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In Memoriam, Wayne Corrigan

CORRIGAN-Wayne E., of Levittown on July 12, 2006. Devoted father of Megan. Dear brother of Eugene and Regina Ochwat (John). Loving uncle of Kyle, Keenan, Kyra, Keith, Jackie and Kyla. Friends may call Saturday and Sunday 2-5 and 7-9PM at the Thomas F. Dalton Funeral Homes, Levittown Chapel, 2786 Hempstead Tpke. Mass Monday 10AM St. Bernard RC Church. Interment Holy Rood Cemetery. (Published in Newsday on 7/14/2006.)

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Class Reunions:

1981's 25th Reunion - Friday-Saturday, September 15-16, 2006

Organizers, please write in with some friendly details.
Note: We don't always get notified. Check with a classmate, or check the websites of these two popular reunion planners, to see if they announce that they have booked a reunion:
Reunions of America, Inc. Reunions Unlimited, Inc.
(Look up "Division" or "Levittown Division" and your year.)

DAHS Reunions Past


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John Siraco Jr. - 2001 - - Levittown - 2005.01.09
Comments: Now a proud member of the New York City Police Department

Keri Budd (now Keri Wilkinson) - 2001 - - Levittown - 2005.01.11
Comments: Soon to be a mommy, due June 2, 2005

Mark Dreher - 1973 - - Suwanee (Atlanta ), GA - 2005.01.12
Comments: Married Marilyn Drescher (class of 1975) in 1978 - 2 children. Moved to Savannah GA in 1977 till 1996 when transferred to Atlanta (Suwanee), GA

Marilyn Drescher (now Marilyn Drescher Dreher) - 1975 - - Suwanee (Atlanta ), GA - 2005.01.12
Comments: Married Mark Dreher (class of 1973) in 1978 - moved to Savannah GA 1977 till 4/96 when Mark was transferred to Atlanta, GA. Have 2 children - Christopher and Kathryn

Patty Zambuto (now Patty Servidio) - 1980 - - 2005.01.14
Looking for: Michael Roesler, Linda Fusco
Memories: Jahn's for the Matterhorn, Wetson's, the painting of Mr. Emeritz in room 107, Fiddler

James Fowler - 1988 - - N Massapequa - 2005.01.16
Comments: You Miss 100% of The Shots You Never Take!

Sean Cassidy - 1981 - - Warickshire, England - 2005.01.18
Looking for: Anybody who remembered me!... Who was that guy?
Memories: Dona Rosenblum - those eyes! (one N please!) where are you?
Brian Koss - probably still the funniest man alive
Brendan Wagner - still a great and loyal friend
Lucy Fagella - "FUJI" an Artist in the truest sense
Mr Cacosa! - a great Art teacher who taught me to think about what I was looking at, not just view it.It still works!
the often misunderstood Mr Weiss
Stephan Yerkes! impossible to listen to "Hot Tuna" without thinking of him... miss you buddy

Stephen Kolb - 1970 - - Blairstown N.J. - 2005.01.23
Memories: Pictures for year book was a great time.

Pat Powell (now Walther) - 1985 - - Midlothian, Va. - 2005.01.25
Comments: I got married right after High School and have two of the best kids.
I have lived in Virginia for 5 years now.I still keep in touch with some of my friends from school.I hope that everything wonderful in life has found you all.

Justin Rosati "Dottie" - 2007 - AIM: JFRosati7 - Levittown - 2005.02.07
my webpage:
Memories: Knowing my future profession from an early age: a biomedical engineer.

MaryEllen Nakovics (now Gould) - 1979 - - Granite Bay, CA - 2005.02.07
Looking for: Margaret Brown, Dawn Todesco

James Fowler - 1988 - - N Massapequa - 2005.02.08
Looking for: Time is a good and bad thing - Wish I was back with the people I grew up with
Comments: You Miss 100% of the Shots you Never Take

Stephen Kolb - 1970 - - Blairstown N.J. - 2005.02.10
Memories: Senior picture 1970 was a great time

Barbara Lampione - 1995 - - East Meadow, NY - 2005.02.10
Looking for: Fran O'toole

Jimmy Fowler - 1988 - - N. Massapequa - 2005.02.10
Comments: You Miss 100% of The Shots You Never Take!

Pat Barnett (now Pat Barnett) - 1967 - - Bay Shore N.Y. - 2005.02.11
Looking for: Linda Echezuria

Larry Shapiro - 1965 - - Albany, NY - 2005.02.11
Memories: Richard Sandler, Randy Jonas
Comments: I just found this site... Gosh, there are so many people i'd love to say hello to!

