Yearbook Volume 6

entries from 2000.07.01 through 2000.09.30

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Pat Durand (now Pat Hagan) - 1980 - - Puyallup, Wa. - 2000.07.01 (new e-mail 2002.02.22)
Looking for: any old friends; whoever wants to find me.
Memories: Hanging out in the sweatbox. Cutting school to go to the beach. Hanging on Scott's roof with John, Scott, Jeff, Kim, Jimmy, Buddy & Margaret. Mr. Miller's Creative Writing class, one of the best teachers ever. Had a great time at Division, some of the best years of my life.

Daniel McIntosh - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2000.07.02
Memories: Cooper's Printing class
Zacker's English class
Comments: just want to see if anyone remembers me and to talk about the old days

Gina Fricchione (now Gina Bongo) - 1997 - - Dover, Del. - 2000.07.02
Memories: just having lots of friends who you could trust and knew everthing about you.

Danny Callahan - 1994 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Carolina - 2000.07.03 (update 2000.08.29)
Looking for: Karen Penatzer, Frank Miller, Sean or Jay Piel, Rebecca Zimberlan, Angie Alourdas, Anne Prisco, Jamie Colucci, Matt Duffy, Coutnet Giles, Nicole LiCata, Michelle Lanoe, Lori Parker, Kim Weiler, etc. etc. etc.
Memories: Hanging out with all my close friends!! Parties @ my house. Lacrosse... I'll Always miss the times @ school -- we had the best homeroom in senior year -- ZACKER!!! If I could do it all over again I would DEFINITELY!!!
Comments: I'm trying to find out some email addresses so if anyone knows of any other than the ones on the website please let me know. Thank you!

Dwight Powers - 1966 - - Long Beach, NY - 2000.07.04
Memories: Mr T's wood shop, Mr Mezzapizzas's English class, Mr. Amen's gym class, leaving after homeroom on numerous occasions.
Comments: I hope you are all happy and doing well! Peace, love and Semper Fi!

Jay Boz - 2003 - - 2000.07.06
Looking for: no1

Lilette Levy (now Lilette Bagwin-Fogel) - 1960 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Denver, Colorado - 2000.07.06
Looking for: Mr. Chenevey
Memories: It is almost time for our 40th reunion. I can't wait to see everyone. My memories are so many... The pool at the East Village Green, the bowling alley, the library, shopping at Mays with my friend Louise, stopping at W.T. Grants after school for a hot dog and a grape drink with fries, Wetsons, Jolly Rodgers, Hempstead Turnpike, my sorority - delta-gamma-phi, enjoying school, watching the boys play sports after school with my friends, coming to basketball games, dances, square dancing with the boys during gym, acting in the school plays, having parties, miniature golf, hearing all the great songs on night train and hearing them now on the oldies station and remembering dancing the lindy etc., Caruso's, Jahn's ice cream parlor, the Levittown skating rink every Sunday, getting a great education, sitting in the gym during the regents, walking two miles to school everyday, intramurals, signing yearbooks, growing up with everyone, being the wittiest of the senior class, remembering the "ROCKS", and the "HOODS", really feeling like part of the school altho I wasn't with the IN crowd, Sputnick during 9th grade algebra class, Mr Kalinowski, Mr Keating, Mr Reggio, Mr. Chenevey, Mrs. Eisenhauer, Mr. Fox, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Graham, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Simes, Mr. Amen, Mr. Fisher (was he drunk?), the Meadowbrook movie, Woolworths, Israel Community Center, All my FRIENDS, and so many other things that are too numerous to mention. This was fun, see you at the reunion on 7/21/2000. I was a teacher at General Douglas MacArthur for 5 years and since then have taught for 23 more years. I taught high school Math. Now retired and enjoying my new hubby.

Ken Delaney - 1971 - - Northfield, New Jersey (5 minutes from Atlantic City!) - 2000.07.06
Looking for: anyone that will write to me basically!!
Memories: the boccabelli brothers; also winning the baseball championship in 1970 and going to the finals in 1971! drinking at lenny catalanos house and the lots!! gary lombardi, larry lupardo, mike joyce, chuckie kilbride, artie smutz, the great Levittown parties! mike kellys grandmothers meatballs! mr amen!!! bicks!!!
Comments: great idea guys this page is making me feel like partying again!!!

Kamden Dee Hoffmann - - Washington D.C. - 2000.07.06
Comments: I'm glad we made it through and on our way to bigger and better things... Good luck to you guys and hope to see you at the real reunion soon enough!!

Jane Clever (now Jane Onkaya) - 1982 but I dropped out early - - Nassau, NY ( a small town upstate ) - 2000.07.06
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone who wants to say Hi
Memories: Hanging out with my friends, cutting out of more classes then I attended, being in the play "Fiddler", The Division Ave State Penatenuary sit-out ~ the warden didn't like that one.
Does anyone remember the M.E.S.S.S. class ? lol
Comments: I dropped out early, so a lot of you may not remember me. Heck, even before I dropped out I missed more days then I attended. When I was in school I usually hung around with more people from the class of 1981 (my sister Elizabeth's class) than I did from our class.

Lori Costilow (now Daacke) - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Mesa, Arizona - 2000.07.10
Looking for: Patti Nodine
Memories: Graphic Arts group
Chocolate Cokes at the coffee shop near Woolworths (what was the name of that place anyway?)

Susan Judson (now Susan Hoffman) - 1965 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Winchester, Va. - 2000.07.10
Comments: I would like to be notified of any reunions. I have only been to the 24th.

Eric Silverman - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - New Jersey - 2000.07.10
Looking for: Mister Donut
Memories: Eating donuts at Mister Donut!
Comments: Help me locate Mister Donut! Came to LI recently, found Mister Donut was replaced by Dunkin Donuts. Was extremely upset. What Happened to Mister Donut? Any information will be so helpful.

Justin Builes - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2000.07.11
Looking for: anyone who wants to keep in touch, the lunch crew
Memories: just chillen. playin ball. the kamikaze family. the office crew "2000". can you say bagel bombers.
Comments: i'm going to bryant college in Rhode Island. don't plan to get too far from Levittown. anyone ever interested now and in the years to come just e-mail me. L8rz

Chris Burns - 1985 - care-of - Massapequa - 2000.07.11
Shawn Burns - 1989 - care-of - Levittown - 2000.07.11
Erin Burns - 1993 - - Levittown - 2000.07.11
Comments: Just a little information about the three Burns kids.
Chris is married with two little babies. He is a New York City detective.
Shawn is also married. He lives in Levittown with his wife. He works for a camera company and graduated from NY Tech.
I (Erin) live at home with my parents. I graduated from C.W. Post. I am a third grade teacher in the New York City School System. I am receiving my masters from Hofstra. I am not married but my boyfriend plays in the NFL. Lucky me!!! We both stay at my parents house when he is in the off season. He is also a graduate from Hofstra. Life is definitely good!!!

Madeline Pateracki (now Madeline Becker) - 1964 - - Sacramento, CA - 2000.07.11
Memories: Saturday football games, "hanging out" at the Village Green, Omega Phi

Joan Hobb (now Joan Evans) - 1970 - - Coconut Creek, FL - 2000.07.13
Memories: The year we fought over girls being able to wear pants to school. I will never forget it and when I tell my kids about it, they can't believe there was a time when girls could not where pants to school.
Comments: My best memories of DAHS is how simple life was back then. How many times have I wished I could just go back and be a kid again at Division -- see my friends again and have no responsibilities. And there is always those special teachers who had a way of "getting through".

Mark Mahoney - 1981 - - Portland, OR - 2000.07.13
[Boston (update 2000.10.29)]
Comments: I lived in Japan for 6 years (1989 ~ 1995) and now live in Portland, where I sell Capital Equipment in the Semiconductor Industry. I am divorced and have 2 daughters, ages 12 and 10.
I recently spent a week in Levittown (7/2000) and had a blast... I realized that in spite of it all it was a great place to grow up.
I hope to attend the 20 year reunion.

Christine Herson - 1980 (went to Memorial) - - Hollywood, Florida - 2000.07.14
Looking for: Teachers who taught at Levittown Memorial during 1980
Comments: Hi! I went to Wisdom Lane with many of these 1980 graduates. Since I lived on the border of Division Avenue and Memorial, I was told that I had to attend Memorial High School. So, I went to Memorial High School and graduated with the Class of 1980. I lost touch with so many of my Wisdom Lane friends. I hope through this website I can get back in touch with them. I moved to Hollywood, Florida 17 years ago. I usually come back to New York to visit every 5 years just in time for my High School Reunions, this year our 20th reunion will be on Friday, October 6th at the Plainview Holiday Inn.
Thank you for letting me share your website. God Bless...

Cathy Fairweather - Music Department, 1988-1991 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2000.07.14
Memories: I loved being music director for the shows, and of course conducting the orchestra.
Comments: I taught orchestra at DAHS from 1988 to 1991. I was also at Summit Lane for a year, 1989-1990. I left to teach elementarty strings in Freeport (I would have probably been doing general music if I had stayed in Levittown) and have been there ever since.
This website is great - I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Laura Carroll - 1992 - - Back in Levittown - 2000.07.14
Comments: Graduated Hofstra University, Class of 1995. I hope everyone is doing well and I would love to hear how you are doing! Drop me a line and let me know! ;0)

Margaret McKenna (now Margaret Gioglio) - 1969 (Uniondale, NY) - (bad e-mail) - North Babylon - 2000.07.14
Looking for: Bill Savoy, Rosemary Shields,
Memories: My favorite times were the drama club plays and the backstage crew.
Comments: Now I have a husband and a son (21yrs. old). I'm a director of a program at NYU. I still keep in touch with many of my original friends from high school: Joan Sharkey, Jeannine Tedesco, Kevin King.

Michele Shubert (now Shelly Lugo) - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Northboro, MA - 2000.07.15
Memories: being in the same building for 6 years with the same people and teachers.
Comments: Oh, my goddess, we are all computerized.

