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Chris Maloney - 1991 - - 2004.04.11
Looking for: Jennifer Anthony
Comments: I know Jen graduated a year early - 1990... would like to get in touch...

Jeryl (jeri) King (now Hughes) - 1976 - - Flowery Branch, Georgia - 2004.04.12
Memories: Class ski trip up to Kerhunkson NY, washington trip, and all the kids I hung with.
Comments: Still haven't grown up, racing cars just like my Dad did. Got my son racing too.

Barbara Goldstein (now Barbara Kane) - 1974 (Moved in 1968) - - East Brunswick, NJ - 2004.04.13
Looking for: Jill Weiner

Nilda Pacheco (now Nilda Velez) - 1970 - - Chicago, Illinois - 2004.04.14
Looking for: Cathy Bernstein

Sabbir Liakat - 2005 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2004.04.16
Looking for: My dawgs... O wait they rite here
Memories: Didn't graduate yet

Jerry Pierre - 2004 - ?@? - Lakeworth, fl U.s.a - 2004.04.19
Looking for: Yearbook of class' 04 / lakeworth high school

- ??? - ?@? - 2004.04.20
Looking for: Tim Holt - Class of 1987 - He was a great friend. Anyone with info. please contact

Ken Santorelo - 1975 - - Yaphank - 2004.04.21
Memories: Driving to school in a car named Shadowfax.

Sandy Miller (now Sandy Neff) - 1977 - - Shirley, NY - 2004.04.23
Looking for: Kathy Connolly and Barbara Lane

Stacey S Hyland - 1990 - - Frewsburg, ny - 2004.04.26
Comments: I am living in upstate NY right now but I will be moving back to Levittown this summer. It would be nice to get in touch with old classmates.

Meghan - 2006 - - 2004.04.26
Looking for: Friends

Greg Delaney - 2007 - - Levittown - 2004.04.29
Comments: it's been a good first year at DAHS. Met new friends and had fun. not that many days until summer. YEA

Loralyn Goldsworthy - 1977 - - Sunrise, FL. - 2004.04.29
Looking for: Dave Whidden

Carmine Nunzio - 1993 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - New Zealand - 2004.05.05
Memories: Just wondering if anyone out there knows if CENTER LANE is still crawling with dirtbags? Back between '93-'98 everytime you'd go there to that Deli, you'd see dirtbag kids hanging around, riding bikes, skateboards, cursing, spitting, smoking, doing drugs, and NO ONE SAID A WORD. It was the type of people that went there and hung out there that gave LEVITTOWN a bad a low class trailer-park name. Biggest bunch of dirtbags I ever saw there. I bet half of them are now either in jail, on probation, doing drugs, etc. peace all!

Rich Calderwood - 1964 - - Flagler Beach, FL - 2004.05.08
Memories: So how successful am I, sitting here on a Saturday night looking at a virtual HS yearbook? Now 56 years old, much heavier and softer. Attitude adjustment years ago took care of any opinions I may held then. I still can't dance. I've been a cop and an insurance investigator. I was in the Air Force (actually a vacation in Colorado, Japan, Saigon, Hawaii and California). I keep my hair real short 'cause there's not much left. I am on my third marriage and finally got it right with this one, except she is 20 years younger and wasn't available (or legal) back when I was first maried. Too bad. Could have avoided some bad times. My brothers and sisters are scattered across the country and we hardly see each other. My friends from HAHS, too. Bill Harned is fat and happy in the Rocky Mountains, Len Mathison is a screaming fanatic for Hillary Clinton, Ed Welch still lives on Boat Lane, Gene Galizi no one hears from, Rusty Arneson and John Honkanen are both (choke!) lawyers. Ray Abruzzo left us too soon. I wear glasses and sometimes my feet ache. I love to cook. I have been told I have a talent for writing (there are exceptions, obviously). Moving from Virginia back to Florida soon since my wife(!) is running for county sheriff. Ahh, she's is my two-legged retirement plan. I have two grown children and my daughter is about to give me my first grandchild. Spent last summer in Europe, driving all the back roads we could find, and the autumn in my RV getting lost in the USA. After the November election, win or lose, we are off on a cruise. So, for anyone who cares... good to see ya and glad you could get to talk to me.

Richard Eisner - 1965 - - South Florida - 2004.05.11
Comments: Married 37 yrs, 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren. I was an NYPD detective till I retired after 20 yrs. Now an insurance adjuster.

Mitch Weinstein - 1984 - - Levittown - 2004.05.14
my webpage:
Memories: School plays

Sharon Post - 1978 - - Florida - 2004.05.16
Memories: Senior Variety Show and Ski Trip. I also remember working on the first ever color year book at the park and of course the Sr. Prom.

