Yearbook Volume 8

entries from 2001.01.01 through 2001.03.31

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Denise Bolger (now Denise Quinn) - 1983 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Island Trees, NY - 2001.01.01
Memories: Senior Variety Show 1983 - Ballet Segment - I don't think to this day that I ever laughed as hard as I did then. Paul Schwern getting thrown through the air and Wayne Perry in a TUTU was priceless.
Comments: I would really like to know who is responsible for creating this website so I could thank them. I'm looking forward to contacting some old but not forgotten friends.

in memoriam, Kathy Hobb - 1972 - by her sister, Joan - - 2001.01.02
Comments: Kathy passed away in 1993. She married Gene Corrigan shortly after graduation and lived in Kingston, NY for about 5 years. Divorced shortly after moving back to Long Island. She became very ill and left us in 1993. I'm her sister, Joan, and would love to hear from anyone who has good memories of my sister and Division Avenue H.S.

Debbie Damiani (now Debbie Traenkle) - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hicksville - 2001.01.04
Memories: There were so many great times, it's hard to just pick a few!!!
Comments: I have been married to Doug Traenkle for 6 yrs now. He also graduated from Division, class of 1984. We have 2 beautiful boys. Taylor is almost 4 & Hunter is just 3 weeks old. My husband owns his own spackling business, & I work part-time at General Motors. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my kids. I would love to hear from some old friends!!!

Doug Traenkle - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hicksville - 2001.01.05
Memories: 1984 Baseball State Champions

Keny Drescher - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Guyton, Georgia - 2001.01.07
Looking for: Mikey and Dale Yarmosh
Memories: 155 Blue Spruce was where I hailed... Didn't get a Yearbook, so time fades the memory of close friends.
I've heard from a few, but wish I could now see the faces and hear the tall tales gleaned since then.

Carla Zaffer (now Carla Hoffman) - 1967 - - Dolgeville, NY - 2001.01.08
Looking for: Susan Worsthorn, Pete DeGregorio
Memories: Football games with my friends
Comments: Wish we would have a reunion sometime!

Charles DiGiovanni - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Holbrook, NY - 2001.01.08
Looking for: John Maher, Sue Hladki, Lexa Larsen, Pat Bagley
Memories: The varsity basketball team of 1965-1966 and 1966-1967.
"Fiesta" burgers, fries, and a coke ordered over a red phone (all for about $1.50), Johnny M., Billy M., Lance D., Jackie B., Danny M., Chip M., Joe G., Susan H., Pat B., Judy C., Lexa L. T.E. buddies, summer days at Jones Beach, baseball in the park, Friday nights in the gym, Coach Campanelli, Mr. T.E Murphy, Dr. Granese, Mr. Amen, Mr. Wright, Mr. Greco, "For Whom the Torch Burns", the senior prom and the Chateau Henry IV, the Hansom Cab ride through Central Park, graduation
Comments: Reunion??? When??? Where???
The last reunion I know of was back in 1988. Has there been one for the class of 1967 since???

??? - ??? - ?@? - 2001.01.11
Looking for: Kevin Kelly and Kathy Mills

John Adrian - 1989 - - 2001.01.11
Memories: Leaving

Tom Adrian - 1991 - (bad e-mail) - 2001.01.11
Memories: Staring at the guys in the hall
Comments: I'm a flamer now

Roseann Edelstein (now Roseann Rachlin) - 1961 - - Plainview, Long Island - 2001.01.11
Looking for: Barbara Callan, Sherry Deutsch, Penny Cutler, Michael Gittleman

Peter Shanahan - 1984 - - Greater Tampa Bay Area - 2001.01.13
Looking for: For a couple people, students and faculty.

Demi ____ - 2003 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - L-town the place we all hate!!! - 2001.01.13
Memories: wow I hate dahs but all my good friends are cool... Love Ya ashley m and steve e

MaryEllen Mittler (now Mary M. Tripp) - 1976 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - North Merrick - 2001.01.13
Looking for: Caress Barton, where are you?

