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entries from 2004.06.22 through 2004.09.22

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John Waunsch - 1975 - - 2004.09.30

the entries on this page were all posted at the same time, 2004.09.23 at 02:30.

Brian O'Leary - 2002 - - 2004.06.23
Looking for: Marissa Guidone. I love you Marissa.

Michael Steinberg - 2004 - - 2004.06.26
Comments: I'll miss everyone, especially megan gilroy, stenzler, stephanie tishler, and amanda uster all of who are hotties!

Mary Sales - 1991 - - Greenport, Ny - 2004.06.26
Looking for: Chris Grasso
Comments: I am looking for any information on the whereabouts of Chris Grasso who graduated Division in 1991 and then went on to be a United states Marine. I lost contact with him then. If anyone has an email or an address for him please email me. Thanks

Ken Edelson - 1977 (Moved to Florida in '75, but still have many fond memories of DAHS) - - South Florida - 2004.06.27
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone know whatever happened to Gabriel Mazel?
Memories: Theater and Music, the shows, and friends

Chrissy Ruane (now Chrissy Mitchell) - 1993 - - Levittown-Island Trees - 2004.07.02
Memories: I was a new senior when I first started Division. I was a transfer from Saint Dominics. It turned out to be the best year I had in High school. One of my favorite memories from that year was Mr O'Mara's Economics class. It was here were I met all my Friends who worked at Loews Theater. What a crazy class that was. ;-) However, I do remember we made that poor teacher so insane, that he quit in the middle of the year. Other favorite memories include, painting the senior banner, Spirit Night, and Mr Kissane's Xmas in July party. ;-) I would like to say a special thanks to both Miss O'Brien-Kelly, and Mr Kissaine, without whom I would have never survived my senior year. I only hope that I have become as great a teacher as they both are. I will always be grateful for the year I got to spend at Division. I wish that I had more time to spend there. :-)

Irvina Yudenfriend (now Jamel) - 1974 - - Bay Shore, New York - 2004.07.04
Looking for: Gloria Hans

Florence Kinstrey (now Florence Davies) - 1970 - - Palmer, Alaska - 2004.07.06
Looking for: Christine Watzek
Memories: Wish I could make the reunion but summers in Alaska are short and sweet! There are some folks I'd love to hear from and some who've already been in touch. Hope all of your lives have been as Blessed as mine! Married 26 years to Steve, children: Vikki 32 - Steve's wedding gift to me, Dana 23, and Stephen 19. We have 2 grandbabies, Anthony 5, and Alyssa 1. We have a Newfie-Lab named Chester and a Ragdoll kitty named Harley. E-mail if you get a chance!

Richard Broullon - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Wellington Florida - 2004.07.06
Looking for: Billy Romaro

Wendy Mock - 1984 - ?@? - 2004.07.09
Looking for: Weny mock

Vickie Hans (now Vickie Rogers) - 1984 (Left in 1983 for a jump start in a career. Graduated early from Hicksville night school.) - - Still in Levittown, NY - 2004.07.11
Looking for: June Zavacki from Hicksville and Geri Partenio from Hicksville
Memories: Me, Kim Brown, Joanne Caporale, Patrice Moreback, Michelle Arena, Michelle Howell, Christa Broullon and Levittown Roller Rink.. What Memories.... lol

Sue Failla (now Sue Duggan) - 1985 - - 2004.07.12
Comments: Just needed to update my e-mail address.

Gary Morse - 1963 (Moved 1961) - - Viera, Florida - 2004.07.13
Comments: Moved from Texas to Florida.

Meryl Moyer (now Merill L. Moyer) - 1976 - - Lindenhurst, NY - 2004.07.14
Memories: Working for the teachers in the science department as one of their "secretaries". Walking on the picket line with the teachers when the district's austerity budget forced them to take turns furloughing teachers. By the time I was a senior, the 7th graders thought I was a teacher!!

