Yearbook Volume 3

entries from 1999.10.01 through 1999.12.31

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Karen Richter (now Karen Canto) - 1968 - (moved 1966) - - Sonora, CA (northern CA in the mountains) - 1999.10.02
Looking for: anyone who remembers me, and info on Mr. Reggio (science teacher), also any info on Jane Lavery.
Memories: I moved to California in the end of 10th grade (5/16/1966). I remember the panic on Mr Reggio's face when I told him I was moving. He thought I'd not pass the Regents exam... then I told him I didn't have to... there weren't any in California. :) I was sad to leave and would love to hear from anyone in my class, or from the class of 1965.
My Website:
(Business site: rubber stamp art. Includes some photos; click on "about us")

Daniel Roisman - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Vermont - 1999.10.02
Memories: Most of my favorite memories are connected to the sports I played and people I got to know. I also will / can never forget Miss Roskovics, who married before I graduated. I had this teacher in the 7th, 9th, and 11th grades. To a great English teacher, thanks. I hope I get all my grammar and spelling right. I had the pleasure to play on some great teams which left me a dedicated team player in the years since. I remember "The Chain" where I first learned to socialize, and hang out. I remember how happy I was when I graduated high school. The prom was super, and the stamina outstanding.

Carol Mitchell (now Carol Stowasser) - 1972 - - Clearwater, Florida - 1999.10.03
Looking for: Nobody in particular and everybody
Memories: The memories are numerous.Those times are an entire chapter in my life that I will never forget. Great friends, lots of laughs, a little bit of trouble and an education in between all the fun. Wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

John Scafordi - 1982 - - New York, NY - 1999.10.03
Memories: Mr. Simes; "Fusco Must Go" Fiasco; Typing Class with Mr. Fricke (mostly girls in that class); Our Rutgers Cup Football Team

Liz Kudrena (now Liz Bauerschmidt) - 1980 - - Levittown - 1999.10.04
Memories: Although I remember many good times and friends at DAHS, I think my favorite memory was Intergrated Studies.We learned the most amazing things and got to know a lot about people in the class (and had lots of laughs). Where else could you spend 3 periods of the school day laying around on a couch? This web page is great! Thanks, Trina.

Catherine Sullivan - - Levittown - 1999.10.04 (new e-mail 2000.02.11)
Looking for: Charles Matthews

Pete Dodd - 1968 - - Sunapee NH - 1999.10.05
Looking for: Steve Ramo, Dick Baker, Jerry Zeldis, Mr. Levy, Mr. Simes
Memories: Graduation, 20th Class reunion in 1988, Earth Science with Mr. Langdon, Mr. Levy's American History class, Cafeteria, 12th grade. 10th grade JV basketball. My high school buddies and those few special girls I should have asked out but never did.
Comments: What a great idea as a means of staying in touch. After graduation everyone disappeared, including myself. After graduation, 2 years at SUNY Farmingdale, 2 years at Western Michigan, 6 years active duty as a naval aviator (14 in the Naval Reserves). Hired by American Airlines in 1979, married in 1980. Flown the 727, 767, 757, MD-80. Captain in 1984. That's a scary thought. Now living in Sunapee NH for the past eight years. Based at Boston Logan. Lost some hair, weight's up to about 190 lbs, bifocals, wiser (nah). Other than that the same basic guy I was in 1968. Like to water-ski, sailboard, row, snow-ski.

Beth Cummings - 1960 - - Philadelphia, PA - 1999.10.06
Memories: "The Swiftwoods"; the camaraderie among the performers in the class show; the boys coming up the aisles in cheerleader costumes for "Lady Touchdown"; Ms. McGuigan using judo to toss a rude boy onto the hallway floor; Mr. Streb popping into Miss Eisenhauer's class every now and then to argue politics in front of the class; Mr. Bajourek conducting like Leonard Bernstein, jumping up and down, with change flying out of his pockets; Up and Down staircases, and the day Mr. Simes grabbed a kid who was running the wrong way on them -- only to discover that it was actually a very short science teacher; Kenny in his dragon suit; and the list goes on and on...
Extra points if you know the answers:
1. "Sing Chop-Avedis Ole" (a later line was "Ay, Ay, let us use ____________" (Can you fill in the blank?)
2. "Abraham... Lincoln... SPEAKS!!" (What is this from, what unfortunate accident occurred, and why did everyone get detention?)
Comments: I'd love to hear from our classmates. I'd particularly like to hear from my old Gardiners Avenue Annex fellow students (Dr. Breidenthal's class).

Sandra Kelly (now Sandy Mincher) - 1961 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Oswego, NY - 1999.10.08
Comments: Great idea having this site! Good luck finding people. I'll tell my brother and sister.

Cindy Weldon (now Cyd Weldon) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Connecticut - 1999.10.08
Memories: Mongoose (does anyone other than Debbie Schnapf and I remember that?!) -- especially when we painted the lockers for Earth Day (why??!!); Mr. Levy; Mr. Kalinowsky's Russian class (all 5 of us); band and orchestra with Mr. Teichert and Mr. Ferrara; Mrs. Novak's annual "Carmen" production; driver's ed with Mr. Wright; learning about Langston Hughes and Lightnin' Hopkins from one of DAHS' first hippie teachers -- what was his name?; driving through Jack in the Box with a carload of friends -- all in slightly altered states of consciousness -- so we could talk to the clown's belly. Gee, for someone who always thought I hated high school, I sure have a lot of fond/funny memories.
Comments: This is so much fun. Thanks for creating this chance to cyberwalk down memory lane. If any of my long-ago friends from my graduating class or the class of 1972 want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. Can't guarantee that I'll be much of a correspondent -- single-parenting a first-grader while teaching second graders all day leaves me pretty weary once I get home. (To explain first name change: I never really felt like a "Cindy" -- shortened it to Cyd about 25 years ago.)

Jane Debbins (now Jane Stein) - 1967 - - Pacifica, CA - 1999.10.10 (new e-mail 2004.04.05)
Looking for: Roslyn Morrill
Memories: Mr. Levy, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Shatz (with the shifting hairpiece) and Mr. Lipshitz (our favorite substitute) who later changed his name to Lipshultz. I fondly remember the thrill of smoking in the girls' room.