Jimmy Fowler - 1988 - - N Massapequa - 2005.02.14
Comments: You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Never Take! Jim Fowler

John Gifford (jack) - 1964 - - Edison, NJ - 2005.02.15
Looking for: Ted Lynch, Billy Nolan

Pete Maher - 1964 (Memorial for Pete Maher) - - 2005.02.16
Comments: I was married to Pete for 32 years. He died of emphysema on Christmas Eve 2003. We have 2 grown daughters and a granddaughter and grandson. He was a good man and I will always miss him. Chrys Maher

Roy Suchocki - 1989 - - Morganton, North Carolina - 2005.02.16
Comments: I just want to say hi to the class of 1989, i hope all is good.I have been married for 11 years and have one son who is 2 years old and another son due in april 2005. Good bless all, roy suchocki

Estella Woo - 1996 - ?@? - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2005.02.20
Memories: Great Friends. Excellent Teachers. Though I didn't have a chance to grow up and graduate with you all, the time spent in Wisdom Lane & Division Avenue have been one of the best time of my life. Thank you! :)

Nancy Wodkins (now Nancy Korb) - 1968 (I graduated with the class but I was really shy. A member of the CrySlurs with Mr. Vitale and Ms. Novak. Joanne Moreno and Marilyn Hanners, where are you?) - - Bushkill, Pennsylvania - 2005.02.21
Looking for: Marilyn Hanners and Joanne Moreno to name a couple.
Memories: Singing christmas carols after school with Mr. Vitale and the CrySlur group. Practicing the Hallelujah Chorus and never being able to actually see the ballerinas for the NutCracker Suite we sang to. East Meadow pool, Jahn's Ice Parlour, roller skating on Saturday nights and Mr. Potkins from Latin Class, always hiking up his britches. I wasn't popular in school, not very stylish and never felt as if I fit in, except in the chorus. I'd love to hear from those who actually remember me.

Laura Moniardo (now Laura Hegarty) - 1990 - - Levittown - 2005.02.21
Looking for: Maureen Carrol, Harold Encizo,
Memories: All of them, that occured outside the classrooms of course. Division ave pizza, candy store, bleachers, Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, for some reason my memories of HS are very vague. My life has been amazing and still is. My first child will be here in june, wow Inthink I am still yo young ha ha

Melissa Farinaro - ??? - - 2005.02.21
Looking for: Marco Escoillo cooking teacher, I think!!
Memories: Leaving Marco Escoillo weird messages on his voicemail. I remember the day he he called my voicemail and gave me his pager number. It was on my 2bsure mailbox. I was Misspacman97. Marco, if you remember me, that insane girl who left you weird voicemails on the 800 number to the Levittown Memorial school number, write me!!!

Elizabeth Costa (soon to be Mrs David Hernandez :) ) - 1998 - - 2005.02.22
Memories: My 2 best friends in high school Therese Curry & Nancy Da Costa!! I'm still good friends with them today!! It's GREAT!!

Irene Langs (now Irene Preston) - 1987 - - Coram, NY - 2005.02.27
Looking for: Eddie Coxs
Memories: I remember you from Dix Hill tech cooking school. We had fun email me if you get this.

Judy Urquhart (now Judy Fasano) - 1964 - - Levittown - 2005.02.28
Comments: The e-mail address listed is for my husband and it was not complete. I've sent in the correction. All four of my children graduated from Division as well, I live right across the street, and hopefully they'll all be at the Reunion Dance in May. What a great idea!

Monica Kittle (now Monica Kaye) - 1974 (Quit school for 1 year, graduated in '75) - - Levittown - 2005.02.28
Memories: My friends, Mr. Cestaro's English class, pissing Mr. Aiello off. As we get older, the memories grow fonder

Beth Bastian - 1997 - - Denver, CO - 2005.03.07
Memories: None. Seriously, though, what memories would I have... i was never popular! But then what does popularity get you? Nothing.
Comments: Been doing modeling and event marketing the last several years. Glad I have moved on with my life and I am not around fake people anymore. Denver is GREAT! The people are great. Don't really miss NY at all.

Jean Sowinski - 1999 - - Levittown, NY - 2005.03.09
my webpage:
Memories: Anything music related (marching band, concert band, orchestra, pit orchestra)

Jill Geisman (now Jill Budney) - 1971 (Moved in 1968) - - Blue Bell, PA - 2005.03.13
my webpage:
Looking for: Diane Gelfer, Mary Grace Miner, Lynne Reddy

John Slater - 1985 (Moved before graduating) - - Bayside, NY - 2005.03.13
Looking for: Anyone who might remember me...

