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Pam Castagnaro (now Pam Kulin) - 1972 - - Colorado - 2003.08.16
Memories: After 3 years in Massachusetts we are now (thankfully...) back in Colorado. It's amazing...
Sorry I missed our recent reunion, but I was in the process of moving.
Will someone do a RECAP of the weekend reunion festivities and post some pictures??? Would LOVE to hear about it!!

Kelly Shaw (now Kelly Redavid) - 1983 (Summit Lane and Division Ave Junior High then moved) - - Medford, NY - 2003.08.17
Memories: Summit Lane 6th grade field day...

Jacqueline Kiesling (now Jackie Lorenz) - 1974 (Should have graduated in 74) - - Holbrook, N.Y. - 2003.08.19
Looking for: Some old friends
Memories: Hale's house! We should have a Hale's House Reunion.

Joel Berse - 1976 - - Hicksville - 2003.08.19
Memories: Studio Oz, Baseball Team

Lawrie Saccone (now Arndt) - 1995 - - Hicksville, NY - 2003.08.20
Memories: Graduating

Deborah Lorentz (now Deborah Brammer) - 1978 - - Delray Beach, Florida - 2003.08.22
Looking for: Maggie Crabbs, Steve Marxhausen
Memories: Hanging out at the Village Green!!! Brother's

Arlene Dyel (now Arlene Abbas) - 1965 - - Houston, Texas - 2003.08.24
Memories: I have been trying to find my best friend Sandy Jackson for 20 years now. She was married to Billy Jackson, her mom's name was Penny Palmaro and her dad's, who worked in the shoe store in Lindenhurst, was Bob Palmaro. Can you please help me find her? Thank you so much, Arlene. [I believe Linda DiTaranto purchased Sandy's home, but not sure.]

Gary Moscato - 1975 (Moved to Florida in the middle of my sophomore year) - - Clearwater, Fl - 2003.08.26 (bad e-mail 2004.10.06)
Memories: Safaris with Tony Shoot
Comments: I'm back!!!

Lisa Marie Osborne (now Lisa Bondrew) - 1985 - - Lords Valley PA -- Pocono Mountains - 2003.08.31
Memories: Theater, Chorus, best friends: Ruth, Donna, Kathy, sneaking out to Levittown Diner or Genovese.
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone in '05. Has it really been almost 20 years?

Edie Hancock (now Edie Guyhy) - 1985 - - Levittown NY - 2003.09.03
Memories: Doing the plays was probably my fondest memories

Jennifer Rudin - 2006 - - Levittown NY - 2003.09.03
Memories: Since I only been goin to division for a year I don't really have any memories. I just like hangin out with my friend in the halls and in class. and believe it or not .. all my teachers weren't so bad. but I dont realy like school so that all I have to say.

Barbara Wittenberg (now Taylor) - 1960 - - NY - 2003.09.04
Looking for: James Beebe, Robert Burnham, Scott Cornell, Arthur Dorrman, Richard Heffernan, Noelle Heinisch, Howard Merrill, Pat O'Connell, Elizabeth Rask, Lynda Reed, Mary Anne Scala Winn, James Tucker for our class reunion in 2005.
Comments: We have been looking for these classmates who graduated in 1960. They have missed their past class reunions and we would like to find them for the next one. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Byrne - 1967 - - Fort Salonga NY - 2003.09.05
my webpage:
Memories: The movie, making the yearbook, the football games, the Exploits and hanging out at Sugar Maple!

Diane Kallas (now Diane Zuvich) - 1984 - - East Setauket, NY - 2003.09.06
Comments: In loving memory of my brother, Michael Kallas, Class of 1988. He was taken from us last year, September 29, 2002, by a drunk driver and is missed so very much that words cannot describe. I just want to say how much I miss him and he will never be forgotten!!!

Debbie Lorentz (now Deborah Brammer) - 1978 - - Delray Beach, Florida - 2003.09.07
Looking for: Maggie Crabbs
Memories: Hanging out at the Green, football games, Mr Whitby's class...