Karen Kelly - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Oswego, NY - 1999.10.10
Looking for: Nicky Bunchuck, Mary Kuhlman, Bella Moses
Memories: Good people. Fun times. Warm memories.
Comments: What a pleasure. My sister Sandy Mincher (Kelly) told me about it. I am so happy. I've lost my yearbook in all my travels. I was in California for the only class of 1966 reunion that I know about. I am looking forward to hearing from any friends who remember me at all. I have one daughter who I was lucky enough to 'get' late in life. She's 13. My business is taking care of children. I was one of those people in school that was hard to get to know. But I loved my high school friends dearly and would help any one of them to this day. So please write. God bless you all.

Carl Weiss - 1982 - - NYC - 1999.10.10
Looking for: Mr. Nolan, Paul Robinson, Karen Robinson, Elizabeth Barjeski

Laura Tumbarello (now Laura Paisner) - 1986 - - Georgia - 1999.10.11
Looking for: Harold East, music teacher at Levittown Memorial, Wisdom Lane, Gardiner's Ave, etc. during the 1970s
Memories: Marching Band festivals... those awful dances where they'd play the same old songs... some special people who touched my life (I know if I start naming names, I'll forget someone, so we'll leave it at that. You know who you are)
Comments: I have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who is now almost 4, and a wonderful husband (who graduated the same year as I from rival MacArthur HS). I was working at Chase Manhattan Bank before our move to GA. Currently enjoying being a full time mom.

Edwin Coreas - 2002 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 1999.10.12
Comments: Have fun while you can!!

Thomas Wielar - 1972 - - Holt, Missouri - 1999.10.13
Looking for: Randy Gordon, 1971 or Lori Young, 1972
Memories: Mr Grubler's shop class. There were so many things that happened there. The best was when John D'Orazio wanted to go to the bathroom just before the bell. Mr. Grubler would not let him go. So he pissed in the shop sink just as Mr. Peyton (then head of the shop department) walked in. They both got into trouble over that one.

Mary Ellen Mittler (now Mary M. Tripp) - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Long Island - 1999.10.13
Comments: Hi Everyone, Great seeing a website for Division! Love to hear of a reunion in the Park.

Holly Yaeger (now Holly Komar) - 1975 - - Connecticut - 1999.10.13
Looking for: Friends from high school eager to keep in touch.
My best memories of high are as follows: My closest friends - Peggy Fechtmann, Abby Levison (Brody), Neal Lerner, Joel Edelson, and all of the DAHS theatre crew, Tennis Team, and all of the other great people I befriended during those incredible years.
Comments: I'd love to hear from anyone who'd like to keep in touch. After the 20 year reunion, I had a brunch at my home for two years in a row with NY-area friends whom I became reunited with at the reunion such as Gail Dunne (Skelly), Eileen McCarthy, Lorraine Darconte, Mary Van Hoogenstein, Abby Levison, Joel Edelson, Neal Lerner, Cynthia Hajohn, Susan Wepprecht and others, and of course, Peggy Fechtmann, who is still my closest friend. I own a marketing consulting firm called Accelerated Marketing Associates based in Stamford, CT ( I live with my husband Ned, and my two children - Greg (9) and Alison (5). Life has extremely been good to me... Great family, my own company, and many of the other nice things life has to offer. Please write... I'd love to hear from you.
my (company) webpage:

Steve Max - 1962 - - The Woodlands, Texas - 1999.10.14
Memories: Track practice, Service Squad (Not having to eat lunch in the cafeteria)... good friends.

Andrea Vidal - 2001 - - 1999.10.14
Memories: All the inside jokes between me and my friends, the trip to Spain, the inside jokes with teachers and the ones about teachers, tennis and cheerleading, my roles in the school play each year. Every school year just gets better, and soon it will all be over. You should start to talk to the people that you would never think to talk to, you would never think how much in common you have, or how much fun they are to be with, trust me on this. I will always carry the memories with me. "We always knew we'd look back on our tears with laughter, but we never thought we'd look back on our laughter with tears..." (just think about that for a moment) Oh... one more thing, never frown 'cause you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile. ~*~ Andrea ~*~ (Muah!!)

Kevin Schneidler - 1999 - - Muttontown, NY - 1999.10.15
Memories: drinking in my house with my boyz

Allyne Kudrena (now Allyne Zappalla) - 1977 - - Herndon, VA - 1999.10.16
Memories: My best memories of DAHS revolve around the life-long friendships that started there and the incredible chance we were given in Integrated Studies to learn so much about ourselves and each other while we explored subjects that captured our interests. I walked away with some valuable lessons that have served me well, thanks to Mr. Goelz and Mr. Cestaro. (Although it took me years to recover from my Kris Kringle incident!) Senior year was the absolute best ...
Comments: I'm living in Northern VA with my wonderful children; 5 girls and 1 boy. I work as a counselor in the local school system, and spend my off time carting the kids around to various activities. And yes, my married name of Zappalla is related to our classmate Fran Zappalla -- (her cousin Steve). The kids and I are frequently in NY to visit my sisters, Carolyn and Liz, both of whom still live in Levittown. Its always nice to come "home again".

Kenneth Taylor - 1989 - - Woodbridge VA - 1999.10.16
Looking for: Thomas Squitieri

Jerry Leuschen - 1993 - - Miami, Fl. - 1999.10.17 (new e-mail 2002.08.18)
Memories: the end

Don Schulein - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Atlanta, Ga - 1999.10.19
Looking for: old friends
Memories: Old friends, Lacrosse, Redwing Park, Northside, Brothers Pub

Leslie Martin Jerson - 1960- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Carolina - 1999.10.20
Comments: Love the Blue-Dragons page keep up the good work. My years at DAHS seem so long ago and they have been. My life has taken many a twist and turn since 1960. Worked all over this country and offshore. Had 2 bad marrages and many other down falls over the years but the past 15 years have been good. Have been teaching at a community college in North Carolina for 14 years. Been very in love with the same wife for the last 10 years. Will not be able to attend the 40th.

Brian Palmer - 1996 - - Levittown, NY - 1999.10.20
Memories: Friendships that were made and now are gone.
Comments: If you knew me in high school I was always up for having a good time. If you want just write maybe we can get together. There are a lot of you out there that I miss and would love to hear from.

Janet Reilly (now Janet Kafka) - 1970 - - Dallas, Texas - 1999.10.22
Memories: Football games, spur of the moment parties, Lum's parking lot -- I had a really fun time at DAHS. Levittown was a great place to grow up. I live in Dallas now and work with someone who graduated in the mid-1960s. It's a small world. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Sharon Niles - 1967 - - Levittown, NY - 1999.10.22
Memories: Donkey basketball between students & faculty. School dances and sporting events. Getting to meet and, however briefly, make friends with Northside Alumni. The movie of the theft of the Statue of Liberty. Subjects being called what they are and not being assigned a sequence. The genuine dedication of some of the faculty to make classes informative and fun.