Kathleen Deegan (now Kathleen Deegan Gottsegen) - 1970 - - Lake Worth, Florida - 2000.07.16
Memories: GLORIA BORELLI as Joe Cocker.

Linda Frank (now Linda Marks) - 1984 - - Seaford, NY - 2000.07.16
Memories: painting the bleachers and cleaning the paint off my front lawn with the neighbors looking on.

David Schnapf - 1967 - - Greenbrae, CA - 2000.07.17 (new e-mail 2001.01.20)
my webpage:
Looking for: Old friends
Memories: For Whom the Torch Burns

Brenda Altare (now Brenda De Veglio) - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Bay Shore, NY - 2000.07.17
Memories: Hanging out at Middle Earth. Cutting class and sitting right in front of the school! Going to Bic's to get a 22-cent hamburger and Wilfred's to get a toasted bagel with extra butter.

Karen Lucas - 1970 - - Wickford, Rhode Island - 2000.07.18
Comments: I didn't know there was a reunion planned, and I don't know if I can make it, but I would like to be kept informed. Thanks.

Michael Cain - 1970 - - Yaphank, NY - 2000.07.19 (new e-mail 2003.04.29)
Comments: Looking forward to attending the upcoming reunion for our class of 1970. Can't wait to share memories of DAHS and growing up in Levittown with old friends. Since I still live on Long Island and my parents still live in Levittown, I drive past the school grounds every now and then. It is like traveling through a time tunnel. Hope to see a good turnout for the reunion.

Lisa Carroll (now Ferreira) - 1989 - - Bethpage - 2000.07.20
Memories: It was a lot of fun being in High school... No responsiblity... Some of my most treasured moments come with Pat, Chris, Dan, the girls (the pack). Hope everyone is happy and doing what they do best... That's all we can do. Have fun at it.

Bob Smith - 1964 - - Lake Grove - 2000.07.20
Memories: The GIRLS

Christa Rhea Pendleton (now Christa Yamanita) - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - still here in Levittown - 2000.07.27
Memories: DAHS was a wonderful time for me and brings back great memories. I could never forget all the classes I attended and the ones I skipped. Especially Dr. Hrach's AP English class where we all either there or cutting. The badminton team with wonderful coach Mrs. Freedman where Dawn Bolger and I won the all county championships for doubles. Who could ever forget Mrs. Andresakes and all of the Art classes I had with her, she was the best! Of course high school was more than just classes. Hanging out with friends, lunch at the pizza place and dances were also what made that time special. The senior prom was definitely the highlight of my years there. But what I remember most of all were the good freinds that I made, some I still see and some I have lost touch with. That is really what it was all about.
Comments: I am looking to find anyone form the DAHS Class of 1992. Please drop me a line and let me know what you are up to. Also if any knows where Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Andresakes are please let me know. Hugs and kisses to everyone!!

Dan Merritt - 1967 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Phoenix, Az - 2000.07.21
Looking for: Frank Miller

Jennifer Healy - 1994 - - still in Levittown - 2000.07.22 (new e-mail 2002.04.14)
Looking for: Any one who remembers me
Memories: My favorite high school memories were Mrs. Pacifico's independent living class, driver's ed, the lifetime friendships that I made, prom, graduation, keyclub, spanish club, passing notes in class, my friends trying to make me late to class...
Comments: Since graduation I went to SUNY Old Westbury and received a BA in in psychology. I am currently teaching 1-2 year olds in a day care center.

Robert Putney - 1965 - - Suffolk County, NY - 2000.07.23
Looking for: Barbara Fountain
Memories: The last day of summer school in my senior year.
Comments: Graduated in August 1965 after completing summer school.

David R. Seemann - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Aurora, Colorado - 2000.07.24
Memories: Graduating from DAHS and leaving Long Island.

Laura Carroll - 1992 - - 2000.07.24
Comments: Hello and I Hope everyone is doing well! Send me an email if you want to say hi!

William Wallace / Bill Wallace - 1980 (moved in 1977) - - Canaan, NY - 2000.07.25
Looking for: Old friends - Kevin Fay, Ben Michels, Sue McLaughlin, Jim Weingart, Mike McDonald, Bob Lopez, Meg Brown, Cindy Williams, Nancy Christiansen, Carol Bracco, Colleen Ernst, Patti Baliko, John Day, Lenny Servedio and many more - hope to hear from some!
Memories: Playing football, lacrosse. The basketball court under the watertower (utica club night?), Morning Glory Road, the brick corner, making " whoopie" (the song), "hanging out" at the East Green, being the only male in 7th grade health class (actually, I learned a lot in that class) and of all things math class?
Comments: Moved in 1977 - haven't heard from classmates in over 20 years (where does the time go), would be great to reminisce about good times and get back in touch with old friends.

Jamie Donnelly (soon to be Lemoine) - 1995 (moved 1990) - - Inverness, Florida - 2000.07.25
my webpage:
Looking for: Classmates that I grew up with from Abbey Lane and Wisdom Lane
I never went to DAHS, although I started out with this graduating class. I went to grade school (Abbey Lane School) and half of middle school (Wisdom Lane School) with everyone until I moved to Florida when I was 12.
My best friend was Alicia Marinan. (She did graduate at Division High.) My teachers that I remember were Mrs. Powers. I played basketball for the church with Alicia.
I have been back to visit, but that was 2 years ago.
Check out the webpage of my friends and I in Florida. I hope you remember me.
Comments: I am now 23, and I live in Inverness Florida attending college receiving my degree in Business. I will be getting married March 17, 2001. If anyone remembers me don't hesitate to email please. Thanks :) !!!

Susan Rutkin / Susy Rutkin (now Sue Villatore) - 1962 - - Selden, Long Island - 2000.07.25
Looking for: All 1962, 1963 Graduates for a Reunion being planned
Memories: Hanging out at the north village green... Basketball games, and dances afterward. Football games and parties afterward. Friends, parties. Tri-delt.
Comments: If you graduated in 1962 or 1963 or were friends with anyone in those classes, please get in touch with us. We are in the process of gathering names and addresses of those interested in attending a reunion within the next 2 years. My husband, Ernie Villatore, from class of 1961, went to the 1960-1961 reunion. It was great time, and prompted us to start a 1962-1963 reunion. Let us hear from you. Sue

Donna DelGiorno (now Donna Nastro) - 1974 - - Huntington, NY - 2000.07.26
Memories: All of them. Wonderful people and great times.

Jack Bishop - 1961 - - Rome, Ga, - 2000.07.26
Looking for: Tom Cole 1961 and Tom Toscano 1961

Kevin Emmet - 1993 - - Levittown - 2000.07.26 (new e-mail 2002.09.24)
Looking for: friendsfromyesterday
Memories: My favorite memory from high school is Dave Williams catching a frog during a fire drill and bringing it into class then throwing it out the window from the second floor for no good reason other than a laugh.

Michele Shubert (now Shelly Lugo) - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Northboro, MA - 2000.07.26
Memories: Growing up with the Green and the pools so close, the roller rink, Woolworth's, Thom McCan and Mays. Having fun with the same people from Summit Lane all through Division. Walking past the sump. riding our bikes to Salisbury Park. You just cannot explain it anyone who didn't live around us. Remember skate boarding in the parking lot of Sears before it was finished? We didn't have it too bad, di
Comments: I am married to Warren, from the Bronx, for the past 17 years and live in Northboro, MA. for the past 15 years. We have two daughters. I am much more settled and centered than I was in school. I still have red hair, only now it's longer and a little less curly. I would love to correspond with any and all from our class of 1969 and anyone living in our area. We are looking forward to the reunion. I am an Advocate for Children with Special Needs. and yes, still friends with Anita Adler.

Damon Solomon - 1960 - - Hollywood, Florida - 2000.07.26
Memories: The wonderful friends and teachers I had at D.A.H.S. The joy of growing up in the era of "HAPPY DAYS", and the extraordinary education that I received at the "hands" of some of the finest teachers in the world. My family, school, friends and my music were my life... and what a wonderful life it was! I miss it dearly, but will remember it forever.
Comments: The 40th reunion was an incredible event for me.Seeing some of my favorite teachers and all of my old friends was truly a memorable event and one that I'll never forget! I have been living in Florida since 1971 and have two wonderful "kids", Corrie (29) and Steven (26). I have been in the furniture business since I moved down and my daughter and son-in-law have joined my wife Fran and I in the family business in Jan. of this year. My son Steven has just graduated (with honors!) from Harvard, with a Masters in psychology, and will start his Doctorate in Aug. at Florida State University. I have one DELICIOUS Grand-Daughter (Samantha), who has her "POP-POP" wrapped around her little finger! I would love to see any of my class-mates if you are ever in the South Florida area.

Jeff Diskin / "Bells" - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - North Lauderdale, Florida - 2000.07.27
Memories: Growing up with all the some friends, Pence, Smitty, Big Dave Parker, from Northside to Laurel Lane to Division. Coach Amen and our trips to Carvel after we won a baseball game, and too many other memories to list. Our reunion was terrific, and hope to have another in the future.
Comments: Starting my 28th year teaching physical education for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Joe Pantatello - 1971 - - Lexington, Ky - 2000.07.28
Memories: Mrs Jarrett's English class, dances, battle of the bands, watching Billy Joel play for free at high school dances, just being young and innocent and having hair.

Sean O'Shea (now Joey Stefano) - 1989 - - Brooklyn - 2000.07.28
Looking for: Mr. Hawkey
Memories: None
Comments: I wanted to get in touch with Mr. Hawkey to ask him about Alan Kapalner.

Kathy Fitzpatrick (now Kathy Messick) - 1976 - - Dublin, Ohio - 2000.07.29
Looking for: Dean Gardner and Scott Bennett

Joe Weingart - 1982 - - Port Washington - 2000.07.29
Memories: Hanging at the stands, street hockey on the tennis courts, watching Chris Corritore weasel his way through Mrs Fox's biology class...
Comments: A lot lot of our crowd is still connected. Drop an e-mail. It would be great to hear from everyone...

Bob Leyden - 1975 - - Bowie, Md - 2000.07.30
Memories: The gator pit. Jewell, Waters, Pivnick, Danhue.