Roy I Cohen - 1973 - - Burlington, CT - 2003.09.07
Memories: Mrs Stillwaggon, Mr Amen, Mr Sobanski, Mrs Jarrett, surfing at Gilgo, running through the tunnels, the West Village Green pool, Jones Beach and snow days
Comments: So far it has been an incredible journey... from marrying the love of my life to flying F/A-18's off aircraft carriers and 747-400's all over this Big Blue Marble. But no matter where I go or what I do I often find myself drifting back to Bobolink Lane. Somebody once said that we are but our life experiences. If this is true I consider myself extremely fortunate to have spent my formative years in that bubbling cauldron of people and personalities known as Levittown.... Peace

Florence Gerner (now Sherman) - 1974 - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - 2003.09.09
Memories: Trip to Italy my junior year. Great times with all my friends.
Comments: Send email and let me know how you are doing. Please reference Division Avenue High School - otherwise with all the SPAM, I might delete it. :-)

Phyllis Cotter (now Phyllis Atchison) - 1960 - - Bronx, NY 10468 - 2003.09.09
Looking for: Marylin Berger
Memories: (Don't have time now but will do it in the future.)
Comments: Glad to hear from you. Sorry about those that are not here to share these memories.

Scott R. BosÚs - 1965 (Moved to Los Angeles in my senior year) - - Hollywood, California - 2003.09.09
my webpage:
Looking for: Any of the old gang Remember the first Fraternity at the school Alpha Beta Gama
Memories: Surfing at Gilgo Beach
Azelia Lane Pool
North Village Green
Comments: Please feel free to get in touch

Sharon Post - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Sarasota, Florida - 2003.09.11
Memories: I will never forget the Senior Variety Show and Ski Trip and as I've grown and changed I have come to appreciate the people I made friends with and also the faculty.

Danny Freeman - 1984 - - Beitar Illit, Israel - 2003.09.11
Looking for: Ray Gaspari, Darlene Faello, Mitch Weinstein
Memories: Weekends playing in the Marching Band at the football games with Danny Giordano (then Marching Band Director), Marching Band competitions (I remember we always had a rough time against Brentwood, but we were excellent none-the-less!!) GO DRAGONS!!!
Comments: I can't tell you how excited I was to find this website! I have been curious for a long time to find out some news about my class, since I don't get the chance to go to reunions. Now I have the opportunity! I wish you guys a lot of continued success with this website, activities, and especially in your studies!! Good Luck!!

Ashly Bowers - 2003 - - Queens, of course... - 2003.09.11
Looking for: Fun
Memories: Not going
Comments: It wasn't all that bad... I did make friends. I will never forget and will always miss. I love you all!! xoxoxo...

Barbara Wittenberg (now Taylor) - 1960 - - Levittown, Ny - 2003.09.12
Looking for: Liz Rask, Noelle Heinisch, Florence Pratt, Richard Heffernan, Elizabeth Barger, Howard Merrill, James Beebe Jr., Beverly Corbin, John Ellerkamp, Lynda Reed, Robert Kuhn, James Tucker, Patricia O'Connell, Ronald Schubert, Mary Ann Scala
Comments: The classes of '60 and '61 are planning our 44th and 45th class reunion in 2005. Please contact me if you have changed your address or e-mail address. We are updating our records and want to keep you informed. Thank you.

Sharon Post - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Sarasota, Florida - 2003.09.12
Looking for: Kathie Nasso, Sabrina Smith
Memories: I remember a trip with the Band to Canada, like it was yesterday... fun, exciting, and of course some trouble due to the French language, which I didn't know.
I also remember Marching Band, school shows and of course the Senior Variety Show and most of all the people I met in school and the faculty... Mr. Festante and the Yearbook shoots and work.

Jaime Redmond - 1995 - - Wesley Chapel, FL - 2003.09.12
my webpage:
Comments: Just wanted to add the website Marc and I have created for our daughter. She was born on 8/30/03.

Danny Freeman - 1984 - - 2003.09.13
Looking for: Whoever remembers me (including the previously meantioned)
Comments: Hi. It's me again. If anyone from Class of '84 happens to come across this site and remembers me, drop a line. Let's reminisce.

