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entries from 2003.03.26 through 2003.08.10

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Charles Lemieux - 1992 - - 2003.03.26
Memories: Sleeping with all the popular chicks. Oh wait, that wasn't me. I really enjoyed the lip sync even though I was robbed by Garcia and his crew.

Edith Arthur - 1969 - - Copiague, NY - 2003.03.27
Memories: Mr Levy's social studies class.... Not a day went by without a laugh. Voting for Jon Greenfield to be the one most likely to succeed only to find out from Jon himself that I was the only one to vote that way. Guess who was in on counting the votes?

Kathleen (Kathy) Hawes (now Kathleen Drescher Ward) - 1963 - - Manning, SC 29102 - 2003.03.27
Looking for: Colleen Fay
Memories: Great friends - borrowed my wedding dress - haven't heard from her since@!!!
Comments: If anyone knows where she is, please have her contact me. Thanks

Steve Kino - 1978 - - Palm Bay, Fl - 2003.03.27
Memories: The memories I had -- Hempstead Turnpike hot rod Burger King, working at Spit, oh yeah San Fran East the first time oh how sweet it was :)
well if anyone sees Billy Gray, Robin Herold give them my e-mail. peace all. And pray for our fighting troops.

Steve "steido" Steidinger - 1999 - - Good Old Levittown - 2003.03.28
Looking for: Anyone I have became friends with
Memories: Everything that happened in high school was a classic memory. Class of 1999 was the best class Division will ever have or see for years to come!!! purple haze till the end!!!
Comments: Looking to kick it with old friends from high school. My IM name is iammummbles if anyone wants to chat. Division for life! every other high school blew!!!

Arlene Kelly (now Arlene Schmidt) - 1965 - - Holiday, FL - 2003.03.29
Looking for: Barbara Rowland
Memories: Levyland 1965

Prchal (now Gelber) - 1982 - - Long Beach - 2003.03.31
Looking for: Doug Doherty

Harry Evert - 1966 - - Haddam, Ct 06438 - 2003.03.31
Comments: Attended DAHS grades 10, 11, 12. Met some really great people, and have enjoyed the 2 reunions. Fond memories of playing varsity baseball with Mr. Amen, Mr. Levy in Social Studies, Jahns etc. Levittown was a great place to grow up in the '50s and '60s

Brendan McHugh (now Brendan Terrence McHugh) - 2003 - - L town - 2003.04.01
Looking for: Terrence and Owen
Comments: Aheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaal

Diana Pries - 1999 - - 2003.04.01
Comments: I am graduating next year with my Masters Degree from SUNY New Paltz; I will be capable of teaching general elementary grades 1-6, special elementary grades 1-6 and inlusion (general and special education students in the same class) elementary grades 1-6. The past four years have been great, and I am not as shy as I used to be!

Jimmy Gray - 1979 - - Winter Springs, Fla. - 2003.04.01
Memories: Hanging out by the art hall doors & sweat box with the gang, but most of all my best memory was my high school sweetheart Gina Fiorello!!!
Comments: I married my high school sweetheart 24 years later, thank God!!!

Lonnie Yip - 1979 - - Douglaston, NY - 2003.04.02
Looking for: Colette Mahoney, Laura Anahory or Dorothy Varellas
Comments: The 10th year reunion was great. When is our next reunion?

Susan Weldon - 1960 - - Ct - 2003.04.06
Comments: Latest email address

in memoriam, John Rosenberg - 1997 - 2003.04.06
Memories: To anyone who knew John Rosenberg, mainly the class of 1997.
In case you did not hear, John Rosenberg, a graduating student from the class of 1997 at Division Avenue High School has passed away.
John Rosenberg, to be very truthful, was one of the nicest people I have ever known. Its not just a nice statement, its the absolute truth. I myself, called john a "friend." The memories of basketball games, soccer games, joking around, just hanging out... Every single one of the memories will be in my heart forever. He really was the type of friend who'd give ya the shirt off his back, and yeah, even in 10 degree weather... He was just that good of a person. I guess God only takes the best... May God watch over ya, Rosey. Your friend. (anonymous)