Denise Fasano (now Denise Serravalli) - 1992 - - Still Levittown - 2000.07.31
Looking for: Brandy Geist
Memories: Mr Zacher's morning English class
Drivers Ed
Mr Gallagher's Social Studies class

Allen Cheifetz - 1976 - - Miami Beach, FL - 2000.08.01
Memories: So good to read about all of the school's graduates. It does bring life back to a simpler time, and although we couldn't wait to move forward by graduating and starting our lives, what wouldn't we give to revisit Levittown and our teens again, if only for just one day. Moved to Miami to complete graduate school and have been in private practice here as a Licensed Psychotherapist since 1990. Hope everyone is well and would like to hear from others too.

Daniel Abrahams - Band Director 1993-1995 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Omaha, Nebraska - 2000.08.01
my webpage:
Memories: I was one of the many Band Directors in the History of DAHS. I loved the band that we had during the 1993-1995 seasons. Great Marching Band and fantastic Concert Band. Never a greater Jazz Festival since.

Debbie Accomando (now Deborah Bevando) - 1982 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Canyon Country, Ca. - 2000.08.02
Looking for: Debbie Mathison

Christine McManus (now Christine Woodson) - 1983 - - New York - 2000.08.03
Memories: Hanging out at the bleachers on the weekends. Cheerleading was great when we were the divisional champs. Hanging out at Azalea Park pool all day and night. All the parties at my house when my parents were away and the cops would come every time. The Concord trip in 9th grade for business.

Aimee Weinstein (now Aimee Prainito) - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Phoenix, Arizona - 2000.08.04
Memories: Too many memories to list but very grateful that I have them and cherish the memories of all of my girlfriends.
Comments: There is nothing like the friends you make in HS. I still keep in touch with many of them but would love to hear from anyone that I graduated with. I currently live outside of Phoenix with my husband Scott and our children Hailey and Nicholas. I continue to work full time as an Occupational Therapist treating special needs children.

Lori Baliko (now Russ) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Islip - 2000.08.04
Memories: I have fond memories of both Summit Lane School & Division Avenue High School. Dancing to American Pie in Mrs. Duffy's 6th grade class with my mom (the cafeteria monitor) yelling at me. Going out with Alan Abrams, while he played football, I played flute in the marching band. My favorite teachers, Mrs. Burton, Mr Ellerkamp and more. My buddies, Anita Peluso, Alice Laban, Linda Galvin and Vicki D'Ambrosio (until her husband Ray stole her away). And all the guys (you know who you are) always making fun of my boyfriends and my dog. Can't forget the after school poker games at my house while watching General Hospital and smoking cigarettes. I have so many great childhood memories and can't wait to see everyone again at the next reunion.
Comments: I now live in Islip, NY with my eleven year old daughter who is my life.

Jennifer Schwemmer (soon to be Jennifer Boston) - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Westbury, NY - 2000.08.04
Hope everyone has fun at the reunion because I will be on my honeymoon in Hawaii.

Linda Smith (now Linda Murphy) - 1969 - - Frisco, TX - 2000.08.05
Looking for: Steve Nichols, Billy Thomas, Danny Murphy
Memories: Field hockey games, football games
Comments: Senior class was one of the best times of my life. Enjoyed everyone.

Thomas FitzSimons - 1982 (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Tampa, Florida - 2000.08
Looking for: John Backer, Diana Backer, or any Backer.
They grew up on Sycamore Lane. I was friends with John Backer (the youngest) for a long time and then he dropped off the face of the earth. IF anyone knows how to get in touch with him or his family please send him my email address or send me his or his family's info.

Donna Eckert (now Donna Karr) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Port Jefferson, NY - 2000.08.05
Looking for: Blast from the past
Memories: My finest memories are hanging out with friends and not going to class but having a good time in class when we did attend
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the school days at D.A.H.S. Would like to hear about any reunions.

Alan Bradbard - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Tampa, FL - 2000.08.06 (new e-mail 2001.12.24)
Memories: Two of my favorite memories are from Mr. Cestaro's English class. We were reading Dante's Inferno over a several week period and we came across the 's' word on about page 150. Now Mr. Cestaro quite often read the passages out loud. Anticipation mounted for several days as Mr. Cestaro approached page 150. He approached the sentence and completed it with etc... etc... etc. The whole class busted up laughing. The second memory is Mr. Cestaro's habit of telling us to read silently and then leave the classroom for 5-10-15 minutes. Use your imagination as to what went on. I think Karen Sird was watching out for Mr. C. Suddenly Karen blurted out he's coming and everyone hurried back to their desk and looked like they were reading. Mr C. then pulled a portable tape recorder out of the desk drawer. He played it back in front of us laughing the entire time.
Comments: When you think life is tough, just remember Miss Gough's pop oral quizes.

Kevin Wilkinson - 1991 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Margaritaville - 2000.08.06
Looking for: My lost shaker of salt
Memories: Have no favorite memories
Comments: Snack on danger dine on death... Quote the raven never more

Larry Weinstein - 1982 - Larry Weinstein - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Phoenix, Arizona - 2000.08.06
Comments: I have been living in Phoenix for the past 10 years with my wife Cathy. We will celebrate our 11th anniversary in Sept. 2000, at which time we are also expecting our first child, a boy. I look forward to hearing from anybody from the class of 1982.

Christine Lapointe (now Ridley) - 1967 - - Virginia - 2000.08.07
Comments: It has been so long since I had any contact with anyone from NY.
It was so much fun to see so many familiar names.

Bob Hallett - 1967 - - Reisterstown, MD - 2000.08.07
Looking for: friends and teachers of 1967 DAHS
Memories: The Exploits rock band appearing on Sonny Fox's "Just For Fun" TV show.
Senior lunchtime at LUM'S --- hot dogs steamed in beer.
Our senior movie: For Whom The Torch Burns. Now THAT was different.
Phys Ed with Howie Pivnick (not to mention the Track and Field team with him too).
Donkey Basketball, Prom with Sue Brown (sorry Mom, she wasn't really Jewish), making an 8mm movie called "Satan Takes The Wheel" as our Driver's Ed. final project (Starring Steve Krebs, brother Norm and I). Band with Placido Lutri. (No, we didn't cause his heart attack. I swear.) and Ernie Teichert. Frank Smith and Tom Purcell made sure we had a good time, and Mark Van Houten emptying his spit valve was quite a treat (NOT!). I remember counting the number of "ahs" our librarian, Mr Ayres, would say when he talked. I'm sure that it was because of his example that I too became a school, ah, librarian. Senor Creed, the Drew Carey of Spanish. And last, but not least, Mr. Murphy's pointing stick... Hail To Thee, Division Avenue!!!
Comments: If anybody has a copy of either of the Exploits 45 rpm records, or knows the whereabouts of "Satan Takes The Wheel", please let me know. (For Whom The Torch Burns has been found.)
Also, how about a REAL reunion of our class of '67.

Alice LoGiudice - 1985 - - Still in Levittown - 2000.08.07
Looking for: Anwar (the school store sometimes visitor who ate all the candy); Les and his green umbrella and The Deli Scraper
Memories: Football season, the victory parties (and always missing curfew because of them!), the bleachers, hanging out at Sycamore - the "little girls", Eddie Marone's Halloween parties, The Huggard's Halloween parties, the proms, the Christmas dances, Pfeff and all the plays, variety shows, All-State and All Eastern Chorus, the fact I graduated 3rd without ever reading a book in HS - (I guess I really had great teachers!)
Sissa Eagles... and then there were two... She had a White Wedding... Hungry Like the Wolf... September 17th
Memories: Cheerleading and toilet-papering the guys' houses; the dances; the bleachers; the roller rink; White Wedding; Rock the Casbah; "I'm not bothering anybody - my social worker says I can pick up girls if I want to"; all the high school plays and my cast parties; Swing Choir and Christmas caroling in NYC; and, of course, all the great teachers: Pfeff, Mr. George Dunbar (the best pianist I've ever known), Sr. Capo, Mr. Zoia, Mr. Gibney, Mr. Goelz (now my boss!), Mr. Hawkey (Mr. Hand), Ma Curtain, JD (John Dunbar), Ms. M/Ms. M, Boom Boom Bove, Dick Tracy, Charlotte Price (The National Junior Honor Society), Suede Wade, and Miss Loonam; Dewey, Hank L, Mr. Garvey (Mr.Golf), Mr. Zoia, Mr. Robbins, Willow

Kenny Braun (now KG Braun) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Midlothian, Virginia - 2000.08.08
Looking for: Kathy Burns
Memories: There are so many. The Nassau County Championship Lacrosse game against East Meadow HS at Hofstra University under the lights on Astro Turf at Hofstra. (We lost, but it is still my favorite memory.)
The Senior Variety Show. Saturday home football games or being with Kathy Burns at the Prom.
Prom weekend in NYC, Playing ice hockey in the sump, beating up my 3 brothers who were always in the way.
Comments: Saw Chris VanSykle and Tommy Lyden in College Park, MD at the NCAA Lax Championship this past Memorial Day weekend.
Looking forward to the 30th reunion next year.

Steve Worsthorn - 1968 - - Princeton, NJ - 2000.08.09 (new e-mail 2001.02.12)
Memories: The beach, the pools, the parties (Barrets, Hughs, etc.)

Vicki Broome (now Vicki Winter) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Oregon - 2000.08.09
Memories: Getting -Biggest Flirt- in the yearbook -- NO-ONE REALLY KNEW ME!
Cutting class and going to Jones Beach!! Hanging with Debbie and Mary-Anne, Joe Dudek. Keeping the Teachers - AND the PRINCIPAL - BUSY!!!

Brian Shane - 1985 - - Los Angeles, California - 2000.08.10 (new e-mail - 2002.10.21)
Memories: Hanging out at the Village Green & at the game room that was next to the Division Deli.

Tiffany Picker (now Tiffany Capparelli) - 1991 (moved 1989) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Massapequa - 2000.08.10
(I did not graduate with the class of 1991 because I moved before the start of 11th grade.)