Mike Diehl - 1996 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.06) - still here on Long Island - 2003.09.13
Looking for: Anyone who had a good time with me. = )
Memories: The Woman The Parties & ALL THE DRAMA THAT CAME WITH IT.. Can't forget of course hanging out with everyone at Division, even the ones I didn't hang out with, I knew u some how or u knew me. Admit it guys n gals, u know u miss Division. =P Hope to c a lot of u @ the reunion.

William M. Ferro III (now Dr. Billy Backs) - 1992 - - Massapequa - 2003.09.13
my webpage: &
Looking for: Chris Guida, Kevin Moran, Jimmy Hoffa, Scooter
Memories: Winning the State Basketball Championship, Oh wait that didn't happen because we were terrible.
When I learned you could get free sodas from the machine by sticking your hand up the dispenser.

Gary Emert - 1960 - - Boca Raton Fl - 2003.09.14
Memories: The time I handed the auto shop teacher who was on a creeper under a car which had gas on the floor a drop lamp with a short . I have never seen anyone fly across the floor that fast.

Also the time we locked Mr. T. in the supply closet. A note came from under the door that said "help".
Comments: Hope to be at the next reunion

If you get to Fla., look me up.

Tom McBarron - 1979 (Moved away in 1974) - - Syracuse, NY - 2003.09.14
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me
Memories: Ira looking for pennies in the vending machines
Comments: Didn't get to graduate from DAHS :(
Currently playing guitar in an Alice Cooper Tribute band.

Paul Vieser - 1989 - - Levittown, NY - 2003.09.17
Looking for: Anyone
Memories: I have too many great memories to list... just looking for people to communicate with... Iam still in Levittown and currently work for the FDNY in the Communications Bureau. I am also a volunteer firefighter with the East Meadow Fire Department currently serving as captain of Engine Company Three. I am looking at an opportunity to move north to Connecticut so I am looking for people to get back in touch with and stay in touch with.

Joel R. Berse - 1976 - - Hicksville - 2003.09.18
my webpage:
Looking for: Old friends
Memories: Studio oz, baseball, basketball, football teams
Comments: Getting curious about past & present

Debra J Bange (now Belli) - 1978 - - Ct - 2003.09.20
Comments: New e-mail address

Gary Emert - 1960 - - Boca Raton Fl - 2003.09.27
Looking for: Mike Caldararo

Justin Masone - 2006 - - 2003.09.28
my webpage:
Looking for: The remote

Kyle Sabo - 1998 - - Levittown - 2003.09.28
Comments: Still living, and now working, in Levittown. I am currently teaching 9th grade Global History AP European History in room 247 at Division. Last week was Back to School night - so nice to see so many parents who I knew as my friends' parents, but now also know them as my students' parents. We have many Division, Memorial & MacArthur graduates on staff these days, and all of us would love to help put together a large reunion that many have suggested on this site. Please feel free to contact me should anyone want to go further with this project. How about an Oldies dance in the gym sponsored by our Student Council? Maybe a cook-out at next year's Homecoming? We can make it happen!

Veronica (Ronnie) Harding (now Veronica (Ronnie) Zollo) - 1972 - - Colleyville, Texas - 2003.09.30
Comments: Email address change

Maryanne Shaw (now Maryanne Konkowski) - 1974 - - Airmont, NY - 2003.09.30
Looking for: Lorianne Ingoglia

Alicia Helms - 1996 - - 2003.10.06
my webpage:
Memories: Just trying to get out of there start my own business and really just being plain SEXY... HEHE Check out my site if you don't remember

Kelly Shaw (now Kelly Redavid) - 1983 (Summit Lane and Division Ave Junior High then moved) - - Medford, NY - 2003.10.06
Memories: North Village Green

Connie Cosenza (now Connie Losco) - 1979 - - Illinois - 2003.10.09
Looking for: Lori Curtis

Randy Walker - 1973 (I was at Division for only 7th grade. My family moved to Rochester, NY in June of 1968 and I finished high school up there.) - - Chicago, IL - 2003.10.09
Memories: Me, Richey Weisman and Ron Gorman were in a band called The Jetstreams and we were "booked" to play a 2 hour job in the DHS cafeteria, which would have been in 1967. Once we started playing we realized we had only 20 minutes worth of songs! Played them 3-4 times through.

