane. Another 500 feet and we would have gone to Hicksville High. Remember when Cookie wore a black arm band to school the day Judy Garland died?

Susan Morace - 1984 - - 2002.05.15
Looking for: Scott Pendergrass

Bill Cosentino / a.k.a. Bill Coz - 2001 - - NH, Md and still Long Island, I'm everywhere - 2002.05.15
Memories: Class of 2001... SENIORS!!! Sitting in Mr. Weiczerzak's class and listening to him say he will step on my face. Ha. Yelling SENIORS down the hall with Billy Flinn. Spirit Week, always a good time. Watching Mr. Castle jump on his desk. Having laughs with Winch and Sherman. Getting back rubs from Leona in work-study. Getting cracked over the head with a lacrosse stick by Chisholm. Four years of Football and Lacrosse. Senior Scavenger Hunt and who can forget SENIOR SKI Trip. Good times were had.
Comments: I'm so glad I'm finally out of there.

John Gerard Waunsch - 1975 - - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2002.05.16
Memories: Wrestling in P.E. (only kidding) The fun and friendship I enjoyed in music, chorus, and the school plays is something that will stay with me my entire life. I think of everyone involved often. God Bless the '75ers!

Joe Tierney - 1996 - - Atlanta, GA - 2002.05.17
Comments: Hope everyone is doing well... someone plan a reunion someday.

Brett Schmitt - 2000 - - Irvine/L-town - 2002.05.17
Memories: Spending a quarter of my time in the theatre room and using the copy machine for my own purposes, mwoohaha! Being a bunch of different characters (in the plays) but one unique Brett!
p.s. Do you still have my diploma?

Richard L. Horan - 1985 - - Levittown - 2002.05.20
Memories: Meeting my wife.
Comments: The past was not a good as the future. I have three beautiful daughters and I have been married 14 years, success is in my court.

____ - 1995 - ?@? - 2002.05.23
Memories: Get in touch with your elementry school buddies!!! Go enter your info for free @

Tom Sullivan - 1982 - - Massapequa, NY - 2002.05.30
Looking for: All members of Class of '82 for 20-year reunion on August 9th, 2002

Larry Healy - 1977 - - Ypsilanti, Mi - 2002.05.30
Memories: 25 years !! Unreal !
Comments: Hey Everyone - Just thought I'd sign-in to this cool site, good way to keep in touch, which I haven't done a great job of. I work for Ford Motor Company (Information Technology) in Dearborn Michigan
(18 yrs !). I am married and enjoying life in Michigan (Outside Ann Arbor). Great college sports !

Mary Freiermuth (now Mary Kerns) - 1969 - - Nesconset, NY 11767 - 2002.06.03
Memories: Homecoming parades and football games.

Pete Pantano - 1993 - - Annapolis, MD - 2002.06.05
Comments: I am now teaching in Maryland at Marley Middle school. I recently (6/1/2002) got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend of 5 years, Kim.

Tim Kelly - 2000 - - Levittown - 2002.06.05
Looking for: (Only 1 person from the class of 2000 knows the answer to that.)
Memories: Spirit night. Winning tug of war with Joe M, Brian Fisher, Anthony M and the rest in our senior year. Kissing the girls > don't worry I won't say who I know you'll get embarassed ;)
Comments: Comments - hmm. Well if everyone remembers what I was like, I used to be quiet. Well that was then and this is now. I can honestly tell you all I don't do that very much anymore. Most of you I heard attend Nassau Community. I almost attended Nassau Community but then decided to go somewhere else. Instead I went to Briarcliffe College located at Bethpage NY. It's expensive in case anyone was thinking of going there. The major is Information Technology and the current GPA as of right now is 3.09 so if any of my former teachers, counselors etc. are reading this and you're one of the people that told me I wasn't going to get anywhere in life, because I know some of you said it, well I think you know my comment towards that. I don't know very many people in the college but I do have these two great friends. There these as of right now 23 year old female twins. > Who'd a thunk it huh me and two 23 year old females being friends. You know how the saying is 2 is better than 1? Believe me two is a hell of a lot better than 1. As far as who I talk to still from high school, not that many.

I'm not going to lie I always said to myself there's only 1 person that I want to really keep in touch with after we graduate. And thankfully that one certain person and she knows who she is still keeping in touch with me.

Relationships are kind of like so so and iffy. I mean holy bleep people I could have had 30 girlfriends or more. I remember one time I was at club and dopey me forgot the name but regardless 10 hot woman grabbing me and asking me to dance at the same time. Let's just say the field goal was good. Not only that I almost got engaged. Didn't work out but I won't get into detail on that.

I guess the final thing is where do I see myself when the reunion comes. I would say married to the girl I still speak with that also graduated with us possibly/hopefully. Maybe even a kid or two.

What I promise at the reunion - **I promise because I remember most of you people especially the guys were like make a muscle and stuff and I was such a bleep about it. I promise i'll do a flex for ya at the reunion if you ask 'cause I tell you right know if you remember what I looked like back then I don't look like that any more. I look a lot different and it's only been 2 years. We still got 8 more to go until the reunion. And if you're so desperate to see what I look like go to Synergy's in Levittown. I'm there every single day approx 1pm.