Laurie DeCastillia (now Laurie Gagnon) - 1967 - - Camden NC - 2005.03.15
Memories: Cryslurs

? - ??? - 2005.03.15
Looking for: William Scala - Class of 1967 / Edward Kaiser - Class of 1965 / Frank Vitale - Music Department in 1967

Jillian Bolton (now Jillian Friar) - 1995 - - Massapequa - 2005.03.16
Memories: my favorite memories are with my friends during lunch, trying not to get into any more car accidents. and any class with mr o'brien and Mrs P.

Frank Josiah (now Frank Allison) - 1978 - - Albany, NY - 2005.03.20
Comments: I retired from US Navy 1996

Steve Martinez - 1985 - - 2005.03.20
Looking for: Anyone see Lenny Czarnecki?

Debbie Brenner (now Debbie Bowry) - 1979 - - Nashua, NH - 2005.03.21
Looking for: Mary Beth, Peggy, Francie, Barbara, and Ginny
Memories: Football games & majorettes

John Lerate - 1976 (Left in 12th grade for punching out Mr. Noble, the recieved GED the following year, and went into the Marines.) - - Las Vegas - 2005.03.23
Looking for: Thomas DeAngelis, Raul Mangini, anyone who remembers my cousins, the "Nofi's"
Memories: The Green, Blue Dragon Football, Uncle Sams, my '76 Monte Carlo, and the girls at Jones Beach! and all the friends we lost. Email me: and I will respond right away. I am now 46, divorced, been around the world, few extra pounds, but still solid and good lookin!

Mark Joe - 2004 (2004) - - Turkis - 2005.03.25
my webpage:
Looking for: Mark joe

Patricia Fitzpatrick - 1983 - - Hawley, Pa.Ma - 2005.04.02
Comments: Many of you young Ladies and Men, may remember "Mr. Fitz', Father of Patty Fitzpatrick - Class of 1983., etc. As I scan the list and read your messages I can remember so many of you, through Little League, Cyo, or just school friends of my six. Brings back many fine memories. Any one remember the Lubey's. They ( MR. & MRs.) live up the road and we still see Patty, Barbara, Jim etc.
Anyway, while this may sound boastful, I wanted to let some of Patty`s old classmates (we still see Linda Felton in the Poconos) know that Patty just received her Doctorate. She worked hard and long and we are happy for her, as I know you will be. Good luck to you all and God Bless. Mr. Fitz
Patty's Em --

Richard Calderwood - 1964 - - Fulton, NY - 2005.04.06
Memories: .
Comments: Remember that miracles do happen, even after 40 years!! I never lost hope, just track. She'll know who she is when she reads this. Some things are just meant to be, you know. Looking forward to going to the All Years Reunion in May as long as I am not the only fool there from '64. I know how that works, with everyone hiding in the bushes, giggling and pointing. I assume there will be video evidence of the ocassion so I would suggest another, off-site event that weekend, with alcohol and no cameras. Perhaps in the deep end of the Azalea pool around midnight. And we all crash at Ed Welch's place since he was nice enough to stay in Levittown. All those in favor, raise your glasses.

Chris Rizzuti - 2003 (Moved) - - Richmond, VA - 2005.04.06
Looking for: Anyone Who Remembers me. Looking to Catch-up

Tim McCarthy - 1980 - ?@? - beautiful Cape Coral Florida - 2005.04.07
Looking for: Ray Martinez,
Comments: Married to Cathy Ann Ryan

JoAnn Martino (now JoAnn Rainone) - 1965 - - las vegas, soon to be Newport Beach, Ca. - 2005.04.09
Looking for: Everyone
Memories: Pledging for tri-delta. Driving down Hempstead Tpke. with all my friends on the weekends. D.A.H.S. was the greatest with lots of good fun and friends, I had a blast!!!
Comments: Please e-mail me, would love to hear from everyone!!!

Florence Cornell (now florence Cassidy Covell) - 1960 (Moved) - ?@? - Middletown, NY - 2005.04.10
Comments: I attended Levittown schools from second through ninth grades. My family moved. The older I get the more I appreciate growing up in Levittown... friends, family, neighborhood, schools, pools, churches, staying off of people's lawns, etc. I always felt safe. I don't like to think what might have happened if I grew up in another neighborhood or era. I do not remember any name calling, bullying or negative school experiences. My school memories are incredibly wonderful. Thank you to all my friends and classmates who touched my life in such a positive and meaning way. I am very grateful.