Marybeth Browne - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Portland, Maine - 1999.10.23
Comments: Living in Portland, Maine and teaching fifth grade. Loving it, but
miss my Levittown friends! Would love to hear from anyone

Dave Shanahan - 1967 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Bloomington, Illinois - 1999.10.24
Memories: Non-sanctioned Judo Club (thanks to the Levittown Optimist Club and George Tedeschi); Mr Langdon's Earth Science Class

Vinny Buchetta - 1966 - - North Babylon, NY - 1999.10.25
Looking for: Kevin Reilly

Jane Niles (now Jane Klein) - 1970 - - Miller Place, NY - 1999.10.26
Looking for: the old "mob" from the DECA club. Aw, heck... ANYONE who remembers me... it would be great to hear from ya. :)
Memories: Working the school store, drooling over Mr. McShane (remember him, girls?), being a part of Cry Slurs, and being one of the ... ahem... special nuns (inside joke) in The Sound of Music. Gotta put a plug in here for Mr. T. He was never actually one of my teachers but he was always there... whether it was a joke, an act of kindness, or a word of encouragement.
Comments: I can't get over how GREAT this website is. So many times I've wondered what people from my graduating class were up to. It's amazing how we lose contact with each other, only to dread it later.

Joe Kiesecker - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - East Northport, NY - 1999.10.27
Looking for: A yearbook

Tom Slabowski - 1983 - - Westbury, NY - 1999.10.27
Memories: Too many to list, although the proms were very special.

Ken Wile - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Glen Head, NY - 1999.10.28
It's wonderful to see so many of my old high school classmates, or to be able to correspond with them again. I am looking for an old friend whom I haven't seen or heard from since 1967, Linda Phillips. I'm not even sure if she graduated with the class, but if you can provide any information, I would be very happy to hear anything.

Colleen B. Drozd - 1996 - - Long Island, NY - 1999.10.28
Looking for: former classmates
Memories: Freshman year going to Boston, Sophomore year going to Lincoln Center, Junior year taking drivers ed, and Senior year driving my car to school and getting out at 12:00 and seeing the Phantom of the Opera with English class.
Comments: To all fellow classmates: Please e-mail me and let me know how everybody is doing. I hope we will have a reunion in a few years. I got my Associates Degree in Occupational Studies which I plan on persuing in the near future. I currently do volunteer work as well. Please let me know what everybody is up to these days. Talk to you soon.

Chuck Lotocki - 1969 - - Langhorne, PA - 1999.10.28
Looking for: Barbara (Boyer) Wasserman & Tom Martin
Memories: 1968 Championship Baseball Team -- Coach Jim Amen and the fundamentals of success he instilled in all of us. Coach Amen has been an inspiration to so many of us over the years.
Comments: Would be interested in having the class of 1969 get together again. 30 years is a long time ago. Where does the time go? Living in Langhorne, PA. Wife of 23 years (Beth), met at college. Towson State College. Graduated from Towson 1974. Two kids. Mike is 18 and a freshman at East Stroudsburg University. Andrew is 15 and is a freshman in high school.

Laura Russo (now Laura Tayloe) - 1973 - - Mount Laurel, NJ - 1999.10.29
Memories: The Kelly Family's Football Parties; The Quiet Lane neighborhood, my adopted homes. Seventh Grade girls dropping their pens on purpose to get Tom Leyden to pick them up for them. Annie Garlick and imitations of her by Cynthia Esposito, and the entire Field Hockey Experience in General. Mrs. Goldberg always being there... Mr. Cestaro's English Class (Dante's Inferno and Crime and Punishment in the 7th grade??? (What was that about?) Arguing with Mr. O'Brien (such an easy target), Driver's Ed with Kathy and Roy, omigod! and knowing a lot of truly nice people and fun teachers like Mr. Arculeo, Mr. Gross, Mrs. Wieczerzak; and then there was the thought-provoking Mr. Bunten, right Peggy? --sure...
Comments: I'm enjoying life in South Jersey with my husband of 20 years and three daughters (18, 16 and 12). My oldest is a freshman at Virginia Tech (#3 college football team). I am currently taking classes at the local community college and work part time as a travel consultant.

Tom Swicicki - 1999 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 1999.10.29
Memories: I loved playing football for the dragons. Those four years were the best of my whole life so far... I know college is gonna be great and I get to play football for another 5 years, and try to be the best I can.. For all those who are my boys back home, I'll cya all soon.

Elizabeth Walters (now Liz Diemer) - 1973 - (bad e-mail 2000.09) - Florida - 1999.10.30
Looking for: Laura Rosen

Loretta Fountain (now Loretta Daskawisz) - 1961 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Babylon, NY - 1999.10.31
Looking for: Carol Syvertsen & Karen Biro
Comments: Hi everyone who remembers me!! :)

Chris Thiel - 1981 - - Maryland - 1999.11.01
Memories: Those were some pretty murky times. Unfortunately, I never blacked out, I remember it all! Fortunately, I never lost control (ok - I never did anything completely stupid). If I have, I apologize profusely and you may indeed remind me (via email preferably). I really enjoyed that typing class with the cute teacher, English (creative writing), and English (the one about Shakespeare that everyone mysteriously aced). Dr. Strasser was a character. I seem to remember a toilet exploding one day. ('Till this day I've never said who did it; don't believe I ever will.)
Comments: It's been a while since I've seen or spoken to anyone from our class, in some (ok, many) cases - never. My loss, I know. Investments are funny that way, you always wish you had and if you had you wish you had invested more. I have so many pleasant memories of high school and all the great people in our class.
Since high school... I went to Saint John's University in Queens for two years. I moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1983. I worked construction (swimming pools, insulation) until 1986. I joined the Army then as an Illustrator. I have 13 years in now, I'm a Sergeant First Class. I've been to Germany twice for a total of 6 1/2 years. That French class I think I failed came in real handy. I've been to Paris three times and it's definitely more fun learning in the street. I spent 6 months in Hungary in 1996. My one brush with greatness was working as the resident artist at the Army Center of Military History in Washington D.C. (1996-1999) They have a homepage, I don't know it right now, and they haven't posted my page yet anyway. When they do I'll magically know it. I'm now at Fort Meade, MD. I'm taking over the Instructor Training Course at the Department of Defense Information School. It's taken a while but I'll finish up my Bachelor's degree while I'm in Maryland (next couple of years). I'm married to the former Beverly Prudhomme of Minnesota fame. We have two children, Ian Ronald, 10yrs, and Nicole Odell, 4 yrs. Ian's an A-student, been playing soccer for 5 years and a Karate orange belt. Nicole's a ballet student and loves Barbie dolls. Bev's a former high school basketball player and can literally do anything she wants to.
Hobbies... I took up rappelling in Germany, love to run, painting, hope to play football again - dislocated my shoulder in April playing football, had my labrum stapled back on in August who has time for a hobby?
Ok, that's my 20 year update. Don't be a stranger. I'll try to make the reunion in 2001. I'll be there in spirit. Otherwise, Tschüss alles, etc.

