Yearbook Volume 5

entries from 2000.04.01 through 2000.06.30

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Jan Goldberg (now Jan Ricklin) - 1972 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Mamaroneck, NY - 2000.04.01
Looking for: Jeanne Donnenberg, Ondine Berlin, Anna Masel
Memories: Senior year with my buddies Todd, John and Jeanne. Talking about our boyfriends 12 hours a day! Fond memories of the band room and Mr. Teichert. Playing Over the Rainbow with Anna while my boyfriend started dating her sister, HA!
Where is Deenie? The sweetest girl in class.
If anyone in their right mind reads this, please E-mail. I would love to catch up.
Comments: Found the site via phone call from Gerri Silver. Couldn't wait to get home and check it out.
I got married and moved to Westchester in 1998, after living in Manhattan for 20 years. I'm president of a small custom shirt company that services fine retailers and clothiers across the country. I travel a lot. Life is good.

Barbara Danielsen (now Barbara Johnson) - 1968 - - Levittown, NY - 2000.04.01
Memories: Still living in Levittown. Married Jim Johnson from class of 1967 when he came home from Viet Nam. We are married 29 years, have 3 children, 28, 26, 18. First two are married. Division was the best then, all the teachers, the football games, and all the class mates. Anyone remember the Cane Lounge? Driving classes? Those were the days.

Tom Geronimos - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Smithtown, NY - 2000.04.01
Looking for: My senior ring. Lost it by the sump while running from rentees.
Memories: Hanging out at the "post." Some people called it the "chain." I called it the post. Rockin' the pool at Azalea and watching "Big Nick" finish it off with a cannonball. Then seeing Peterson take... ah, never mind. Lacrosse games, Lums and Bicks, Bleacher parties, and watching "Leo" (Not Pete Leyden) take everything out of the school. The dances and basketball games were fun times. I could go on and on. What can I say. Lets get going Boo-Boo and do the 30-year reunion.

RoAnne Debbins - 1975 - - Long Beach, NY - 2000.04.02 (new e-mail 2001.04.12)
(an open letter to Trina Cattler Wallace):
I was never one to express myself well on paper but I want to thank you. If it wasn't for the website you have created, the informal reunion for the Classes of 1974 & 1975, last night on April 1st would never had transpired. Many others expressed the same sentiments. Alan Koch & Jay Hallet threw a most tremendous party!! Playing along with Jay & Alan... Don Filepelli, Dave Clark, Pete Chiarelli, Pete Senesi and Margaret Reynolds, and others, the music was Fun-ominal!! From Allman Brothers to Santana, it was a great jam session. I didn't want to leave!! The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone enjoyed themselves. About 60 alumni were there and even Fred Goelz showed up! As Alan & Jay said in their e-mail, it was "everyone's party"!! It would have been more complete if you had been there, but you were in my thoughts just the same.

Kathie Gallagher (now Kathie Kelly) - 1974 - - Farmingdale - 2000.04.02 (new e-mail 2003.10.31)
Memories: Laughing all the time!! Great friends, great teachers and good times!

Mary Gordon (now Mary Gordon-Ray) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Amityville, NY - 2000.04.03 (new e-mail 2000.12.22)
Looking for: Old Friends From 1974-1977
Memories: The Gordon Parties and the Stands
Comments: After graduation, I moved up to the old Green Mountains in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. There, with my two children, Michael, now 21, and Melinda, now 20, ran a Bed & Breakfast with my parents, sort of like the Newhart Show. Of course, the Island called me back, and so I came to dwell in Amityville. Now I sit here and type to my long lost, forgotten youth, while I go through my mid-life crisis, which also turned me blonde. My son Michael is a student pilot, on his way to fulfill his passion in the sky. My daughter, Melinda, is beginning her path towards becoming a Librarian and is engaged to be married. Thinking about this makes me feel pretty darn old, but excited to see what lies next on this road through life, which has many protruded roots and rocks for us all to continue to stumble on. So PLEASE, Please, please, respond and let me know how you all have been though the years. It was a great regret of mine, to not be able to attend any of the reunions that we have had.
Yours Truly, Mary Gordon and Clan

Albert James Locke (now Al Bundy) - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Boston, MA - 2000.04.03 (new e-mail 2002.09.30)
Looking for: Marianne Keating... a crush since 4th grade
Memories: Track and field... ummmmmm ??? That's it.
Comments: I went to SUNY and got my BS... after several ill-fated attempts at becoming an actor, I toured with Supertramp and Michael Jackson... I climbed K2 in 1989... only lost several digits, and my glass eye froze... damaging my brain. I have a fairly lucrative paper route in the heart of Boston and work in a women's shoe store on Saturdays.

Brad Goldfarb - 1975 - Parkland, Florida - 2000.04.04 - - Parkland, Florida - 2001.02.15
Memories: Being young... no stress... to do it over again (I would definitely have cut my hair and worn sneakers!!!... what was I thinking with yellow snakeskin boots! ughhhhhh!)

Sharon C. Regnier - 1978 - Northport, NY - 2000.04.04
Memories: Our ski trip! "Never in the history of this school has so much alcohol been consumed on any school trip ever!" I can still see the bottles of beer and vodka floating in the pool and everyone just swimming around them. How the next day the slopes were empty. Thank you I really enjoyed the no lift lines! I can't remember just who was yelling at us in the auditorium when we got back to school and said those historic lines above, can anyone? I think it was Mr. Graham, but I'm just not sure now. I guess we were laughing too hard to recall.
I don't even recall where we went? Maybe I drank too much too.
I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and well! Sharon

Marshall Clark - 1972 - - North Haverhill, N.H. - 2000.04.05
Memories: drinking in the stands, football with [GOOD OLD] Jerry Jewell

Edwin Forseth - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Back in Levittown - 2000.04.05
Comments: I have seen one of my classmates die in front of me, so let's all be careful out there.

Gary Crozier - 1974 - - Levittown, NY - 2000.04.06
Memories: Band, Orchestra, Stage band, track (especially the whale relay!), , just having a great time !
Thank you for a wonderful site.

Eileen McNerney (now Eileen Vultaggio) - 1987 - - Levittown, NY - 2000.04.06 (new e-mail 2000.10.02)
Memories: friends and cutting class

Trina Cattler (now Trina Wallace) - 1975! - - Jefferson, Maine - 2000.04.07
Looking for: THE NEXT PARTY!!!
Memories: Still the shows... and all those Saturday night parties...
Comments: I CANNOT BELIEVE I missed that party of Jay's and Alan's! My GAWD! What was I thinking? When are you guys going to do it again? I want to sing with Margie, too :-)
Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and your emails. It really means a lot to me. Sure makes up for all the reunions I never was invited to -- I'm SURE that won't happen again, eh?
So what do you say? Should we go for a small reunion in the summer? Maybe in August? Should we check out the bar again or go to the park first and then to the bar? I'm ready, willing and I'll make sure I'm able, too, this time.
On a different note, Mike Allen sent me a photo of himself with Jack Lemmon (the actor). Appears Mike was in AIRPORT 77 -- he was in the Navy (frogman) and was in the movie, playing the part of a Navy frogman. That boy looked just like Patrick Swayze. Wow! Can we put your photo up, Mike??

Laura Fleming (now Laura Fleming (King)) - 1960 - / - Rockville Centre, NY - 2000.04.07
Looking for: Barbara Gleason (Loviglio) Class of 1961
Mr. Chalmers (Bookkeeping teacher for class of 1960)

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 2000.04.07
Memories: Last week I had a wonderful reunion with a class of 1960 buddy, John Gentleman (not John General). I had not seen John since high school, but our time together was great, as though we had been in touch through the years. We went over his yearbook and compared notes on old friends as we sat over breakfast at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. John has lived in Vegas since 1964. He is in touch with classmate Phil Adrian and Arlene Gibson (1961) who also live in Las Vegas. One friend referred to John as Johnny Jellybean in the yearbook and we do not know who Johnny Jellybean was, although I have a slight recollection that he was a Saturday morning TV character in the 1950s. Does anyone remember? Please write.

Peter Leyden - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Northfield, MA - 2000.04.07
After graduating Big Blue I went to Keene State College in New Hampshire for, of all things. a teaching degree. Tried teaching at Valley Stream Central High School. Three years, ouch! Came back to New England and have been here ever since. Married in 1980 to Mary O'Grady have two boys Pete IV, 15 and Dan, 13 . We live in Northfied, Mass. I work with friend and fellow classmate (captain) Mike Pascale. We own a small construction co. (If any of ya need a new home let us know.) I get to see some of nut cases when they come up here or when we go to Long Island. Greg Lane has a annual party. It's like being in the locker room after lacrosse or football game by the end of the night. Going to school in Levittown didn't seem like a big deal at the time. After seeing other towns and schools I've grown to realize what a great experience we had.
Memories: Sports - Warren's parties - Sneaking in the pool - Goofing on teachers - King of the zoo meetings - Are you bagging me? - Roger ram jet on the lax buss - Starting Mike's car with a screw driver and taking it at lunch - Beer truck runs - Jewells Verns - Leos locker - Being called a Jaboni by coach Waters - Marty Becker loses to Russ Ratlif in asses up, are just a few. Keep up the good work on the site. Love to see what others are up to. Tom thanks for clearing things up from Mancino.