Karen Constantine (now now Stillman) - 1982 - - East Northport, NY - 2005.04.11
Memories: Senior Variety show, Hanging out at the bleaches in any type
of weather, cheering for our lacrosse and football team that
won championship that year.

Serge Milstein (now Dj / Vandal) - 1994 - - N Y C - 2005.04.13
my webpage:
Memories: Are you sure you want to get me started on this? :)

Nancy Wodkins (now Nancy Korb) - 1968 - - Bushkill, Pennsylvania - 2005.04.13
Looking for: Marilyn Hanners
Memories: Competing at NYSMA. Singing with the CRYSLURS and Mr. Vitale and Ms. Novak.
Comments: I was pretty shy in high school and I guess I'm still not very outgoing. But I would like to hear from some of the people I went to school with.

Al Simendinger - 1997 - - Brooklyn, NY for now (bought a house in Northport (Suffolk County) - 2005.04.13
Looking for: Any old friends to say whats up
Memories: I have many good memories of that place, and also an idea for the upcoming 10 year reunion. It would be cool if we had a 10 year reunion w/ a twist. The twist being, we are all mailed schedules, and report to each class as if we are re-living the past.
We'd stay in each class for 10-15 minutes. What ever teachers were around for the class of 97 would take part in this. After all the 8 periods are done, you can then begin the party altogether. The idea of the schedule is good because we would all meet in smaller groups and get a chance to see different faces when you walk into a new class, rather than just one big party where you might not be able to see or get to speak w/ everyone. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but if it all worked out it would actually be pretty cool.

Veronica (Ronni) McDonough (now Ronni Warren) - 1968 (Updating email address) - - Maryland - 2005.04.13
Looking for: Debbie Kelly(1968) Ellen Mahlke(1967)
Memories: 10th grade English class with Ms. Halboth. She was such a "progressive" teacher, and at the time was considered radical.
Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Sarnoff in Business classes.
Wilfred's coffee shop - always loved sitting around drinking coffee and chatting with friends.
My best friends, Debbie Kelly, who had so many brothers and sisters that I could never remember all of their names!
Ellen Mahlke, class of 1967 - where are you Ellen and Debbie?
John Kish who was my across the street neighbor and close friend.
Working with Mr. Greco at the Canteen selling soft pretzels and soda.
Miss the warm summer nights and hangin' out with friends.
Soooo many wonderful memories!

Elizabeth Costa (soon to be Mrs. David Hernandez :)) - 1998 - - Still In Levittown until I get married in 2007! - 2005.04.20
Memories: My Best memories are with Therese Curry and Nancy DaCosta. I had the best time with those girls!!

Daniel Walsh - 1985 - - Rochester, NY - 2005.04.20
my webpage:
Memories: Playing in the pit band for the school shows; hanging out around the music dept; going to the bowling alley for gym and coming back late for physics; a lot more that I'm sure I'll think of after hitting "send"...
Comments: I've been in upstate NY for awhile now. Married a girl from Florida. I'm the managing editor of a magazine for mobile entertainers (DJs, etc - see the link) - figures I'd finally end up doing something with words and music. My mom is still in Levittown, but I don't make it to town as much as I'd like to. Hard to believe it's 20-year reunion time.

Kim Barlow (now Kim Scribner) - 1995 - ?@? - Lake Worth, FL - 2005.04.20
Comments: For those looking for info on the Reunion for Class of 1995 -

Seena Koenig (returned to my name) - 1967 (On a dare. 4 Sons, 2 grandsons, 2 granddaughters, content with beach and sand) - - Palm Bay, Fl. east coast - 2005.04.20
Memories: Comfortably numb

Jill Auer (soon to be Jill McDaid) - 1995 - - 2005.04.20
Comments: Our reunion is almost here! Wow, ten years! It's gone by so quickly. Our renunion is the Friday after Thanksgiving. It will be at the Marriot in Melville. More news and an invitation will follow. Hope to see everyone there.

Linda Padgett (now now Linda Hamilton) - 1970 - - The Carolinas - 2005.04.20
Looking for: Pat Shaw, Chris Watzek, Adria Kohn
Memories: Field Hockey and the most amazing afternoons together; the greatest football season ever in the fall of 1969; the Senior Class Play and all those rehearsals - whatever happened to Mr. K? Going out for lunch everyday at the stores across the parking lot - we felt so free! Lums - (I've never had any onion rings to compare and I've lived all over the country!) The Chain, and how we walked to it and everywhere else- my own kids can't believe it was such a "walking" town.
Can't forget the academic side of DAHS: Mlle. Felicetti's French class with Mike Coccaro (he later married - and divorced- my sister): "Monsieur Coccaro, if you do not behave I am going to call your mother!" Mike's easy reply, "Call her what?" ; Miss Rothenberg's 6th period typing class (I still can't type without looking); heated debates in Mr. Levy's Cit Ed (Do they still call it that?)class; sitting in ABC order during final exams and strategically placing my answer sheet for the "non-studiers" who sat behind me; answering the phone in Jerry Jewell's office during study hall.