The only person I work out with right now is Brian Kurse. Some know him some don't. I know most of you or all thought he was a I guess the word is weakling but he's not anymore after going through hell with me. The kid can bench 245 for 1 now and if he keeps it up i'll get him to 300 by october the latest. Who knows he might come to the reunion with me to show you people what he looks like. I wouldn't surprised if by then some of ya bleeped a brick.

Other than that there's nothing else. A lot of stuff from a guy who use to be quiet right? Anyways anyone can email me just let me know who you are and all I expect is for you to act mature otherwise I'll simply ignore you.

P.S. Whoever's responsible for our reunion e-mail me and tell when it is and where you finally decide.

Trista Haggiag - 2002 - - Wintergarden, Florida (just moved In 6/02) - 2002.06.11
Looking for: No one in particular
Memories: My last years in Division were not very great memories but I had good times in 9th and 10th grade...
I just graduated last year in 2002 (don't ask why i am filling this out so soon)

George Donaldson - ??? - srs3036464 - 2002.06.12
Comments: Looking for Tracy Schaffer

Dana Rich (now Dana Baum) - 1972 - - Scottsdale, AZ - 2002.06.13
Memories: Graduating!

Vickie Hans (now Vickie Rogers) - 1984 - - Levittown, NY- 2002.06.14
Memories: Marian Fiorello, Kim Brown, Joanne Caporale, Patrice Moreback, Boces Cosmetology, Tommy Heslin calling me Q-Tip. Chris Fiacco's toupeé (fake Hair). Frank D'Andrea - my high school love chase haha.

Bobby "Monk" Mancino - 1969 - - Northern Calif. - 2002.06.17
Comments: Would just like to wish the class of 1970 a Happy 50th birthday. Congratulations, you all now have the face you deserve.
Warm Regards,
The Monk

Daniel McIntosh - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lake Grove, NY 11755 - 2002.06.19
Memories: Mr. Cooper's class. Mr Zack's class.

James C. Bruce - 1959 - (would have been 1959) - - West Coast - 2002.06.20
Looking for: any one who recognizes my name. Eillen Sullivan--Brenda
Comments: What about the kids that came from Jerusalem High School in 1956/57? It had been on split sessions. High school in mornings and Jr. HS in afternoon, till DH opened for '56/'57 school year.
I went to DH for 10th grade in '56/'57 and summer school in '57, that would make graduation in June of '59. (if I had stayed in school.)
There is no mention of Mr Galloway. I believe he went from being principal of Jerusalem to DH in the 56/57 school year.

Bob Rice - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Port Jefferson, NY 11777 - 2002.06.21
Looking for: Barbara Friedman
Memories: Barbara a lot of friends would like to contact you about Marty

John Waunsch - 1975 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2002.06.23 - - 2004.09.30
Memories: Theater Arts, the school play, chorus, traveling to other cities for competition, sports. Those famous "fund-raising car washes".

Robert Falkenburgh - - Bayport, NY - 2002.06.24
Memories: Stolen Regents exams, many good friends, graduating and getting the hell out of DAHS!

Krissiy Thach (now Sanford) - 1969 - ?@? - Las Vegas - 2002.06.28
Looking for: Keri Getz
Memories: When we all got drunk and pissed on the teachers' cars man thaT WAS FUN
Comments: I have just donated my uterus to a woman in need in africa. I hope she will use it as much as I did

____ - ??? - ?@? - 2002.07.02
Looking for: John Backer

Mark Blinderman - 1964 - - West Babylon, NY - 2002.07.03
my webpage:
Memories: Boy, did I goof off in high school!!! I remember my goal was to do as little as I could... and I succeeded. Ironically, when I completed my graduate work at 26 (I went to college for 9 years and majored in partying) and got out into the real world, it was shocking -- they expected me to work!!!

I remember being scared of girls all throughout high school. In Cit. Ed. class, Mr. Madanick intercepted a note to me from Carol Binninger. I had no idea what was in the note but Mr. Madanick snickered.

I also remember sharing my German book with Linda Kelly and she was just too hot to share a German book with. So much for German.

I remember being the equipment guy for the JV baseball team -- talk about a status position! This was one step from being janitor and was the position they gave to people dumb enough to think they were being important by lugging bats around.

I remember all the girls I was in love with whom I would never let know. If you are female, are reading this, and were in my graduating class, I loved you :)

I remember the textbook psychotic friendships I had. Without mentioning names, some of these people were demented on a level undefined by clinical research, but certainly interesting.

I remember trying to be popular... and totally blowing it.
Comments: High school was my Clark Kent years; not saying that I'm Superman today, but I've a very different person.

In high school I was self-doubting and insecure; today, I consider myself a leader, am very confident and have the best business in the world; in fact, I'm a national recruiter for a new division of the largest neutriceutical company in the world. We own GNC, Rexall-Sundown, Metrx and Enrich Int'l to name a few. My job is to bring people to early retirement. If you're curious, go to my site: I'm always looking for good people.

Since high school, I've gone to the USMMA, Nassau Community College, SUNY at Oneonta, Syracuse University (Graduate School), School of Visual Arts, and Briarcliffe College for differnt degrees and certificates.

I've been a college professor, a speed reading teacher, a political speech writer, an advertising writer for CBS television, a title closer, a Microsoft Engineer but now, with Rexall, I've completed my journey and love what I'm doing.