Tom Leonard - 1985 - - North Bellmore, NY - 2000.04.07 (new e-mail 2000.04.16)
my website:
Memories: "Dutch's Top Ten"
10 - Doug Jordan starting the "Dutch" chants in Mr Fresco's Earth Science Class and any class when there was a Sub.
9 - "Rug Busters" & "Bird Busters" - Inside Joke for those in Mr Nolan's 6th Period English Class.
8 - J.S. Opening his locker and getting hit by approx. 500 marbles.
7 - AP Chem - New Nickname ala Mr. Fresco - S.R.T.L! (More Annoying Chants!)
6 - Driving to School.
5 - Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll - Not that I knew anything about those things, I was just a kid then. Pass the Joint and give me another beer!
4 - Senior Variety Show!
3 - Coack K's Sports History Class
2 - Senior Year!
1 - The Answer to Mr Nolan's Extra Credit Question - The color of S.Y.'s Underwear! BLACK!

Robert Gordon - 1972 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Vermont - 2000.04.08
Memories: the stands crew

Wild Billy Flinn (now Not so wild William Flinn) - 2001 - - 2000.04.08
Looking for: SWF who likes Long romantic walks and wrestling.
Memories: When Jen D'attoma passed out in the middle of my psychology class. All the parties I went to. My friends. Mr Wieczerzack. Ragging on all those punks who played baseball against the Dragons.

Elliot LoPiccolo - 1982 - East Meadow - 2000.04.08 - - Farmingville, NY - (update 2001.11.23)
Memories: Throwing the triangles up in the ceiling in science, getting drunk before basketball games and during intermission making a pyramid on the court with 30 drunks

Tom Policano - 1975 - - Ronkonkoma, NY - 2000.04.09 (new e-mail 2001.03.05)
Memories: Sports, card games in the senior lounge, senior ski trip, senior-faculty basketball game (we won 67 to 60), great friends!

Avrum J. Rosen - 1972 - - Huntington, NY - 2000.04.09
Memories: I signed on the first page of this great web site (Thanks Trina!) and have had many memories brought back. Here are a few. Robert LaRussa and I getting Todd and Lance Cullen arrested in 6th grade for throwing things off the bridge onto Wantagh Parkway. (Robert pretended he was his father when the cops called and never got caught). Crank calls to certain girls' houses. Getting everyone in Mr. Levy's class to get up and walk out when he said "Questions or Comments". Locking Mr. Fricke in the supply closet for all of ceramics when he would lock Corrine Salfeety and I out when we were late for class. The photography darkroom. Randi Shehi's house and the uses an artificial hand could be put to. Getting into a fight with Artie Scmutze (sp?) in homeroom when I would not stand for the pledge. Having long hair (actually, now I would be happy with any hair). Constantly plotting to take over the school. L.I.F.T. (and the woods on Wolcott behind the center). Making fun of Chris Tara (it was so easy). Mr. Miller's 12th grade english class when we had Lynn Aversano, LouAnn Duggan and Susie Kolb in one class and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Mr. Bunten's minorities class, when he told one italian kid who was making racist comments that in his family "Black Africa started south of the Alps".)
Comments: This page is great. It reads as a history of the last forty years. Many of us had very different experiences but the common threads are still there. There are some other memories that are not as good, but that are important. Viet Nam, and what it did to us, those who fought it and those that fought against it. The high mortality rate of my class, during school and in the years hence. Now I have my own kids in High School. My daughter hears the stories and wonders how we had the time to get in so much trouble. The answer, of course, is that we never did any work. With this past, it was inevitable that I end up a lawyer.

Glenn Schillinger - 1973 (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Walton, NY - 2000.04.10
Memories: Carol, The people in the stands, Parties at the Gordons.

Colleen Dunn (now Colleen Laske) - 1983 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - East Islip - 2000.04.10
Comments: Hanging out at Bella Pizza.

Steve Lewis - 1974 - - Brooklyn, NY - 2000.04.12
my website:

Matt Hurd - 1997 - - Levittown - 2000.04.12
Memories: My four years being a part of the Lacrosse program.

Karen Troia (now Karen Calderon) - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Farmingdale - 2000.04.12
Comments: My favorite memories are hanging out at the East Village Green and the Senior Lounge. The village green really brings back memories of hanging out with so many different people and just spending the night talking, singing or playing our infamous truth or dare sessions.
I also have great memories of the teachers at DAHS. Especially -- Goelz, Kaufman, Burton to name a few. It was a fun time in my life and going to the 20th reunion reminded me even more of how special the people and the fun times were then. To everyone I saw at the reunion -- It was great seeing you and hearing how you're doing. I look forward to seeing you at the next reunion.

Valerie Gordon (now Valerie Robertson) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Copiague - 2000.04.13
Looking for: Eileens, Gail, Meg, Sue and anyone who would like to correspond and has a good story to tell!
Memories: So many memories... hard to list just a few. It was a time when all was possible and we could make a difference in the world... the world was ours and our lives were ahead of us. What a unique time in history and place to grow up in.
Comments: So much has happened in my life and have learned much through the years. My greatest achievement: my two beautiful, wonderful daughters! One is 23 and living in Louisana and my other is 21 and a perpetual student at Stony Brook. Whenever they looked at my yearbook... they always laughed. They said it is the whitest bread school they ever saw! Have to admit... it was, but what a great place to go to school and to grow up in! What a great time in history to have lived through. Division was a place where I made life long friends that stuck with me through all life's happiness and sorrows and no matter how far apart we lived physically, in our hearts... always best friends! Thank you for this wonderful site and thank you for bringing back to mind such good memories!

Bella Moses (now Bella Silvestri) - 1966 - - Hauppauge, NY - 2000.04.14
Memories: Great teachers, square dancing at Mays, great friends, football games

Cathy Yarmosh (now Cathy Gough) - 1964 - - 2000.04.14 (new e-mail 2005.02)
Looking for: MaryAnn Agostino

Rachel Pasternak - 1996 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.04.14
Looking for: Lauren Bucci

Jennifer Russo (soon to be Jennifer Bauman) - 1995 - - Levittown - 2000.04.14
Looking for: Anyone interested in revisiting the past
Comments: I have been working in NYC for the past 3 years after graduating from Nassau Community College with an Associates Degree. I am engaged to be married to Timothy Bauman, also a Division Graduate (1994), in Aug 2001. We still both live in Levittown, and would love to hear from anyone!

Michael Pascale - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hillsborough, NH 03244 - 2000.04.14
Memories: There are so many memories; I just don't know if I can list them here. Love your shoes, babe, don't ever change. Does anyone know who might have said that? If you have a guess (Leyden excluded) please write back. Happy to hear from any alumni... "Captain" 1970... MP

Marilyn Reynolds - 1970 - - New Jersey - 2000.04.14 (new e-mail 2001.01.11)
Comments: I signed this yearbook last fall but I wanted to add this short tribute to one of the most memorable teachers I've ever known: Miss Roskovics (as she was known when I had her; her name later became Mrs. Wieczerzak.) This wonderfully enthusiastic and entertaining person passed away this week after battling cancer, and although I never saw her again after high school, I feel almost a personal loss at the news. I've thought of her many times over the years, and of her spirit, energy, and sense of humor. May she rest in peace.

Carol Gordon - 1974 - - Copiague, NY - 2000.04.17
Memories: The stands crowd, cutting out, Wilfred's, the chain, Church parking lot, the pools, Bozworth, Louie-Elmo, Brownie, Tarlo, Schill, Moose, Gordy, Gordyette, Peach, Dominee, Buzz bombs, rentees, Colt 45, The Gordon parties!

Cynthia Zabicki (now Cynthia Dano) - 1989 - - 2000.04.17
Comments: I would love to hear from any of the people I was close with at DAHS.
I currently teach in the Levittown School District at Summit Lane School.

Gloria Hans (now Gloria Clerici) - 1974 - - Monroe, NY - 2000.04.18
Looking for: Pam Dixon, Terry Warrington, Lynnie, Joannie, Mary
Memories: Boone's farm apple wine, intense talks about life on the front lawn of school, hanging out at Middle Earth and the Glass Onion. Wilfred's coffee shop, Mays and the bleachers. Even the football games were fun!!
Miss people like Joanie Borgotta and Bob DiG. Ray Castagnaro was my laughing soulmate!!
Comments: Yes, people I'm alive and well and living in New York. I have traveled most of the country, some of Canada, Mexico and South America. In 1978 I lived in Southern California for a year and came back to New York. I lived in Hicksville for about 15 years with my first husband, and currently live in Orange County New York with my husband, Jim and my daughter, Jackie. Still into ecology, classical music and impressionistic art. What a priceless piece of art this website is, as I have found people I thought were gone forever. To my friends, whom I went to school with for twelve years like Marcy Solomon, thank you. To my friends who never lost faith, like Ray Castagnaro and Joanie Borgotta, Thank YOU!! Thanks Trina, for the magnificent job on the Blue Dragons website. Now as I travel and write I can also contact some old friends!! Hope everyone is well, look forward to the thirty year reunion!!