Lee Hayward (now Lee Clarke) - 1966 - - Westbury, NY 11590 - 2000.08.10
my webpage:
Looking for: Larry Shapiro and Kevin O'connor, Larry Ryan or Danny Ryan, Alan Henderson
Memories: Going Surfing with classmates at Gilgo Beach summer of '65, '66.
Phys. Ed and track team with Howard Pivnick. Frank Vitale The Chry-Slurs. Mr. Levy. Cit. Ed. Mr. Krot Art Class. Mr. Mezzapesa English. Hanging out with friends from Memorial.
Comments: Check out my website.

Gerald Moskal - 1969 - - Levittown - 2000.08.11
Memories: Koon Fong Mai hiding in closet and surprising latin teacher Mr. Plotkin (Wimpy).
Pfft '69 Parent Faculty fractured follies (named it and won free tix).
Putting on a Battle of the Bands to pick jr prom band in the auditorium - had psychedelic lights (strobes) on tie dies pictures hanging on walls of auditorium; Mr O'Mara came out in middle of show and threatened to shut it done because it was too damn loud.
President Kennedy's assasination was told to us while sitting in the gym for a pep rally.
One particular Sadie Hawkins' Day dance that my band played at "the spyders' with steve hecht in the cafeteria.

Marie Esposito (now Marie Rooney) - 1975 (I didn't graduate with my class) - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Rocky Point, Long Island, NY - 2000.08.11
Memories: Sitting in front of the school on those hot June days. Laughing with good friends, Getting chased by the truant officer Mr. Hall. That poor man. Great memories! Good people.
Hanging out at Woolworths, or Wilfords. Mr. Fagione's S.S. class. Laughing like a nut with good friends, and Miss Garlick -- boy she was a slave driver in gym. But my best memory was of those sexy McArthur H.S. guys.
Comments: Thank you for this web site. I've already been in touch with quite a few old friends.

Anne-Marie Nestor (now Anne-Marie Dimitriou) - 1985 - 2000.08.12 - - Farmingville, NY - 2004.10.04
Looking for: Sue F.
Memories: Working with Sue F. on the Flame and always being amazed that we got out all those issues. (which, by the way, I still have copies of)
Marching Band - The Senior Variety Show
Comments: So Much To Do So Little Time To Do It In!!!
All is well; hope all is well with the rest of you - Today Aug. 12, 2000 and my wedding countdown is on -- Oct 21, 2000 will be here soon -- and you would think I would be calm since I am the Director of Social Sales at The Huntington Hilton (I Book and Run Weddings, Birthday Parties etc.).
I would love to hear from any of my former classmates - E-Mail, Call or Just Stop in at The Hilton (Rt110).

Tracy Reid (now Tracy Pupke) - 1981 - - Seaford - 2000.08.14
Comments: I am now living in Seaford. I am married and have a beautiful little boy named Sean. He is 20 months old. I am a teacher in the Levittown School District. I teach the 6th grade at Wisdom Lane Middle School.

Frank Monte - 1966 - - Fairport, NY - 2000.08.13
Comments: Would love to help in any way I can to put together a reunion for 1966 group

Tish Esposito (now Tish Kane) - 1966 - - Cortland, NY - 2000.08.13
Comments: I can't believe it has been nearly 35 years! It makes me almost feel old. HAHAHA. Love living upstate, moved up nearly 9 years ago. Even though I love small-town living, nothing compares to living in and growing up in Levittown. I don't think you can understand it unless you have lived it. I especially remember Blue Grass lane pool, the shopping center when Mays was the place to shop. Does anybody remember how wonderful it was at Christmas?? Just writing this makes me almost long for the days of Woolworth's and Whelan's drug store. Both of my sons went to DAHS. My brother still lives in the house that we grew up in. Talk about deep roots. Well so long for now. Please drop a line.

Cathy McDonough (now Cathy Antonelli) - 1977 - - Swedesboro, NJ - 2000.08.13
Looking for: Old friends, what else?

Philip (casey) Miles - 1969 - Boca Raton, fl - 2000.08.13
Memories: Cutting out of detention when the spanish teacher was the monitor. (Older lady), can't remember her name.

Veronica Hlasny (now Veronica Olsen) - 1970 - - Elkton, Maryland - 2000.08.14
Looking for: Terry Flumenbaum Steinmann

Frances Pantatello - 1978 (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lindenhurst, NY - 2000.08.15
Memories: Smoking on the football field with Cathy Bopp and Mike Cannavan.
Cathy and I are still like 2 peas in a pod. Mike Canavan passed away last year, it was a great loss. And who could ever forget the way Eric Koenig looked in his football uniform? The image will forever be etched in my brain. How many of you girls still want to see Anne Garlick tied to a locker room bench covered in sweaty gym clothes for an entire weekend? hope to see everyone at the next reunion

Mike Gurr - 1983 - - South Florida - 2000.08.15 (new e-mail 2003.06.27)
Announcing the death of Larry Gurr class of 1988
The Gurr family of Elm Tree Lane is sadly announcing the passing of their youngest son Lawrence John Gurr Class of '88. Larry battled for over 2 years against liver cancer, he leaves behind a wife of 5 years, a son of 2 1/2 years & a daughter of 8 months. He resided in Pennsylvania for the last couple of years while raising his family. we wish to thanks all of our family & friends that have helped us during this time.

Jeanie Miastkowski (now Jean Anne Pizzano) - 1973 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2000.08.15
Memories: 8th grade, the first day of school. I went to Saint Bernard's all my life and this was the first time going to a public school not knowing anyone but Linda, Dotti and Kathy. Also, found out the Laura Yarlett, John Terrillon and Michael Effinger also had the first day of public school the same day I did. We have all been together since second grade. It was great to see a familiar face.
Fourth Period Band with Mr. Teichert. Majorettes.
Comments: "Levittown The Way We Were" - Love the book

Janice Harbourne (now Janice DeSimone) - 1971 - - Floral Park, NY - 2000.08.17
Looking for: Joe Dudek & Sal DeAngelo

Richard Bosworth - 1975 - Michigan - 2000.08.17 - - 2000.10.26
Comments: Has anyone thought of a reunion?

Joe Marcolini - 1986 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - I'm still here in Levittclown - 2000.08.17 (new e-mail 2000.10.25)
Memories: Senior ski trip, Halloween, football field, and all the other parties I went to, with Rizzolo, every weekend was great. I hope everyone is doing well!!!
Looking for: "I want my 2 dollars" -- what movie?
Memories: The parties at Chowder's, Sally's, Ragona's, Tony's Pizza, Spit, Uncle Sam's, hanging out with the Memorial guys like Oak, Sammy, Manning, Palazzo, Pat Harris, Purcell, etc. Baseball & Football teams, the 1986 Mets, and going to see them in Manhattan with some special people, and the "Fach" Joe Rizzolo, ski, Great Adventure, with Decker, Grey, Billy S, Oct. 31 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, at Eddie's house... I had a good time like so many others. I hope life has and is still going well for everyone.

Deborah Randall (now Deborah Giordano) - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Setauket, Long Island - 2000.08.18
Memories: My favorite place to be was the auditorium... singing, dancing (not very well, but I tried) hanging out with the theater crowd.
I am now married (6yrs) to 1988 DAHS graduate Vinny Giordano. We have a wonderful 3 yr old son, Benjamin. Vinny is a manager for a local retail chain. I work full time as a loan officer for a Credit Union.
I am actually looking to quit working for an employer and become my own boss, as a financial manager for the general public. School never prepared kids for the real financial world. Home Economics is just not enough to get through life in today's world and the future graduates are in for a rude awaking.
I scaned through these pages and it brought back a lot of great memories. I hope to hear from those who remmber me or just recognize my name. My brothers graduated in 1984 - the Randall twins Mike & Jeff. Take care, be well and keep in touch.

Sue Failla (now Sue Failla-Duggan) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Seaford, NY - 2000.08.18
Memories: I remember the sadness we all felt when we learned that Levittown Memorial would be closed in 1983. The sadness proved to be unwarranted because my last two years of high school at DAHS turned out to be two of the best years of my life. My memories include Friday night roller skating at the good old Levittown Roller-Rink (jr.-high), "Victory Parties" which occurred whether our teams won or lost, The Flame, working on the yearbook staff, Brigadoon, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, chorus, and what the members affectionately labelled, "Fag Choir." For those of you amongst the former Memorial crew, I will always remember Ms. Loonam and Mrs. Price and the "National... Junior... Hon-or Soc-ie-ty."
Comments: I was recently married (8/5/2000) to Dan Duggan, a dental student at SUNY Stony Brook. We were introduced by fellow-Divisionite Diana Backer (now Dr. Diana Backer) who met my hubby at a conference for dental students in Boston. After high school I went on to Hofstra University where I obtained a BBA in Finance and later an MBA in accounting. I've spent over ten years in commercial lending and I've been "doing the commuter thing" into Manhattan since 1993. I also spent some time in accounting to get my CPA, but accounting just wasn't for me. During my 20's I was fortunate enought to travel most of the Caribbean and I'm looking forward finally seeing Europe some day with my husband. My career and my personal life are just as I want them to be, and every day I thank God for all of my blessings which include my friends, my family, and my fond memories of DAHS.

Colleen Drozd - 1996 - - Levittown, NY - 2000.08.18
Memories: There are so many hs memories at Division Avenue HS.
Comments: I just want to tell everyone that knew my mom. Maureen Drozd, my mom died on April 19, 2000 of cancer and that my mom knew some of her students from teaching religion at Saint Bernards. My mom loves her students, close friends and family. I am sorry that I had to tell you all that she passed away and that she loves everyone. If anyone who knew Mrs. Maureen Drozd please tell them that she died and if there is any questions anyone would like to ask me feel free to contact me at my email. My mom is a wonderful lady and that she will be missed by everyone she loves.
The Drozd Family

Vicki Shannon (now Vogenberger) - 1969 - - Sea Cliff, NY 11579 - 2000.08.19 (new e-mail 2000.11.11)
Looking for: Mary Jane Westerman
Memories: Hanging out with friends after Friday night basketball games.
Comments: Heard about reunion from Jamie Rogers who we met at a Neil Young concert - Would like to know more details. Married Tom Vogenberger in 1973. We have two children, Terrence 19 and Meredith 14. Tell you everything else at Reunion.