Rob Cook - 1995 - - Raleigh, NC - 2004.07.17
Memories: Getting out! Really. Senior year, not doing crap because I knew that there was so much more out there. Mr. Stanton's French class, Mr. Ryan's math (dude should have been a comedian).
Comments: Hope everyone is doing great out there. If you are ever in North Carolina, come on by.

Bruce Lamb - 1969 - - Memphis, TN - 2004.07.20
Memories: Auto Class at Levittown Memorial H.S. and Great times hanging around Station 2 of the Levittown Fire Dept.
Comments: Auto class paid off!! Retired from Mercedes-Benz after 25 years of service.

in memoriam, Bruce Nystrom -1966 - by Cathy Hastings (I graduated from LMHS - married Bruce Nystrom the next year.) - - 2004.07.21
Comments: Married Bruce right after high school. He died two years later. He is survied by me, a son, a daughter, a granddaughter and a grandson. Would love to hear from any of his friends.

Steve Budd - 2004 - - Paradise Island, S.C. USMC - 2004.07.23
Comments: I'm adding my brother on to this web site because he is in boot camp for the USMC. He will grad. 10/1/2004. GOD BLESS!!!

in memoriam, Jennifer Toscano (d. June 10, 2003) - 1989 - 2004.07.25
my webpage: (2nd entry)
We sadly regret to inform the DAHS class of 1989 that Jennifer Toscano passed away on 6/10/2003 from Melanoma (skin cancer).
If you would like to make a donation in her memory please send to:
Melanoma Research Foundation
PO Box 5230
Toms River, NJ 08754-5218
Thank You, The Toscano Family  (Family contact:

Rachel Pasternak - 1996 - - New York, NY - 2004.07.29
Looking for: Lauren Bucci

Irvina Yudenfriend (now Irvina Jamel) - 1974 - - Bay Shore, New York - 2004.07.31
Memories: Senior year was my favorite, I had the best time then.

Shelly Shubert (now Shelly Lugo) - 1969 - - Northboro, MA - 2004.08.03
Looking for: Dave Stewart
Comments: I remember walking to school with Anita Adler (who after 48 years is still my friend) Going to the roller rink on Fridays and Jahns afterward. I always wanted to work at TSS. Just had our 35th reunion and I saw Sharon VanWagner, I missed you Sharon, every time I hear the Monkees I think of you. It really wasn't a great turnout, but I was glad to see you all. Thank you Janis for a job well done! Penny where were you? I saw the old neighborhood and was surprised to see how nice the homes still are. Unfortunately, the one I grew up in on Boat Lane was really trashed. I always thought after my parents moved I would be living there, but here we are in MA. Married 20 years to Warren Lugo, from the Bronx, we have 2 daughters 18 and 16.

Bob "Monk" Mancino - 1969 - - North Cal. - 2004.08.04
Looking for: Danny Morales; have you gotten political asylum in Cuba maybe?
Comments: Well the 35th reunion came and went, the turnout was light but the evening was extremely enjoyable. Janice Altman/Fusaro {the hostess} looked great as well as Michelle Pantatello/Simonetti. The years have been very kind to Peggy Murphy, Eilen O'brien, Judy Garber and Vickie Haars/Harvey. Allie Paderacki, Jamie Rogers, and George Harvey look fit enough to wrestle again. Steve Nichols looks better now than he did 35 years ago. Bill Pantesco and Bill Simonetti looked very well.
Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when Coach Howie Pivnic showed up. He was looking very healthy and we took nostalgia to a new level. Several pictures were taken, especially of the 1969 League Track Champs. The Track people who showed up were; sprinters Tom Pergola and myself, distance runner Greg Eng-Hong, pole vaulter George Harvey and of course Coach Pivnic.
Phil {Casey} Miles was there and had good energy. Edie Arthur was very pleasant to talk to, as was Linda Hockett, Betsy Schuchman, Kathy Mai, Sharyn Mermelstein, Michele Schubert and Roberta Henning.
Mike Thearle appeared with wife Dorothy McHugh {class of 1970}, They both looked well. Last but not least was Fred Kiesecker the lean, mean, bone-crackin' machine. Forgive me if I left anyone out as short term memory has a tendency to fluctuate.
There's talk about a 40th being in Las Vegas as most of us are scattered throughout the country anyway it could be a great way to have a party for a couple of days {God willing} and in the words of the eloquent Austin Powers "Yeah shagadelic baby".
Getting together with old classmates is one of the true pleasures in life that doesn't have many consequences that I'm aware . When one reaches our age perhaps pleasures are few and far between? I would urge fellow "69ers" to show up to the next reunion where ever it is located. Do some catching up or from a self-absorbed point of view do some measuring up... it's all great fun. I hope to see more of you at the 40th. Best Regards, Monk