Joanne Tuosto - 1984 - - Cairo, NY - 2000.04.18
Comments: Just found out about this site. Glad to see that there may be a way for us to find eachother. Hope to hear from some of my friends. I will definitely reply.
Best wishes to all!

Ronald M. McCoy - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Coram, NY - 2000.04.18
Memories: 20th reunion, great party. had a great time seeing everyone. peace.

Bob O'Brien - 1977 - - Whidbey Island, WA. - 2000.04.18
Looking for: For some really close friends who know who they are.
Memories: Graduating.
Comments: Well, I was an extremely shy in High School. I moved to Levittown in 1974 shortly after the death of my mother. I think I barely spoke more than 20 words to any one particular person in my graduating class. Time certainly has changed me. After graduation I joined the Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist. I stayed in the Air Force for 4 years and got out when I could. I decided not to pursue Law Enforcement as a career because of the shift work so I became a carpet installation sub-contractor. I met my wife Margaret, in 1987. We were married in 1988. Since she is a Physical Therapist and I was a sub-contractor, it was easy to find work in another state. My wife's brother told us about beautiful Whidbey Island, WA. He is a jet fighter pilot and when he would come home on leave he would rave about Washington State. We decided to move from N.Y. in 1994. We purposely avoided having children for the longest time. Then after we purchased a beautiful 4 bdrm, 2000 square foot, home on an acre lot, we decided it was time to have kids. Our son Thomas, was born in May of 1997. We should have started sooner. What a joy he is! Although I sometimes feel I could be his grandfather. He does keep me young. We are currently expecting another baby in November. I'll be 41 after that one is born! I do miss N.Y. sometimes. If I could go back in time I would have gone out for the H.S. baseball, or football teams. Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20. I'd love to hear from Ray Martinez, Tom McDonald or Mike Grimes from the class of 1978. I've already heard from Brian Bernhard and Kathy Doughty. I'd also welcome hearing from anyone from the class of 1977.

Craig P. Gabriel - 1995 - - Altoona, PA - 2000.04.19
Memories: There really isn't just one single memory that stands out above the rest. The thing I remember most vividly are the friends that I left behind.
Comments: My stay at DAHS was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, not just because of the valuable education I received there, but also because of the friendships that were forged there between myself and the teachers and classmates alike over the years.

Dennis Dunne - 1968 - - Levittown - 2000.04.19
Memories: Casa Dehne's parties the night before our football games.

Drew Molloy - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Richmond, VA - 2000.04.20
Comments: In Levittown in April 2000, for mom's funeral. Had my 17 year-old with me. Showed him the Greens, DAHS, Summit Lane, Azalea Pool, the sumps (of course), the "stands" (naturally), the LAX field, and all the good things in Levittown. He loved it, liked the neighborhood feel, and being able to walk everywhere. You don't appreciate what you had, until you see what you had. Down here in Virginia, loving it, but what a long strange trip it's been. Looking forward to the 30th reunion.

Kathy Leyden (now Lynch) -1981- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Massachusetts - 2000.04.20
Looking for: DAHS alumni in the Boston area (where I live now) and anyone who cares to stay in touch.
Memories: Some great parties: Compton's, Beck's, Yaeger's, Chenofsky's, Harding's, and Bird's houses to name a few.
Volleyball, badminton, working on play set designs, art class, studying with friends.
Teachers like Pavlikowski, Wagoner, coach Winnie, Brown, Fox, Stillwaggon, Krug, Strasser, Weiss, Borg, Eisenberg, and Freeman.
Childhood friends: Nancy Leder, Maureen Langenfeld, Lynn Marshall, and Sue Bell.
Nolan's class at Northside. Long walks to or from school with Alison Fisher or Mary Ann Keller. Neighborhood fun and games with Susie Carr, Holly Frost, Krissy Kelly, Kerry and Eileen Kelly, The Lang sisters, Troy Simat and his friends. Dating some great guys (you know who you are). Other friends: Mary Ann A., Jill B., Lynn T., Elizabeth S., M. Chiocchio., Arlene H., Stacy D., Jill R., Laura R., and Brendan W. Regrets and apologies: friendships lost, sticking to cliques, people I forgot to mention here. All of you, in one way or another, regardless of whether or not you are mentioned here, have shaped my life in meaningful ways to which I am grateful. Presently, I am married and working as a Graphic Designer near Boston, MA for a terrific small education consulting company. I lived in VA for a couple of years and MD for many more years before moving here.
Comments: Met up with DAHS friends L. Carroll, J. Rothenberg, and T. Cautela who are living nearby! Nice web page Trina! Thank you. Best wishes to all from DAHS and Levittown!

Louis Worsthorn - 1973 - - North Bellmore - 2000.04.20
Memories: Consuming larges volumes of alcholic beverages in the grandstands behind the school.

Lynn Brenner (now Lynn Cook) - 1994 - - Deer Park - 2000.04.20
Memories: Kissing Jonathan in the hallways and always being late for class, chorus, swing choir, the school play... great friends -- laughing my butt off!!

John Gushue - 1979 - - Pompton Lakes, NJ - 2000.04.20 (new e-mail 2000.07.21)
Memories: All the girls I had a crush on... I'll never tell who...
And sparkin up at the main entrance, Don't tell my mother...

Matthew Inger - 1992 - - Conshohocken, PA - 2000.04.21
my webpage:
A memoriam:
In loving memory of Mrs. T. Wieczerzak, one of the best teachers I've ever had.
You will be sorely missed. Condolences to Mr. Ray Wieczerzak.

Linda DeVeglio (now Linda Ciminelli) - 1977 - - Wantagh, NY - 2000.04.21
Comments: Hi everyone. Just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself since graduation. I worked for a few different print shops before I finally settled in the print shop at Sperry. I worked there 6 years before I left to have my first son Bryan. I now have 4 boys and a wonderful husband. We own a gas station in Bellmore, NY. It's a tough business with its ups and downs. My sons are Bryan, 15; Graig, 13; Kevin, 10; and Mickey, 4. We are huge Yankee fans and Mickey was named for the late, great Mickey Mantle.
Write. I'd be very happy to renew old friendships.

Craig Simak - 1991 - - Levittown - 2000.04.21
Memories: 1) Going back to school after downing a bottle of Cutty Shark with Gruber at Lunch and then throwing up in Ginther's bio class and eventually on Mr. Allen's Shoe's (Woops!)
2) Hangin out at the Deli
3) Hangin out on the bleachers!
4) Daversa's house (need I say more)
5) Fighting with Lynn (we ended up getting married)
6) Our class tried to break the record for most consecutive keg paties in a four-year period. I think it still stands today!
Comments: I actually cleaned-up nicely after "high" school. Fortunately, I survived all of the drugs & alcohol and quit cold-turkey directly after graduating. Me and Lynn got back together in 1993 and got married in 1995. Kayla was born that summer, then Kyle in 1998. We have our hands full but I still see some of my freinds from school on a regular basis. I'm currently producing trade-shows and conferences nationwide. I can't wait for the re-union next year. Holy S**t, where did ten years go??? I'd give my right arm just to go back for a day!

Camille Sanzone - 1965 - - South Florida - 2000.04.22
Looking for: Elizabeth Brett, Patricia Thompson, Johnny Dressel, Stephen Herman

Betsy Hanners (now Betsy Chappell) - 1970 - - Miller Place, NY - 2000.04.22 (new e-mail 2000.08.28)
Looking for: Classmates 1970
Memories: Field Hockey, the greatest football season ever, my girlfriends, Mr. Garvey and some of the sweetest memories that a girl could want! Of course "the chain" was the best hangout and Lums was the place to meet.
Comments: I'm living in Miller Place and still working in Riverhead Schools as the Assistant Director in Special Education. I've got two kids -- one in college and one getting ready for September. I still am in touch with Chris McCarthy Kurziel and from time to time, Ginny Muller Pergola. I'd love to hear from some of my other classmates too!

Doug Willenbacher - 1983 - Manhattan - 2000.04.22
Memories: Leaving!

John Dillman - (Island Trees High School1967) - - 2000.04.23
Looking for: Laurie Schweser - 1967 or 1968
Can anyone help me find a good friend, Laurie Schweser - I have not seen her since 1968. (Last known living in Florida.)

Jim McElroy - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Austin, TX - 2000.04.24
Comments: Great idea. Thanks for putting us back in touch with one another.

Lyne Swacey - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Woodstock, NY - 2000.04.24
Looking for: anyone from my graduating class
Memories: hanging out with Regina and Frank. Lisa and Manny
I didn't really have that many friends in my school, but the ones I did have rocked.
Ricky, Anthony, Lisa and me going to f.r.
Comments: I hope that everyone is living their lives to the fullest and is happy.
I also hope all the old h.s. crap is done and everyone grew into caring people:)!!!