What stands out most clearly to me is the genuine feeling of belonging we all had there - it was, and still is, OUR high school.
Comments: I was so happy to find this site and read about what everyone's been up to! I have been teaching (mostly Kindergarten) on and off for the past 30 years -am currently working with a Family Literacy Program. I'm married to Bruce Hamilton, and have moved north, south, east and as far west as Idaho with him and our 3 kids (Garrett, Bryan, Erin).

I'd love to hear from some of you, especially Chris McCarthy (those bank talks... Also you can tell Doug I still can't cook - that lemon meringue pie was a sign), Betsy (we just go back way too far to lose each other like this) and my greatest HS buddy, Pat Shaw. I almost moved to New Hampshire last year, so I'll look you up, Pete and Mike when we get transferred to Seabrook and let you build my next house.

Cathy McDonough (now Cathy Callahan) - 1977 - - Woodbury, NJ - 2005.04.22
Looking for: Dane Peterson and Tommy Lombardi

Bobby Barber - 1971 - - Happily - 2005.04.22
Looking for: Linda Pepitone
Comments: Stop looking I am still ALIVE...!!!
Linda, you can keep looking....

Frank Policano - 1963 - - Lindenhurst, NY - 2005.04.24
Looking for: Craig Schilling
Memories: Jim Amen, a great coach and human being who guided me through my years at Division. Coach Jewell, who prepared me for drill instructors of the army. The Senior-Faculty basketball game, when we dressed as indians for the second half, a tribute to coach Jewell. The piano that rolled off the auditorium stage mysteriously. The first fight Bob Cassidy won, in the Phys. Ed office. Dave Tannenbaum getting caught with beer on the Senior Trip. Graduation day.

Francine Hirsch (now Francine Spofford) - 1981 - - Florida - 2005.04.25
Looking for: Charlie Malley

Barbara Lynne Rowland (now Barbara L.R. Mori) - 1964 - - Arroyo Grande California - 2005.04.26
my webpage:
Looking for: Mr. Vitale, chorus teacher, Mr. Factor science teacher

Brian O'Leary - 1999 - - Levittown, NY - 2005.04.29
Looking for: Marissa Guidone-I LOVE HER MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF
Memories: Hanging out with Marissa Guidone-My future wife

Lisa Moore (now Lisa Moran) - 1982 - - 2005.04.30
Looking for: Anyone who wants to get in touch with me
Memories: Going on the Washington trip in 1980, John Grey sneaking liquor in baby shampoo bottles and having parties in the rooms. Getting kicked out of Mr. Krugs class for talking too much. Senior Variety show, doing a skit on the gym teachers, especially Ms Freeman!!! There are so many great memories that it would take a whole page to say it all... I can say it was fun!!!

Robert Marxhausen - 1972 - - 2005.05.03
Memories: Miss Watson for 7th grade math and 9th grade social studies.
Cutting algebra and playing handball on a wall at one of the nearby stores and then studying algebra at night to show up on Fridays in algebra class and getting "A"s on every test.
Mr. Pavlikowski and the teachers who really tried to do us good.
Studying in the library and looking at Janette Yarmish doing volunteer work.
My locker.
Comments: High school seemed forever but now it is such a distant memory. They were some very good years which I will cherish, never to see again.

Michael Babino - 1979 - - Levittown - 2005.05.03
Memories: Being laughed at and tormented

Linda Bile' (now Linda Bile' Barrett) - 1980 - - Sunrise Florida - 2005.05.05
Looking for: Maura Rogich

Dawn Peacock (now Dawn Latham) - 1998 (i moved so I was unfortunatly not able to graduate with my class but I am looking to find some people I went to school with. Had lots of fun times and would like to revisit my past. hehe) - - Douglasville Georgia - 2005.05.06
Looking for: Terri tressler WHERE ARE YOU???

Dana (now Dana) - 1998 - - New York - 2005.05.07
Looking for: Gerard
Memories: I love the high school I meet everyone there and I meet my new boyfriend and his name is gerard he is so hot and he is so sexie and handsome he loves me and I love him we are boyfriend and girlfriend now I have to call him once a while and he have to call me once a while to okay.
From dana lynn katz.