Richard Grasso - 1970 - - Hudson Florida - 2004.08.04
Looking for: Anyone from the class of 1970
Memories: Hanging out at Jones Beach and the Bluegrass Lane Pool

Ken Kiesling - 1968 - - Cochiti Lake, New Mexico - 2004.08.06
Looking for: Erica Joseph & Debby Berg of whom I haven't heard back from, yet.
Memories: The lovely, innocent people I seemed by chance, at the time, to grow up with. Some of our wonderful, generous and patient teachers.... All you beautiful New York women.
Comments: So much time, what to say.... I think of many of you often. I wish all of you well. I would love to hear from you. Look me up if you'd like. I trust you're all well, although I know some of you may not be. I sense that we'll all meet up again later, though. I will attempt to reach some of you. I'm currently enjoying being the Mayor of my town. I'm in my second term. Since moving to New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment," back in 1972, I've had contact with: Dale Halpern, Bob Terrel, Doriel Wyler, Dennis Dunne, Wendy Max, Barbara Rotundo and my good, dear friend in spirituality and politics, Gayle Jacobsen. Be at peace, Kenneth

Larry Dos Santos - 1964 - - Venice, Florida - 2004.08.08
Comments: Married to Lynn Smith Class of 1964.

J Dorsa - 1991 - - 2004.08.08
Does anyone know a new address for a Melanie Cullen??

Janet Hailer (now Janet Michie) - 1974 - - Glen Cove, NY - 2004.08.10
Looking for: Steve Kavanagh
Memories: My Favorite memories of DAHS are all the wonderful People I went to school with and The great teachers especially Mr. Miller. What a great time I had at the Prom.

Robert Noble - 1977 - - Connecticut - 2004.08.11
my webpage:
Comments: Hello Everyone If you want email me. But no more than that. I will tell you in a email. I don't use email that much. But I'm looking forward on hearing from you.

Jackie Kiesling (now Jackie Lorenz) - 1974 - - Holbrook, N.Y. - 2004.08.12
Looking for: Friends from Hale's House & Carol Smith (Smitty)
Memories: Hanging out at Woolworth's.