Robert Anderson - 1978 - - Wilmington, NC - 2003.04.07
Looking for: The Brown brothers, Mike Stasko
Comments: I'd just like to say thanks to the one's that i've had a chance to keep in touch with over the years thru this web page . Peter Hand, Chris Nelson, and Steven Paulo thanks guys I always enjoy it when the bring up some of the old times... i kinda lost track of the Brown brothers over the past 8-10 years and Peter Hand gave me Mike Stasko's e-mail, but I never heard back from him if anyone can help drop me a e-mail at... Thanks... Robert

in memoriam, Paula Adorno (d. June 20, 2002) - 1979 - by John Kloberdanz - - 2003.04.09
It is with sadness that I let our old friends know that Paula Adorno, class of 1979, died on June 20, 2002 in Missoula, Montana. Paula originally moved to Missoula in the early 1980s and studied at the University of Montana. Paula's life was a series of adventures that included studying the Navajo language, living in Japan, and traveling through the western U.S. She settled for a time in Silver City, New Mexico, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. While in Silver City, she published several poems in local literary magazines and sold paintings at a local art gallery. After graduating she taught high school math on a reservation in Magdalena, New Mexico. Paula enjoyed painting, writing, and music. Her energy, sense of humor, and limitless caring soul are greatly missed by those of us who have already been missing her for many years. A memorial service is being considered, and those who would like to know of any details are encouraged to write to me. Please keep Paula in your prayers, thank you.

Leslie Scotti - 1991 - - Norfolk, VA - 2003.04.11
Comments: I'm currently residing in southeastern Virginia and in the process of completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and Photography. Upon graduation, I anticipate pursuing my Masters degree in the visual arts. I'm also an advocate for such national grassroot organizations that focus on women's and gay/lesbian equal rights. I've traveled around quite a bit since graduating from high school having lived in cities such as New York and Boston, until settling here in Norfolk and concentrating on my education.
I hope that this finds you all well. I would love to hear from any old friends.

Ruth Scherer - 1985 - - Bradenton, Fla. - 2003.04.12
Looking for: Jeffery Mollineaux

Patty Dowd (now Portolano) - 1978 - (graduated 1977) - - Colorado - 2003.04.13
Looking for: Kathy Nasso

Lisa Roselli (now Lisa DeBois) - 1989 - - 2003.04.15
Comments: Does anyone have a video tape from the Talent (hahaha) show. Let me know... . Thanks

Angie Alourdas - 1994 - robin/ - Palmyra, VA - 2003.04.20
Comments: I would like info on our next reunion. My address is 2378 Haden Martin Rd., Palmyra VA 22963 Thanks. Angie.

Caress Barton (now Savage) - 1976 - - New Mexico - 2003.04.23
Looking for: Marian Hopkins, Andy Gottlieb
Memories: You name it, not one bad memory.

Kevin Wilson - 1980 - - Hillsborough, NC - 2003.04.26
Memories: Football games and victory party on the fifty yard line the nite after the games!
Comments: I've lived in North Carolina since 1980 and there will never be a place like Amityville! I often think of my old friends and the clean fun we use to have as kids! and now see where this world is now and all I can do is tell my children what life was like in the "ville" There is no place like home!!!

Caress Barton (now Caress Savage) - 1976 - - Rio Rancho, N.M. - 2003.04.28
Memories: Donkey basketball, Classes with geat teachers, and great friends. Getting involved with the student government. Going on trips, Washington D.C. Ski trip. Love looking at the year book from 1976 as if it were yesterday, missing everyone.
Comments: Married 21 years in 2003. 3 kids. 1 granddaughter so far. 1 basset hound that passes for a kid.

Lisa Luckey (now Lisa Sarluca) - 1991 - - - White Haven, PA - 2003.05.02
Looking for: Anyone who wants to say hi!
Memories: Did I have any? Dawn and "The Mav," Mrs. Zinzer's Computer class, senior year, Mr. Zacker, Mr. Kruger, Mr. Miller's 11th Grade English class, Melissa Peters, Michele Ronzo, Mrs. Freeman's hellish gym classes, Chemistry in 11th grade. I came to DAHS in '88, during sophomore year and I can tell you I was seriously the outsider. Most of you had known each other for years, having attended school with each other from Kindergarten and on, so I felt left out. I became friends with a lot of people but only felt close to a few. I know now the people who were special throughout those years and I hope we can all get back in touch again.
Comments: I am married with three, yes THREE, little boys: ages 8, 4, and 7 months. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, a job that pays in kisses and hugs. I never thought I'd be a stay-at-home mom, but I wouldn't trade my three little bosses in for anything. I moved back to Brooklyn after graduation and attended college for one year and then got married and had my first child. We moved to the Poconos in 2000 to give our kids a better education. The kids love the fresh air and the quiet, I myself need the noise of the city to sleep but the move was best for the kids. I hope to hear from someone, ANYONE, soon.