Mike Terruso - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1999.11.01
Memories: Memories? Too many to mention... Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Also if anyone has any information on the reunion the coming year please let me know...

Regina Ackley - 1984 - - NY, NY - 1999.11.03
Looking for: Only those who have fond memories of me... No doubt, a very small list!
Memories: Hanging out at the DAHS bleachers on weekend nights and running away from the "Renties"; Integrated Studies; "Nelson" parties, and the Senior Variety Show - because "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."
Comments: I know that so many people go to this website, but don't ever sign up. I was one of those people until Marybeth Browne encouraged me. Hopefully, I can influence someone else who is reading this to do the same - because really, growing up in Levittown was a unique experience (to say the least!) and it's nice to know there is a place for those of us who share this bond.

Denise Palmeri - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Lindenhurst, NY - 1999.11.03
Comments: I am currently working as an accountant on Long Island. I never married or had children & I keep my life pretty busy. A few of the things that I'm involved with is running & racing on Long Island, swimming, biking & working out which keeps me on the go most the time. I'm also working on the weekends as a dancer/party motivator at bar/bat mitzvahs & kids parties. I've been playing drums in a band for the past 2 years & really enjoying it. And that's about it. No wonder I never got married or had kids! I hope to see everyone again at the 20-year reunion.
Memories: I remember hanging out in the "sweat box" with the people that were considered "burn outs". Does anyone remember it?

Marc Chabot - 1977 - - in the woods in Strafford, VT - 1999.11.05
Memories: Doing musicals and playing in the orchestra. Mrs. Stillwaggon's classes. Field trips to the city. Additional good teachers I had: Mr. Corin, Kaufman, Weilhoeffer; Mrs. Morrow, Wieczerzak, Gokey, and others. Hanging out in the music room. Other stuff not fit to put here.
Comments: If you remember me, feel free to e-mail and I will write back.

Felice Richter - 1972 (moved in 1966) - - Los Angeles, California - 1999.11.06
Looking for: Betsy Schrager [found]

John O'Brien - Social Studies, at DAHS 1962-1981 & 1992-1995; retired - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Tarpon Springs, Florida - 1999.10.09 (new e-mail 2002.04.14)
Memories: Returned from exile in 1992. I spent the previous 11 years teaching Math on Levittown's south side. There's nobody like the north side kid.
Comments: I've been to a lot of class reunions and your idea for one massive event just sounds great. I, like most of you, always enjoy a party. I'm enjoying retirement immensely here on Florida's west coast with my family. Hitting golf balls everyday sometimes gets boring but I've learned to deal with it. Would love to hear from any of my past students. GREAT PAGE - THANKS.

Jennifer Hyman - 1995 - - Levittown - 1999.11.08 (new e-mail 2000.06.26)
Memories: Moving here in 3rd grade wasn't easy, but meeting Jaime Beary the first day made it that much sweeter. Wisdom Lane was cool, when a certain Scott was my "buddy". Walking to Division EVERY day with Nee (Alyssa Garcia) was memorable. Yup, I remember hail, heavy winds, snowstorms etc. "Hey Kel, ya lost your bag!" She is still my best friend around the corner. Now we come to my best friend not so close to Levittown. Jaime Redmond moved to AZ and took a piece of me with her. We still keep in touch, I actually owe her a letter. Can't wait to see you Yamas. Memories so strong repeat in my mind like: The Butt Buddies 1994, Sue Hill & I in McDs, Michael thinking he's Puerto Rican, my Drivers Ed car, Jillie, Hanjie, my private chats with Alicia & Jill in Seņor Capo's class (whenever we went), 7TT-953 still lives next door, Spirit Week, my 2-year legacy with Tuna, and so much more.
Comments: Things have changed since June of 1995. I am an Assistant Operations Supervisor for Astoria Federal Savings Bank. This is what takes up my daytimes. Nights and free moments are spent with my boyfriend Anthony. Even though he went to a rival high school, I still love him and have been with him for over a year and a half. As for hobbies, I love going to the movies, reading and of course, SHOPPING!! I talk to Jaime, Alyssa and other people, so email me for info and I hope to chat soon!

Joanne Buccigrossi (now JoAnne Roche) - 1978 - - Orlando, FL - 1999.11.08
Memories: Hanging out with my friends!

Ivor "Rich" Parsons - 1964 - - East Norwich, NY - 1999.11.09
Memories: Laughing Larry Lasker--my and Mr. Ruggerio - Social Studies and Biology. Track team with Mr. Pivnick.

Theresa McCarthy (now Terri Kaplan) - 1969 - - Los Angeles, CA - 1999.11.09
Looking for: Mary Jane Westerman
Memories: Football, basketball and baseball games. Mr. Murphy's math classes. The yearbook office. Mr. Kelleher's and Mr. Wright's English classes. Spending time with friends at Lum's and elsewhere. Being one of the McCarthy girls (still doing that).
Comments: This Web site is fantastic. Heard about it from my sister Chris (DAHS 1970). Kudos to you for putting it together. I married another Levittowner (Jon Levy, Island Trees HS) in 1975, divorced in 1981. I moved to California (San Francisco) in 1980, met someone from LA (to whom I am now married) and moved to LA in 1982. Now have one 10 year old son. Have worked for the US Government (General Services Administration) since 1974, doing real estate work. My parents still live in the house I grew up in, and most of my sisters have remained on LI, so I get back to the neighborhood fairly often, but the only person I have remained connected with from high school is Barbara (Boyer) Wasserman.Would love to reconnect with other old friends - please email me!!.