Dwight Powers - 1966 - - 2004.08.12
Looking for: Peace in Iraq !
Memories: Once again John Kerry is running for public office, and once again he is again being WRONGLY attacked by the likes of a recidivist liar by the name of John O'Neill. There is now another book claiming all kinds of outrageous things, backed by O'Neill and his neo con co-conspirators, supposedly about John Kerry's Vietnam service. Because certain somethings appear in a book, does not make those somethings true! Mein Kampf is a good example of such a book. Another prime example, is this latest trash book written by an avowed racist, a Mr. Corsi, and is financed by yet another wealthy Republican Texan and supporter of GWB. The dirty-politics that has lead our fine American troops, in my considered view, into an unnecessary war in Iraq, and one we were hoodwinked into by the false claims of WMD and even forged documentation of 'yellowcake' that never was, can be laid properly at the feet of George W. Bush and his neo-con chicken-hawk backers! The war in Iraq, based on phoney 'justifications' and constantly repeated lies, is a continuing and unmitigated disaster. 'Regime change' must begin at home, if this nation is to ever recover from the damage done to its world prestige, as a direct result of Bush foreign policy. It is my firmly held belief, as a concerned citizen, as a responsible voter, and as a USMC Vietnam Veteran of 1968 and 1969, that John Kerry will make a fine President of the U.S. Need I remind you all, that 22 of Levittown's own (far too many DAHS grads, of whom one to me, is a SILENT MAJORITY) finest perished in the Vietnam War, another war sold to America under false pretenses. I urge you all to educate yourselves as to what this Iraq war was and now is, and unfortunately what it sadly continues to be! What you will find, if you really care enough to, is that we were all sold a bill of goods by George W. Bush that does not match the merchandise! While the Bush administration wraps itself in bogus 'patriotism' claiming all who disagree with it and it's bumbling foreign policy in Iraq are somehow 'un-American' for having the courage to question its government when it is believed to be wrong, the administration's jingoism that passes for its daily expressions of a 'strong America' are nothing more than fear-mongering that make none of us any safer. If you can HONESTLY say to yourself, that this war in Iraq was based on factual intelligience, has become a success, was worth the cost in American blood and treasure (that still has no end in sight with no apparent exit plan for our brave troops either), then it is my belief as well, that you should vote again for George W. Bush. If however, you believe as I do, that like the war in Vietnam, the war in Iraq was sold to us all by yet another Presidential huckster, than your choice should be John Kerry! I have been BOLD, now let's see if you will be BOLD and publish this on the DAHS website.

Amanda Grech - 2001 (I moved) - - 2004.08.14
Looking for: Just for people I went to school with
Memories: Seeing friends
Comments: If you where from class 2001 and like to chat, I would love to talk to people I went to school with, give me a e-mail

Dawna LoPiccolo (now Dawna Mraz) - 1984 (1983 Early grad, but know you guys the best!) - - Columbia County, New York - 2004.08.14
Memories: The music room and my commrades in band.
Mr. Wieczerak's ridiculous social studies class and all those notes.
The flood in the parking lot.
Comments: As more time goes by, I realized how fortunate we were to have grown up in Levittown. Everyone's bathroom was in the same place! People I have met over the years don't understand the concept of 20 kids living on the same block playing with eachother year after year. The town pools in the summer were our salvation. I don't think I have ever felt that safe.

James Fink (now James Fink) - 1989 (Transfered to all schools) - - Levittown - 2004.08.15
my webpage:
Looking for: Whoever
Memories: Coach Gorman and Bruno. Thadeus Gibney, people who help shape me and Robbins

Iret Maimran (now Irrt Kraham) - 1976 (Left fror queens ny) - - Coral Springs Florida - 2004.08.21
Looking for: Tommy Rahttigan
Memories: Hanging out by the bleachers before football games watching lacross school trips running away from police behind the school hitchhiking to jones beach

Chris Calabrese - 1996 - - New Jersey - 2004.08.21
Looking for: All my old friends

Robert Young - 1965 - - Maalaea, Maui, Hawaii - 2004.08.23
Comments: Looking for reunion information for the 40th year. I moved back to Hawaii after grad from Division. I would like to see my classmates after so many years. Hopefully happy and healthy. Rob

Kenny Braun (now KG Braun) - 1971 - - Midlothian, VA - 2004.08.25
Memories: North Shore Lacrosse Championship party at my house. It was suppose to be for the team, but word travels fast about a party. Cops had to break it up around 2:00 am. Senior Variety Show was a blast doing Howard Cosell interview with Head Coach Bob Waters (Drew Molloy played Coach Waters).
Comments: My dad passed away last October. Hurricane Isabel was too much for him. Battled Alzheimer's until the end. Eleanor, Doug, Steve and Chris are all doing fine. Can't wait for our 35th Reunion in 2006. GOD bless the class of '71. Boomer

Stephen Bailin - 2002 - - Levittown - 2004.08.29
Memories: Being on the school bowling team since 7th grade.