Laurie Wagner - 1980 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Port Richey Fla - 2003.05.05
Looking for: Donna Poormon, Laura Townsend, old friends. Anyone I knew from Levittown.

Matthew Inger - 1992 - - Malvern, PA - 2003.05.11
my webpage:
Comments: Only 2 weeks until the big day. The end of singlehood.

Deanna M. DuSablon (now Deanna M. Gebhart) - 1973 - - Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), NY - 2003.05.12
Memories: Being the only girl in T.E. (1969-1970).
Hangin' out with da guys: Ralph, Dave, Kevin, Kyle, and Timmy.
And wouldn't ya figure, after hanging out with that bunch - I work with computers!

Bill Herman - 1972 - - 2003.05.12
Comments: New email address:

Theresa Taylor (now Theresa Taylor Browning) - 1982 - - Kings Mountain, NC - 2003.05.13
Comments: See your at the 20-year reunion

Linda Felten (now Linda Hay) - 1983 - - Pocono Mountains, PA - 2003.05.14
Comments: Updating email address

Joseph Anthony Klingner - 1984 - - St Augustine, Florida - 2003.05.18
Looking for: Mr John Dunbar science teacher. LMHS
Memories: Hanging out at the Division Deli having a egg ham and cheese sandwich. Sneaking into Uncle Sams. Hanging out at the Levittown Roller Rink. Too much to type
Comments: Awaiting info on the class of 1984 reunion.

Joan Meyers (now Joan Conge) - 1971 - - USA - 2003.05.19
Looking for: Donna Bottcher
Memories: going to Football games, singing cheers all the way, hanging out at the village green, meeting at the sump after school. Walking with about 13 girlfriends to school every morning, and stopping at a different friend's house to make breakfast... fun and lots of good times and laughs
Comments: Donna was my neighbor on Blacksmith Road. I lived on Crocus Lane on the corner. The Yacurs were in between us. We played together all the time when we were little. Where are you and what have you been doing with your life? Joanie

Christopher J. Tara - 1972 - - Lake Bluff, IL - 2003.05.24
Memories: Mr. Sciacca (math teacher), sign language, talent show with Mr. Erbacher, drinking in the football stands on Friday nights.

Beth Stilwagen (now Beth Richards) - 1991 - (would have been) - - Mathews, Virginia - 2003.05.24
Comments: Just enjoying life with my husband and children.

Mike Conway - 1968 - - North Babylon, NY - 2003.05.29
Memories: Patti Ryan, John Englert, North Village Green, and as always Patti Ryan.
Comments: The important things in life's journey are not your accomplishment, but rather of all the things you didn't do. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong.

Andrea Ruzz (now Andrea Terry) - 1975 - - Amagansett, N. Y. - 2003.05.29
Memories: Hangin' out in the senior lounge, the senior ski trip and prom weekend!!!
Comments: This is such a great web site!! As time goes on, re-connecting with friends from high school has become more and more meaningful to me. I really had a great time at the 20th re-union and look forward to the next milestone gathering!!!

Arnie Galeota - 1961 - - 2003.05.31
Memories: Saturday morning motorcades to the football games, especially when we had a winning team. Basketball games, dances on Friday nights and the creation of a high school fraternity.
Hanging out at the north village green bowling alley
Playing the dating game
The strong bond there seems to have been among the various groups of friends. The genuine feelings we had for our school and each other.
The summers at the pools Levittown provided
The times we grew up in, there was a strong economy and no wars no mass murderers, not much drug use, no AIDS. Life was good and growing up in Levittown during those years was the best.
Comments: My dear, dear friend, Ralph DelPiano passed away this past Christmas week after four horrible years of fighting cancer. He was a courageous role model for me. I miss him a lot.
Anyone needing good shoes I run a big shoe store in Pompano Florida called Brandys Shoes. Come in and see me if even to just say hello.

John Pye - 1964 - - Troy, New York - 2003.06.01
Looking for: Bruce Parsons
Memories: Sitting in the lunchroom.