Lynda Walker (now Lynda Schowengerdt) - 1972 - (left before graduation) - - Atlanta, GA - 2001.01.13
Looking for: Old Friends, didn't have many but I do remember a few.
Memories: I didn't graduate but should have and did many years later. I remember the first Broadway show the school put on. The Sound of Music. I had a lot of fun then.

Patricia Gomez (now Patricia Robinson) - 1963 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Morris Plains, NJ - 2001.01.13 (new e-mail 2001.06.11)
Comments: Hi all,
Have had a good life since graduation -- hard to believe it's been 38 Years! And would very much like to help plan a reunion -- let's do it! Raised 3 great kids now grown and on their own, worked for AT&T for 28 years and took retirement last year. Have been divorced for approx. 12 years, am a happy gal and working a great job from home. Still love the beach -- have a little home on Long Beach Island, NJ. Recently became a grandmother to my son's adopted little boy from Russia. So much to be thankful for -- hope to hear from any of you! Patty

Kathleen Heaney (now Close) - 1976 - - Acworth, GA - 2001.01.13 (new e-mail 2002.09.14)
Looking for: Maureen McDonald & Barbara Hellenbeck

Millie Weller (now Millie Iverson) - 1966 - - Eagan, Minnesota - 2001.01.14
Comments: My family moved from Levittown in the middle of my junior year (Dec. 1964) I attended Summit Lane Elementary school from 1st grade to 6th and then attended Division Ave. H.S. from the 7th to the middle of my 11th year. I have stayed in touch with Fran DelGaudio over the years and she was the one who told me about the reunion. I look forward to attending this great event.

Debbie Harned (now Debbie Smith) - 1978 - - California - 2001.01.15
Comments: I graduated early so I should have graduated in 1979.

George LoCicero - 1985 - - Massapequa - 2001.01.15
Memories: Cruising the turnpike looking for girls

Jean Ann Young (now Jean Kurth) - 1967 - care of - Babylon, NY - 2001.01.16
Comments: Please use Carla (Zaffer) Hoffman's E-Mail as we are in touch every week and she will forward on any correspondence.

Jennifer Lipani (now Casazza) - 1991 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2001.01.16
Comments: Hi everyone! Can you believe ten years have just about passed?
Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy.  In 1996 I got married to Rick (my brother John's good friend from college -- how convenient), and this past July we just had a baby boy, Richard John :). I've been teaching at Gardiners Avenue Elementary School for the past six years (I love the little guys), coached volleyball at MacArthur (I know, how could I?), Softball at Division for 4 years, and am currently an adjunct instructor at NYIT where I teach graduate level courses in Computer Technology.
I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. Our 10-year reunion is coming up! The reunion will take place at the Plainview Holiday Inn - on Friday, October 12, 2001.  If you need more info regarding this, contact me!
Health and Happiness :)  Jennifer

Barbara Wilmerton (now Barbara Haas) - 1965 - - Lorain, Ohio - 2001.01.16
my webpage:
Memories: Mr. Vitale and the Christmas a cappella choir. Mr. Peyton's driver's ed class with the gruesome pictures and Mr. Stein's driving lessons. His obsession with Miss Lipkin, our French teacher.

Nancy Thomas (now Nancy Thomas Russo) - 1967 - - Commack, NY - 2001.01.18
Memories: Making the movie (For Whom The Torch Burns) and going into the city on those crazy excursions while we made the movie, like going onto a cruise ship!

Penny Schiller - 1969 - - Cape Cod - 2001.01.18
Looking for: still... Billy Carnes, Kevin Reilly, the Ingrassia gals - Bernardi
Memories: well, i'm still getting a warm glow from our 30th + reunion seeing old friends... many have stayed in touch after the reunion like screwy Linda Smith... Carol Flectner is probably far TOO busy travling with the circus to write... i'm hoping someone has the time and energy to organize a DAHS extravaganza at Salisbury Park so we can ALL laugh our heads off.