Tom Vogenberger - 1967 - - Sea Cliff, NY 11579 - 2000.08.19 (new e-mail 2000.11.11)
Memories: Hanging out at the Green. Baseball.
Comments: Married Vicki Shannon in 1973. 2 children: Terrence 19, Meredith 14.
Worked in Levittown for 9 years as Assistant Director of Pupil Services. Heard about, or met many of you while I was there. Son Terrence pitched in Empire State Games in 1998 coached by Doug Robbins! Would like to attend next reunion.

Amy Lynn Schmutzer (soon to be Amy Lynn Henschel) - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2000.08.19
Memories: I enjoyed Mr. K class. Don't forget about JD Gotta Butt :)

Gabe Strasser - 1971 - - West Haven, CT - 2000.08.19
Memories: Weilhoefer's math class, Playing with the old PDP-8 computer during lunch and after school.
Dr. Granese' biology class, Mrs Stillwaggon's chemistry class.
Mathletes, Photo Club.
Comments: I have been working at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford since 1975. Went to SUNY at Stony Brook from 1971 to 1975, and got my BS in computer science. Now am working as a Unix systems admin at Sikorsky.
Would like to thank everyone responsible for keeping the class together and in touch!!
I wanted to make the 25'th reunion in 1996, but I believe it was a driving rainstorm that kept me away. I hope to meet some of my felow classmates next year though!
By the way, I am married to Pam from Dayton Ohio. We have been married since November of 1991.

Gregory Catanzaro - 1972 - Levittown - 2000.08.20
Memories: Smoking in the Boy's room, many good memories. Sitting behind Karen and dreaming, Mr. Bunton's History class, Sitting on the front lawn with friends.
Comments: Hope you are all healthy, Happy, reasonably prosperous. Hope to hear from, or see you sometime in near future. It is now the end of August 1st year of the new millenium and my thoughts turn to my H.S. days. Adios! for now.

Dawn Wade (now Dawn Moser) - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Orlando Fl. - 2000.08.20
Comments: I was married in 1997 to Daniel Moser (class of 1988) and we moved in 1998 to Orlando Florida. I am an RN in labor and delivery, and just had a baby myself on June14th, 2000 named Ryan Patrick Moser. I am looking foward to the reunion, if I could find out when it is. I would like to here from anyone who feels like writing!!!

Ellen Gerlack (now Schantz) - 1973 - - Wantagh, NY - 2000.08.20
Memories: Junior year home ec

Carol Libertelli (now Carol Bussmann) - 1971 - - Alpharetta, GA - 2000.08.20
Comments: Thank you, reunion committee, for all your hard work! Every reunion so far has been great and I'm looking forward to our next celebration in July 2001! Can't wait!!

Paul Goldsmith - 1979 - - Palm Harbor, Florida - 2000.08.29 (new e-mail 2003.12.10)
Looking for: Mike Dyer
Memories: Lacrosse, Wrestling, Mr. Mertz, parties at Hangers, D. Cooks, Costarella's band in my living room, great friends who I grew up with, Woolworth's & Grant's, Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Sciacca, Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Festante; teachers who all had an impact on shaping my thoughts.
Senior year teachers' strike, so much more

Jeffrey Waunsch - 1979 - - Levittown - 2000.08.21
Memories: Playing baseball

Dave Whidden - 1977 - Rocky Point, NY - 2000.08.23 -
Looking for: Debbie Priest or Loralyn Goldsworthy
Memories: Listening to The Allman Brothers in the T.V. studio (Studio Oz) with all my friends... Mr. Danube singing "Don't throw any papers on on the floor" and cursing at us in German... all the great times we had doing school shows... and on and on...
Comments: "What a long strange trip it's been"...

Most of Class of 1990 - ? - 2000.08.23
Looking for: Class of 1990
Comments: On behalf of MANY in class of 1990, thanks Chris Hansen for making our reunion on the worst weekend of the year! Thanksgiving? Also planning it so well and keeping all informed. Who knew we were even having one since you spent all of our money on your boat, "The Wave of Justice?!!" Have fun by yourself!!!

Bill Buppelmann - 1990 - - Levitt%*$#in'town - 2000.08.23
Memories: Contact me. We'll trade horror stories.

Ken Scheiner - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2000.09.12) - Phoenix, Az - 2000.08.24
Memories: Mr Goelz as a teacher, and the senior carnival.

Carrie Ann Schmutzer (now Carrie Ann Simonini) - 1991 - carrieavaaa (bad e-mail 2000.09.12) - Still In Levittown - 2000.08.24
Memories: Remember hangin' out at the bleachers drinking and getting chased out of there, Danielle Aron, Kelly Nos, Sandra, Maria, Kerriann, my sis Kelly.

Gary Pickrodt - 1970 - - Selden, NY - 2000.08.24 (new e-mail 2003.10.28)
Comments: just saying hi to all my classmates it's been a long time since I have seen anyone in a looooong time it will be good to see u all at the reunion this oct.
what have I been doing the last thirty years the usually been married the last 17 yrs, my wife Liz and I have 4 children three boys one girl, Kyle 16, Brett 9, Kaelynn 7, Hunter 6.
Feel free to email and say hi hope to hear from you
take care gary

Bonnie Antonowitz (now Bonnie Ramsey) - 1967 - - Hudson, Fl - 2000.08.26
Looking for: my friend Lynn Pilot
Memories: I always felt blessed to have grown up in Levittown. The Village Greens, Hempstead Turnpike, Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor, the Roller Rink.
I do remember getting sent home to change my skirt because Mr. Aiello said it was too short! Does anyone know where Mr. Levy went to? Did he come back to teach after his sabbatical? Do you remember when our classmates made a movie and then someone stole the film? I will never forget when we were called to the auditorium to be told of JFK's assassination. I am so proud to have the memories of DAHS but wish I could have known about any reunions.
Comments: This is a wonderful website. Thanks to all who have developed it and for all those who have added their names to this "virtual yearbook".

Bonnie Antonowitz (now Bonnie Ramsey) - 1967 - - Hudson, Fl - 2000.08.26
Looking for: Mr. Aiello, heard he lived in Florida. [FOUND]
Looking for: Lynne Pilott [found]

Frank Langella - 1978 - ?@? - Levittown, NY - 2000.08.27
Looking for: Patti Duran
Memories: Cutting out and playing handball behind the music room.
Spin the bottle with mary halpin and laurie brady.

Russ Campbell - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Redmond, Oregon - 2000.08.27
Looking for: Gary Rosenzweig, Chet Zdrowski, Bob Tennenbaum
Memories: X-Country State Championship - Wrestling - Surfing - Cutting school to go to the museums in the city & not being able to tell anyone because it wasn't cool. Some teachers & coaches that made a difference: Pivnick - Wright - Kelleher - Stillwagon. I remember everyone getting along & just having a good time.
Comments: Living in a small town in Oregon 45 min. from Mount Bachelor great skiing until July 4th -- really! Great rock climbing at Smith Rocks & the fishing and kayaking is superb. Moved here from San Diego 9 yrs. ago with my wife Sheila & son Spence but we head back for vacations every other year. Last time Spence learned to surf Dude! Won't be able to make the reunion but I'll be there in spirit! Have a great time and please video tape it again. P.S. Rosnzweig still owes me $5 from Lums!

Robert Magro - 1981 - - Sarasota, FL - 2000.08.27
Looking for: Friends from the Village Green.
Memories: Everything, these truly were great times and fun to reflect on. Football, Lacrosse and hanging out at the Main entrance. Mrs. Wagner's art class and hearing the Eagles play Take it Easy on the juke box in the senior lounge. Cutting Class which was my best subject ha ha.
Comments: Married 13 years to my beautiful wife Kathleen. I have 2 children Leslie Ann 12 and Matthew 10 they're beautiful too. Spent 4 years with Sears, 7 with Whirlpool Corp. and 2 years with New Zealand-based Fisher & Paykel Appliances as their Southeast Regional Sales Manager. I gave up the Corporate gig to spend more time with the family. Working locally with one of my old customers and enjoying every minute. Family and freinds is that what it's all about anyway? Miss you all and wish you great Blessings. Mags

David Keuning - 1966 - - Bellmore, NY - 2000.08.27
Looking for: Old friends.
Memories: So many happy days, good friends, laughs and a few very special individuals.

Christin Niles (now Christin Niles-Heald) - 1993 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown once again - 2000.08.28
Memories: I just wanted to get in touch and let everyone know what we've been up to. And to find out what / how everyone else was doing.
Tim and I married 7 years ago. Had our first (and LAST) child Finnian Connor in Oct 1999. Moved back and forth between Maine, North Carolina and New York, but we're once again in Levittown. Tim though is in Egypt, on deployment with the military, until January.
I've been busy working as a veterinary technician, mother, and home remodelor (of our soon to be house in Miller Place).
Anyway, it'd be great to hear from someone, get together and catch up!

Gregory P. Catanzaro - - 2000.08.28
Memories: Staring at Karen 3 seats forward, 1 row to the left, Mr. Buntons History class, smoking in the boys room.
Comments: To all my former classmates; Hope you are Healthy, reasonably prosperous, and happy. Am looking forward to 30th reunion.

Charles G. Hallbert - - McAlester, OK - 2000.08.28
Memories: Graduation, although I didn't attend: I hated every day of school.
Mr. Simes punching me in the gut for not considering my parents on this issue.
Cutting school on a North wind to go surfing with Gary Maurel, or Ricky Joyce. And where the hell is Billy Harnet?
Passing courses I was failing because I passed the Regents Exams.
Comments: Its been a long time since I've seen any one from school other than my brothers and my sister. I wish all of you well. After getting out of the Corps, home was just not the same. The region is too crowded. If you're on the beaches after dark its a criminal act: but seagulls, terns, crabs, frogs, and snakes etc, are not so restricted! What is wrong with this picture? These creatures don't even pay taxes!!! When I was home on leave from RVN I got a $30.00 parking ticket at Ditch Plains on a rainy weekday morning. "F***" New York! I'd rather live here beneath my overhang shelter, scavenging for rodents and insects, and trying to last out another winter, than go back to the "Eastern Block". Are you really sure you wanted me to sign in on this yearbook thing?