Walter Gilbert - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Centereach, NY - 2000.04.24
Memories: 10,000 marbles at graduation rehearsal. Dr. Graneese Biology and Mr. Murphy Math, two classes I looked foward to.

Danny Brown - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - nowhere else but LEVITTOWN!! - 2000.04.24
Memories: the bleachers, what else! and everything that came with it... beer, girls, lacrosse games, football games, drinking games, fights, and let's not forget the cops. What better way was there to end the night than getting chased by the boys from the eigth precinct.
Comments: just when i thought the web was getting a little played out my sisters tip me off to this awesome site.

Eric Antaki - 1992 (moved 1989) - - Massapequa, NY - 2000.04.25
Comments: Moved in 9th grade, but still keep in touch with the gang.

Nickie Bunchuck (now Nickie Connolly) - 1966 - - Southold - 2000.04.25 (new e-mail 2001.07.24)
Memories: Good friends, neighbors and teachers.

Lois Bechler (now Lois Rice) - 1971 - - Parker, Colorado - 2000.04.25
Looking for: Michael (Micky) Thiele
Memories: Hanging out at the pool with friends during the summer. Also Jones Beach.

Jill di Monda (now Jill Daley) - 1987 - - Haddam, CT - 2000.04.26
Looking for: Michelle Corpac

John Argonis - 1987 - - Harrisburg, PA - 2000.04.28 (new e-mail 2002.11.11)
I am currently living in Harrisburg, PA with my beautiful wife Jennifer. We have been married for 2 and a half years. I am still in the graphic design & printing field. I am operating and a partner of a Printing & Design firm here in PA. Hope to soon venture on my own, since I have expanded my abilities in the Web Designing market. We have no kids YET. But we are working on it. I still keep in touch with my best man of my wedding, Dave O'keefe who has a beautiful wife and two adorable kids. Well hope to see you all at the next ReUnion.
Best Memories: Senior Ski trip and the Senior Variety Show.

Tony Laurendi - 1977 - - Melbourne, Florida - 2000.04.28
Memories: Walking three miles from Kingfisher Road in the winter time.
The senior lounge which I waited to enter since 7th grade and never did in my senior year (I always sat in the cafeteria) - but the juke box and music was great!
Losing so many varsity basketball games between 1974 and 1977 taught me that it's ok to do so.
The wonderful, well-rounded education that I received that I am now seeing again through my children who are in elementary school.

Jackie Gardner (now Jackie Passarella) - 1981 - - Farmingdale - 2000.04.29
Looking for: anyone

Bob Galeota - 1977 - Port Richey, Florida - 2000.04.30
Memories: graduating

James Reardon - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2000.05.03) - North Dakota - 2000.05.01
Looking for: Mark Steinberg
Memories: Hanging out with Steinberg. Playing poker in the bathroom.
Comments: Go DRAGONS

John Erb - 1981 - - Long Island - 2000.05.01
Looking for: Mrs. Shoemaker?
Memories: The things I remember from my five years at DAHS: Parties at Steffi Yaeger's and Jimmy Beck's, Alison Fisher's Sweet 16, the Senior Variety Show (working the lights, blasted on Rum and 7-Up), John Bagley singing "Shaddupa You Face!", the Post-Prom at Great Adventure (thanks Arlene), 12th Grade Gym - Bowling!, Roller-skating (or in my case, Roller-falling), Substitute Teachers (oh those poor women...), Beck's Beer (well it was Jimmy Beck's beer. . . get it?), playing "air trombone", Driver's Ed. at 7 a.m. (it's easier if you're not awake), oh, and I still can't believe they gave me a "zero" for not going to Study Hall. I'll get you, Fusco! Maybe I just wanted to study at May's or Woolworth's.
Teachers: Mrs. Wieczerzak (everybody misses her), Mrs. Shoemaker (and her barbecues, wie sag man: "Barbecues"), Mr. Danhieux ("I can't see!" ... "Enroll in the school for the blind"), Dr. Strasser ("Page 114 in your Amsco Book"), Mr. Faggione (oops!), Mr. Wieczerzak (did he ever read one of our essays?), Mr. Teichert (no, Ernie, I still can't play the trombone), Dr. Fusco (Mussolini without the sense of humor), and yeah, what was that Typing Teacher's name? (she can't still be too old for me!)
Friends: Jimmy Beck (and not just because you had a car), Randy Appel (somebody had to be your friend), Alison (#1) Fisher (my pal, my buddy, my missed opportunity), Dave Bridgewood (Wisdom to Division, the whole shebang), Kevin Denninger (the driest wit I ever knew), Robert Lindsay (the guy's as weird as me), Jill Blanckmeister (more people should have known how funny you could be), Gary Harding (I can't come up with the words), and all the gang: Kathy Leyden, Arlene Hawes, Kenny Holt, Lauren Carroll, Carolyn Compton, Barbara Nizich (I had a dream about you recently - not that kind of dream!, well not quite), Marty Aull, Jeff Schneider, Jocelyn Cardoza, John Stitt, Anthony Chiarelli, Rich Graves & Rich Hosek (LCC, they know what it is).
Comments: I had forgotten how much fun High School was so much of the time. Funny how memories do that. I got my degree in Architecture at NYIT, but the building recession of the late 1980s persuaded me to jump a sinking ship and now I'm working as a Graphic Designer for a Corporate Presentations and Fulffillment company here on Long Island.

Joseph A Klingner - 1984 - Saint Augustine, Florida - 2000.05.01
Looking for: Tom Samluk, Mario Damiani, Mike Ciaccio, Maryann Degiacomo
Memories: burning rubber by the cafeteria, smoking good herb under the bleachers, adapting to going to a rival school after having Memorial ripped out of our grasp the year before we graduated. Messing with the teachers and staff. Should i go on?
Comments: Over all I liked Division Avenue... though i will always be a Memorial Panther at heart!

Cara Walsh (now Cara Eaton) - 1978 - - Gig Harbor, WA - 2000.05.02
Memories: Senora Burton (La Bruha), Mr.Cestaro and his morbid stories of his mortuary night job.
Mr D'Agostino and those awesome cufflinks!
Does anyone remember Mr. Festante telling the story of how he won the case of Campbell's soup? That was my neighbors Jeannie Hunter and Paul Foster playing a joke on him and he fell for it 100%.
I remember in 5th grade playing "Clue" with Diane Christiansen's family.
Comments: I moved to Syosset after 10th grade when my dad got married, but kept in touch with Joanie Hand and a few others for awhile. She pierced my ear and I used Peter's teddy bear to hold on to while she did it. :) I then moved to Washington state in 1978 and graduated from Tacoma Community College.

Greg R. Nitch - 1978 / 1979 - - Bubenreuth, Germany - 2000.05.02 (new e-mail 2002.04.24)
Looking for: Contact with old friends!
Memories: The people, the people and more of the people. Looking back at the days of Division Avenue, there were some really good times and friends.

Shellie Bender (now Shellie Jackson) - 1967 - - Willingboro, NJ - 2000.05.02
Looking for: information on a reunion

Stephanie Yaeger (now Stephanie Sodden) - 1981 - - Colorado - 2000.05.03
Looking for: Carolyn Compton, Jill Blankmeister
Memories: I moved to Denver after finishing 9th grade.
Levittown was a great place to grow up and I had wonderful friends and very fond memories.

James Bongo - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.05.03
Memories: um lets see... keggers, chicks, sports, and laughing my a** off
everyday with some really cool friends.

Carl A. (Rusty) Arnesen - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - San Diego - 2000.05.04
Looking for: Richard (Dickie) Chin, Lenny Mathison, Eddie Welch, John Honkanen (Police Officer on Long Island), Jim Berg (Police, Freeport?), Joe Roy, Kenny Bachman, Bill Harned, Fran Cassioli (Weston), Bob Abruzzo (1965), Oliver (Buddy) Weston, (1961?), Patricia Lambeth (1965 but moved in 1964), Charles (Skip) Essig, Joy Cohn (1965).
Memories: Summers, the pools, the North Green (I notice that many others have the same fond memories of the green.) I also liked the West Green and Azalea pool. Sand lot football (I had a couple of teeth knocked in, in a no equipment tackle game against Memorial - but we won.) Pick up baseball, stickball, etc. behind Northside School. The "MANCHOS" (Anyone remember what it stands for?). Cryslurs, chorus, (I really did like "chromedome" but I feel embarrased that I can't remember his real name.) the bands. Being asked by Mr. Rielly, the vice pricipal - Mr. A?, and almost all of the teachers, "Why aren't you like your sister." (NOT! - My sister was valedictorian of the first graduating class and I had to follow her act.) Some very good friends.
Comments: I remember a lot of very nice people that went to Division. Some I wish I had known better, some I wish I had done more for, some I wish I had been nicer to, many I would like to see again and all I wish well.