At present I am putting together the groundfloor for this new division on Long Island and am having a ball. I have time to play golf 3 times a week and work only when I want to. Overall, life is good.

Sharon J. Post (now Sharon J. Post-Willis) - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Port Saint Lucie, FL - 2002.07.04
Memories: Senior Ski Trip, Senior Variety Show and Prom.
Comments: Would like to hear from some of my former classmates!

Joe Milich - 1968 - - Colorado Springs, CO. - 2002.07.07
Memories: Mr. Jurworski, and many more memories that would take to fill a book.

Denise Silverstein (now D'amico) - 1978 - (moved in 1976) - - Virginia - 2002.07.07
my webpage:
Looking for: Joann Mancini, Mark Arnold
Memories: The good teachers who inspired us, hangin' out after school, the long walk to and from school, friends.
Comments: It would be nice to hear from old school friends who remember me.

Jaime Wesker - 2000 - (would have been 2000) - - New York, NY - 2002.07.08
my webpage:
Looking for: Abbey Lane class of 1993!
Memories: I, unfortunately, don't have any DAHS memories, because I moved away :(
Comments: Remember me at all? :o) Abbey Lane class of 93? I moved after 5th grade to Long Beach, NY, and now go to Barnard College. Drop a line if you'd like! (Has anyone seen or heard from Lauren Maniscalco?)

Paul ____ (now Yahoo Serious) - Las Vegas (Sin City) - 2002.07.17
my webpage:
Memories: That night I dropped my keys and you thought the phone was ringing

Eliza McCormack - 1996 - - South Carolina - 2002.07.19
Memories: My favorite memories about Levittown and DAHS has to be the Theme parties at the Sorises (aka-Music Room)! Absolutely the best. Although the senior class Scavenger Hunt comes in a close second. Still can't believe we (Karen B, Karen S, Patti and Michelle S.) didn't get arrested. It would be nice to chat with anyone who remembers that. I hope all are well.

Melissa Shaffer (now Melissa Shaffer Mayernik, MS) - 1962 - - Connecticut - 2002.07.21
Looking for: Joan Kashman, Joe Hochen, Larry Orloff

Susan Hipp (now Susan Yalvac) - 1984 - - Levittown - 2002.07.24
Comments: I'd like to communicate with my HS classmates

Ray Castagnaro - 1974 - - Texas - 2002.07.24
my webpage: ;
Looking for: Fame and Fortune as a famous author
Memories: It's still got to be debating the liberals to tears in Levy's class! I'm not quite so mean now, (discovered Zen about a year or so ago and it has changed my life - just ask Kathie Gallagher Kelly!) but I did make a professional career over arguing with people for many years, so I guess I owe thanks to those who made it so easy to cut my teeth so many years ago.
Comments: I am finally (after 25 years!) getting my first novel published and invite everyone to read it. I expect the books will be available through, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble by Thanksgiving. I invite everyone to check out my web site at [since closed] and bookmark it, as this will be the first place anyone will be able to see when the book is available. For those who might be interested, I will have a limited number of copies I will sell directly at a discounted price (just to cover my expense) and will gladly sign them for classmates. My author's free copies are all spoken for already.

Mary LaMar (now Mary Bradberry) - 1963 - - Englewood, Florida - 2002.07.24
Memories: Every single day. Best day was when, as a cheerleader, I was able to do a jump where the tips of my feet touched the back of my head. I worked so hard on that jump and still remember the feeling it gave me when I accomplished it.
I've been divorced from Gordon Bradberry (also class of '63) since 1982, the year I moved to Florida. I'm a reporter now, with four grown children and two grandchildren. Feel free to drop me a note.
I miss Long Island very much.

Gary Doughty - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Albany, NY - 2002.07.25
Looking for: Al Erickson, Mr Reynolds (music teacher)
Comments: It has truly been an interesting journey... never boring and filled with ironies. I hope that all of you are finding some serenity in the middle years of your lives. I like it... it's comfortable... much more so than when I was a younger man. Life is beautiful... living it sometimes difficult... but worth every step of the journey. I am grateful for my life... and for yours.

Mike DiGaudio - 1986 - - Seaford, NY - 2002.07.26
Comments: I think since my sister, Stephanie, is a little preoccupied right now, so I thought I'd share with anyone that graduated or was friends with her (class of 1992), the news that Stephanie and her husband Jose, celebrated the birth of their son Elias Nathanial, on Wednesday July 17, 2002.

Kathleen Bagley (now Kathleen Hughlock) - 1968 - - Huntington Beach, Ca - 2002.07.28
Looking for: So many people - I really enjoyed Patti Ryan at the 20th - next year is the 35th - time to "organize" a reunion. Tough from CA, but I'll do what I can - someone should get Paul LaMar - he organized the last one - I saw him several years ago - said it was a lot of work - but maybe, with a bit of coaxing...
Memories: I can't remember them - I lost my yearbook - we've moved several times.
Comments: I still keep in touch with BettyAnne McGovern (class of 1967) and my sister, Pat, graduated also in 1967. I still see (and am quite fond of) Teresa Cathey - would love to see so many people. My sister (MaryAnne) just went to the 40th reunion (Class of 1962). It ran from Friday night through Sunday afternoon - they had a ball.

My younger sister, (Eileen) class of 1969 is married to Jamie Rogers (also in our class).