Jerome Weinert - 1994 - - Levittown, NY - 2001.01.19
Memories: Studying hard and getting straight As

Francine Hirsch (now Francine Spofford) - 1981 - care-of (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Florida - 2001.01.20 (new e-mail 2002.02.13)
Looking for: James Curtis Knight (Jimmy Knight) from Hicksville class of 1975 And Also Gina Fiorello!

Patty Crumley (now Patty Hartmannsgruber) - 1975 - - Richmond, Indiana - 2001.01.21
Memories: Sitting in the library reading Maya Angelou, making friends from different social groups ("jocks, freaks!"), learning German with Mrs. Marlis Shoemaker and our wonderful class, which grew smaller every year as we progressed up to German 5, working backstage in "Mame," riding my bike everywhere, hanging out with Kris Buccigrossi, Karen Davis, Holly Yaeger, Blanca Carrasquillo, & Margaret Reynolds, and taking the LIRR into NYC as often as possible. And going to Jones Beach!
Comments: I have been away from L.I. and thus out of the loop for many years. HS memories are bittersweet, but poignant. A recent letter from an old & dear friend pointed the way to this website. For the record, I am still the girl "most likely to find God in a carrot." All the best to all old friends, crushes & acquaintances out there!

Erin Cooper - 1999 - - attending University of Hartford in Connecticut - 2001.01.21
Memories: Hanging at the bleachers and then running away from them when public safety came, drinking Corona and getting caught by public safety while cutting the lime behind Summit Lane, cow nights, driving to the beach, keg parties, the field, drunken bowling, walking all over the town, drinking 2 bottles of champagne on New Year's, almost dying in the micro-machine, homecomings, playing softball and volleyball, senior year, spirit week, "Daddy Krug", happy sperm, and of course hanging with my girls the trio Liz-Laura-Coopie.

Melissa Andaur - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - still in Levittown - 2001.01.22
Memories: Getting out of there!!!
Comments: I'm the Manager of a store in Roosevelt Field Mall and I go to school at Nassau still... where I see most of you guys, anyway. I'm currently very happily involved with a beautiful Puerto Rican man from Brentwood named Oscar. I'm happy, even though I'm still living at home. I keep in touch with a few people from Division, including my best friend of 7 1/2 years :D. If you want to say hi, e-mail me.

Edwin Forseth - 1990 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Fort Lauderdale - 2001.01.22
Looking for: Artie Browne, Chorus Teacher 1988
Comments: Married in 1995, seperated in 2000. Although the marriage didn't turn out, I have the most precious little boy ever. I would never ask for anything different. My son is a miracle, he weighed only 2 pounds 7 ounces when he was born, and he has progressed wonderfully. Me? I am a New York State Critical Care Technician, and soon to be Fugitive Recovery Agent. Hey anyone from class of 1990 if you want to chat, IM me. Take care.

Marjorie J. Solferino (now Marjorie Solferino Transou) - 1979 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.04) - Levittown - 2001.01.23
Looking for: Whoever wants to be found!
Memories: Happy 40 to Sue McNally... I remember her 18th birthday at Tabot's ale house listening to Full House... I also remember her driving her Z into (and I do mean into) the Buzy Bee gas station... time certainly has gone by... now she drives a Volvo and lives in a state without Buzy Bees.