James Hughes - 1968 - - Yuba City, Ca - 2005.05.08
Memories: I enjoyed my time at DAHS from 7th through the 12th. It was a fun part of my life. Live long and prosper DAHS.

Maureen Foley (now Maureen Hafoka) - 1964 - ?@? - 2005.05.10
Comments: (comments from her sister Lynne Foley) Passed away January 13, 2000. Had resided in Redwood City, California and was a nurse at Kaiser Hospital. Maureen has one son Dave who is now 22.

Jim Redmond - 1970 - ?@? - Florida - 2005.05.15
Comments: Retired playing golf everyday

Barbara Wilmerton (now Barbara Haas) - 1965 - - Lorain, Ohio - 2005.05.17
my webpage:
Memories: Mr. Vitale and the Christmas a cappella choir. Mr. Peyton's driver's ed class with the gruesome pictures and Mr. Stein's driving lessons. His obsession with Miss Lipkin, our French teacher.

Robert J. Bonacci (now Robert John Algernon T. Hanover Halifax Mortimer J. Bonacci) - 1961 - - Littleton, Colorado - 2005.05.19
my webpage:
Looking for: Tommy Lux
Memories: Great friends - several of whom have been in touch all these years, toleration my character notwithstanding, Jones Beach, Haywood's Hooky Haven, seven years of French (three in summer school), the redhead from Memorial summer school - spectacular!!! the North Village Green, the Natives, Caroline's, some coaches beyond human comprehension, the Cane Lounge, the fragrance of fresh mowed lawn still haunts me with the memories of yet another beginning to football season, making out, wild rides, abandoned estates on the north shore, knishs from Joe's deli on hempstead Turnpike and the reminising heartburn, giving Carl a ten dollar bill at Westins on Hempstead turnpike and in return receiving an abundance of bergers, fries, and shakes plus twenty dollars change, bass fishing at Twin Lakes and Upstate New York, whiling away the summers with the lines from Marty, being at the pool until prune-like and rather swarthy in complextion - to say the least, a bombastic pontificating nebbish of an individual presuming to be a teacher of physics, Tommy Lux's wonderful caricatures - where are you Tom? Some of the best caring teachers ever, not receiving an athletic letter because I'd rather be with my girl friend than go to practice - sounds wholesome to me! closing of Mitchell Airforce Base and the consequential exploration and driving of military vehicles - at least the person I was with did so. It was a great time of life!

Nicole Anne Vola - 2000 - ?@? - Justin Builes's shoe - 2005.05.19
Looking for: Justin Builes's sock
Comments: Big up to brooklyn

Janette Yarmosh (now Janette Lohan) - 1972 - ?@? - Melville NY - 2005.05.21
Looking for: Barbara Zollo, Sheryl Welch, Mary Filipponi
Memories: Mr. Chirachella (?spelled correctly?) in Science. He was mean but we loved him anyway! Miss Garlick the nasty witch from gym class. Mr. O'Brien - the best social studies teacher on earth. Mr. Gross my algebra teacher who I loved dearly. All you guys who thought I was a fag!!!

Charles R.Weber - 1973 - - Lake Grove, NY - 2005.05.22
Memories: Glad to of known every one and now listed hope to hear from you all again

Bill Stanley - 1960 - - 37 Boulder Lane, Hicksville, NY 11801 - 2005.05.22
Memories: Many - just wanted to inform you of this information at thus time.

Cathy McDonough (now Cathy Callahan) - 1977 - - Woodbury, NJ - 2005.05.23
Comments: Went to Classics weekend of 5/20/05, all graduating classes from 1960 on... Was VERY interesting! Met many Division Avenue people. Also met Billy Mahoney's brothers for the 1st time. Andy Mahoney, e-mail me!

Christine Albert - 1986 - - Las Vegas - 2005.05.23
Looking for: Scott Smith-Senior Prom Date-Class of 86
Memories: Hanging out after school watching the baseball, football & lacrosse games & practices with my girlfriends debbie w, lisa p, sheryl s, crissy d, gerryanne m... Hanging out @ the division ave deli... The "double mess" egg sandwich was the bomb! Too many great memories to list... I often think about the high school years... no real responsibilities.. lol.. I am now living in las vegas, nevada since 1988.. I work @ the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino-Vip Services Dept(1800 822-8276) Call me if any of my classmates come to town so we can meet up! Hope to see you all @ the our 20 year reunion!