Bonnie Boyer - 1968 - - Chicago, IL - 1999.11.10
Memories: Mr. Levy, senior year, working on the yearbook, Mr. and Mrs. Gough
[Jack Gough (Social Studies) and Kathy Gough (English and yearbook advisor). Married while at DAHS.]
Comments: This webpage is so neat, it's great to try and reconnect -- especially since most of us are approaching the half-century mark (ouch!). I've lived in Chicago for the last 12 years, have two great sons (grown up) and am working as a school administrator in the suburbs. Would love to hear from people.

Louis Lozito - 1969 - - Franklin Square, NY - 1999.11.10
Memories: Some terrific teachers (Lasker, Weilhoeffer, ...). Some awful ones (I won't name names here). Football and basketball games.
Comments: My mother still lives in the house I grew up in on Sycamore Lane (right behind the school), so I actually drive by DAHS very often. The building looks more or less the same, but the memories are fading.

Susan Vaughan - 1974 - - Florida - 1999.11.10
Comments: Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I miss you all. To Laura Russo - so nice to hear you are living the good life! To Walter, please show Sue how to get in and out of here. To Carleen, when are you coming for another visit? To Sherry, what's up girl? Bye for now.

Christina Masel (now Christina Hughes) - 1969 - - Binghamton, NY - 1999.11.10 (new e-mail 2000.04.05)
Memories: Cry-slurs with Mr. Vitale, working on the newspaper, being the only girl in T.E. for 3 years...
'Happenings' with Beth Van Houten and friends.
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone who has the time and desire to find out what we've all been doing for 30 years! Ain't e-mail great?

Mike Ferrara - 1976 - - Athens, GA - 1999.11.10 (new e-mail 2000.01.08)
Looking for: Demarius Moore, Tony Ferraro

Megan McCarthy (now Megan Rosato) - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Garden City, NY - 1999.11.11
Memories: Integrated Studies, Mr. Goelz, DECA.
Comments: My older sister told me about this website and I think it is a fabulous idea! Thank you for setting it up. I will definitely pass the word on.

Hillary Krams - 2002 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 1999.11.11 (new e-mail 2000.02.29)
Memories: The bowling teams is the best time that I have had... the people that are on that team are the best, and after we all leave school, I'll miss ya dearly...

Ken Santorello - 1975 - 1999.11.12 - - Yaphank - 2004.04.21
Memories: Driving to school in a car named Shadowfax. Our Great Cast Parties.

Bette Connah (now Bette McErlean) - 1961 - - Yardley, PA - 1999.11.12
Looking for: Sue Giberson and members of Mr. Gerrity's Electronics class

Brian Beukelaer ("Beeker") - 1992 - - Hauppauge, NY - 1999.11.12 (new e-mail 2000.02.03)
Memories: Remember when Mr. Wieczerzak (BONK) fell off the chair hanging a map? Damn! I still crack up thinking about that.
Comments: If anyone gives a damn... I am still on Long Island (help me!) I am currently living and working in Hauppauge as the Information Systems Administrator for a small Fiber Optic and Video Manufacturer. I cut off my hair... no more wanting to be Joe Elliot or James Hetfield. I still love the music though. Glad to hear that the free world has finally jumped on the Metallica bandwagon.
I am recently divorced... (there is a God after all) and have a wonderful girlfriend that I have been living with for over a year. My hobbies are unimportant, and my turn ons and turn offs are even less important. I enjoy my brew! 'Nuff said.
Hope all of the Class of 1992 is doing well and look forward to seeing them in the years to come.
Best regards. Beek

Alyssa Garcia - 1995 - - Levittown - 1999.11.13
Looking for: anyone from my graduating year who I lost touch with.
Memories: Having the best advisor for the 4 years I was there (Mr. Laterza). Meeting all of the people who have made a difference in my life and taught me what real friendship was about. Playing softball with a great team. GRADUATION!!!
Comments: I have graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Psychology and now attend graduate school at SUNY Stony Brook. I am taking courses to attain my Masters in Social Work. I work part-time and have an internship at Uniondale High School, where I am the advisor for their S.A.D.D./Peer Leadership program.
my webpage:

Ralph Del Piano - 1962 - - East Meadow - 1999.11.16
Memories: Football at the Village Green, fraternity parties, phi beta sigma, Ryan's, Wrestling, recreation dances, lots of clean fun, no drugs, good people

Kelly Smith (now Kelly Stanley) - 1978 - - Rockville Centre, NY - 1999.11.14
Memories: 9th grade trip to Montreal.12th grade ski trip. Majorettes... bodysuits and go-go boots.

William Beloff - 1985 - - Long Beach, NY - 1999.11.17
Memories: hangin out behind d.a. deli with all the fellas, jumpin out of mr pahels 2nd story window with richie moore and john ankelman, playing any sport joe patrovich coached, eatin at tonys pizza when 2 slices and a soda cost a buck. the list goes on
Comments: anyone who remembers me give a holler, would love to hear from all.

Susan Rutkin (now Susan Villatore) - 1962 - - Selden, NY - 1999.11.17
Looking for: Old friends who might want to plan a reunion.
Memories: Summer of 1959... Sleepovers... Dances... Basketball games and dances afterwards... Dancing... Tridelta... Friends. Fun, fun, fun.

Barbara Keuning - 1970 - (bad e-mail) - Bliss (I wish...) - 1999.11.18
Looking for: Love...
Memories: Lots of music... Mays dept store
Comments: OOOOOH

Dennis Champney - 1966 - - Glen Arm, MD 21057 - 1999.11.18
Memories: coke (Coca - Cola) and a smoke (Luckies) for lunch at the "Green".
the girls
Playing handball
the girls
Touch football
watching the girls
being complimented by the teachers - it really did happen - once
working up enough courage to talk to - you know - THEM
being first on the lunchline
watching field hockey practice between plays
Comments: been commuting back and forth between N.Y. and Maryland for the last 31 years. Have traveled around the country and found the best people I've ever met are New Yorkers (usually).

Deanna Gentile (soon to be Mrs. Sparks) - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Myrtle Beach - 1999.11.19
Looking for: Just wanted to say hi to everyone I lost touch with
Memories: I remember cutting class and going to the beach with Kelly all the time. The 3 amigos driving around in Matt's truck. Parties at Matt's house!! Making the best memories I would ever know and not realizing it. I miss my best friend Jaime with all my heart... she means the world to me! I hate being apart from her... Kelly, if you're out there... call me!!! Jen, I still love you, though you won't call me!! I hope everyone is doing well and I would love to hear from anyone!!
Comments: I am still attending school. Things have been crazy because my dad died right after graduation and my life was turned upside down. I am still trying to put the pieces back together. I have met a wonderful guy that I am engaged to (almost). We are planning to move to Texas for 2000. I miss High school, mostly I miss my friends that I have been seperated from.