Very sorry to hear about Barbara Byrnes - she was a lovely, lovely person.

I'd like to hear about Judy Konopelko -
I'm surprised that there aren't more names on this website.
I think I'll send some e-mails.

My best to all -

Bill Herman - 1972 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Colonie, NY - 2002.07.31
Memories: After 30 years, it all seems so long ago. Most of the good times were hanging with friends at Jones Beach, Salisbury Park (Eisenhower Park) and the Village Greens.
Comments: Haven't lived on LI since 1973 but still drive around town whenever I get back to LI (not that often). Levittown has held up well over the years.
I have lost touch with just about everyone from DAHS but would be glad to hear from folks.

Gregory Eng-Hong - 1969 - ; (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) ; - Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, North Carolina - 2002.08.01
my webpage:
Looking for: Vicki Shannon. Al Lewis and Mary Jane Westerman, where are you?
Memories: Friday night basketball games in the gym; Saturday morning Football games; racing through the halls to get something from your locker and making it to the next class in 5 minutes; hoping that there would be an assembly called in fourth period, so you wouldn't have to take a Social Studies test with Mr. Lasker; "Greasers", "Collegiants", and the forerunner to the 'nerd', "Fags"; Cheerleaders; October 1965 blackout of the northeast; Richie Havens vs. Jay and the Americans;
Woolworth's for lunch; $2.75 expensive bell bottoms; 78-cent 45 RPM records; senior privileges allowing us to wear jeans; Mr. Weilhoefer's orange socks; not letting anyone know how really dumb I really was;
summer days at Jones Beach; Friday nights down in the basement of "Fiesta's Restaurant", listening to the Beatle's "Get Back", on the jukebox; the day Kennedy got shot, and the silence of the halls; graduation day, and walking out of the back parking lot for the last time; how life was re-played about us in "Mr. Holland's Opus", (trying to figure who played Mr. Aiello), kindling old feelings for the times in the music; how young we all were; gas was 27 cents a gallon; hearing,"She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah..." on transistor radios on the basketball court during lunch; Mr. Campanella's tirades, likened to Bobby Knight's, on the court sidelines; beating Westbury High at any sport; better yet, Memorial High; little knowing that Billy Joel lived in our town, and didn't attend Division Avenue; streaming flows of kids going home after school; AND Carly Simon being correct in stating that we should "stay right here (there), 'cause these are the good ol' days".
addition 2002.08.07:
Comments: As of Aug. 2002, I haven't been listed, so I decided to add a few comments before they do list me: This is a trip to the past reading about all of my fellow students' experiences at DAHS. There is a part of me that becomes a 'kid' again, when there are shared memories by others who lived in the same town. WHY wasn't it only yesterday?
Half-century old Kids gathered at a local diner after their 30th reunion, acting like kids. That was a sight and an experience I will always remember -- bagels, lox, small talk, loud conversations, with no teachers supervising us. Just the proprietor must have been saying to himself, "where did all of these people get this energy at 1:30 in the morning?" Just as "Monk" said, it was all too short. Similarly, so is life! And Penny Shiller raiding other reunions with Eileen O'Brien -- what an unique idea! And they say that I am crazy. The Blue Dragons website is the place where I can meld with the past. It is awesome to feel my youth again. Love you-all, (as they say in the South, here).

____ McGuire - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Dunnellon, Florida - 2002.08.05
Looking for: anyone who wants to get in touch -- I'm just learning how to use a computer

Rachel Slurr - 1989 - ?@? - Geneva, Switzerland - 2002.08.05
Memories: Leaving

Karen Weinbrecht (now Karen Constantine) - 1975 - - Levittown - 2002.08.09
Memories: Most of my memories of DAHS are great ones. Mostly great friends that I still see. Meeting Tommy Constantine, going out together in high school and being happily married for twenty years! Integrated Studies, Senior Car Wash (last one), Carnival, Senior Ski Trip where we took toboggans on the ski slopes, Senior Prom, DECA with Mr. Mertz and going to the Concord Hotel. Hanging out at the Green, Azalea, Bleachers and Marie's house of course. Going to the Islander games, Blue Dragon Lounge and of course Brothers. A lot of very fond memories that I will always treasure!

Brian Gruber - 1991 - - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 2002.08.10
Comments: Yes I am really living in Saudi Arabia now.

Gail Levey (now Gayle Hershcopf) - 1964 - - Manalapan, New Jersey - 2002.08.13
Looking for: Virginia Dowd (class of 1993)

Kenny Braun (now KG Braun) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Richmond, VA - 2002.08.13
Comments: Had a great time at the 30th reunion last summer. Congrats to the reunion committee. SEND RAIN!!!

Penny Schiller - 1969 - - Cape Cod - 2002.08.14
Looking for: Where the hell is Kevin Reilly-DeMatteo and I are still crying in the back seat of your car -- please let us know before you sell it... and Mike Hughes... where the heck are you? You always threatened to stalk me after I was married... was that you I shot? Whoops.
Comments: Well, it's been ages since I heard from Flectner... i'm not quite sure what to think about it all - Billy Flinn continues to e-mail me... apparently he has a wonder child named Chris that can play ball... actually, if you were to ask me, my money would've been on Flinn joining the circus, not Flectner... but who knows... i sorta lost a good portion of my faith when Harry, (as in Harry Highschool), went to jail... but really... is that crazier than Selkirk becoming a judge??? Go figure...