Laurence Campbell - 1973 - - Merrick, NY - 2005.05.24
Comments: New email address

Patrick La Morte - 1993 - - Bayshore, NY - 2005.05.25
Looking for: Friends I have lost touch with, Jackie Reilleys

Jeff Diskin - 1968 - - Pembroke Pines, Florida - 2005.05.25
Memories: Having all of us growing up together, from Laurel Lane to Northside to Division. Same people from the neighborhood from K through 12th grade. All the memories were fond and still rewarding after all these years.
Comments: Finishing up my 33rd year teaching Physical Education for the Miami-Dade Public Schools. Looking forward to some R&R in a couple of days when school ends. Hopefully can attend the reunion I see Planned for the summer. Hope all of you are enjoying good health and happiness for yourselves and your children

Michael DiTomasso - 1982 - - Savannah, Georgia - 2005.05.25
Memories: Learning to play the Guitar. Playing Snare Drum in the Marching Band.
Performing in the school musicals.

Charles R. Weber - 1973 - - Lake Grove NY 11755 - 2005.05.28
Looking for: all my good friends at DAHS
Memories: There are to many to list one I willl allways remember is shutting a rocket car down the hall way in Sci.

Paula M Cantos - 2001 - - Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado - 2005.05.31
Comments: This was interesting to look through. I joined the Air Force a year and a half ago, I do missle warning and sattelite tracking for our space command, love my job! love my service! If anyone else from 2001 is serving, contact me!

Gonzalo Cantos - 2003 - - Marine Corp Air Station, SC - 2005.05.31
Comments: I fix F-18 Fighter Jets - United States Marine Corp

Patricia Stanley (now Patricia Share) - 1962 - - Big Pine Key, FL - 2005.06.02
Comments: I see I am listed as 'bad e mail' and it's true, I have changed it.

John T. Dilberger - 1961 - - Belmar, N.J. - 2005.06.04
Memories: Playing Football, and I'm very happy to have had the teachers we had, although I'm very sure they had a sad case in me. However I proved the process of osmosis.

Kristina Walton (now Kristina Reese) - 1997 (moved to NC (1994)) - - Chapel Hill, NC - 2005.06.05
Memories: The Flea Market!!!

Claudia Consoli (now Claudia Rayno-Quirk) - 1997 (moved to NC (1994)) - - Chapel Hill, NC - 2005.06.05
Memories: Mr. Laterza's science class
Comments: Kristina & I always talk about you guys. Just wondering what everyone has been up to!! Drop me an e-mail anytime!!

Mary Bondar (now Mary Laratondo) - 1967 - - East Meadow, NY - 2005.06.06
Looking for: Robert Burton

Jack Bishop (now Jack Bishop) - 1961 - - Rome, Georgia - 2005.06.08
Memories: I just wrote so you could update my email address

Doug Turner - 1965 (Quit in '65, grad in '66) - - Houston, Texas - 2005.06.11
Looking for: Faith Dryden

Frank Allison - 1978 - - Schenectady N.Y. - 2005.06.14
Memories: School Strike Marches down to Memorial High School

Mia Ayala - 1975 - - Oak Grove, Mo - 2005.06.15
Looking for: Kathy Hopper, Dority Miskowski

George Immerso - 1974 - - Chandler Arizona - 2005.06.16
Memories: Pitching nickles. Being yelled at by Mrs Miranda. Lums, Bicks.
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Mary Leyden (now Mary Lehr) - 1968 - - Annapolis, Maryland - 2005.06.21
Looking for: Fran Florentino, Terry Oats, Marriane Mazetti, Barbara Seamon

Jeanne Toale (now Jeanne Gusso) - 1994 - - Gilbert, Arizonia - 2005.06.21
Memories: All of it.

Tara Calvinnnn - 2007 - - Levittown. - 2005.06.22
Memories: 10Th grade.
Comments: Yoooo

Jennifer Castro (now Jennifer Finegan) - 1996 - - Hempstead - 2005.06.23
Memories: Challenging classes and prooving myself as an intellectual student. Making the 10 ten percent of our class and getting a regents diploma. Making my family proud!
Comments: I had my 4th child this year. My older kids are a 4 year old girl Madison, 2 year old twins Issiah and Dasheil, and the baby is Orlando for Orlando Bloom!

Frank Barning - 1960 - - Las Vegas, NV - 2005.06.26
Comments: We have moved to Las Vegas, to a 55+ gated community called Siena located in the Summerlin area. I would like to hear from other early 1960s alums who live in the area.

Linda Shaw - 1968 - - Ft. Worth, Texas - 2005.06.26
Looking for: Diane Stoller,
Comments: Was wondering how many teachers are still with us, since 1968?
Classmates still with us.