Marlene Munnelly - 1981 - - Port Washington, NY - 2001.01.23
Looking for: The Class of 1981
Memories: French class with Mrs. Burton (the best teacher at Division) and the class trip to the restaurant in NYC where I ate escargot (never again!); Mr. Danhieux's biology class (another great teacher) and his elaborate drawings - I can still draw the Islets of Langerhans; Friday night dances; Varsity tennis; Bagley parties (I liked his parties so much, I married him); "Fusco Must Go!"; Dancing with Andrew Meltzer at Spit; Rumors true and false: murmur, murmur, controversial; Springsteen shows for $12.50 a ticket, and the lottery system; the AP science class debacle; Teachers' strike; Mrs. Stillwagon's advice to "guess C" on the chemistry Regents; Senior ski trip; Mr. Mezzapesa killing "The Raven"; Watching Blowie play basketball and Rondo play baseball; Marathon tennis matches with Rondo; Andrew hitting a tree in front of Barbara Nizich's house on the way to watch bands for the prom; 8th grade Theater Arts class; Kevin Denninger's rainbow suspenders and sense of humor; James Walsh setting his hair on fire in chemistry; "I can't see!" "Enroll in a school for the blind."; Walking home for lunch every day; Gym uniforms (the worst!); Taking the train into the city for two-for-one Broadway shows; William of Orange; Mr. Lieber's obsession with the Iroquois; too many more to mention.
Comments: Reunion, August 3-4, 2001. I hope everyone can make it. I love to hear from old friends and relive great memories.

Donna DeStefano (now Miller) - 1981 - - Las Vegas - 2001.01.24
Looking for: Craig Campbell
Memories: Hanging out at the shop doors (haha) With Lil !!!

Edward M Contessa - 1981 - - West Babylon - 2001.01.25 (new e-mail 2003.07.03)
Memories: Hanging out in the sweatboxes playing handball in between classes of course

June Harmer (now Uss) - 1965 - - Northridge, California - 2001.01.26
Looking for: Lorraine Messe, Linda Cronin, Sheila Reilly, JoAnne Martino

Debbie Zuckerman (now Debbie Inga) - 1973 - - Selden, NY - 2001.01.27
my webpage:
Memories: Cutting class and going to Wilfred's for a Wilfred Burger.
Comments: Moved away before graduation. Am interested in attending next reunion.

Brian Zarb - 1975 - (user unknown 2005.10.03) - Babylon, NY - 2001.01.27
Looking for: Marie Vitalli
Memories: Soccer Playoff Games.

George DiCataldo - 1998 - - 2001.01.28
Memories: The Grey Areas

??? - ??? - ?@? - 2001.01.28
Looking for: Shelly Nayak

Diane Dehne (now Diane Pitfick) - 1963 - - Virginia - 2001.01.29
Memories: Beach parties at Jones Beach
Sorority parties
Football games
Walking to and from school with friends and the events that occurred
Drive-in movies with school friends
Friday night dances

Dina Tiles - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Lindenhurst - 2001.01.30
Memories: Racing Mr. Lieber to social studies class (which he loved to do) and remembering the "dinosaur dung". Mr. Krug's health class.
Comments: Remembering Stephen.

Bob Dehne - 1967 - - Orlando, Fl. - 2001.01.31
my webpage:
Memories: Having had the opportunity to be with some of the greatest bunch of folks I've ever known. Football games and parties lead the list.

Gina Ferrari - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Davie, Florida - 2001.02.01
Looking for: Dale Gardiner

Colette Bentvena (now Colette Walsh) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Burke, Virginia - 2001.02.02
Looking for: Ellen Grant or Judy Hall
Memories: Innocent fun...
Comments: Since HS graduation, I attended college upstate and eventually left Long Island (1978) for California. I entered the IT field and now work as a consultant in the telecom industry. My family and I now live in Virginia with my husband and 17 year old daughter.

Rick James - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2001.02.02
Memories: I loved getting drunk during class

John C. Orlandini - 1982 (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown, NY - 2001.02.03
Memories: Even though I left the school and went to private school I felt I still was part of the Blue Dragons. I always hung out with all the kids like I still went to school there. It seemed that I never left.

Ralph Falcone - 1964 - - Orlando, Florida - 2001.02.08 (new e-mail 2003.05.07)
Memories: Looking back, ALL the memories are my favorite. There will never be another time like that.