Ingrid Nitch (now Ingrid Agolia) - 1974 - - Raleigh, NC - 2000.05.04
Memories: Getting together with other students on the front lawn with our guitars and banging out tunes from Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, the good old days.

Howard Silver - 1974 - - Westport, CT - 2000.05.04
Looking for: Bill Cain
Memories: Walking to school with friends, and the great staff. I have fond memories of going to basketball games, and football games, and wishing I was on the team. I did play baseball for the JV team, and loved the games and practices.

Does anybody remember recreation on Friday nights?, or going to Lums for lunch, or the Kosher deli on Hempstead Turnpike for hot dogs?

Does anybody know what happened to some of my favorite teachers -- Mrs. Stillwagon for science, Mr. Danhieux for science, Dr. Strasser for math, Mr. Lieber for social studies, or Mr. Borg for mechanical drawing.

I have great memories of drivers ed with Mr. Miller, and shop classes with Mr. Asoph.
I do remember graduation day, a very hot day, and was held inside.

The last time I was inside the DAHS was about 5 years ago when I was visiting Levittown. I walked inside the the building, and walked the halls. What a feeling of "flashback" I had. I really enjoyed looking at the window case of the athletic department.

After graduating DAHS, I went to SUNY at Oneonta, and then onto NYU Dental School. I was married in 1982, and have 2 boys, and settled in Westport, CT, and practice dentistry in NYC.

Levittown, and DAHS was a great place to grow up. The closeness of houses, the sidewalks, and the many, many kids around all the time made it a very special community, and I hope it hasn't changed for kids now
Comments: Would love to hear from classmates from 1974, and any news about a reunion. The reunion about 5 years ago was teriffic!!!

Dave Perrett - 1978 - South Riding, VA (25 miles west of Washington, D.C.) - 2000.05.05 - - 2001.09.15
Memories: Band, orchestra, performing in the orchestras for the annual musicals (thanks for posting that list -- brings back lots of fun memories), marching band and lunch at Mama Celeste's after Saturday morning practices and before the afternoon football games; Mr. Teichert, Mr. Corin, Mrs. Shoemaker; working on the yearbook and spending lots of time in Eisenhower Park during the summer of 1977 with Mr. Festante and others "on staff" taking our yearbook portraits; pick up football, basketball and baseball games with Bob Ackley, John Ackley (1977) Dave Dougherty, Ray Lundy, Scott Fisher, John Fitzsimons (1977) and whoever else came along!
Comments: My wife, Kathy, and I have lived in Northern Virginia for the past six years and have two adorable daughters, Sarah (6) and Rachel (2). We "rang in the new millennium" in Westhampton, LI with Bob Ackley, Carrie Melita, Scott Fisher and Regina Ackley (1984), among others.
Sorry to have missed the 20th Reunion, but hope there will be a 25th!

Jay Sullivan - 1977 - - Manorville, NY - 2000.05.08
Looking for: All the old friends
Memories: There are too many to list - but let me shoot a couple at you
- Graduation weekend - all still a blur
- The gum-ball rally - you had to be there to know what I'm taking about
- Hanging out of Mrs. Fox's second story window and popping my head back up after class started
- Mr Kalinowski's French class
- That crazy biology teacher that drew great diagrams - What was his name?
- Working over Mr Calderone in Social Studies
- Zapping Mr. Pahel with the static electricity ball
- Playing football at Azalea after school
- Hanging out at Redwing in the summers
God, what a troublemaker I was. Thank you all for putting up with me

Jaclyn Leuther - 1996 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.05.08 (new e-mail 2000.08.20)
Comments: I had a daughter, Lydia Rose Reynolds, on April 22nd 1999!

Laura Hasbrouck - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Still Levittown - 2000.05.09
my webpage:
Memories: It was kool all 4 yrs. I miss it now I know it seems weird but I do. I miss the teachers being with all my friends, and lunch and Child care and all, it was just so much fun.

Elizabeth (Teri) Tripp (now Teri Tripp-Lanciault) - 1970 & 1971 (I actually quituated) - - Guilford, NY (upstate, near Oneonta) - 2000.05.10
Looking for: Carol Kish, Pat Mc Donough, Peter Hoff, Chris Reilly, Gail Foss, Ann Smith
Memories: During a fire drill, Alex Blane, (class of 1968 I think) Came out quite late. Mrs. Miranda (Spanish) said "... where were you? What's your name?" He replied "Alex Blane". She shouts, "You'll explain nothing!!"

Barbara Hand (now Barbara Lyons) - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - New Jersey - 2000.05.11
Memories: I have many fond memories DAHS years.. too many to list. Enjoyed hanging out "at the bleachers" with friends, Senior Variety shows, football games, parties, graduation, etc.. The memories are great and it's been wonderful to still keep in touch with some "old" friends.

James DelGiorno - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Floral Park, NY - 2000.05.11
Memories: Ron Dalbora and I challenged Fred Goelz to a game of stickball, us against him. We got up first, two up two down. That was the last time we got up. We decided to concede the loss at 21 - 0.
Comments: Nice job! Keep up the good work :-)

Bob Bonacci - - Littleton, Colorado - 2000.05.11
Memories: Parties, slow dances, great friendships, and circle 65's

Robin Chelder (now Robin Lawrence) - 1978 - - Louisville, KY - 2000.05.12
Looking for: anyone who has memories to share
Memories: partying with good friends
Comments: Michael Lawrence (also class of 1978) and I have been married for almost 18 years. We live in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. (A great place to raise a family!) We have two sons (13 and 16) who are now experiencing what we did a long time ago. Some day (years from now) they will log onto an internet alumni site and many wonderful memories of their school days will come flooding back. It's a great feeling. Even though I haven't seen many of you since 1978, there will always be a special bond between us. Since my parents still live in Levittown, we usually visit a couple of times a year. Hope to run into some of you.

Bruce Edwards - 1975 - - Hillsboro, Virginia - 2000.05.13
Memories: The GIANT teletype-like computer that was in the math lab at the south end of the building that ran programs printed on perforated tape! I thought it was so cool and advanced... the school plays (which were actually pretty good productions, considering) especially the Christmas Carol in which Ernie Murphy played the Ghost of Christmas Present and nearly set his robes on fire... taking off at lunchtime for a bite at Lum's or Bicksburgers... listening to the radio in Mr. Borg's mechanical drawing class... escaping from classes periodically to sojourn to Salisbury Park or the beach... it was all good. I miss all of you. Well, most of you. (Just kidding.) I hope to actually make it to a reunion sometime and meet a few old friends. Peace and good wishes to all.

John Marman - 1979 - - Huntington, NY - 2000.05.15
Memories: Sitting at the door in Mrs. Burton's Spanish class and having Candido Velez telling me what to say in Spanish so I can get "cinco puntos." I had know idea what I was saying, but I wound up getting thrown out of class... Eraser fights in Mr. O'Brien's class. Especially the day Tommy Oats got hit in the nose with an errant throw... Matt Tweed pukin' behind me in Mr. O'Gara's class after drinkin' a bottle of vodka for Saint Patty's Day... The 1st day Peter Gregory shaved himself a mustache. He looked like Hitler... Going to Andy McCarthy's house whenever possible. I was in love with his 7 sisters, and his mother's Ice Tea... The cafeteria Lunch Lady making sure that I only took one cookie. I like cookies... Tony Passaretti's Uncle Sam sneakers... Cindy Williams, if I only had the balls to ask her out... our lousy Baseball Team (coach Robbins, where were you then?), our lousy basketball team... my first beer with Kevin Reilly in my backyard, listening to "Slap Shot". My father changed the oil in his car that day, I wound up wearing it that night... and many, many more.
Comments: Missed all of the reunions. I guess nobody could get in touch with me. Hope to make the next one.

Lorry Imhof (now Lorry Connors) - 1976 - - Norfolk, VA - 2000.05.16 (new e-mail 2000.09.22)
Memories: I actually spent my last year of High School at Farmingdale H.S., but Division will always be my high school. I remember the fun we had in Mr. Arculeo's science class in 9th grade. My boyfriend's (now husband, Chris Connors 1974 graduate) prom. We had the best weekend. All the friends I made during those years there. Mrs. Miranda, who I thought was a witch, and now realize was a woman with a heart of gold. So many memories from there.

Tom McLaughlin - 1974 - (blocks senders 2000.06.05) - Crystal Lake, IL - 2000.05.16
Looking for: Eddie Abrams
Memories: Hangin at the chain, the church, the green, pintail lane school
swimmin after hours in azalea pool, sittin in Mr Aiello's office, drinkin in the bleachers and gettin chased by the rentees. loved mrs conolly's class.
Comments: i cut classes way too much. even missed graduation so i spent 24 yrs in the navy!!!

Dorothy Hutt / "Cookie" (now Dorothy Landau / "Cookie") - 1969 - - Shirley, NY - 2000.05.17
Looking for: Mr. David Peyton
Memories: Being taken care of by the Peytons.
Going to Woolwoth's for lunch... or Lum's (until it was forbidden).