Arnie Galeota - 1961 - - Coconut Creek, Florida - 2004.08.30
Looking for: Anna morreale, teresa tegano, jane patton, barbara divone earl gressman
Memories: Senior year saturdays we had a winning football team. We'd organize a large motorcade to support the team. The many summer parties throughout levittown. Nearly every summer night someone provided us with somewher to go. Very few of us got into any trouble because of it.
The movie thater on hempstead tpke, the roller rink and jahns next door. How else to spend a sunday?
the pizzeria near the wantaugh pkwy where everyone would meet usually after a school dance or football game. The all night diner in east meadow. The many days and nights at jones beach. After school being thrown out of whelans drug store, the concord caferteria or the north green bowling alley. The senior prom, and graduation. Many summer days at the local swimming pools.
The comraderie amongst many of the students. The quality of teachers was great as was the education we had available to us.
Comments: I've submitted this before. What happens to these comments?
where can I read everyone else's that have been submitted?
who is updating the information?

James Garthwaite - 1966 - - Levittown, NY - 2004.09.04
Comments: Our Classmate and my life long friend Brad Clark passed away on Sat. Aug 28 at 10am. Brad had been suffering from a degenerative brain disease for 2 years following his retirement from Grumman.Brad was married to Maryke Deryke for 37 years. They had 3 children and 3 grandchildren with another on the way. Both Brads parents are still with us as is his brother Merrill and sister Wendy, both graduates of Levittwn Division. Most of you will remember Brads skill on the basketball court, but those who were lucky enough to be his friend will remember his great humor and boisterous laugh, his strong sense of committment to his family, his beliefs and his unconditional friendship. I don't know of anyone who knew Brad who was not a better person for having known him and what a great testament to his life. We will all miss Brad. May God bless Brad Clark. Sincerely, Jim Garthwaite

June Krayer - 1980 - - Columbus Ohio - 2004.09.05
Memories: Remeber integrated studies?... how did we ever get away with learning about prostitution? If our parents only knew! Other favorite memories: hanging out in the "sweatbox", the jukebox, the last day of school in either '78 or '79 when the fire alarms were pulled at least a half dozen times!

Dawna LoPiccolo (now Dawna Mraz) - 1984 (Early grad in '83, but know you guys the best) - - Columbia County, NY - 2004.09.06
Memories: Mr. Weiczerak's ridiculous social studies notes.
Marching Band - my first hangover standing in front of percussion session.
Hoping the fence to get to Summitt Lane
Roller skating, Meadowbrook movie theatre, Jahn's
The musicals, the variety shows, North Village Green, the bowling alley, and .... just being a Levittownian
Comments: As the years go by and my children get older, I almost feel bad for them that they won't have the same experiences that we did in Levittown. Everyone's bathroom was in the same location....

Twenty kids lived on John Lane when I was growing up. These friendships have endured. Playing outside 'til midnight. Hanging out in the "tree" or "star" or "first name" section of Levittown identified you, where exactly you lived and the people you knew.

The Village Greens where we all experienced rites of passage. Admiring all those lifeguards!!! Having our first beers, our first heartbreaks and hour long chat sessions with twelve of our closest friends.

Each time I visit a bit of the old disappears. When the Dunkin Donuts closed and then the Meadowbrook Movie Theatre I was real sad. Remember the "Parkway Diner" and the Creative Club.

It may sound corny... but we had it good! I wish that all of you have found a little bit of Levittown where ever you have ended up.

Les Diskin - 1962 - - Riverside, Calif - 2004.09.09
Comments: Still reliving all the good memories from the 40th reunion.It was nice to come back home and visit again.Funny how all the good feelings come flooding back.Someone said "you can never go home" Well it was nice to visit for awhile Thanks to all that made it possible. BMW "till the end of time"

Thomas Mueller - 1958 (LMHS) - - Bronx, NY - 2004.09.10
Memories: Hanging out at the village greens (North, Center La. & Parkway), clown diving with the AquaWacks?, bicks burgers, Friday nite dances at Memorial and pizza at Caruso's.
Comments: It's really nice to be able to scan these pages and see so many familiar names. I just wish I could put a face on more of them but, you know old age, yadda, yadda, ya.