Anna-Jo Mannino - 1974 - - Winston Salem, North Carolina - 2001.02.08
Memories: MY smoking weed behind the bleachers. Arguing with Ms. Garlic. I believe now that she was a special person. Talking with Mr. Aiello. Skipping school and going to Jones Beach!
Comments: All of that was in 1974... boy, if I had it to do over again, I would change it all. I was quite the smartass.

Joanne Thomas (now Morse) - 1972 - - Sebastian, FL - 2001.02.08
Memories: Football Games
Senior Variety Show

Ginger Schreiner (now Fuentes) - 1979 - - Kendallville, IN - 2001.02.09
Looking for: Anybody from my class
Memories: Cutting classes and hanging out with my friends.

Richard Calderwood - - Palm Coast, Florida - 2001.02.10
Memories: Annoying my older sister, Pat (Class of 1961) simply by being recognized as her simpleton brother!
Comments: I wish more of my old classmates weren't such Luddites and make it easier to communicate via email. I have such great memories of Levittown in the '50s and '60s: Jahn's "Kitchen Sink", the roller rink, playing Ringalevio in the woods off the Meadowbrook Parkway; Schaefer "chug a mugs"; Gene and the Starfires. Sadly Ray Abruzzo passed away in 1995. I will always miss his friendship, quiet humor and blistering speed as we ran from NCPD cops escaping from our after-hours dips in the Azalea pool. Climbing the water tower and screaming bad words; Nancy Marckesano, the love of my life, if I had only known it!! Len Mathison, Bill Harned and Ed Welch and the 100-mile hike to Montauk Point over the Easter vacation, and all the Omega Phi Epsilon fraternity gatherings, in Seaford on Harned's dad's boat, or hazing new kids at TSS where they appeared wearing their underwear on the outside, soaked in pickle juice and attempting to sell sheets of toilet paper for a penny apiece! What a fund raiser. Mathison actually intimidated the store manager out of a nickel before he would leave the property. Three-hour tackle football games, with 20 on each side. Gene Galizi could run like a gazelle and no one could stop Kenny Bachman with the ball. Mister Donut, across from Saint Bernard's, that had that hole in the roof that was so easy to squeeze through so we could collect the stale donuts (was that really burglary?). "Borrowing" a car from a neighbor of Rusty Arneson and returning it, without gasoline, after midnight. The poor guy on Boat La. who owned a VW Beetle and would invariably wake up every Saturday morning to find it had been lifted, carried and placed against his front door; rearranging the plastic pink flamingoes on peoples' lawns so they looked like they were trying make little flamingoes; square dances on summer nights behind Mays that Nancy Marckesano used to drag me to; the Levittown Theater she and I would go to, but to which she would bring a hot cup of tea instead of a soda! The best dates we shared where we would lug her mother's laundry to the Village Green laundromat and spend the night doing laundry... still some of my best dates ever! I remember Mr. Reilly's announcement over the PA system when JFK was killed, walking nancy home to Swallow La in stunned silence and then crying on the way home and all weekend. The "end of the innocence" as Bruce Hornesby said...

Jacqueline Ortuno - 2001 - Levittown, NY - 2001.02.11
Memories: My favorite memories... Wow there are way too many to name, but off the top of my head I can think of all of the "jap" nights, those freezing cold winters at the 4 trees, Wolcott, Azalea, Wisdom, the bleachers, and all of the other outdoor hangouts we used to have. Spirit Week (every year was memorable). Having to be carried home by my girls... the fights, the makeups, the heartaches and heartbreaks... most of all the friendships. That is what I will always miss... the people who never let me down, you know who you are... Thank you girls for always being there, and for you boys the ones that will always be in my heart, you also know who you are, the few of you that there are... thanks for everything...
Comments: For those underclassmen... Good Luck and my best advice... Live up your years in high school and never take it for granted for it goes way too fast... Never let your friends down... they are the ones that will always be there when everyone else is not...