Margie Eulner (now Margie Eulner Ott) - 1979 - - Bethesda, Maryland - 2004.05.16
Memories: Mr. Festante, Mr. Emeritz, Mr. and Mrs. Wieczerak, Mrs. Stillwagon. Hanging out with Liz Montesano, Judy Travers, Rae Keuning and Alice Behr. Tyke Schoening. Lunch at the diner, Mama Celeste's. Working stage crew on Bye Bye Birdie. Working on the Flame with Mr. Von Burg. Hanging out and smoking in the girls' bathroom.

Joe Neist - 1978 - - Levittown, N.Y. - 2004.05.20
Memories: Division vs. Memorial football games. Division won 3 years running so BUCKET should be enshrined at Division. Of course, ranked just as high, were the parties celebrating Division's victories.

Michael Tagariello - 1976 - - Delray Beach, Florida - 2004.05.22
Looking for: Tom McLaughlin

Beth Stilwagen (now Beth Richards) - 1991 (moved away to VA in 1989) - - Virginia - 2004.05.25
Looking for: anyone who I was friends with to share old memories
Memories: Who can forget Senor Capo's class?

Tara Calvin (now Tara Calvin) - 2003 - - Levittown N.Y - 2004.05.27
Looking for: Nicole Gros
Memories: When I graduated

Richard Grasso - 1970 - - Hudson Florida - 2004.05.28
Looking for: Classmates of 1970
Memories: Roller skating at the Levittown Roller Rink, going to the Levittown Movie, then going to Jahns for some ice cream (especially the kitchen sink lol).
Comments: I haven't heard about a class reunion - is there one ?

Madeline Seiler (now Madeline Seiler Coutts) - 1967 - - Martha's Vineyard, MA. - 2004.06.01
Looking for: Claudia Rosseler, Diane Speers, Janice Warburton
Memories: The talent shows seem to stick in my mind. Dances, sporting events and cheerleading. Most of all I remember the wonderful days at Gilgo and Jones Beach.

Bob Scheiner - 1988 - - Where Else??? - 2004.06.03
Memories: Good Times...

Richard Caldararo - 1964 - - Australia - 2004.06.03
Looking for: Herbie Blades, Louie Gippetti any info please email.

Wendy Clark - 1971 - - Temecula, CA. - 2004.06.07
Looking for: Fred Levine - where are you ???
Memories: Painting the lockers as a part of the club MONGOOSE school beautification project - looked great when you are 17 - not so good now !
Attending varsity basketball games while in jr. high, and cheering on my brother Brad Clark ( he's very sick now - remember him in your prayers )
Hiding in the Canteen from Mr. Smedley because we said we had music lessons - but didn't.
Dancing for hours with good friends at students' homes - and singing a lot too.
Being excited to be a Senior and a part of the Sr. Variety Show - had a ball!
Comments: Would love to hear from classmates ( especially Robin Boyd, Cindy Weldon ) Its been soooo long.

Brian O'Leary - 1999 (Still living in Levittown. LOVE MARISSA GUIDONE!!!) - - Levittown Rocks!!i Make It Rock!! - 2004.06.10
Looking for: Marissa Guidone!!I LUV U Marissa!U R the 1 for me!!
Memories: My favorite memories are hanging out with my friends. I loved it when I hung out with Marissa Guidone.She is a true Princess!!I LOVE HER!! Marissa, if you see this, I want you to know I love you and I want to hook up with you and maybe one day, we can be married and start a family together.

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 2004.06.14
Memories: My favorite memory... Hitting three home runs in a game vs. Hicksville High School, driving in 11 runs. Thanks to Dewain Lanfear for letting me use his bat. It that feat still a school record? Scoring 37 points in a basketball game vs. Herricks was also very special. Mike Newton had 15 assists that night.
Comments: I am in touch with several members of the Class of 1960 and other early Division classes. Please write if you would like to exchange emails. It is fun to stroll down Division Avenue's memory lane.

I have lived in San Diego since 1982 where I served as chairman of the foreign language department at the University of California,
San Diego, for twenty years. Currently, I am editing mystery novels for a major publisher, working with writers around the world. In addition, I am currently working on my 14th novel which will be a fictional account of the world-class education we received at Division Avenue, 1957-60, including humorous tales about food fights in the cafeteria and where the librian kept his bottles of Jack Daniels.

Tara Rose Smith - 2002 - - Plainview, NY - 2004.06.16
Memories: The apartments.

Susan Rea - 1975 - - Florida - 2004.06.20
Looking for: Laura Dilorenza

Kathy Carr (now Kathy Carr Knutson) - 1975 - - Dallas, TX - 2004.06.20
Comments: Moving to Anchorage, Alaska July '04

Lisa Libonati - 2001 (kicked out - ha ha its all good Gellz) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - La La Land - 2004.06.20
Looking for: No one at all
Memories: being an A+ slacker

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