Ellen Killeen (now Ellen Carbone) - 1979 - - Plainview, NY - 2004.09.12
Comments: Would love to have a 25 year reunion !!! Please keep me posted !!

Pat Haggin (now Pat Bearden) - 1976 - - Las Vegas, NV - 2004.09.12
Looking for: Donna Ruggiero

Robert Meizlik - 1970 - - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - 2004.09.14
Looking for: Those that might remember me... And want to say hello....
Memories: As I look back .... even the bad memories don't seem all that bad any longer.. The good ones still bring a smile to my face. I guess, as I have gotten older I wonder about "whatever happened to...."

I miss the days of Howie Pivnic and running as well as Mr. Sciacca and freshman baseball. I miss the music program with Mr. Vitalie who gave his all to the students, and his desire to see us all sing even when we didn't have a voice.

Thank you all ... who touched my life (good and bad) as I am who I am today.... thanks to you.

Write ... if you wish... or dare!

Diana Mayeski (now Diana DelGaudio) - - Bradenton, Florida - 2004.09.14

Joann Kavanagh (now Joann Kavanagh Beattie) - 1974 - - Long Island - 2004.09.14
Looking for: Kathy Gomez
Memories: Here are a few memories that come to mind. That liberating moment of finally being able to wear pants to school for the first time after all those freezing winters walking to DAHS in a skirt (we've come a long way baby!). Better yet, was the freedom of cutting out of school during lunch time and walking through the Mays Parking Log to meet the girls at Wilfords Coffee Shop. Wait, I should say something about our classes and how they have impacted my life. Here goes, to this day I credit my love for eating chicken to our kind biology teacher Mr. Morris. Who can forget Mr. Morris and his pet chicken "Casey." One day Casey had some sort of fit in our biology class and landed on my head (if you want to talk about traumatizing moments, how many people can say they were attacked by a chicken). The next day someone wrote on my locker, "Chickie Baby." Hmmmmm, maybe that is why I really enjoy eating chicken today...
Comments: After reviewing our class list I'm reminded of the loss of some of our class mates, my prayers go out to them and their families. My special thoughts of Carol Friedman Thomas and Barbara Locke, Carol and Barbara were both gentle women of insight and kindness whose memories lives on.

Debby Matullo (now Debby Hugo) - 1996 - - Cali Baby!! - 2004.09.15
Memories: Don't ask, I don't think i'm allowed to write my favorite memories here... Walcott weekends, hangin' out, keg parties, crushes, if I only knew then what I know now....,
Comments: Married 03/04, moved to cali 04/04, daughter, josie, 02/02