Bryan Velez - 2001 - - 1999.11.19
Comments: Teachers and staff should stop being so preoccupied with what students are doing wrong and focus more on what they do right.

Sarena Sawicki - 1995 - - Island Trees - 1999.11.20 (new e-mail 2000.08.06)
Looking for: anyone who graduated from any class that remembers me.
Memories: Zacker's English class, Mr. O'Brien Economics (the only two teachers that I would listen to out of the 4 years), Homecomings, and Just graduating from there that's it.
Comments: Just moved to the Island Trees area during the summer. What a relief to be out of Levittown - couldn't stand it. Work full time in a cash office / receiving at Office Depot.

Janet Walsh - 1981 - - Long Island - 1999.11.21
Looking for: not a soul

Steve Coglianese - 1975 - - Farmingdale, NY - 1999.11.22 (bad e-mail 2004.10.06)
Memories: The sports!!!, Graduating!!!

Debby Berg (now Deborah Delgado) - 1968 - - Lexington, Kentucky - 1999.11.23 (new e-mail 2000.07.12)
Memories: After all these years, it's hard to find favorite memories. I just know that I spent most of my life living in Levittown; moved back there as an adult, with my daughter, to my parents' home. So many years, so many memories. Moved away in 1993. Occasionally go back to visit, just to pass by the school and ride past the old house.
Comments: It was very interesting to be back in Levittown as an adult. Doubly interesting when my daughter went to DAHS. I am curious to know if others also blocked out many of the memories from those years. My high school experience seems to have been more difficult than ideal. I have spent a lot of time as an adult undoing the attitudes and experiences that were mine while at DAHS. If that strikes a chord with anyone else, I'd enjoy hearing from you. Doesn't it seem so weird that our next birthday will make us 50???. I hope life has been kind to you and yours.

Kevin Cain - 1999 - - Levittown - 1999.11.23
Memories: times with my friends doing things we... basically weren't supposed to do, because hey... aren't those some of the best times anyway? oh yeah and pushing teachers to the newest limits of nervous breakdown
Comments: Division was fine by me, only complaints i had were that walking throughout the halls without getting a body cavity search for a pass was kind of inevitable other than that it was phat.

Chris Cassidy - 1985 - - Brooklyn, NY - 1999.11.24
Memories: DAHS has brought me some of the greatest times of my life. From Sports to Hanging, the memories will never leave me. I could not have met a better group of friends anywhere on the planet! Most of whom I am still tight with. A few memorable things: "Don't Change", Deli, Sigmund, Patch, ONS, Funnels, Lax, All Nighters, Schlep Seagul, Coach K, Ski Trip, S. Willy, Etc...

Susan Leonard (now Susan Seide) - 1972 - - Levittown - 1999.11.25
Looking for: Donna Martin & Barbara Hopkins

Danny Blafford - 1984 - - Levittown - 1999.11.26
Looking for: A videotape of the 1984 Battle of the Bands at Division!
Comments: Wondering how everybody in our gang is doing.
Memories: Parting with the crew before BOCES in my Monte, hanging with the crew at Cataffo's between classes. Cutting class and doing whatever came to mind! and most of all the Battle of the Bands!

Jaime Redmond - 1995 - - Phoenix, AZ - 1999.11.22
Looking for: Kelly Mulford and Mr. Laterza
Memories: Cruising the Turnpike, Roy Rogers for lunch, Yearbook staff, Mr. Cestaro. Me, Kel and Dee doing everything together. All of Remy's parties & Alicia's Karaoke parties. Meeting Marc Hoffman on a 9th grade chorus/band trip. I never took chorus again after that year, but he became the song of my life.
I currently work for Hilton in Phoenix, AZ. Marc and I are living together and he's an Engineer. I'm so far away from all my friends and I just want them to know that I miss them so much. Jen I miss your crazy driving and your green room and how sober you always stayed. Dee I miss our clubbing, shopping, talking and X'ing. Karl our late night talks, Jaime how real you always were, Erick how you were always my little psycho with the bumpn' system, and Kel who is now MIA. I'll be home for X-mas.
Memories: Everything... God, how bad we wanted out. Now what I wouldn't give to be back...
Drivers Ed with Karl, Dee and Kel. All the laughs, all the parties and all the stupid jokes. 9th grade Hershey Park trip for I never would have met Marc.
Contacts: I could probably help so many people find the someone they're looking for from DAHS. Just to give you an idea: My mom Diane Lotocki (Mulina) Class of 1971, Charles Lotocki Class of 1969, Mary Ellen Lotocki (Jacoby) Class of 1979, James Redmond Class of 1970, John Redmond Class of 1974, Don Distefano Class of 1978, Dan Distefano, Kathy Distefano, Jen Hyman 1995, Karl Thomsen 1995, Deanna Gentile 1995, Jaime Beary 1995, Erick Paternoster 1994, Clinton Declue 1994, Scott Declue 1995, Marc Hoffman 1993, Laura Hoffman. It's just a huge chain. The people I've listed that are both family and friends also keep in touch with certain people and their friends I'm sure talk to others. I don't think finding someone would be that difficult if you just find a good place to start.

Ian Swensen - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1999.11.26 (new e-mail 1999.12.30)
Memories: L-town playas clubmembers: Justin Builes, Ian Swensen, Katie Meyer, Katie Fitzpatrick, Anna Brady, Greg Jenkins, Mike Martino, Anthony Jager (2001), Angela Perotti, and Mishy
Comments: Division Blue Dragon football for life!!!

Greg Jenkins - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1999.11.26
Comments: I take a lickin but keep on ticking. Don't worry, the ticker's doing fine.

Fran Di Blasi - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Binghamton University - 1999.11.28
Memories: Some of my favorite moments would have to be spending time with the coolest friends in the world -- shout out to the BBC... juliet, liz, celeste, brei-anna, shanna, and suzy - i love you girls always!... also my parties had to be some of the best times!!

Christine Scarry - 1997 - - 1999.11.29
Memories: All the fun we had hanging out and of course ending our senior year with the Long Island Rutgers cup. Our sports teams were awesome and they lost a lot of great athletes at once.