Jacki Botti (now Jacki Livoti as of 9/28/2002) - 1998 - - Lindenhurst Village, NY - 2002.08.14
Comments: To everybody looking me up, my news is that I'm getting married on September 28, 2002 at Levittown Community Church. I met my fiance, Rob Livoti, through my greatest friend, Kat Barbosa, and we've been together for over three years, living together for two years and we bought a house together in Lindenhurst last March. Congratulations to everybody who has graduated or is graduating from college! It seems like a lifetime ago that we were seniors making decisons about our future, and here it is. Best of luck to everybody and see you at the 10-year reunion!

Daniel Krug (now 2LT Daniel Krug) - 1997 - - El Paso, TX (Fort Bliss) - 2002.08.16
Comments: After finishing HS in Albany, NY and completing a degree in History at Siena College, I joined the Army through ROTC. I am currently training to become an officer in the Air Defense Artillery at sunny Fort Bliss, TX. Anybody else from '97 currently serving, please contact me.

Kathy Shade (now Kathy Lynch) - 1973 - - Vernon, CT - 2002.08.17
Looking for: Jill Johnson & Rachel Leucht
Memories: great times with great friends - Eileen, Jill, Lisa, Rachel, Sue, Sue, Sue & Kathy... wrestling matches, football, baseball & lacrosse games + lots of concerts!
Comments: I still have nightmares of never going to class, missing final exams & always being late!
Married for 24 years to Brian Lynch (met while going to Cortland) - 2 children, Kerrie 19, David 15
Teaching Special Ed. part-time in Kindergarten

Jamie Colen - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Hampton, NH - 2002.08.18
Looking for: Everybody that has as fond memories as I do of Levittown in the '70s
Memories: Please note my new e-mail change as of 8/2002. I hope all is well with everyone -- Write!

Donna Sue Elrod - 1963 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2002.08.19
Looking for: 1963 Middletown, Ohio Yearbook

Vicki Thomas - ??? - sailgirlwillis - Mississippi - 2002.08.20
Looking for: Robert Sawyer (Bob)

Chad Echezuria - 1992 - ?@? - Seaford Harbor - 2002.08.21
Memories: Everything. We were the most interesting class ever -1992 what a great year!

Don Cestari - 1964 - - 2002.08.28
Memories: All good memories, please let me know of any reunions. Thanks Don

Susan Weldon - 1960 - (new e-mail 2003.04.06) - Mansfield, Ct. - 2002.08.30
Looking for: Diane White, Anne Marie Denardi
Comments: Just looked at last year's reunion pictures. What a wonderful time!!

Joanne Castello (now Joanne Ming) - 1965 - - Jacksonville, Florida - 2002.08.31
Comments: Would like to help in organizing the next 1965 class reunion

Jackie Tabag - 2005 - - Levittown - 2002.09.02
Comments: W00t!

Marcie Greene - 1978 - - Farmingdale, NY - 2002.09.02
my webpage:
Looking for: NANCY PLANTE where are you???!!!
Memories: I have lots of cherished memories from my DAHS days and those memories still live on because I have been fortunate enough to re-unite with my wonderful DAHS friends after the 20th reunion. Now we create new memories. Judy, Dawn, JoAnne, Brian, Don - you mean so much to me. I love you guys!!!
Comments: Thanks for keeping this website alive. It brings back lots of memories!

John Waunsch - 1975 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2002.09.02 - - 2004.09.30
Memories: Carrying the "G" in D-R-A-G-O-N-S marching band for football games. Every time the "G" would catch the wind I would nearly fall over. It was an opportunity to be next to my girlfriend who carried the "O". I have fond memories of chorus, the school play, and coming down with laryngitis the day of a state competition. I also enjoyed intramural sports, for people like me who were never quite good enough to play on the "real" team! Drivers Ed was a blast at 6 a.m. on a Saturday.
Comments: I have been a meteorologist for radio and t.v. since 1980, and have worked and lived in South Florida since 1993. If you ever come down to South Florida, look me up, I use my first and middle name only, John Gerard. Look forward to hearing from any Blue Dragons out there! Hey, does Cosmo still deliver ice cream in the neighborhood?

James Rogers & Vickie Hans(now James & Vickie Rogers) - 1984 - - Levittown, NY - 2002.09.02
Looking for: Kim Brown, Joanne Caporale & Marian Fiorello

Rob - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Orlando, Florida - 2002.09.03
Looking for: Peggy (Trash)
Memories: Running down the halls yelling "TRASH" everytime you wore that shirt (well even if you did not wear it we did it anyway!!!). You know who you are Peggy.
Comments: Drop a line if you see this. Thanks. Alice Cooper

Liberty Tabag - 1986 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2002.09.04
Memories: Washing my hands in the bathroom... hehe... just kidding.

John Kish - 1997 - - Ansonia, CT - 2002.09.06
Looking for: Holger Brencher
Memories: Getting together at Jahn's after seeing "For Whom The Torch Burns". Uncontrolled Ketchup! Had to be there!

Andrew Hopkins - 1977 - - Lisbon, CT - 2002.09.10
my webpage:
Memories: I remember the grandstands, back in 1972. Every class used to have thier own little area to hang out at, we used to sing songs, get Elmo Lou to buy us quarts of Colt 45 and Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.