Bill DiMartini - 1974 - - Warwick, NY - 2000.05.17
Looking for: Anyone from the Pinetree gang
Memories: hanging out in front of the school,

Chris Flinn - 1998 - - 2000.05.18
Memories: Hahn

Sheri Rosenkranz (now Wilkonski) - 1990 - - Deer Park - 2000.05.19
Looking for: Michelle Waters

Danielle DeSocio - 1991 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Largo, Fl. - 2000.05.20
Memories: The hallways in between classes!
Cheerleading, freshman volleyball.
Mr. Ianis math class!
All the trouble I got out of somehow?
Theatre, being on stage!!!
My friends!

Maureen Brennan (now Maureen Lambert) - 1966 - - Selden, NY - 2000.05.21
Looking for: Janet Corbin and Frank Conroy

Kathryn Heaton (now Kathryn Heaton-Mole') - 1979 - - Massapequa Park, NY - 2000.05.21
Memories: Hanging out at Azalea Road pool and "the church" and getting chased by the rent-a-cops and

Leonard K. Bernstein - - Philadelphia, PA - 2000.05.22
Comments: Would certainly like to hear from classmates.

Lisa Marie Osborne (now Lisa M. Bondrew) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Pocono Mountains, PA - 2000.05.22
Memories: Wow, Cannot believe it was 15 years ago that we graduated. Here it is 2000 and I do not feel any older than I did back then. But time does show its face when I hear my children ask me "Mom, what is a record?" and when they come across the rare rotary phone and try so hard to "push" the numbers. I hope all of you are well and happy!!!
Looking forward to the next reunion.

Norman Stavin - 1968 - - P.O. Box 7113 Amgansett, NY 11930 - 2000.05.23
Looking for: Debbie Hanish
Comments: (phone: (631) 267-8992; -3742(fax))

Christina Pastore (soon to be Christina Garbacki on 9/7/2001) - 1993 - - Wantagh, NY - 2000.05.23
Memories: Meeting my finance Thomas Garbacki in Mrs. Pacifico's class.
Thank's Mrs. P!

Charles Hays - 1966 - - Levittown - 2000.05.23
Looking for: Pat Ormond (class of 1966)

Jacqueline Kohany - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2000.05.24
Looking for: lorraine, marianne t, maria r, donna b, jenn o, ali l, linda h, , joanne h,
Memories: getting into trouble! hi marianne maria alison donna lorraine jenno linda h mike linn what is up! surprised i can use a computer :)P

Ron DeMaio - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - East Meadow - 2000.05.24
Looking for: old friends
Memories: Kyle's keggers all the stupid fights with the posse's (sdt, ba, lhp, ect) just all the good times
Comments: I married my high school sweetheart, we had a beautiful baby girl in june 1999, kassidy rae.

Larry Berger - 1963 - - Edgewater, Florida - 2000.05.26
Looking for: Ronald Moller... Louise Gallo & brother Anthony

Neil Lamorte - 1981 - - West Babylon, NY - 2000.05.27 (new e-mail 2003.09.05)
Looking for: Anyone and everyone
Comments: Wishing everyone health and happiness... Looking forward to hearing from ya... By the way, I just saw warden... uh I mean Dr. Fusco.

Stephen Cardoza - 1968 - - Hicksville, NY (summers in Cape Cod Ma.) - 2000.05.27
Comments: I'm working as a funeral director for the past 25 years. It's been a good life.

Artie Schmutzer - would have been 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.05.27
Memories: Sports, sports, All County, and more sports

Pam Castagnaro (now Pam Kulin) - 1972 - - Highlands Ranch, Colorado - 2000.05.28
Norwell, Massachusetts (new address 2000.07.29)
Looking for: Cathy Krucher 1971
Comments: I have been living in God's Country... Colorado for 7 years with my wonderful husband and beautiful 10 year-old daughter Alyson. We are movng to Massachusetts... actually next week! My husband is working in Braintree, which is southeast of Boston. I was wondering if any fellow Massachusetts alumni can give me any insight into where the great school districts and nice areas are. We will be living in the company's apartment until we track down the right area to live. Interested in the Duxbury, Cohasset, Hingham, Marshfield areas on the south shore. Any info would be gratefully accepted!!! 'preciate it!!! emails would be great!!

MaryEileen O'Neill (now MaryEIleen Smith) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - East Meadow, NY - 2000.05.28
Memories: The Chain, Barry Warren's Parties, good friends. Azalea Pool.

Mike Mikulec - 1994 (moved 1990) - - Tampa, Florida - 2000.05.29
Looking for: Looking for old friends/memories!
Memories: My friends... my hours of laughing my head off...
Comments: Ok, I may be cheating! Even though I moved in 1990, I left a lot of people behind that I miss so much! I am visiting Levittown for the next several weeks, and so many old memories are popping in my head!
Now, I know I didn't graduate at Division, but hopefully someone that remembers "Mikey" will email me just to say HI!!!
I have missed you all so much!

June E. Fairhurst (now June E. Fay) - 1960 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 41 Hawthorne Rd., Garden City, NY - 2000.05.29
Looking for: Robert Specht
Memories: Going to Whalen's Drug Store after school. (They made the best malteds.) Swimming at Bluegrass Pool, Football games when the leaves were turning gold, my favorite teachers, Mr. Keating's English class, and the drills in typing that Mrs. Sileo would have the class do. While the innocence of "The Fonzie Days" is long forgotten, friendships have been renewed, and revisited, thanks to the age of technology. So as Billy Joel says, "The good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems, brings these two moments in time together. These are a few of my favorite things... While I now live in in the place of my birth, Garden City NY, Levittown will always have a special place in my heart, and the roots from which I've grown.
Comments: While I didn't graduate with class of 1960 (an error in judgement), I did finish and am now attending Adelphi University.

Pat Gibson (now Trish Perez) - 1967 - - Las Vegas, Nevada - 2000.05.29
Memories: Going to football games. When all the girls got together and played football behind Division Ave. High School. Hanging out at the North Village Green. Miss Transue, my favorite PE teacher

Gavin Gray - 1966 - - San Diego, CA - 2000.05.30 (new e-mail 2003.05.04)
Memories: our infamous lunch table

Bob Dehne - 1968 - - Oviedo, Florida - 2000.05.30
Memories: All the parties I had at my house during 1967-1968. Growing up in Levitttown was the greatest experience for anyone. there are many memories

Jerry Reichert - 1961 - - Westhampton, NY - (new e-mail 2000.05.30)
Memories: All of high school was a great memory at DAHS!
Comments: Looking forward to July 21. See you then.

Janice Christoffersen (now Janice Matol) - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Crystal Lake, Illinois - 2000.05.30
Looking for: Sue, Angela, Diane
Memories: Football games, after-school sports and the great dances. The teachers were great -- Mr. Levy, Mr. Messapezza, Mr. Greco, Mrs. Fox, Mr. Laska. Really enjoyed the trips to Jones Beach and Friday nights at the roller rink.

Carol Buenker (now Carol Carlson) - 1978 - - Penfield, NY - 2000.05.31
Memories: Just put on a Cat Stevens CD and when Father and Son came on, I felt like I was right back in high school at the junior prom.
Seems like so long ago, but only yesterday...

Kelly Rambo - 1985 - - The Plains, Ohio - 2000.05.31
Looking for: Jennifer Ann McBride

Raymond Hanson - 1981 - - 2000.06.01
Looking for: Kevin Noonan; would be interested in knowing what some others in the past are up to.
Memories: Some interesting times, some pleasant memories some not so pleasant. Certainly a time that helped shaped my life, for better or worse.
Thinking back I have to wonder what ever happened to R. Grave's German book? Rich, you can never run for political office. Although I have quite a few memories about D.A.H.S., I have dearer memories of the people (friends) than the institution itself.
A quick bit about myself if anyone wonders (cares). I am a pediatric physical therapist working on L.I., in a developmental preschool. I had spent a few years in Texas & New Mexico, in the more rural school districts. Just could not stay away from the Ocean, so I am back on LI. Brevity seems in order here, but my address is posted. Stay well, all.

Eileen Scott (now Eileen Metz) - 1970 - - Plantation, Florida - 2000.06.01 (new e-mail 2001.05.24)
Memories: Where Do I Start? The Green, Artie at the lunch counter. The Senior play, 'The Age of Aquarius'. The prom, 'El Patio'. The Teachers, the hallways. The GYM, Miss Garlick! Walking to school in the winter.
The Teachers, oh the list of teachers... (another time)
30 years later, Division & Levittown are still my best memories. Thanks, Scotti
Comments: Keep me posted if there's a 30th.

Susan Weldon - 1960 - - Mansfield, CT - 2000.06.02
Comments: Hi,
is anyone going to the reunion from Connecticut? We could go down together. Also, where are people staying who are coming from out of town? I recall that at the 20th reunion most people stayed in the same motel and we had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see everybody.