Karen Kelly - 1966 - - Oswego, NY - 2003.06.01
Memories: The variety show. Good friends. The 35th reunion.
Comments: I am glad this page exists. The reunion has brought up interesting memories and often makes me wonder about people who it was good to see again. I am still shy when it comes to this class but I wish you all well.

Ray Lundy - 1978 - - New Jersey - 2003.06.02
Looking for: Andrew Korony

Danielle Marino - 2004 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - L-town - 2003.06.02
Comments: Im me! *

Joseph A. Pfister (Joe) - - Warner Robins, GA - 2003.06.04
Looking for: Mierjeski's Print Shop Class - 1966

Barbara D'Ambrosio (now Barbara Salvesen) - 1970 - - Levittown, NY - 2003.06.07
Looking for: my size 10 figure - I lost it years ago.
Memories: Way back when I was in Division, it went from 7th - 12th grade. From 9th grade on, my entire social life evolved around a cute guy one grade ahead of me (Bob Salvesen, Class of 1969) who pretty much tortured me with 'not' knowing who I was. I did get him back, tho', by marrying him in 1972. We have two sons, Bob (Class of 1994) and Craig (Class of 1996).
Memories: Fondly sharing adventures and stories with Donna Ferrari, Gerri Inslee, Carol Gallo, Terry Flumenbaum (I was-too going to marry Davey Jones from the Monkees!) and Pam Kyte. Remembering Grant's (hotdogs at 2 for 99 cents), Wilfred's (hamburgers), Jahn's with miniature golf across the way (alongside of Wantagh Parkway), 'smooching our lips raw' in the balcony of Meadowbrook Theatre, parking on Bunting Lane (don\t even start!!!) and Mays Department Store? Sorry to say but most have been replaced. We now have an empty store at Grants, PC Richards at Wilfred's, a nightspot/consignment shop/Pep Boys for Jahns/golf, a bank where Meadowbrook Theatre once stood and well, Bunting Lane remains (thanks for THOSE memories!) and Tri-County Flea Market moved into the old Mays (although if you look at all the door handles the name 'Mays' still remains).
Does anyone remember when it was so cool to smoke in the bathrooms? of course, cigarettes. Remember turning 18 during your senior year, going out to celebrate with a burger and beer for lunch and THEN going back to classes?... remember Mr. Coreys, the science teacher who always caught us talking because you just never knew which eye was looking at you?...
Through this wonderful 'blast from the past' web site I've corresponded with a number of classmates. Bob and I fly to Florida at least once a year during football season to see his beloved Miami Dolphins play so while there we've had a few 'mini' reunions ourselves. I don't know what the draw is, but an awful lot of our classmates live in Florida! The last time we got together was with Donna Ferrari, Grace Web, Eileen Scott and Barbara and Terri Steinberg (husbands were included also). Ya know, it's been over 30 years but we still looked the same! Oh, hellU if the truth be knownU us old broads looked fabulous!!! I have the photo to prove it. Regards to allU

Maxine Heller (now Maxine Heller Rothman) - 1972 - - Sunrise, Florida - 2003.06.08
Looking for: Jeanna Lombardo, Sharon Haber
Comments: Now living in Sunrise, Florida. Really miss Levittown. Was a wonderful place to grow up. Division Avenue was a great school.
Have 3 children, one 28, one 14 and one 7 years. Was at the last reunion and was great to see everyone. Everyone aged very well.
Hope to get to this reunion. I keep in touch with Arthur Levinson, and a few others. Sorry to hear about Kathy Hobb. So young to pass away. Hope everyone is doing well.

Jaclyn Lopez - 2002 - - L~Town - 2003.06.13
my webpage:
Comments: Hey! if you go to my webpage, there are some pix of wittle Christopher. If you wanna chat my aim name is BaByFu1771. See you around!

Tony Torre - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Henderson, Nevada - 2003.06.14
Memories: Senior trip....

?? - 1966 - - Texas - 2003.06.16
Memories: 16 Oz. Coke after hot day at school

- ??? - ?@? - 2003.06.19
Looking for: Tom Carew
Memories: Had a major crush. Does anyone know where he is? Will he be at the reunion?