Linda Travaglino (now Linda Jansson) - 1972 - - Hicksville, NY - 2000.08.29
Memories: Friday nights at Lum's and the field. Ahh, them were the days.

Tonie McDonald - Social Studies 1995-present - - Levittown - 2000.08.29

Susan McGarrah (now Susan Borgatta) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Central lslip, NY - 2000.08.30
Memories: There are so many; every day at Division was a new memory made to hold on to forever.

Tom Anglim - 1981 - - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2000.08.30
Looking for: Old classmates
Comments: I have been living in Europe for the past six years, the last five in Amsterdam. I am still single, never married, working in the financial community since graduating college (Wall Street type stuff), traveled to a few places (this sounds like my first personal ad!), and overall life is good. Who among us in 1981, did not wonder what life would be like for ourselves in the year 2000? Think about it! I certainly would not have predicted my personal path would have led me to this point! I moved to Europe in 1995 for personal reasons (ex-girlfriend!) but I visit Levittown, where my younger brother Jon is a phys ed. teacher at Northside elementary school, and my older brother, Chris lived with his family until very recently. It is always special to come back to visit family and friends, see the old neighborhood and remember some special moments that can only be felt when you're home. I have not seen many of you in a very long time, but I am looking forward to attending our twenty-year reunion party.

Barbarajean Gould (now Barbara Kelly) - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2000.08.31
Looking for: Anyone from the Class of 84
Memories: Hanging out at Stella's diner, Levittown Roller Rink, partying at my house while my grandparents were out of town, just a lot of fun times with some great people.

Joe Ganci - 1975 - - Brighton, MI - 2000.08.31 (new e-mail 2000.12.27)
Memories: The movie we made for Theater Arts, the Christmas Carol disaster, the year all the Regents exams were stolen. Long live the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Anne Baron (now Anne R. Benson) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Holbrook, NY - 2000.09.02
Memories: Dances in 7th and 8th grade and long hours spent on the front lawn under the trees contemplating the future.
Comments: This is a great website. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who would like to write back.

Andrew Sullivan - 1982 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Farmingdale, NY - 2000.09.02
Memories: I really don't have a favorite, but I do remember all the good people I met at school.

Matt Inger - 1992 - - Conshohocken, Pennsylvania - 2000.09.03
my webpage:
Memories: Saturday mornings in the wrestling room getting ready for football games.
The rat incident at the Pep Rally.
Comments: Recently finished my Masters in Science & Engineering (Computer Science) from the University of Pennsylvania.
I visit Levittown often, as I have a nephew and 2 new nieces. Plus Broadway shows in NYC usually mean a weekend in Levittown for me. Hope to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch.

Robin Boyd (now Robin Walton) - 1971 - - Richmond, Virginia - 2000.09.04
Looking for: Someone who has a class T-shirt

Jeff Webb - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hudson, Fl - 2000.09.04
Memories: What ever happened to Paul Lantry [who new] and all that knows jeff webb

Robert J. Bunker - 1974 - - Louisville, Kentucky - 2000.09.04
Memories: Jim Amen wrote: "Relate, don't fight the world" in my yearbook. What a great man! He was right too.
Comments: It's been a long time and life is short, let's all stay in touch

Mary Ann Aull / Marty Aull - - Bedminster, New Jersey - 2000.09.04 (new e-mail 2001.03.21)
Memories: I now realize that Levittown was a great place to grow up. I also treasure all the great memories and good times at DAHS. Especially playing Field Hockey, Basketball and Softball; and not to forget the yearbook committee, Senior variety show, and that infamous Communications class. Thanks for all the fond memories: Stacie and Arlene (Frick and Frack), Kathy L., Alison and Arline Bird, Lauren, Barry, Chuck and Rob Menendez. I treasure you all.
Comments: Believe it or not, I am a CPA working for a major insurance company. I am an avid runner, and also a volunteer EMT in my township's First Aid squad. (Yes, dial 911 and I show up at your door).

Marie McHugh - 1978 - - Rego Park, NY - 2000.09.04
Looking for: Nadine Baron

Pete Guthy - 1994 - - Santa Monica, California - 2000.09.05
my webpage:
Memories: Battle of the classes / Spirit Night
playing football, volleyball, and basketball for the blue dragons
Senior Emmy Night

Thomas Martin - 1969 - 2000.09.05
Comments: Dear Class of 1969,
I reget to inform you that my wonderful brother Tom Martin passed away June 1st 2000 of lung cancer. He will be missed by many. My brother kept his crazy, funny sense of humor right to the end of his life. He also accepted the Lord before his death. I was happy to take care of him when he needed me the most. Tom left two beautiful children Shannon 14 and Sean 8.They both follow in his footsteps smart, funny, and athletic. Thank you for allowing me to share this news with you. May God bless the class of 1969. Donna

Robin Daskin - 1971 - - Mountain View, California - 2000.09.05
Memories: Mrs. Stillwaggon's chemistry classes.
Mr. Cacossa's drawing and painting class.
Mr. Peyton's metal shop class. The time I released nitric acid fumes by using concentrated nitric acid for a pickling solution instead of the dilute stuff.
Mr. Reynold's Madrigal Group.
Mr. DiFilippi's honors English class and the flack the parents gave the Honors English class for reading "Catch 22." Are they still such Neanderthals about what the students read?
Finishing my requirements for Sociology/Anthropology in Mr. O'Brien's class so I could spend the rest of the term in senior year (6th period) in the library reading science fiction books.

Rick DeMeis - 1963 - - Needham, MA - 2000.09.06
Comments: Now working as a Senior Editor for Design News magazine, a publication for design engineers.

Tim Kelly - 2000 - - 2000.09.06
Memories: None
Comments: I will definitely be at the high school reunion in 10 years. The other thing would be is that I will keep everyone posted on what I'm doing later on.

Big Al - 1997- NY (destination Wyoming) - 1999.11.06
Looking for: Anyone who graduated with me; anyone who wants to keep in touch
Memories: I knew the day would come when I would give anything just to be back in school for a day. Even though I couldn't stand the girls who would never shut up, always had a pound of makeup on, and were snotty. I couldn't stand the jocks, thinking they are the Second Coming or something. Ya had your skaters, and your wiggers too. For me, blue jeans and a t-shirt was fine, because I wasn't about to play Follow the Leader. But ya know I look back today and wish that I could experience one more class and one more walk down the hallway to see all these people again, even though I hated most of ya. I guess in time my hatred for you all turned into love. Why not, we live once. Good luck class of '97... every one of ya's. (Even the people I hated.)
Comments: Mr. Ginther, if you read this, thanks for the memories, you were one of the best teachers I've ever had, honestly. Because you taught me more about REAL life than molecules and cutting up frogs. Mr. Moss, if you read this, thanks also for the memories, I always respected you as a person, simply because you didn't take *@&@ from anyone. Mrs. Pinck, if you read this, thanks for never giving up on me in math. Mrs Pacifico, if you read this, thanks for the cooking memories. You always reminded me of my own mother, I guess that's why I liked ya so much. Mr. Hahn, if you read this, thanks for being a good teacher, you taught me a hell of a lot. Mr. Gallagher, probably the coolest of em' all...
Memories: One that sticks out the most is playing soccer. Even though we were one of the most pathetic teams out there in '97, we still had fun. I should've played football instead though. I would've been a real surprise to a lot of people at what I am capable of doing out on a football field. Hell, maybe you'll see me in the NFL one day. Until then... lata.

Kirby Ingraham - 1972 - (moved away 1971) - - Port Saint Lucie, Fl - 2000.09.09
Comments: Moved away in 1971, but still remember the good times

Elizabeth (Liz) Catalano - 2000- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27)- Levittown, NY - 2000.09.09
Looking for: Nicole Napolitano -- she moved away during Wisdom Lane to NJ -- we lost touch through the years. I'd really would like to hear from her or anyone who knows how to get in touch with her!
Memories: Color guard & marching band competitions, the misfits - Friday nights, Orchestra class, Mr. Corin & Mrs. Pierre-Louis (aka Miss Ross/Rodd), the coffee house, "curly fries" senior year, concerts, competitions, the musicals, Mrs. Wade... Stage crew, Doug the lighting guy, ... Jeanie, the parties, the fun, the laughs, the friends...
Comments: I like college but I miss some things about high school... The friends, guard, violin... Some teachers...
My major is technical theatre which I love. So, we'll see what happens! Anybody who wants to keep in touch, e-mail me!

Jimmy Battistone (now Jimmy Batson) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - West New York, New Jersey 07093 - 2000.09.10
Memories: The traveling to all the x-country meets and kicking some BUTT on the road!!!
the "get togethers"... you know who you all were!

Eileen Wheeler - 1972 - - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - 2000.09.10
Looking for: Maureen Hickey and anyone who remembers
Memories: This is great! Many thanks for bringing back smiles and memories. Football games, walking the streets of Levittown, the block parties at Nelson's, cheerleading. Guess that all got me in motion and have been moving a bit since. Spent years teaching junior high special ed from inner city to rural areas. Have worked with Mentally Ill and now back to Developmentally Disabled adults. Just about to settle in CDA, Idaho. Love it here, would love to hear from you.

Steve Blumling - 1973 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Staten Island, NY - 2000.09.11
Memories: There are so many memories in such a big graduating class, while being in one place for six years - knowing many of my classmates even longer then that.
I remember all the good things and all the good people that were my classmates, teammates and associates in DAHS - lots of good memories.
I felt I haven't been a good friend over the years, as I haven't been very good at keeping in touch. I'm glad to have found out from my kid sister that this web site exists.
& : - ) Steve

Lori Kutchens (now Shapiro) - 1987 - - 2000.09.11 (new e-mail 2000.12.26)
Memories: 8th grade Science class Mr. Davis (a.k.a. J.D.) was a real pissa.