Laurie Wagner - 1980 - (moved before graduation) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Port Richey, Fl. - 2001.02.11 (new e-mail 2003.05.05)
Looking for: Old friends
Comments: Moved away before graduation, too soon

Kathy Leyden (now Kathy Lynch) - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Boston metropolitan area - 2001.02.12
Memories: I already wrote my entry in one of the volumes of this yearbook but wanted to add the news of an addition to my family. Kerry Elizabeth Lynch was born on December 13, 2000. She was 8 lbs., 12 oz.! This is the first. It has been a lot of fun catching up with many of you!

Billy Ferro (now William M.Ferro III DC) - 1992 - - above a hubcap store - 2001.02.14
my webpage:
Looking for: Backaches and headaches!

Kristopher Schmitt - - Bay Shore - 2001.02.15
Looking for: Anyone
Memories: Senior Year & Graduation
Comments: I wasn't the most studious person in high school but it helped to get me to where I am at now. I am a proffesional geologist for a multi-national environmental consulting firm. Recently I become engaged to a wonderful woman from Suffolk county who is coincidentally the daughter of another Division graduate. I am currently in the later stages of finishing my Master's Thesis in geology through West Virginia University as I work full-time. Its good to see so many of you are doing well. I hope to see a lot of you at the Reunion.

Susan Bauer (now Braun) - - West Islip, NY - 2001.02.15
Looking for: Diane Kramer, Peggy Kuhner, Diane Kolb
Memories: Football games, Mr. Pavlikowski, Mrs. Santagato good friends, going shopping at Mays
Comments: My husband and I have our own business Braun Bros. Brushes, Inc. Visit our website

in memoriam, Joanne Cardoza (married name Joanne Anderson) - 1982 - by her sister Jocelyn - 2001.02.15 (new e-mail 2004.03.09)
Comments: in memory of my sister Joanne Cardoza (Anderson), DAHS Class of 1982. Joanne died on January 30, 2001 after having a stroke. Joanne was living in Hempstead, NY and had 3 children. I want to personally thank all my friends from the Class of 1981 for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. If any members of the Class of 1982 have any memories of Joanne they would like to share, please contact me, Jocelyn Cardoza, DAHS Class of 1981 . I want to pass those memories on to my family and her children. Thanks again Class of 1981.

Nancy Fox (now Nancy Wiener) - 1967 - - Coram, NY - 2001.02.16
Looking for: All my old classmates!!
Memories: Hanging out at LUM'S after school events.
Comments: I can't believe so many of the class are signed up here. I guess I've been asleep for a long while!! So excited just to read all the names that bring so many memories. I love you all!!!

Susan Callison (now Susan Elorriaga) - 1965 - - Bethpage, NY 11714 - 2001.02.16
Looking for: Carol Brooks, Marjorie Sobel, Mary Molinelli

Brian Oakes - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2001.02.18
my webpage:
Memories: Graduating

Thomas Kirk - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - East Meadow - 2001.02.18
Memories: Running on the track team...
Comments: Was a wonderful time!!

Stanley Seplow - 1968 - - Springfield, VA - 2001.02.21
Comments: What a great site. The memories just came pouring out as I read through the comments. Helps relieve the depression. I'm sure a lot of 1968 graduates are suffering after recently hitting the big 5-0. If you're out there, a big hello to Kroncke, Kahler, Kuhar, Brunson, Proses and, of course, Jan. To the old Summit Lane gang, Kenny Ryan, Jerry Zeldis, Ronnie Schechter, Elaine Rosen, Tricia Lindstrom, Bonnie Boyer, Veronica Foy and Arlene Schneyman, a big hello to you too. And another big hello to anyone I didn't mention that may remember me from their Levittown days. Sad to hear about the deaths of Tommy Martin, Jimmy Urquhardt and Mike Swartz, three great guys who I have a lot of good memories of. I've been living in the DC area for the past 23 years, with my wife Eileen, working for the IRS. I have two daughters, ages 21 and 18, attending the University of Virginia and James Madison, respectively. Would love to hear from any and all of you Blue Dragons out there and hope you all are happy.