James Fowler - 1988 - - N Massapequa - 2005.06.26
Looking for: Everyone

Denise Shalaew (now Denise Shalaew-Ever) - 1989 - - Ocala, Fl. - 2005.06.27
Looking for: Looking to catch up with Laurie Miller-

Jeff Diskin - 1968 - - Pembroke Pines, Florida - 2005.06.27
Comments: Saw a reunion coming up in July. May have to wait for our 40th. Just finished my 33rd year of teaching Physical Education in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Only 5 more to go!!! Hope everyone is enjoying good health and happiness with themselves, their children and their grandchildren. Feel free to look me up if you make it to South Florida. Do miss all the great feelings, smells and sights of having that common bond of growing up together in Levittown, from Laurel Lane to Northside to Division!!!

Linda Shaw (now Choudary) - 1968 - - Fort Worth, Texas - 2005.06.27
Looking for: Hank Martel, Diane Stoller, Robert Swanda, Wendy Maurel, Diane Hermann, Pam Dietz, Kathy Reilly, Debbie Kuhlman, Steven Benji.
Memories: The Canteen after school.
Donkey Basketball.
Mr. Sipos's Class NOT!!
Mr. Arculeo YES!!
Hell Night Omega Phi!!
Christmas Concerts
Sadie Hawkins Day Dance
Deb and Benji!!
Miss Garlick???
Planting the trees in memory of JFK!!

Howard G. Forbes - 1971 (Moved away 1967) - - Kihei, HI - 2005.06.27
Looking for: Any from Mr. Nolan's class of 64-65 & Mr. Nolan himself

Bob Pantano - 1976 - - St. petersburg, FL - 2005.06.30
Looking for: Ed Krayer, Klaus Spitzenberger, Kurt Kramer, Mike Bottalico, Byran McKay
Memories: Art murals I did on the walls of DAHS... sorry about the big nose.
The ski trips
The school band (clarinet)
Our rock band, "footloose" (keyboardist)
Mr. Pahel's in-class pyrotechnics
The bike rides to Montauk point.
Crazy adventures of driver's ed
Lacrosse - when Tyrone Hughes snapped my stick in half.
Lori & Fred next door... helped Mom move to Florida
after 40 years in Levittown
My buddies - Klaus, Ed, Kurt - Thanks for the moving-away
(to Texas) party
Comments: I've bounced around a lot - After getting my Engineering degree at Stony Brook - moved to Dallas, TX, then Leesburg, VA, then Austin, TX, then Little Rock, AR, now St. Pete, FL (whew!)

Marsha D'amato - 1994 - - New Orleans, La. - 2005.07.02
Looking for: Jen Mirocco

Kevin Urquhart - 1978 - - 2005.07.02
Comments: now Physician Assistant at Winthrop University Hospital, Emergency and Internal Medicine

Alicia Rollins (now Alicia Vigil) - 1995 (Got adopted in 1989) - - Taos New Mexico - 2005.07.05
Looking for: Marlana Bornholdt, Heather Sage
Memories: I remember these two girls were my friends even though I was going through a hard time.
Comments: I miss you guys

Jeff Diskin - 1968 - - Pembroke Pines, Florida - 2005.07.07
Looking for: Christine and Bev Schuler
Comments: Saw a reunion for July. Would have liked to attend, but my mom passed away. Will have to wait for our 40th. Just finished my 33rd year teaching physical education for the Miami-Dade Public Schools. Hope you, your children and those who have grandchildren are well, enjoying life, good health and happiness. Would be great if we could all get together one more time!!!

Mike Lawrence - 1978 - - Louisville, Kentucky - 2005.07.08
Looking for: Brian, Ray, Scott, Mike, Bob, Tom, Steve, Jerry, Greg, Dave, Judy, Marcy, Dawn, JoJo, Carrie, musicians, freunden und freundenen, wrestlers, smokers, dreamers and anybody else who ever blew off a couple of periods to go to the beach
Memories: Studies, Judy's car, hanging at the Green (pick one), parties for no reason, winning more than we lost, skenior sneetrip, the Dude Ranch and Dude Ranch 2, Senior Night, the shows, Winnie, Coach Cain, Coach Winkle and his fun in the sun, watching some succeed, watching others fail, the joy of hooking up, the pain of breaking up, the cheerleader carwash, Frau Schoemaker, Mr. Pahl, Mr Graham, Mr Festante, Brothers, The Abbey, the beach, the pool, the park and of course the people who shared these experiences.


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