Lisa Van Nostrand (now Lisa Shortell) - 1993 - - Huntington NY - 2003.10.10
Looking for: Diedre Benari, Kerry Nicolay, Tracy Tamborello, Issy Delgado, Ken Strong, Chris Welner, Eric Goodman, Camden Hoffman,

Jessica Hollywood (now Jessica Davis) - 1994 (I moved) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Locust Valley - 2003.10.13
Looking for: Bridgit O'Toole

Kathie DiStefano (now Kathie MacAneney) - 1983 - - Gibsonville, NC - 2003.10.14
Looking for: Where is Desiree?

William Fey / Bill Fey / '' Wild Bill" - 1968 - - Jacksonville, Fl - 2003.10.16
Looking for: Lillyballs, update your email so I can reach you!!!
There are a million memories that I carry specially since I went there from 7th thru 12th. So many great friends and great teachers. I was sorry to find that a few have passed. This is almost dreamlike... I feel like I'm back in good ole DAHS again when I see the name of someone I cared for. It is a giant shock when I see the name of someone that has passed. I am so glad to have found this site.
Best memories: football practice and games (no not Jerry Jewell); the great shows for Christmas and the special productions (class of '67 Statue of Liberty movie); my friends, Mitch Lilien, and Neil Yank and Billy Hammer and Mark Rotker and Doc Anziano. Also some of the girls (Toni C. Loraine P. {Mrs Fazio is that Steve Fazio??? Miss him also.}
Mrs Galvin, Nacy Kneisel, Andrea Ferrari and too many others to mention. Sledding and skating in the sump. Swimming at the West Village Green. The Donkey Football game. Our prom ("Cherish" still brings a tear hahaha, Mr. Regio, Mr. Simes, Mr. Lewis, Miss Rothenburg, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Arcullio. Sorry I wasn't more active in school events other than playing football but had a great job at Mid Island Bowl in Hicksville 'till 11th grade and Lobel's in 12th grade (both of which I hear are no longer there and since Ilived almost on the Hicksville line and had a girlfriend (Donna, you know who you are) it was tough getting to see any ball games or hanging with any of the class. Well happy 54th birthday (yikes) and write if you like. God bless and keep you all.
Wild Bill... Feyso
Comments: If anyone knows how to contact Mitch Lilien, please let me know.

Antoinette Lacommare (now Laieta) - 1992 - - Sound Beach, NY - 2003.10.16
Looking for: James Piester - Thinking about HS reminds me how much I miss ya
Memories: Too many to list.
Comments: Well life has been pretty kind to me. I moved around a lot after HS before coming back to NY. I stopped living life on the fly and I am now happily married. I met my husband Tom in September of 1992 at Nassau Community College. Thank you Nassau. We now have two wonderful children (Alexandra Morgan born 1995 and Robert Thomas born 2001). We just bought our second home (first home got to small for our growing family) and we now live in Sound Beach. What a wonderful community, although I do miss the sidewalks. I am a stay at home mom making sure my children get the best in life. And yes I caved in and bought a minivan. Now I know I am getting old! I would love to hear from some of the guys and anyone else interesting in having some flashbacks. Hope everyone is doing well and living life to the fullest. Just remember as long as you don't let it, life will never let you down. The best in life to all.

Priscilla Figueroa - 2004 - - L-Town - 2003.10.17
Memories: I never went to Division I'm in Island Trees now. I went to Wisdom Lane Middle school and had many friends. If you want to contact me just email me and we'll talk.