Dwight Powers - 1966 - - Long Beach, N.Y. - 2004.09.17
Looking for: World Peace!
Memories: Graduating!
Comments: 38 years ago, we in that class of '66 graduated from DAHS. In those years much has happened in all of our lives, no doubt, both good and bad. Back then, we all existed in an sort of 'era of innocence', in-that it was the 1960's and America was involved in veritable good economic times. However, the dark dual clouds of doom, THE DRAFT and VIETNAM, hung over us all. As seniors, the males of our class wondered, "would we be drafted" and or would we end up in Vietnam? The females in our class, no doubt, worried about our chances as well. Those fortunate enough and those of us with decent grades could aspire to a college education, and therefore, a deferment from the draft. There were then other occupational deferments that could be held, such as police officer etc., but those positions were few and far betweeen. For many of us then, all those many others of us, had available to us the 'choice' of either speeding up the inevitable by enlisting in the military, going to Canada, or going to jail. Not much real 'choice' for someone at 18 years of age. Back then, the war in Vietnam had already started to chew up the cannon fodder of youth, and Levittown nor Division Avenue High School was spared from providing names to ultimately be added to that long black wall to be built many years later in Washington, D.C. Some of those who died in Vietnam, were members of our class of 1966, and their sacrifices should never be forgotten! That long black memorial wall, built by donations of every day Americans, strove to and does honor those who had lost their lives in Vietnam. Levittown gave 22 of its sons in that ultimately vain effort. Many from our class did so honorably serve in Vietnam, and if fortunate enough to survive our time in hell, came home, at best, to an indifferent nation, who pretty much shunned us or ignored us all for our efforts in a war that had grown increasingly unpopular. In effect, those of us who did serve in that hell-on-earth that war always is, were unrealistically blamed by an ungrateful nation for "losing that war". The scars of Vietnam, both physical and emotional are carried by the 2.8 million Americans who did wind up serving there. Fast-forward to the year 2004, and we are today embroiled in another meat-grinder of a war in Iraq. Many Americans have grown increasingly fed up with the so-called 'progress' of that war, and like Vietnam, are now questioning the rationales and the wisdom or lack thereof, that have propelled this nation once again into yet another quagmire. Granted, today there is no 'real draft' hanging over the heads of 18 year old males, with the all volunteer military, that was another direct result of the Vietnam War, but those serving in our military today have been faced with "stop loss" orders and "call-ups" of both National Guard and Reserve troops, due to the "too few boots on the ground" and illogical strategy approach to wars of this current administation. Again, due to politics of today that V word-VIETNAM, and all that it conjurs up for most Americans, has become a large part of the campaign for the presidency. The sitting Republican President, George W. Bush, the man who refers to himself as 'the war President' served in the T.A.N.G. and effectively avoided serving in the war he was elligble for. The Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry did serve in Vietnam. The debates over the "rightness or the wrongness" of Vietnam, have surfaced in this campaign, and many comparisons have been made between that war and the ones we find ourselves currently bogged down in. It is my feeling that the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, that so many American people claim to "support", are once again, sadly, the actual real people, who have been forgotten about ONCE AGAIN in all the debates over the 'rightness' or the 'wrongness' of today's simultaneous wars. These mostly young American men and now women, have been sent to perform a myriad of almost impossible tasks, and are continuing to be maimed and killed while the rest of us are left to argue about it all.HOPEFULLY, we will not allow the same tragedies and fates to befall those who serve today. We will NOT blame them for the INSANE policies that have sent them all thousands of miles away from their loving familes to dodge AK-47 bullets and RPGs and booby traps in the name of America. Gee, kinda sounds like Vietnam all over again, deosn't it? All I know for sure today, is that back then, a Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson SENT ME THERE to Vietnam in 1968, and a Republican, Richard Milhous Nixon KEPT ME THERE me there in Vietnam in 1969. To me, there wasn't much difference between those two nor their policies. Today, I see a vast difference in the candidates for the highest office in the land.The choice today, as I see it, is clear-another four more years of never ending wars, negativity, bellicosity and isolation of America in the world community under Bush, OR a more positive, more inclusive and more cooperative with the world community approach at hopefully ending those costly, deadly and simulataneous wars soon, bringing all of our troops home and thusly moving America along a better course for the future and good economic times under John Kerry. Today, we Americans are offered a real choice. I know the lever I will pull down in the voting booth come November 2nd 2004.The man who holds the best and most righteous positions on the issues and proposes policies for a bettter America that I will vote for, is JOHN KERRY. America, in my humble opinion, cannot afford another four more years of GWB! **Sadly, I dedicate this piece to one of my oldest friends on earth, Brad Clark, one of the nicest guys on earth and yet another proud Vietnam Veteran, and class of 1966 alumni, who recently passed away. Sept.17, 2004. Dwight Thomas Powers, Long Beach, N.Y.

Jimmy Waunsch - 1970 - - Sarasota, Fl - 2004.09.21
Looking for: No one, since Gerry Inslee went off and got married
Memories: setting a high jump record and making PIVNICK accept the fact that I actually existed... big hello to Margaret and Jimmy Neist... Chris Jahns is nearby and the wuss wont go surfing in a hurricane... must've left his grapes in NY

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