I remember Mr. Amen teaching us about PRIDE and what it takes to win.

Linda Talley (now Linda Mazzitelli) - 1975 - - Manassas, Va. - 2002.09.11
Looking for: Any old friends - Sandy Gordon for one...
Memories: There are so many!
All the parties, Sr. Variety Show, band, all our great teachers, Integrated Studies, eating knishes from the little stand outside of Mays and all the terrific friends that will last a lifetime.
Comments: This is a great website - thanks Trina!
Hope to see everyone again at our 30th reunion!

Cathy Jugan (now Cathy Pelkowski) - 1987 - - West Islip - 2002.09.13
Memories: Playing soccer and basketball. Going to parties on weekends.

Patricia Callan - 2002 - the best year of them all - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Still Here in NY (unfortunately) - but in Morgantown, WV for school - 2002.09.15
Looking for: Who Cares!! lol
Memories: Well, even though I ditched classes to go home and sleep, I still had a great time. Always getting out of detention by making up lies saying that my mom called. Always sleeping in English... and Math... and Science... (wow - and now I am trying to figure out how I graduated). Every damn party at my house - god put your clothes back on. Laurene - You prom slut!! - lmao - Nicole - you're crazy!! I'll never forget the "Jason Jiggle" especially at graduation right on the stage!! The substitute teacher with the toupee that I cursed out. Demi's retardedness. The homecoming party when I was a junior. Now that was some crazy [stuff]. Government with Hipp and Emery - could never stop laughing. Getting suspended for skipping math and running through sprinklers. The Flea Market days - oops! I turned around!! Junior Prom (senior prom sucked), Guys remember the blind date from hell - lmao - Big Mistake. The gym class where everyone had an excuse for not playing. My graduation Party where I ended up drunk and walked down the block to Megan's house and talking to Dorsi and McDonald. (boy I made an ass out of myself - lmao) The memories go on!!
Comments: Enough of that - Well I escaped Levittown (thank god!) and ended up in WVU - studying forensics. If anyone would like to keep contact email me at or Hope to hear from everyone soon. I'm outta here like a fat kid playin' dodgeball. (lmao) - That's it! Party at my House!! lol

Liz Pecoraro - 2004 - - Levittown - 2002.09.19
Memories: Band camp rules!!! but the food sucks hehe

Kathleen "Kathy" Mills(now Kathleen Bennett) - 1966 - - Jamesport, NY 11947 - 2002.09.22
Looking for: Bob Young, Class of 1965
Memories: My favorite memories are of Mr. Levy, my 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher. He was a wonderful teacher! He truly ignited the spark of my lifelong interest in history!
Comments: We all didn't realize what a wonderful and magical time we lived in while growing up in Levittown during the '50s and '60s. It was such an innocent and basically sweet time! We were all so happy with so very little, at least, compared to what our present world now offers, and yet, I think we were truly happier! I have grown very nostalgic for those days! Is this old age setting in?

Randy Feinman - 1974 - - Florida - 2002.09.23
Comments: Left Division middle of 10th grade. moved to Bethpage. but still have good memories from Summit Lane School.

Robin Ross (now Robin Croce) - 1983 - - Franklin Square, NY - 2002.09.25
Looking for: Kim, Bridget Turello, all the people from the parties, Kathy, Jeff, Laurie, Linda, Elain, Desire, etc.
Memories: The first party I every went to I met so many people and got really drunk. Which reminds me of buying beer and stuff with the two Kathys. Where are you? What about Jill Wienstein?

Richie Durand - 1974 - - Omaha, NE - 2002.09.26
Memories: Those who new me might remember that I moved away my senior year. High school was great. I guest I would have to say the teacher I remember the most was Mr. Amen. Ah, if we could only turn back the hands of time.

Deborah Bollinger (now Deborah Morales) - 1995 - - Memmelstein, Germany - 2002.09.28
Comments: Married in August 25, 2000 to William Morales (Specialist United States Army). Son William born June 13, 2001. Moved to Germany September 2002. Studying for my teaching degree. I would just like to say hello and would like to hear from my classmates.

Albert J. Locke - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Boston, MA - 2002.09.30
Memories: mmmmmm... all the funny personalities in our classes. Being on Track.
Comments: Went to Stony Brook, got a B.S. ... moved out to San Fran ... got married to a very pretty Jersey girl. Have a 15 year old son named Derek now. Great kid. Best thing that ever happened to me. (taught him how NOT to be a nerd, as I was in High School)

Chris Gossette (now Chris MacBlain) - 1969 - - Florida - 2002.09.30
my webpage:
Looking for: Dr. Richard Granese
Comments: Anyone heard anything about Dr. Granese? Listed in faculty for 1965 (1966, 67, 68, 69 faculty list not available) and seems to be gone by 1970.
He was an excellent science teacher and fostered a lifelong love of all things scientific.

Anne Lukeman (now Anne Lukeman-McAllister) - 1993 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lindenhurst, NY - 2002.10.04
my webpage:
Memories: Mr. Zak's English Class.

Scott J. Jacobia - 1990 - - 277 Darwin Drive, Buffalo, NY, 14226 - 2002.10.07
Comments: I am living in Buffalo (again) with my wife of 3.5 years, Michelle T. Ferreri-Jacobia, and my 2.5 year old daughter, Elizabeth (do the math, it is all legit). Currently employed at Invitrogen as an Applications Scientist.