Veralynn (Vera) Todaro (now Veralynn (Vera) Boyack) - 1992 (transferred to MacArthur H.S.) - - Dayton, Nevada - 2003.10.20
Looking for: James Bongo
Memories: I didn't graduate at this school although spent most of my young years attending the same schools you did. I have several memories at Division Avenue although I'm unsure if I have any actual favorites. Growing up in New York was very difficult for me. There are many of you I have thought about over the years and some whom I have remained close friends with today and will continue to treasure well into my old age. There are a few I haven't kept in touch with when I should have and I apologize for that. I certainly hope you are doing well in every aspect of your lives. You now have my email should you want to reconnect.
I am married to the most incredible man. His name is Wade and we have two boys: Kyle and Darien. We've been married since 1997 and live in a small country town in Nevada living a simple life. Sorry folks, I do not miss New York a bit, hence my rare visits there. Prior to having my children, I worked as a counselor with juveniles in a Residential Treatment Center and I now stay at home with my kids and occasionally do some freelance writing -- more as a hobby than a profession.
We are a healthy and stunningly average family and are doing very well in our lives. I would love to hear from some of you. By the way, James Bongo and I have known one another since diapers. I would really love to see how he is doing. So if you read this and see him, please let him know I'm asking for him. Thank you and take care! Vera

Lawrence Carelli - 1980 - - Wellington, Florida - 2003.10.21
Looking for: Mike Mazza

Kevin McKay - 1979 - - Atlanta, Ga - 2003.10.21
Looking for: John Morano, Charles Brown
Memories: Sports - football, wrestling, track, baseball, Mathletes (believe it or not)
Comments: Would like to hear from any and all past classmates

Trina Cattler (now Trina Cattler Wallace) - 1975 - - Tucson, AZ - 2003.10.21
Looking for: Laura DeRienzo and the organizers of the 30th reunion are looking for SUSAN REA.
If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please contact

Brian Konrad - 1992 - - Ronkonkoma, NY - 2003.10.22
my webpage:
Memories: Hmmmmmm - do they have to be my favorite memories? I'd rather remember it the way it was = )

Stephanie Anderson - 1997 (Moved away) - - Knoxville, TN - 2003.10.23
Looking for: Andrea Perry, Stephanie Nofi

Marie Esposito (now Marie Rooney) - 1975 - - Maine - 2003.10.25
Looking for: Lori Blumling, JoAnn Ruggerio, and Liz Marcasano

Thomas Mueller - 1958 - - Bronx, NY - 2003.10.26
Looking for: Any other old-timers
Memories: I know I had some, but seem to have misplaced them... H E L P

Lori Osborne / "Ozz" (now Lori-McGee-Osborne) - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - West Islip, NY - 2003.10.27
Looking for: Deb V- I know your out in Cali girl-when are ya gonna sign on here :)
Memories: Softball and Basketball---- Anyone know what happened to Ms D?
AnnMarie Mc's -- Homeparties-Thanks for introducing many of us to alcohol.
ummmmmmmm the bleachers!!!
12th grade class trip!
Almost drowning in Cali boogie-boarding 1986
I believe I was hurt almost every year -- umm almost every month -- probably received some injury every day.
Breaking my foot at the DAHS dance -- that was memorable
White-water rafting with Lori Lopic, Deb V, and Kim. I think I got hurt then too.
Failing Cosmetology because I shaved the hair off my practice head.
Cutting class to head to beach in Deb V's green datsun -- loved that little car
Hosting the Spain gang -- Jose, Monica, This is when I lived over at Deb V's house. I told my parents I was moving out and that's where I was taken in -- Thanks Deb!! :)))
Driving the Turnpike in my black 1980 firebird - Tri County was hot back then - I tend to chuckle now with the 5-6 cars I see parked there now on a Fri-Sat.
Comments: Hope everyone is doing great and its nice to see updates on here from time to time. Would be great to see some other people sign on and let us know what they are up too.
All the best to All. Ozz.

Mary Ellen Winterhalter (now Mary Ellen Gomrad) - 1965 - - Winter Springs, FL - 2003.10.27
Memories: Homeroom. Mr. Wright's English class. Mrs. O'keefe, Mr. Lasker, and Mrs. Donovan. The laughs we had in Mr. Caldarone's Social Studies class. Mr. Aiello, Mr. T. and Mr. Jewel. When those first warm days of spring rolled in, it was fun going to the beach instead of class. The North Green, Azalea Pool, Wilfreds, Mays, Jahn's, Levittown Roller Rink, friends. Being a part of the history and development of Levittown.
Comments: The class of 1965 was fantastic! I traveled many miles since we parted. Lived in several states. And even though I have 3 grown sons and 3 grandchildren, it is still hard to believe we are out of high school over 35 years. It is a lifetime away, but I nice place to reminisce about. I went to our reunion in 1999 and had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to the next reunion in 2005. I enjoy hearing from former friends and classmates. Email me anytime!