Cindy Papale (now Cindy Hammontree) - 1972 (moved, 1971) - - Kendall, Florida - 1999.11.29 (new e-mail 2000.09.28)
Looking for: 1972 graduate friends Peggy Rochon, Lorraine Pastore [found], Debbie Spottick.
Also looking for Steve Lovergene or a Chris Sarlow - I think graduated in 1966 or 1967.

Jimmy Mecca - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - at school in Belmont, NC - 1999.11.29
Comments: I am in North Carolina going to school at Belmont Abbey College, playing Baseball, and majoring in Elementary Education... Hope everyone is doing well.

Diane Tolomeo - 1966 - - British Columbia, Canada - 1999.11.29
Looking for: Harry Orenstein, Elyse Stoller
Memories: Too many to mention! Mr. Conroy, Perspectum, the Flame, T.E. vs. T. F. Murphy...

Kevin O'Toole - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Still in Levittown - 1999.11.30
Looking for: Anyone Who Remembers Me!!!

John Maher - 1999 - - College in Oneonta / Levittown - 1999.12.02
Memories: all those drinking nights at the bleachers, and the dairy mart

Janis Altman (now Fusaro) - 1969 - - Huntington NY - 1999.12.03
Looking for: fellow graduates of the Class of 1969
Memories: The Lunchroom, Dances, Art Classes, Summers at the pool, and the Roller Rink. High School was a great preparation for my life. I have been very happily married to Dave for twelve years. We have two married sons. I am a Hairdresser/Colorist and a Permanent Make-Up Technician. I love how the computers have influenced and added to our lives. Life is good.

Joe Giudice - 1960 - - Florida - 1999.12.04
Memories: Football practice. Coach Tarney. Miss. Smith who later became Mrs. Smyth. My favorite math teacher Miss Senges. Whatever class she taught it would have been my favorite. And finding that secret tunnel from the basement to the storm drain in the football field. A great place to skip a class, as long as it wasn't math.

Eric Cohen - 1967 - - Sag Harbor, NY - 1999.12.05 (new e-mail 2002.01.16)
Looking for: Jay Mallin, Kevin O'Connor, Jonathan Yale; Carl Yaller [deceased]
Memories: Drama Club with Mr. Metz, and the Hofstra Shakespeare Festival(s); Track team with Mr. Pivnick; Photography Class with Ms. Hoch; Service Squad; Senior Year; my friends
Comments: Looking back, Levittown seems like a dream to me now. As kids, we had so much freedom to roam (in safety), and so many friends nearby. Everything, and everyone was so accessible. At least that's how I remember it. This web site is a really nice idea. I've really liked reading everyone's comments here in the "Yearbook" section. Since I enjoy finding out what has become of old friends and acquaintances, I'll include a little biographical data: married, three children (grown), working as a project manager for a company that writes software and consults on technology for schools and universities. If you remember me (or even if you don't) please feel free to send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone.

Bill Newman - 1963 - - Northern California - 1999.12.06 (new e-mail 2004.04.11)
Looking for: anyone who remembers me...
Memories: Getting out... I did not have too much fun in high school... but the memories are still good. Hung out with older classmates (1962) and dated younger classmates (1964 and 1965)...

Bill Euell - 1975 - Orange, California - 1999.12.07 - - Orange, California - 2001.07.20
Looking for: Lori Jacobsen (a.k.a. "Jake", a.k.a. "Helga")

Candace Bollinger - 1998 - Tempe, Arizona - 1999.12.19
- Greensboro, North Carolina (new e-mail 2000.05.02)
Memories: jen and heather. bells are ringing. Mrs. Wade's theater class. Mr. Zacker's english class. Mr. Cestaro's english class. Mr. Ryan's photo class.
Comments: thank you to everyone who didn't change too much! i just finished my first semester at arizona state university. i did really well and im really looking forward to some hardcore classes next semester. i've got a really great job and im living in a real nice apartment. i'm having a blast but i miss everyone so much. i won't be home for christmas because of my job. but i'll be coming back to long island for spring break. i hope to see some of you then! i love you guys!

Bill Reynolds - vocal music, (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - San Angelo, Texas - 1999.12.15 (new e-mail 2001.10.22)
Memories: The wonderful students and faculty I met at DAHS, especially my colleagues on the music faculty; our choruses; our madrigal singers singing at Lincoln Center; guitar students who quickly learned to play better than I did; our shows.
Comments: I would love to join you for the reunion; however, because of distance I am afraid that won't be possible. We enjoy it here in West Texas, which some of you may remember, is my home state.  Janet and I sing in the San Angelo Symphony chorus and in the First Christian Church choir, and I have been involved in some theatre here.  We enjoy the open spaces, and traveling over Texas and New Mexico. This summer it will be Scotland!  Our children still live in the east, so we get there from time to time.  It would be great to hear from you!

Doug Robins - P.E. teacher, baseball coach - - Levittown - 1999.12.15
at LMHS 1974-1983; at Division 1983-present; athletic director.

My favorite moment came out of a bad experience. I was very disappointed when I found out that LEVITTOWN MEMORIAL was going to shut down. Having graduated from LMHS, I was sad to see it close. But I have to admit that from day on I have loved every day that I have spent at Division.

My greatest memories of Division are the great baseball teams and the tremendous players who have worked so hard to make division the great baseball program that it is. Not only are the baseball players great, but the entire student body is so energetic and proud of their Division heritage. I hope that this Division pride and spirit continues into the next millenium. Hopefully in the year 3000 there will be people just like us using some newer mode of communication to express their Levittown pride.

I want to thank all of the basketball players that I have coached, and I especially want to thank all of the great baseball players I've coached. Whether you were All-County or a substitute you all played major roles in the success of your team. You all laid the ground work to make Division baseball what it is today. I hope that you all will find time to make a game or two this spring. We are in a tough league that includes MacArthur (coached by Costello, LMHS 1977), Hewlett (coached by Sal Gambina, an ex-Division teacher), Bellmore JFK (whose top pitcher LaBella's father is an LMHS grad from 1968), Carey Floral Park, and New Hyde Park whose coach is Doug Robins Jr, a Division grad from 1991. Our division staff is led by 9th grade coach Ray Weidlein (LMHS 1975); our J.V. coach Steve DeCaro is a Division grad from 1981. Tom Casey is still with the varsity, and has coached with us from 1977 back at LMHS. Tom Tuttle (Division 1991) also helps coach the varsity team with us.