Rita Mirabella (now Rita Kragel) - 1961 - (bad e-mail) - Virginia - 2000.06.03
Looking for: Earl Gressman
Memories: I had such a wonderful time at the Senior prom and I always enjoyed the dances that Division Avenue had for us. I loved my English class during my senior year with Mr. Keating, he was such a great teacher and person. I loved going to the football games and singing on the bus when we went to the away games and watching our guys play and win a game.

Doug Robins - P.E. teacher, baseball coach - - Levittown - 2000.06.06
Division Avenue HS news update! 1996b Division Avenue HS alumni Shawn Fagan who just finished his senior year at Penn State has just been drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 13th round. Shawn is signing today and will be sent out to camp withih a few days. Doug Robins

Kerry Johnson (now Kerry Johnson-Bortell) - 1983 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Levittown (Island Trees, oops!), NY - 2000.06.06
Looking for: no one in particular, still keep in touch with some friends from DAHS
Memories: too many too list here on this page... Hey I saw Fred Goelz at an indoor soccer tournament my daughter attended back in Jan. of 2000. He coaches a girls U-9 soccer team and is Asst. Principal at DAHS... Mr. Cestaro retired... to all of you who remembered if the NY Jets would win, amnesty to those latecomers in class... Just saw Chrissy Sabo last week came to my house for a bbq... Keep in touch with Chrissy Buerkle-Wollman, Holly Passarella, Deanine Ryan-Jaffe... I'd love to hear from Tricia Reisig, Tommy Carew and all of those old friends from Integrated Studies, what a blast we had!!! Hi to all of you!! Hope you are all well and happy!!! Ihave two children ages 6 and 9, married 13 years to a NY City Lieutenant... Stayed at home to raise the kids after a 6-year career in the insurance industry... Now working part-time as a reading aide at a local elementary school, soccer mom, etc...
Comments: great website I love it!!!

Larry Berger - 1963 - - Edgewater FL. - 2000.06.06
Looking for: Anybody who wants to get in touch...
Memories: Mr. Simes who caught us drinking scotch in a class with no teacher. Food fights in the cafeteria. Jerry Jewel (big body, little head) who used to catch us smokin' in the bathroom by his office, cause he could smell the smoke. [B.R.], who the gym teacher forced to take a shower 'cause he never would and came out of the shower with a woody.
Comments: I have met Patti the love of my life whom I will be married to because I love her very much and have finally found true happiness in my life. I have raised two wonderful boys and I have a 16 year old girl who is giving me fits. I hope to get her married off. I want very much to be at the next reunion, so every body better show up 'cause I wanna see some familiar faces.

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 2000.06.07
Comments: What have I been doing since graduation? Wouldn't you like to know! Actually, for the past 25 years, I have been in the baseball card business. From 1979-93, I owned and published Baseball Hobby News, a national magazine. Since 1994, I have written a weekly column for Sports Collectors Digest. Now my wife and I sell sports cards on eBay.
Looking for some Brooklyn Dodgers or others oldies but goodies? check out our listings via our eBay ID: [???]

Brian Bernhard - 1978 - - Massapequa Park, NY 11762 - 2000.06.07
Looking for: Billy Sampson "Buckwheat" - (myself and Gary Russo, his college roomate at Maritime.)
Memories: Too many to name. Sports, friends, trips, stories. I screwed up a lot and learned a lot as well. I hope everyone has great memories as I do, the good and the bad.
I'd like to hear from anyone who cares to write! Had a great time at the re-union, I felt like I was at a Nelson party! And nobody was arrested!
Comments: Great job on the site!

Candido Velez Jr - 1978 (early graduate from class of 1979) - - Farmingdale, NY - 2000.06.07
Memories: Getting kicked out of Mr. Tier's biology class. Hanging out in the cafeteria. Missed a lot of the fun because I graduated a year early (1978). Looking back, DAHS was a great experience that I wouldn't change if I had to do it over again.

Jennifer Rivellese (now Jordan then Irving (don't ask)) - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown (it's like a disease) - 2000.06.07
Comments: So how is everyone???

Pat Collins (now Corrigan) - 1972 - - North Carolina - 2000.06.07 (new e-mail 2001.03.10)
Looking for: anyone who is interested in responding
Memories: my senior year hanging at the canteen on free periods. and the senior faculty game.

Sandra Silvasie (Sandy) (now Sandra Smith) - 1961 - - San Diego - 2000.06.09
Memories: I have two memories. The first one was leading the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in my senior year as the majorette leader. The second one was getting caught cutting classes with Mike Menicon.
Comments: I hope to see you all at the reunion.

Nick "Biff" Corrado - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2000.06.10
my webpage:
Looking for: the "real" people who i will miss
Memories: Getting stuck in Babylon with Travis and Jeff, getting thrown out of Binger's class with Tony, softball with Woods, Nati's booty, Saying "Whats up big guy" with Louie, harrassing Gina, winning staring contests against Jess, coming to Avena's class late (and leaving early), Coachy's Deli runs, Cestaro's jokes, Festante yelling at me, and a lot of little things but most of all MAKING FUN OF FAKES. Now we will all see who our true friends are.
Comments: Hood's Up, Hoe's Down
the gigolo

Ron Ziegler - 1976 - - North Woodmere - 2000.06.10 (update 2001.01.27)
Comments: Can't believe that nearly a quarter century has gone by since we graduated. Still enjoying the Long Island life even though I was away for a while. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of alumni on this site.
Free free to contact me at my AOL e-mail address.

Chris Pasqueralli - 1994 (bad e-mail 2003.03.27)- Levittown - 2000.06.12
Comments: Since I graduated in 1994 I got married in November of 1999 to Jennifer Suchadola, and we have a beautiful two-year-old son named C.J.

Mary Leyden (now Mary Lehr) - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Annapolis, Maryland - 2000.06.13
my webpage:
Looking for: Frances Florentino Fico
Memories: Standing on the corner for hours talking with Joanne Moreno and Fran Florentino, cafeteria antics with Jan Levy, Doriel Wyler, Fran and Joanne...
Comments: Happy Birthday June 14 Fran Florentino (Fico) - The Big 50!!!

Linda Thunell (now Linda Beirne) - 1965 - - Longwood, Florida 32779 - 2000.06.13
Comments: I have never received any info on reunions for the class of 1965. Have there ever been any?

David Sloan - 1967 - - Oyster Bay Cove, NY - 2000.06.14
Comments: Although I moved from Levittown after 10th grade, I still have many memories of the years I did live in the town. Starting from Laurel Lane School, Northside School, one year at Jonas Salk JHS and then finally Division. Many good times, good friends and of course, memories.

Thomas Giordano - 1975 - Northport, NY - 2000.06.14 - - 2005.02.16
Memories: Integrated Studies,

Thomas Stretch - 1971 - - Shirley, NY - 2000.06.14
Looking for: Kenny Delaney
Memories: Being on the track team with coach Pivnick was a lot of fun. I left Levittown in 1968 but had a lot of good friends from all the years from Laurel Lane to Northside to Division Avenue. I still keep in touch with some friends from Levittown. I also played in a band with Sal Deangelo and Ken Delaney - we played a lot of birthday parties and sometimes in the school.

Christine Gobbo (now Christine Arena) - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Holbrook, NY - 2000.06.14
Memories: There are so many great memories. DAHS was so much fun.
Comments: I would love to talk with friends of the past to catch up as well as remember the "good old days." Things change and people move on but I think to be able to go back just for one day would be a lot of fun.

Gary Montagna - 1974 - - Dallas - 2000.06.15
Looking for: Kevin Cosgrove

Jeffrey Mittelman - 1972 - Seattle - 1999.06.03 (update 2000.08.03)
Memories: For some reason the most vivid memory is Mr. Lewis's science class. His amazing "board of education", shooting students without hall passes with CO2 fire extinguishers, his people-size hall pass. Oh the good old days. The band, orchestra, and the shows. Getting out of Gym with the perpetual pass to work on the stage lights. I might not spell this right but I remember the tympani solo with the orchestra playing Bachanalle with (I think) Mike Rosenberg playing the oboe like a true professional. Keep the memories coming.

Candice Kalb (now Candice Mayo) - 1967- - Barnegat, Barnegat, NJ - 2000.06.17 (new e-mail 2003.02.15)
Looking for: Barbara Summo.
Memories: My favorite memories of Division Avenue were all my great friends, especially my best friend, Esther Blaney. We had the greatest times, Azalea pool, parties at Ray Bernsen's, lazy summer days on Corncrib Lane and of course Miss Garlick's gym class. Burger and Shake, working in Mays, and of course Jimmy Speelman. Those were the great days.

Tim Tierney - 1985 - - Alpharetta, GA - 2000.06.17
Comments: I am married and have a baby boy named Matthew (born August 1999). My wife's name is Shana and we live in Alpharetta, GA.

Tracy A. Fitzpatrick (now Tracy A. McMahon) - 1988 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Oakdale, NY - 2000.06.19
Memories: Hanging out with old friends: Lynn, Lisa, Raeanne, Dorothy, Jennifer, John, Beth and many others. The School store was a blast. Mr. Goelz and Mr. Zacker are my favorites.
Comments: I was married in 1995 and now have two children. My son Patrick is 3 years old and my daughter Victoria-Marie is now 1 year old. I have gone back to college full time to pursue my special education teaching degree.