Maureen Allen (now Maureen Taggart) - 1986 - - Levittown - 2000.09.12
Memories: Getting out

Carla Perciasepe (now Abrams) - 1970 - - West Milford, NJ (northern NJ) - 2000.09.12
Comments: I have been living in the same house in northern New Jersey for the past 24 years.  Jim & I have been married for those years and now have 4 children, all homeschooled.  Darcy is 17 and graduated, traveling with the Covenant Players in KY & TN.
Still at home are Nathan (14), Tyler (11) and Jason is 4!
Many years ago, I used to work for the network ABC, in the Management Information System department but have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 16 years.  We are active in our church and our homeschool support group (local and statewide).  Our lives have been full and very busy and our priority has been strengthening the family.  Blessings to you all.

Maureen Nolan (now Maureen Nolan-Cestari) - 1970 - - New Windsor, NY - 2000.09.12
Looking for: Nancy Vogal, Brenda Stewart, Barbara Byrne, Meg Gowen
Memories: Everything I did with Joanne Quick!!! All legal but we laugh about it to this very day! Nancy Vogal you dodo bird where the hell are you? My honest apologies to Gerry Moskal, Lowell Miller and Kenny Ericson... Three men and a baby... (Me). The funny thing is that not one of them knows who I am or what I did... Does anyone remember the mooner who would drive by the school third period in our 11th yr? My favorite substitute teacher was Mr. Santiago... We would get away with murder. Barbara Steinberg should have received class sweetest!
Comments: I wish we had a memoriam so we would know who's no longer with us!

Richard Hopkins - 1982 (but I moved to California in 1980) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Venice, Ca - 2000.09.12
Comments: I'd like to say hello to all the friends I had when I lived in Levittown and attended DAHS. The memories of that I have of high school are all fond ones and I thank my friends for making it that way. I currently live in Venice, CA. It gets a little boring here 'cause the weather is pretty predictable, but I suffer through. I spent the last two years of high school in Santa Monica, Ca at SAMOHI where I graduated. I spent time in college but never finished (you could have guessed that one). Now things are great. I work in the sales field, have my own online company (selling swimsuits) and I am more active in sports than I ever was.
I would really like for you to contact me and say hi. It has been a real trip seeing the entries from classmates and hope each of you not yet registered are all doing well.
Bye for now. Go blue.

Bob Plante - 1972 - - Bohemia, NY - 2000.09.13
Memories: Drinking in the grandstands while teasing the "renties". Camping trips to Lake George and Leeds, listening to Jay Davis preach his "gospels" while standing on picnic tables in his underwear.
Comments: Married since 1979 to Nancy Courtenay of Freeport, 5 children, 4 boys 1 girl as of 9/2000: Greg-19, Mike-18, Jackie-16, Bobby-14, Chris-8. Living in Bohemia, NY for fourteen years. Working in the same printing place for 27 yrs.
Spend most of my spare time driving kids somewhere. Two kids are in college, Greg at Dominican College in Orangeburg, NY and Mike at Mount Saint Mary's College in Newburg, NY. Jacqueline is a Junior in HS, Bobby is a freshman in HS, Chris is in 3rd grade.

Nancy Grassi (now Keuning) - 1966 - - Bellmore - 2000.09.13
Looking for: Old friends
Memories: The good times.

Sharon McKenna - 1984 - - Levittown, NY - 2000.09.13
Looking for: old classmates and Ms. Ilene Alten (business teacher) to say, Thank You.
Memories: I have many fond memories of Division Avenue and it's tough to name them all but here's a few: cutting out of class to just to hang out with friends, smoking in the bathroom and when a bunch of us got snagged in the ladies room with Paul Mendolia.
Comments: I would love to hear from former classmates and I'll try to answer all emails. I missed the 10-year reunion but I hope to make the 20-year, so it would be cool to start catching up now.

Jane Yarmosh (now Jane Johnson) - 1970 - - Brooksville, Florida - 2000.09.13
Looking for: Alan Contessa, Wendy Corbin, Susan Gallagher, Michael Grant, Patti Janssen, Doug Kurdziel, Margaret Massaro, Nilda Pacheco, Ceciela Velez, Paul Roberts, Donna Ronneburger, Edward Williams.
Memories: My memories of DAHS are very different from most. I wasn't popular, I was shy, I was skinny, and a real loner, I didn't have a clique of friends; as a matter of fact most of my friends went to Memorial. I was sent to DAHS because of zoning, and was upset because all the kids I grew up with from Wisdom Lane were gone, I had a difficult time making friends, but those I did make lasted in memory for all this time. Thanks for this great yearbook of memories. JYJ
Comments: I married in 1971, to a young man from Altanta Georgia, Dave Johnson, my best friend. He was stationed in Hampton Bays in the Coast Guard. We have been together for 29 years, we have 2 daughters, Jennifer, 23 and Jessica, 19. I have 2 grandchildren, Jacob 4 and Destiny 3 months. We live in Brooksville Florida, and have just built our dream home this last year. I am a therapeutic foster mother; I deal with children with emotional disabitlities from abuses in their families. I have been doing this for the past 10 years. I have now retired and am savoring the new relaxing time together with my husband in the woods of Brooksville.

Jennifer Goodman (now Jennifer Blustein) - 1990 - - Denver, Colorado - 2000.09.14
Looking for: The class of 1990's money
Memories: The rat during the pep rally, the high hair contest in Mr. Krug's health class - "tier guy"
Comments: I would like to know if it's true that Chris Hansen took all the class's money for himself and bought a boat. Does anyone know his e-mail address? And why is our reunion planned so close to Thanksgiving? who decided that?

Jim Vaughan - 1973 - - Merrick, NY - 2000.09.15 (new e-mail 2001.08.28)
Memories: Entire experience, including all athletic events and post game activities.

Tara Goodman (now Dehler) - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Denver, CO - 2000.09.15
Memories: I really can't believe it's been ten years!
Comments: My parents just sold their house in Levittown and everyone but Eric moved to Denver, CO this past July. I am married (not to the idiot from Island Trees) and have 2 children, Kevin age 4 and Shannon 5 months. I can't believe they finally decided to get going on the reunion and we just moved! Anyway, I saw Chris Hansen at the gym 1 time before I moved and he said we have like $10K for the reunion. I hope he really didn't buy a boat with it! Best wishes to all.

Jill Ayala (now Keller) - 1993 (Summit Lane, Wisdom Lane, Holy Trinity) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Upstate, NY - 2000.09.15
Looking for: Anyone who may remember me and wants to say hi
Comments: I did not graduate from Division, however I went to Summit Lane and Wisdom Lane with many of you. It's been so long so I figured I would sign up here and see if anyone who remembered me would like to catch up a little.

Lenny Catalano - 1971 - - Huntington Beach, Ca. - 2000.09.15
Looking for: Chuck Kilbride -- He still owes me money
Memories: Where to begin? I've been spending my whole life trying to get back to high school. No luck. Trying to get an education in a town that never slept was difficult, but it was beyond fun. Too much fun!
All the great sports teams in our class of '70-'71. County championships and near misses. Winning the '71 baseball county championship for Mr. Amen.
Having Mr. Kelly get us tickets at the "Fillmore East" in the Village at 15 and seeing groups like "Cream" or Seals & Crofts, Led Zeppelin & Grand Funk on the same card for like 2 bucks.
Seeing the older guys going to Vietnam -- and not coming back. Being at a Crosby, Still, Nash & Young concert at Randalls Island NJ the day Nixon resigned.
Trying to control Kenny Delaney when he had more than 2 beers. Cheap date! Lombardi jumping out the window on the second floor at Division, during class. I could go on and on. I'm reverting back to my childhood! (Time for therapy.)
Traveled a lot since then, but there was no place better. It was a great town, with great people. Am looking forward to coming back next year. Good luck to everybody.

Maria Sanseverino (now Koprowski) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2000.09.16 (new e-mail 2000.12.27)
Memories: I remember all the trouble I got in because of my friends. (Well, when I actually was in school!)
Comments: I wasn't there much but when I was it was a blast. If any of my old friends are out there, drop me some mail! To all those teachers I tormented, some day you'll have my children in your class, well when I have some anyway.

Lillian Batewell (now Balducci) - 1981 - - Levittown - 2000.09.17 (new e-mail 2001.03.14)
Looking for: Gina Fiorello
Memories: I look at the list of people's names from 1981 and it brings back so many memories. I still live in Levittown. I am married for 17 years and have three kids, one of which will be in the graduating class of 2002 at Division Avenue. I still see and talk to Laurie Fritzche, Tara Effinger, Bonnie Kessler and in touch with Donna DeStefano. Hope all are in good health. ENJOY!

Don Davis - 1968 - Newton, MA - 2000.09.18
Looking for: God. Just kidding. How about Jane Lavery?
Memories: Ah... er... um... The music - both the popular music of the times, and the great comraderie of all the bands in Levittown.

Linda Felten (now Linda Hay) - 1983 - - Poconos, Pennsylvania - 2000.09.19
Memories: Many memories of good friends. Where did the time go?? Hope everyone is doing well.
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Kevin Shanahan - 1981 - - Tampa, FL - 2000.09.19 (new e-mail 2001.06.26)
Comments: Moved in Senior year.