Thank you to the baseball state champs of 1984, 1996, the Long Island champs of 1984, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1999, the Nassau County champs of 1970, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999 and, of course, to the teams who won the league championships during the baseball seasons of 1961, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. I hope this year's team and Division baseball teams of the future can live up to the standards that you have set. No other school in the history of Long Island can compare to the accomplishments that you have achieved.

Fran Newman (now Franne Lee) - 1960 - franne@home.comor (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Nashville, TN - 1999.12.10
Looking for: anybody who remembers me...
Memories: I have many fond memories of the cheerleading days, and of my best friend Chris Wilkens who I see is no longer with us, and that makes me sad. I have thought about her and in fact recently thought I saw her. I remember when we would hustle the boys at the North Village bowling lanes when we thought we were better then them. Roller skating and that organ music ouch!!. ... But if any of my classmates have memories of me, maybe they would like to share them cause they are getting vague. I guess I would call them "senior moments"!
Comments: I look forward to seeing everybody at the reunion in June God willing. And if you have any desire to get in touch, send me an e-mail. love to you all... franne

Roxane Salustro (now Roxane Boneillo) - 1971 - - Levittown - 1999.12.11
Memories: Senior year, The Variety Show, The Carnival, the Canteen, building the senior quad, all the great parties and sports events, Lum's and Bick's and some great teachers! Great friends that we are still in touch with. Planning the reunions.
Comments: I married George (class of 1971) in 1976, stayed in Levittown and we have three children, George Eric (1996), Christopher (1999) and Tara (2001). It's great being a Division alumni and parent. Attending Back-To-School Night is an experience. You sit in the same seats, walk the same halls, see some of the same teachers and many parents are graduates. It's like a time warp. The Football games are mini-reunions, especially when the Blue Dragons are doing well.
We will be planning the next reunion shortly. The last ones have been well-attended and so much fun. Everything gets crammed into a weekend and it's like being 17 again... almost! Please stay in touch and send us updates on current names and addresses -- it's very difficult if not impossible to find some classmates. Use this great website or contact the school with your most recent information.

Karen Frank (now Karen Paulo) - 1980 - - Williston, Vermont - 1999.12.12
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me
Memories: The Bleachers, Integrated Studies, Cheerleading, Football & Lacrosse Games and excellent Friends...

Steve Cuocci - 2000 - - Levittown - 1999.12.08
Looking for: Nothing really.
Memories: Being one of the most annoying people roaming the hallowed halls B^)
Comments: Good idea for a site, i must say.

Susan Weldon - 1960 - - Connecticut - 1999.12.13
Comments: Since first coming upon this website, I've been in touch with some old friends in cyberspace, and also seen a few. It's been wonderful and I can't wait to see everyone in July.
Memories: my wonderful friends; annoying Mr. Keating; schmoozing with Mr. Aiello; the piano bar at the North Village Green bowling alley; Azalea Road Pool adventures.

Scott Jacobia - 1990 - - Buffalo - 1999.12.13
my website:
Memories: Playing football, lacrosse and teasing the Amish.

Steve Paulo - 1978 - - Williston, Vermont - 1999.12.13
Memories: Friday night bleacher parties. Hanging out in the cafeteria with some of the best friends I've ever had! We all kind of got seperated and went on with our lives and it was really good to see everyone at our 20 year reunion, in one way or another I will always consider you "close friends"!

Peter M. Bernard - 1984 - - Parsippany, NJ - 1999.12.13
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me, fondly or otherwise.
Memories: I have so many fond memories of growing up in Levittown and attending DAHS. Pool hopping, the Grand Stands, The Rutgers Cup, IR Stuck, Joe Patrovich, The Wednesday Night Drinking Club, Ski Trips, what I can remember about the parties at my house, The Meatwagon, The Stone Whistle. But most of all I remember the friends that I left behind. I hope you all are doing well.

Joe Massaro - 1975 - - South Florida - 1999.12.14 (new e-mail 2000.04.26)
Looking for: Terry Murphy
Favorite DAHS memories: winning the red letter for soccer; graduation

Gary Domke - should have been 1969 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1999.12.14
Looking for: Any one who remembers me
Memories: meet me at the Flagpole after school
Drinking and other things behind the bleachers on friday nights and the dances in the cafeteria.

Lorraine Dos Santos (now Lorraine Domke) - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1999.12.14
Looking for: All of you who remember me!
Memories: The Prom, Cutting class, smoking in the girls' room (I quit long time ago), working in the gym office, football games. A lot of classmates and all the fun times we had, those were the best of times. I'm glad I can remember them.

John Noonan - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Deer Park - 1999.12.18
Memories: football, the stands, Bicks, senior trip

Robert Anderson / Bob Anderson - 1978 (I quit school 3 times; got my GED) - Albany, NY - 1999.12.21 - Wilmington, NC (update 2003.01.25)
Memories: Just growing up in Levittown; people don't believe what it was really like; now it's just a faded memory.

Bradley Fixman - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Scottsdale, AZ - 1999.12.21
Memories: Playing Diplomacy in RW's class
Mr. Ryan's math class
my fight with Mike Parlato

Al Garthwaite - 1971 - - Farmingdale NY - 1999.12.29
Memories: junior high baseball with Mr. Arculeo. Senior year in the canteen with the gang.

Bill Cicio - 1971 - Massapequa Park, NY - 1999.12.29 - - 2004.07.27
Memories: My friends in general.
Comments: Always had great teachers.

Den Collins - 1978 - - Hicksville, Long Island - 1999.12.29
my webpages:
Memories: Orchestra, the "Broadway" shows, mechanical drawing classes with Mr. Borg.

Karen Walsh (now Karen Verdi) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Nesconset, NY - 1999.12.29
Looking for: Barbara Lane / Barbara Johnson

John Habel - 1974 - San Diego, CA - 1999.12.31 - Stafford, VA - (update 2001.04.02) (new e-mail 2002.10.06)
I am still recovering from our 20-year reunion. I should have never gone to the all-night diner with Frank Budd and Tony Ifasi (Bob A., you are lucky you got a ride home from the local police when you did). Well, after flying fighters in the Marine Corps for the last twenty one years, I decided to slow the pace down and retire. I am currently flying for American Airlines based in L.A. I am a twenty-year veteran of marriage with Virginia Todaro (class of 1976) and we have two great children: Dan is 18 and a high school senior; Michelle is 13 and in the 8th grade. I would love to hear from old classmates -- especially anyone who can tell me what Bob Bunker spiked the punch with at the reunion.
Semper Fi!!

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