Frank Haggerty - English 1970 - 2002.10.08
Memories: Memories: Many good ones. It was easy to find and connect with friendly, supportive, smiling people during those years -- teachers, students and administrators. A sense of humor abounded to feed on. I recall a crowded Flame room where the race to meet the deadline took place. Field trips to NYC. In ninth grade, "The Scarlet Ibis" was one of my favorites. Presently my family keeps me young. Peter is 8, in 3rd grade; Rebecca is in 9th grade, getting plenty of help with her essays. My wife Wanda teaches 4th grade in Babylon Grade School. There is still plenty of humor around and trips to the city. Thanks for the memories.

John Stewart - 1976- (631) 273-7577 - Farmingdale, NY - 2002.10.14
Looking for: Judy Polinchock

Liz Pecoraro - 2004 - - 2002.10.14
Memories: Band Camp 2002 was awesome. In the forest!!!

____ - (not from DAHS) - - 2002.10.16
Looking for: Jimmy Senia
Memories: Hello,
I did not attend Division, but I am looking to see if anyone can get me in touch with JAMES SENIA, he graduated in 1983 & I think he lives in Florida now... Trying to possibly get an email address.
any info would be appreciated

Caryl Finno (now Caryl Mazullo) - 1988 - - East Setauket, NY - 2002.10.18
Comments: Happily married with 3 children, Nicole, Danielle and Dominic.

Brian Shane - 1985 - - Hawthorne, Ca - 2002.10.21
Memories: Hanging out at the Village Green, going to the Roller Rink, Jahn's.

Annas H. Subzwari - 2005 - 2002.10.22
Memories: Heh. Still here. Not many memories yet.
Comments: Ok, but I have 2 years left here in Division.

Kathleen (Kathy) Hawes (now Kathleen Drescher Ward) - 1963 - - Manning, SC - 2002.10.22
Memories: Too many to list - those were the "good ole days".
Comments: Lost contact as addresses changed while moving. Did not know about website until my sister (Jeri Hawes Suhrland - 1973) informed me. It was great to look at and remember the names of my classmates and where they now reside.

Jeff Boris - 1987 - (supposed to be 1987) - - New Jersey - 2002.10.24
Comments: I dropped out in early 1987 due to personal reasons.
Moved around for a few years. I ended up in Arizona for a few years.
Came back to NY and got married in 1992. Been married ever since, we just recently had our 10 year anniversary. We have 3 boys... 4, 8 and 10. Living in New Jersey.
I am not sure how many people will actually remember me.

Brian Rossignol - 2004 - - Knoxville, Tennessee - 2002.10.27
Comments: I miss you guys sooooooo much!!!
~Brian Rossignol

Susan Balsamo (now Susan Bailin) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Levittown - 2002.10.30
Memories: Graduating
Comments: Groovy

Mark Restivo - 1998 - - Levittown, Until December - 2002.11.02
Looking for: Anyone who had a great time at Division
Memories: I loved every moment at Division Ave. I would give anything to have at least one day back there as a student with my best friends Tim Jay and Phil... If I could do it all over again I would... (but at least pass this time around)
Comments: I leave for the Air Force in December so if anyone wants to catch up Please email me before I leave... if not I'll see you when I'm discharged.. ( I leave on December 17 2002)

Albert Desena - 1989 - - Naval Weapons Station, Earle, NJ - 2002.11.06
Memories: Hangin at Gus's
Comments: I'm tryin to get in touch with old friends missed the reunion. (I was in Europe serving in the military.) Just write back to let me know how everyone is doing.

in memoriam, Barbara Locke - 1974 - Barbara 's "little" Brother Al Locke - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Boston, MA - 2002.11.08
Looking for: Anyone who had fond memories of Barbara Locke
Comments: My dear sister was tragically killed in a car accident out in Arizona right after her 19th Birthday. She loved her days at Division. If anyone would like to share some memories I'd love to hear from you.

Susy Rutkin (now Sue Villatore) - 1962 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Selden, NY - 2002.11.08
Comments: Our reunion was an awesome affair this summer! Everyone who came had a very emotional and memorable weekend. We spent Friday night renewing friendships and making some new ones at The Melville Marriott Atrium bar. Saturday night was our "gala" affair at Antun's Caterers in Hicksville. Sunday was most memorable for most of us, when we toured the halls of Division Avenue High School, where we spent our growing years, and a brunch in the school cafeteria. But as all things most do, it came to an end, of course with promises of keeping in touch and getting together in 5 years. Unfortunately, since the event, we have lost 2 of our friends, Joe Panarello, and Janice Becker. Janice suffered with heart problems for many years. Joe died in September of cancer, but attended all three days of our reunion. They will be missed.

Dale Worness - 1966 - - Saint Pete, Florida - 2002.11.10
Memories: Art class field trips

____ - ??? - ?@? - 2002.11.10
Comments: Division Avenue graduates should be made aware of the passing of John Monteleone, an elementary teacher at Abbey Lane for many years. Many Division graduates were students of this man who was loved by many. Mr. Monteleone pased away on October 28th, 2002

Cody Klein (now "Corry") - 2004 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - L-Town - 2002.11.10
Comments: Our Football team sucks 20-0 Homecoming!