Janet Ileen Davis (now Janet Davis Baker) - 1973 - - Overland Park, KS - 2000.06.19 (new e-mail 2002.12.05)
Comments: So happy to find this! What a great idea. When's the next reunion?

Deanna Moran - 2001 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2000.06.19
Memories: chilling with all my friends... love u guys... thanx for the nickname: Dex

Jeff Rasmussen - 1961 - - Norwich, NY - 2000.06.19
Memories: Kalinowskiisms:
[] The door swings both ways. If you don't like it in this classroom, you can walk out of here anytime, and never come back.
[] You may be able to fool your parents and your other teachers, but you can't pull the wool over Old Thad's eyes.
[] I don't blame you for the way you are. You're only reflections of your parents. If you act like a jerk, it's only because your parents are jerks.
[] I am not a teacher. I'm only a glorified babysitter. You people are not here to learn. You're only here because your parents don't know what to do with you.
[] I'll give you all the rope you want. You don't have to do your work. You don't have to study. You'll have all the rope you need... TO HANG YOURSELF!
Comments: Mr Chapman: "School is easy. It's life that is difficult."

Kurt Angle - 1992 - - Chicago, Illinois - 2000.06.20
Looking for: Anyone from my class
Memories: My favorite overall DAHS memory was being an Olympic Hero to everyone that graced those hallways, and yes including the staff.
Comments: It's True, It's True

Roy Mauro - 1987 - - East Meadow - 2000.06.20 (new e-mail 2001.03.21)
Looking for: The Lunch Time BBQ Sauce Run / Bathroom Flooding gang
Memories: What happened to the class of 1987? Did we all fall off the face of the earth?
Trying to track down the Lunch Time Run clan.
Glenn G., Steve K., Mario P. and so on... You know who all of you are. Email me.

Frank Eriksen - 1966 - - Boulder, Colorado - 2000.06.21 (new e-mail 2002.06.14)
my webpage:
my webpage:
Looking for: John Ennis
Memories: Getting the hell outta there

Michelle Castro (now Michelle Velastegui) - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lynchburg, Virginia - 2000.06.21
Looking for: Old Levittown Memorial people!!! Remember me?
Memories: Senor Capo, Mrs. Pfeffer and the gang!

Allison Warrington (now Schuman) - 1983 - - Levittown - 2000.06.21
Memories: well i certainly don't miss the clicks. but i had great friends such as theresa, jackie, alyse and her twin allen. i miss the days when we cut out just to go to the beach. i dread thinking about the house party i had that destroyed my parents' house... (and you know who you are).

Luther Kuhlman - 1960 - - 221 Wildflower Drive, Franklin, NC 28734 - 2000.06.22
Looking for: Mike Bender, Class of 1961
Memories: Graduation!

Diana (Dee) Welch (now Diana Altman) - 1966 - kadiddle - Lake Mary, Fla. - 2000.06.22
Looking for: Frank Bauer
Memories: Being on Sports, my friends, Dave Wohl, Frank Bauer, Janet Plass, Christy McDonald

Keith Hurd - 1984 - - Manhattan - 2000.06.22 (new e-mail 2003.05.04)
Currently working on the Tony Award-winning musical KISS ME, KATE (BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL 2000), SWING and JEKYLL & HYDE (Jack Wagner, Sebastian Bach). Last year I was the VP of Promotions for FOSSE (BEST MUSICAL 1999).
Prior Credits include heading up Marketing for the Broadway musicals RAGTIME, TRIUMPH OF LOVE (BETTY BUCKLEY, F. Murray Abraham) VICTOR/VICTORIA with Julie Andrews (and Liza Minnelli) 1995-1997 and co-Produced DAMN YANKEES (revival 1994) with Bebe Neuwirth; Jerry Lewis in DAMN YANKEES, 1995.

Salvatore A DeAngelo / Sal - - 131 Saint Moritz Dr., Centreville, DE 19807 - 2000.06.22
Memories: partying, partying and more partying. band playing at the school dance. battle of the bands and the school ski trip

Raymond Eckert - 1980 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Port Jefferson Station, NY - 2000.06.22
Looking for: everyone from the class of 1980
Memories: playing hardball for the school. also hanging out with special friends from the year i graduated and the people from the year before and after.
Comments: i am really looking forward to seeing some of the people i have not seen since we all graduated. it has been a real long time and unfortunately for me my mermory is not all that great. i am still looking very forward to seeing everyone.

John Siraco Jr. - 2001 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.06.24
Comments: I can't believe that we are all going to finally be seniors. Time has gone by too fast and I'm going to miss everyone of you. I hope we can keep in touch.

Christine Schuler - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Huntington, NY - 2000.06.25
Looking for: old friends
Memories: Many fond memories. Sitting in Mr. Dapolito's biologys class being called Not So Sweet Miss Schuler and my sister sitting on the other side being called Sweet Miss Schuler.
Lots of sports teams and the fun we had.
Hopping in the car and heading off to the beach to go surfing at any time.

Roxana Elvir (now Roxana Elvir Satir) - 1980 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Baldwin, NY - 2000.06.25
Memories: Band, Chorus, Madrigals, plays and orchestra. The entire department!!!
Comments: Can't believe it is 20 years already!!!

Claudine Jackowski - 1989- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Phoenix, Arizona - 2000.06.26
Looking for: Christine Lynch (Campa)

George Harrs - 1961 - - Curacao, Netherlands Antilles - 2000.06.26
DAHS Memories: 6 years, too many to put on paper but here goes:
7th grade homeroom, Mr. Simes: 1st or 2nd year he taught public school after several years teaching at a reform school for boys, he was a trip. Algebra and Geometry, Mr. Simes: excellent teacher. Mr. Salomando, his favorite expression, “that's a gang-a-dough”: probably the worst teacher in the history of DAHS; however, what we did to that man was criminal. To the girls that were forced together with us animals in that class, you have my sincerest apologies. Miss Smyth, Miss Smith latter Mrs. Smyth -- I never quite got that one straight. (Just kidding you guys). Mr. Reggio, “There's no God in this class”: great Bio-Chem teacher. Sy Medanick and the AV Squad. Mr. Lasker: one good teacher and one of my favorites. Mr. Riley, Mr. Aiello, Mr. Amen, the other Joe DeMaggio, Mr. Pivnick, Mr. Fricke, Mrs. Santiago and of course Miss Eisenhower -- American History is still my favorite subject. Cit. Ed. 13, and the debates with the Fitt's brothers on the evils of Socialism. Being chosen as one of the hosts for the Foreign Student Exchange Program and having the privilege of representing our class and our school. Bruce Johnston stayed with our family for a month and we had a great time together. Bruce was from Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.
Other things I remember: The incredibly beautiful Kin Kin La the exchange student from Burma, unfortunately she didn't stay at my house. The “Hammer” carrying the football, Tommy “T” running the 100, teasing Daria and Karen.
Friends I've lost that I miss: Johnny Mahr, my best friend, died of cancer while we were at Division and my next-door neighbor and childhood friend Ray Wenz.
On a more cheerful note, my father took 8mm movies of our graduation and had them put on VHS. If anybody is interested I'll look into getting copies made -- e-mail me.
I hope I can make the 40th. I'll do my best. It's a long way to Tipperary.

Pre-DAHS Memories: We moved to East Meadow in 1946. I started school at the Front Street School (K through 2). It burned down. I always got a kick out of that -- the fire house was next door and still is, while Front Street School is long gone. We moved to Levittown in 1949. I did the 2nd grade over again at Wisdom Lane (The old one, Quonset Hut), Miss Kelly's class. I started 3rd grade at Northside, when it opened. Mr. Murphy was the teacher -- would you believe I have the class picture? I think that was the year of the bad hurricane (David?), which took part of the roof off the school. I don't remember much about 4th or 5th, however, 6th grade with Mr. Maloney was a blast.

Martha Blackwell (now Martha (aka Jackie) Brown) - 1961 - - Bay Area, CA - 2000.06.27
Comments: No time to write as we are moving into another home. Antioch, CA

Lewis Cabibi - 1972 - - Levittown N.Y - 2000.06.27
Memories: How can we forget the Variety Show... Janis Joplin stole the show!!!
Comments: Some things will never change... she's still in my heart.

Debby Stecher (now McKosky) - 1973 - - Newark, Delaware - 2000.06.30
Memories: Cheerleading and Ralph.

Linda McNally (now Linda Siedlecki) - 1970 (moved 1968) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Selden, NY - 2000.06.30 (new e-mail 2000.07.17)
Memories: My parents moved out to Farmingville, Long Island at the beginning of my 11th grade year, so although I "officially" didn't graduate from Division Avenue. My whole elementary, and Jr. and part of Sr. High was in Levittown... and it's where my heart is!
I married Ted Siedlecki - Division 1969 (older brother of our classmate, baseball player Frank "Franny" Siedlecki)

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