Debi Kellogg - 1974 - - 2003.10.27
Comments: To all those that knew my beloved sister, debi died in 1983.

Gray (now Captin Crunch) - 2003 (Graduated late) - - Hopkins, Mi - 2003.10.28
Looking for: New college
Memories: Nothing really... G@G BYE Who cares how fun I had anyway?
Comments: Nothing... No comment

Kelly Shaw (now Kelly Redavid) - 1983 (Summit Lane and Division Ave Junior High then moved) - - Medford, NY - 2003.10.29
Comments: I was friends with Katie Devaney and we hung out at the North Village Green... Great memories for me.

Jaclyn Lopez - 2002 - - Fort Bliss, TX, USA - 2003.10.30
my webpage:
Looking for: My Buddies (You know who you are)

Joan Hobb (now Joan Evans) - 1970 - - Coconut Creek, FL - 2003.11.02
Comments: I registered previously but my e-mail address has changed. I advised of this change a year ago and it still has my old e-mail address. Please change it.
Thanks, Joan

Gary Moscato - 1975 (Would have been '75; moved to Florida in 1972) - - Clearwater, Fl - 2003.11.04 (bad e-mail 2004.10.06)
Memories: Going on "safaris" with Tony Shoot during lunch, all the people I grew up with some in school with since kindergarten.
Comments: Moved to Florida in 1972, have worked for Verizon (formerly GTE) going on 24 years now. Happily married to my second wife for 17 years. I have two children, one 24, one 21, and a 16 month old granddaughter who is the love of my life. Saw Luke Heaton and family back in August. Hoping to hook up with any of the crew I hung out with at DAHS before I moved.

Janeen Conigliaro (now Janeen Schoeneman) - 1989 - - Levittown - 2003.11.05
Looking for: Al Hernandez
Comments: Al, If you read this please contact me I would love to catch up with you. Janeen

Anthony Garrett - 1989 - - Bethpage, NY - 2003.11.05
Looking for: OLD friends

in memoriam, Glenn Cortes - 1964 - - 2003.11.07
Glenn Cortes, formerly of Schoolhouse Road, passed away on March 18, 2002. Through his life always showed love and friendship to all he knew. His physical remains are interred in Calverton National Cemetery as befits a proud American as him. He served in both the Navy and the Army, where he was a Captain. His later years were spent as a corporate pilot, doing what he loved, flying. If you knew him, you were blessed to have been touched by such a gentle soul.

Brett Schmitt - 2000 - - Irvine - 2003.11.12
Comments: Can't wait to graduate from UCI in June. Just wanted to give a shout out to all the year 2000ers! Wondering how people were doing. I'm applying to doctoral programs this winter... wish me luck!

Doug Corapi - 1972 - - Bloomington Ca. - 2003.11.16
Comments: Hey, anyone that remembers me, feel free to say hello...

Regina Browne - 1992 - - Selden NY - 2003.11.18
Memories: Friends

Beth Leippe - 1995 - - Commack - 2003.11.20
Memories: Favorite memory? Chris Welner...
Comments: Well, 8 years later and I find myself back in the classroom, only this time I'm the teacher. If I could re-live high school... I'd do it differently. Good times overall though, no regrets.

Pete Leyden - 1970 - - Northfield MA. - 2003.11.22
Comments: New e-mail

John Bussanich - 1974 (LMHS) - - Orlando, FL - 2003.11.24
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone in the graduating class of '74 that remembers me.

Barbara Van Dolson - Island Trees 1960 (Looking for someone) - - Ga - 2003.11.27
my webpage:
Looking for: Tom Ubran anyone who skated for Levittown rink
Comments: I went to Island Trees '60 did knew Tom Urban and some who skated for Levittown rink if any one sees this write to me. I've been away from the Island since '65. Thank you.

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