John Argonis - 1987 - - 2002.11.11
Comments: Hey Class of '87! Miss you all Drop an email would love to hear from you. Cheers,"The Screamer"

James Vargas - 1986 - - San Juan, P.R. - 2002.11.13
Looking for: Ron Holmes, James Wolf, Darlene Washburn, Rob Anderson
Memories: Everything
Comments: Drop me a line and let me know how you're doing.

Andrew Chenofsky (now Andrew Chase) - 1978 - - Jericho, NY - 2002.11.13
Looking for: Dickson Lee, Kurt Kramer, Tom Davis

David Peacock - 1981 - - Westbury - 2002.11.14
Looking for: Friends
Memories: Playing sports

Bryan Flores - 2004 - - L-town - 2002.11.15
Comments: Aim s/n pleez buhleve it

Iris Projan (now Iris Weisz) - 1971 - - Islip, NY - 2002.11.16
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me, to e-mail me
Memories: My favorite memories are, starting my first part-time job, learning to drive in Drivers Ed., getting my yearbook and high school ring. And waiting to graduate. (Little did I know that life gets harder.)
Comments: I live in Islip with my husband and son. In high school I was quiet and a little timid. Times have changed, and once I started to work with people, I opened up more. (Now I don't stop talking.) It certainly is amazing how we actually need computers. Who knew we would be looking at our school through a website. If anyone remembers me, please keep in touch. I feel a need to review my past. I guess it's because we are much older now.
Looking for: 1971 Year book
Memories: Hello again. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of our yearbook (1971) please e-mail me: Those are the best memories.
Comments: Time goes by so very fast, I would really like to hear from anyone. I may not have been the most popular kid in school, but we are not getting any younger, keep in touch.

Melissa Hirsch (now Melissa Isgrig) - 1999 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Sarasota, Florida - 2002.11.16
Memories: Freshman and senior years. Pretty much everything
Comments: I am now happily married and the mother of a beautiful 13-month old baby girl named kassidy leeann

Barbara Wexler - Math Teacher, - 2002.11.17
Memories: Having just retired, I'm still too close to it to have a favorite memory. I truly loved it all!! (or most of it anyway!) - the students, my Mathletes, my friends.

Ba-Um-Gee (now Squirrel) - 2002.11.19
Looking for: A good way to vent all of this pent up anger
Memories: I think you all have that covered.
Comments: I really can't wait for the reunion. I think it would be seriously funny if we played that National Lampoon's Reunion movie to get things started! Stay alive in 2000 & 5!

____ Goldfarb - 1974 - - 2002.11.21
Comments: the smell of ammonia reminds you of closing time at Leo's in G.C.

Mr. Gerald Millman - (retired in 1986) - - Greeley, Colorado - 2002.11.25

Joan Meyers (now Joan Conge) - 1971 - (moved after 8th grade 1967) - - Connecticut - 2002.11.26
Looking for: Kathy Hennerty - she moved to PA, years before I moved
Memories: The football games and walking to them with all my girlfriends. We sang 'Keep it up Division, Keep it Up'. Some of us had pom poms, most didn't. I don't remember the games, just the fun we had getting there.

Stopping at each others house before school and having breakfast alternating houses each day. We would each bring part of the meal.

Walking to school. No bus, no rides. It was great.

Diane Stasko (now Diane Tabile) - 1985 - - Mount Sinai - 2002.11.29
Looking for: everyone and anyone, I would love to hear from you.
Memories: I don't even know how to begin so many memories way too many to list. I do know that I have met many people in my life and made many friends but Levittown is a unique place to grow up and I will never make friends and memories like I have made there. I tell many people of my memories of Levittown and my high school days and people look at me like I am crazy and I just say I guess it is a Levittown thing and the thing is it really is!!!
Comments: I am very happily married living in Mount Sinai on long Island I have 3 great children. Jake 8, Hunter 4, and Alexa 2. I taught mentally retarded adults for 10 years and for the past four years I have been lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. I hope this finds all of you well and I would love to hear from any of you. Be well.

Marian Hopkins (now Marian Fagan) - 1976 - - Burbank, Ca. - 2002.11.30
Memories: My favorite memories are of the Science Department, Regerio, Pav. and Festante. But probably my single favorite memory is when Mr. Emeritz set up a stereo with headphones in his closet, which is where I heard Cat Stevens for the very first time. Being serenaded in art class ranks up there too (Bennie and the Jets).

Ann Blume (now Ann Klein) - 1962 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Savage, Minnesota - 2002.11.30
Memories: Mr. Lasker's social studies class.
Hiding in the library.
Walking to school.
Boys with ducktail haircuts.
Dances in gym class.

Vanesa Alvero (now Vanesa Jimenez) - 1993 - - 2002.11.30
Comments: 4 months ago my husband Phil and I had a beautiful baby girl. We named her analia. Looking forward to the reunion next year. If you like pop-rock music with a twist of world beats check out www.Gordogringo.comChau

Frank Amendola - 1994 - Florida - 2002.11.30
Looking for: Keri Riley
Memories: 1994 Commack High School
Comments: Long story... Want to apologize and make amends before I die

Jeff Boris - 1987 - (supposed to be 1987) - - 2002.12.03
Comments: I have been married for 10 years and have 3 boys.

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