William Arreola - 2000 - ?@? - Texas - 2003.06.27
Looking for: Yearbook pictures

Diana Wrynn (now as of July 5th Diana Herlihy) - 1981 - - Still Levittown - 2003.06.30
Comments: Still in Levittown remarried have a 11 year old daughter alexia
she is just like me at that age so my parents are loving that. I am lucky because I still a lot of the girls from high school.

Steffi Mehr (now Steffi Stein) - 1962 - - New York City - 2003.06.30
Looking for: Barbara Brooks, Vicki Tatz

June Harmer (now Uss) - - Northridge, California - 2003.07.02
Memories: Driving my parents' Chevy Impala convertible with Lorraine Messe, Linda Cronin, Joanne Martino etc. Would love to hear from my old friends.

Joyce Tvrdik (now Joyce Messmer) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2007.09.07) - Keizer, OR - 2003.07.07
Looking for: Paula Katz

Michele Shubert (now Shelly Lugo) - 1969 - - Massachusetts - 2003.07.09
Memories: Graduating
Comments: After the last reunion, my job changed and so did my access to computers. So, I lost touch with so many wonderful rekindled relationships. Sorry.
My new email address is
I'm back now. Shelly

Barry Warren - 1969 - - Coral Springs, Florida - 2003.07.09
Comments: Simply an email address change.. I rambled on endlessly when I first signed in a few years ago.. so that's it until another email address change.

Darryl Lee Fields - 1986 - Fontana - 2003.07.11
Looking for: High school photos of myself and brother from Cajon High School class of '86

Virginia Hollenstein/DelGaudio (now Virginia DiCicco) - 1963 - - Farmingville, NY - 2003.07.13
Looking for: Randy Spear

Keith Blinn - 1997 - - Greensboro, NC - 2003.07.16
Comments: I am a Mechanical Design Engineer at Thomas Built Buses, in Greensboro, NC.

Kathleen Petrofsky - 1998 - - Queens, NY - 2003.07.16
my webpage:
Comments: I started a lingerie/exotic dancewear company about a year ago - Check it out :)

Janette Yarmosh (now Lohan) - 1972 - ?@? - Melville, NY - 2003.07.18
Looking for: Teresa Tomasulo, Barbara Zollo, Anne Weedin, Mary Filipponi
Memories: Mr O'Briens Class, Hanging out at the North Village Green

Laurie Weimar (now Laurie Frazier) - 1978 - - North Augusta, South Carolina - 2003.07.20
Looking for: Anyone from the good old days at the Village Green or the skating rink!

Jon Orsini (now Jonny O) -1997- - Bethpage Ny 11714 - 2003.07.21
Comments: Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

John Pye - 1964 - - Troy, NY - 2003.07.21
Memories: Sitting in the cafeteria and watching all of us have fun. Taking woodshop with my favorite teacher, Mr. Tarantino.
Comments: We had an excellent education in a great environment.

Caress Barton (now Caress Savage) - 1976 - - New Mexico - 2003.07.22
Memories: Friends I made, some good teachers, sports, graduating.

Joe Kallus - 1998 - - Levittown - 2003.07.28
Looking for: A job

Michael Hopkins a.k.a. "Hop" - 1981 - - Plainview - 2003.07.28
Looking for: Gonzo, Bird, Mouts, Cost, Maters, Muller.
Memories: The great house parties. Wow. Singing along with Stones songs. Playing handball with Dave Joyce and Mouts. Pitching quarters, Playing cards with Jim Parro. Writing essays for Mr. Nolan's class. Listening to stories involving my brothers and sisters. (I still like that.)
Hanging in the door way, Laughing my ass off with friends.
Oh yeah, and being the funniest mother&^%$er in Mr. Kaufman's class.
Comments: This year has been amazing. My son Michael II is graduating high school, and going on to play Lacrosse on the next level. My son Thomas played on the 2003 Empire State Baseball Team with Kevin Gerard's (Class of 1976) son Kevin. They played for Division's Coach Robins. Spending time with those guys was a blast from the past.

Patricia Moody - 1977 - (would have been 1977) - (bad e-mail 2007.09.07) - Rhode Island - 2003.07.30
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me!
Memories: Being an Oliver! groupie... The band...

Pamela Stanley (now Pamela Zukerman) - 1988 - - Southwick, MA - 2003.08.08
Looking for: Francine Rodriquez

Margaret Wodkins (now Margaret Boucher) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2005.02.18) - Suffolk, NY - 2003.08.10
Memories: School Musicals, Friends

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