Matt Herrmann - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2000.10.03) - Levittown - 2000.09.20
my webpage:
Memories: Larry "The G-Man" Grossgold vs Miller

MaryEllen Byrne (now Centrone) - 1969 - - 2000.09.20
Looking for: Janet Frederick, Sue Thibadeau, Mary Snipe [found]
Memories: There were so many: going to football games on Saturday afternoons; basketball games Friday nights; Mr. Calderone getting his foot stuck in a wastepaper basket; going to Fiesta with Snipe (onion rings and a Coke please); being among about 50 other people at Fiesta the night the last show of "The Fugitive" (with David Jansen) was shown; parties, dances, it all was great. I have nothing but wonderful memories of growing up in Levittown. We were all so lucky.

in memoriam, Barbara Byrne - 1968 - (d. June 2, 1999) - by her sister MaryEllen - 2000.09.20
I regret to inform you that my dear sister Barbara Byrne (Demick) passed away on June 2, 1999 of breast cancer, only 9 months after diagnosis.
Although she lived in upstate New York the last 28 years of her life, she always remained interested in what was going on around Levittown.  Whenever we would reminisce of our high school days, it always brought a smile to her face.  Her spirit lives on in her three beautiful children, Stephanie 22, Stephen 20 and Colin, 17.  Her death was preceded by the passing of our oldest sister, Helen Byrne (class of 1964) on August 2, 1998 after a very lengthy illness.  Barbara had a wonderful time at your 20th reunion and spoke and laughed about it for weeks afterwards.  She remembered all of you fondly. - MaryEllen Byrne (Centrone) (class of 1969)

in memoriam, Helen Byrne - 1964 - (d. August 2, 1998) - by her sister - 2000.09.20
I regret to inform you that my dear oldest sister, Helen Byrne (DAHS Class of 1964) passed away on August 2, 1998 after a very lengthy illness. - MaryEllen Byrne (Centrone) (class of 1969)

Donna DeSouza (now Donna Pambianchi) - 1979 - - Wantagh - 2000.09.20
Looking for: Marjorie Solferino's wicked laugh
Memories: Probably playing softball with my friends, and of course, Gina Fleming (yeah right). Marjorie and Smitty's car taking us out to lunch every day. Carla's awoogha horn. Maryanne with the juke box. Mrs. Pacifico's cherry powder pie and all the sabotage that went on in those kitchens. Live free or die! (Peter and George). Always scheming something with Regina, and surprised when we got away with it! And of course, the time that Sue M. told off Fleming!! We had too much fun!!
Comments: I haven't moved far, just one town away. I am married and have 2 children, Jaime (7) and Steven (4). I am a part-time teacher and a full-time mom. I enjoy every minute of it. I can't believe this much time has passed!! This is a great website, thanks for putting it all together.

Adam Wurtzel - 2003 - - Levittown - 2000.09.20 (new e-mail 2001.10.11)
Memories: Well, I'm still at Division! I am now in 10th grade and I'll be the class of 2003. At this point, my most fond memory is when I hosted "Who Wants To Win Spirit Week" for the school in 9th grade! Hopefully, "Who Wants To Win Spirit Week" will be back on the air this March!
Comments: So far, there have been some great teachers at Division that I have had! Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Winch are awesome Global Studies teachers! Ms. Stritzl will always be my favorite English teacher! And of course, Mr. Fresco for Biology is the best! But, the #1 person at Division at the time that I write this is Jeanie. Jeanie has been a hall monitor for DAHS ever since I came to Division. She is by far the nicest and most caring person in the building! Thanks Jeanie for all you have done for me!

Scott Tallon - 1971 - - New jersey - 2000.09.21
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone who remembers
Memories: Favorite memories include the great Lacrosse players I played with, and making it to the county championships for the first time in school history (we lost!). Playing in the jazz band, and Ernie Tiechert in general was a blast. Failing Spanish 1 with Miranda because I wasn't as good as my older sister, and then having to take it again sucked. Having my mother for a substitute teacher, and walking out of her class (she actually understood but was pissed anyway.)
Then there was the Friday nights in the bleachers, along the parkway with the guys. Lunch at Lums using my fake ID for a frosted schooner of beer with my beer boiled hot dogs and fries in a basket!
Comments: I just can't get over how many of us "old timers" actually know how to use these computers.
All the partying in those days prepared me for my current vocation - beverage broker! Now I work the metro NY/NJ/Pa area representing wineries, breweries, and distilleries from around the world and having a blast!

Donna Martin (now Donna Orel) - 1973 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - New Smyrna Beach Florida - 2000.09.21
Looking for: Debbie Murphy

Elizabeth Monaghan - 1996 - - Levittown - 2000.09.21 (new e-mail 2001.04.12)
Looking for: My "Real" friends : Maureen L., Barbara C., Brian B.
Memories: Laughing with friends, Mr. Gallager's funny dance, the night Steven dropped the football, Twelve Angry Men, etc.
Comments: If anyone wants to write to me, maybe we'll hang out or something.

Kathy Mcdonnell (now Kathy Goff) - 1967 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Bel Air, Maryland - 2000.09.22
my webpage:
Looking for: Bob Terrell where the hell are you?

Jacqueline Conrad (now Jacqueline Meer) - 1966 - - Manorville, NY - 2000.09.22
Looking for: Don Reiersen, Dorothy Scherholtz

Gary Rosenzweig / "Rosie" - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Manorville, NY - 2000.09.22
Memories: "The Post", The party after the Wantagh football game, Warren's parties, Kenny Mancino trying to look up Ms. Rothenberg's dress, being able to walk everywhere without a care. Friends. Jerry Jewel yelling at Russ Ratlif - in fact, Jerry yelling at everyone! Mr. Levy's class. The pools, hitch-hiking to Jones Beach field 4 with Brian McGrath.
Comments: This is a great web site! Like being in a candy store without the cals. Gee 30 years, "OUCH", went by in a blink. As I reflect on it now DAHS was like one big extended family. We all didn't get along all the the time but at the end of the day you were still part of the family.
I'm still on LI. Married 23 years, 3 kids (2 girls 1 boy), 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 mortgage... all doing well.
I'd love to hear from old friends. Hope all is well with everyone.

Mark Abrams - 1976 - - Larchmont, NY - 2000.09.25 (new e-mail 2002.10.08)
Memories: My first walk home from school with some cute blonde named Jeannie who I never got to date! Wonder where she is now!
Comments: Great site, thanks for the memories. I'm currently working on an online trading platform for municipal bonds and enjoying life with my wife and two daughters, ages 7 and 5. Life's a thrill with new stuff happenin' everyday. We like to travel and were down at Cape Hatteras last month. Dodged waves and hurricanes for the most part. I guess its all good!! Anyone with fun travel ideas, feel free to write.

Brett Schmitt - 2000 - - Irvine, CA & Levittown - 2000.09.25
Memories: Dying every day
Comments: Hi

Suzanne Hennessey (now Suzanne Mignone) - 1970 - - Ramsey, NJ 07446 - 2000.09.25
Looking for: Nancy Vogenberger
Memories: Going to football & lacrosse games. Janice Humphrey imitating a donkey one night at one of our dances & I happened to be standing directly behing her & got kicked in the shin not once but twice, OUCH!!! Still have the scars!!! Oh what fun we use to have. Going to Jason Crair's senior prom when I was a freshman and all my girlfriends coming to the house that night to help me get dressed... Those were the days my friends...
Comments: Would love to hear from any of my old buddies

Tom Purcell - 1986 - - Levittown - 2000.09.26
Memories: Playing football and lacrosse for the three years I was at Division and some big wild parties at my house.

Dan Hannan / Daniel T. Hannan - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - West Islip - 2000.09.26
Looking for: Old Friends
Memories: Hanging out with the "BOYS" everywhere and anywhere. Regardless of where we were, we had good laughs! I'm still hangin with the same crowd, I welcome e-mails from anyone with an update or memory.
Bottle in the water meter box (while doing DeCaro's meatgrinders), All-nighters after winning the big game and sleeping under the scoreboard! Too many others to list...
Comments: I have a wife Christina Savino (you might know her), and two wonderful children... Ryan is 5, Emma is 16 months. Each day is a little more important now with them in my life. I'm looking to hear from old friends with memories & updates on their lives! Until then... Dragon blue with Panther blood! ;-)

Gene Aiello - Teacher & Administrator 1951-1981 - - Plano, Texas - 2000.09.27
Memories: All of them. My 30 years at Division Avenue were a tremendous experience. Getting to know the kids and helping them out were my greatest joys. The good times we had at games, the proms (the class of '73 named me Prom King, a wonderful surprise), and seeing the kids grow up are fond memories indeed. Thanks to Bonnie Antonowitz Ramsey for remembering me and searching for me. That's how I became aware of this Web site, which is great.
After retiring in 1981, my wife Dorothy and I moved to Orlando, Florida, and spent almost 20 years there playing golf and enjoying a life of leisure. Now in our early 80s and slowing down a bit, we decided this summer to move into an assisted-living home near my daughter and her family in Dallas. You may write to me at 3000 Midway Road Apt. 125, Plano TX 75093. I would love to hear from people. (added e-mail 2000.12.18)

Cindy Papale (now Cindy Hammontree) - 1972 - - Kendall, Florida - 2000.09.28
Memories: Although I moved from Levittown after my 11th grade year, I still have many fond memories of the years that I did live in Levittown. I went from Pintale Lane to Northside (especially field day at Northside when the Blue and Gold teams were at war) to DAHS. I especially remember the Levittown Roller Rink, the East Green Pool, shopping at Mays and Times Square Store, and eating at Woolworth's and Lums. My God, where has the time gone. I hope to try and make our 30-year reunion in 2002.
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Larry Berger - 1963 - - Edgewater FL 32141 - 2000.09.29
Comments: Moving to California to be with my sweetheart Patti & to be married. Looking forward to the 40th reunion & wiil definitely be there. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces there. This will be my first reunion. I want everybody to make an effort to be there...

AnneMarie Ferrara (now AnneMarie Guerra) - 1988 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown, NY - 2000.09.29
Memories: All of them!!!
Comments: Moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida in 1992. Moved back to Long Island on 8/14/2000. Missed my home... You can take the girl out of Long Island but you can't take Long Island out of the girl!!!

Edwin Forseth - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2000.09.30
Memories: If anyone has any information on how to get ahold of Ray Phelan's mother or if you have some old pictures of Ray Phelan to use in a memoir wall, please E-Mail me

Shaun Walters - 1988 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Seaford - 2000.09.30
Looking for: old friends from Division Ave. class of 1988
Memories: Tom Vesque get involved classic, parties, parties, good times!

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