Melanie Cullen - 1991 - - Bayville, NY - 2001.02.21
Memories: My four years at Division were wonderful, and some of my favorite memories include: cheerleading, theater, spending time with my friends, and Spirit Night (I was not the most athletic person, but I always had a blast). The best part about my years at Division was the Class of 1991. I could not ask for a better bunch of people to experience my teenage years with.
Comments: Hello Class of 1991,
After graduation, I moved to FL to work for Walt Disney World. Five years later, I moved back to finish my education at C.W. Post. I am now working for Post as a co-op coordinator for Visual and Performing Arts majors. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I hope all is well with everyone and that you are living your life to the fullest.
Love, Melanie Cullen

Cindy J. Meadows (now Cindy J. Spreacker) - 1977 - - Huntington, West Virginia - 2001.02.22
Memories: Cutting school, hanging out in the parking lot, handball

Lisa J. Vesque (now Lisa J. Newton) - 1983 - - Federal Way, WA - 2001.02.22
Memories: The best football team on Long Island, the friends and parties, especially the Halloween Costume parties, the freedom and darkroom to play with one of my favorite toys (the camera), terrific teachers that trusted us way more than they should have (but, hey thanks it all worked it out!) and a few other unmentionables! See you at the next reunion.
Comments: Is anyone else interested in setting up a Class of 1983 College Scholarship Fund? Please let me know -- I am.

Virginia (Ginny) Hattenback(now Dall) - 1979 - - Florida - 2001.02.23
Looking for: My youth :)
Memories: Smoking in the girls room!!! Anyone remember Rosie the elderly cleaning lady... she used to lock the bathroom doors and clean and let us girls and Steve Rizzolo hang out and smoke joints and drink beer... ssssshhh, don't tell my kids :)
Comments: How time has flown, I still feel like I am 17 in my mind! I have been married 14+ yrs, and have 2 children. Been a graphic designer for the last 22 yrs... Ms. Wagner said I would never make it!!! Love to hear from my classmates, drop a line! :)

Paul Manton - 1980 - - 2001.02.25
Memories: Bookwormery at the school and public libraries; the Long Island Science Congress and my "artificial biosphere" experiments; my lab partners; the encouragement of Mr. Festante, Mr. Pav.; entomologizing in the Old Motor, lots, sumps; bike rides to Jones Beach; LAC baseball; Son of Sam on the prowl; bowling at the North Levittown Lanes; locking horns with Ira B. Newman; Mrs. Gough; dinners at La Zingara and Domenico's; those week-long field trips to Fire Island and Frost Valley; Lord DiNapoli; and planning the overthrow of the Soviet Communist Party.
Comments: What have I done since graduation? Wello, I didn't invent the Internet; got a degree in biology; got married in 1993; became a free-lance writer (feature-length magazine articles, mostly) and contributing editor of the LONG ISLAND FORUM. I have just retired from a 20-year retail career and am looking for a new career to pass the time. I have done well in the stock market (LONG LIVE THE CAPITALIST REVOLUTION!); I have, with my wife, become a not-too-shabby ballroom dancer; I live on Long Island but do a lot of traveling throughout the U.S. and beyond; I am thinking about retiring to England or Ireland in a few years; I am Vice President to the LEVITTOWN HISTORICAL SOCIETY (glad to see that the alumni has an interest in local history) so here goes the commercial:
Established in 1988 by the late Tom Caroll, the Levittown Historical Society is a nonprofit, educational institution accredited by the New York State Department of Education. Our objective is to preserve the legacy of William J. Levitt (1907-94), the world-famous suburban community he established on Long Island in 1947, and the rural communities of Island Trees and Jerusalem that preceded it. Our Museum at the Levittown Memorial Education Center features vintage photographs, books, maps, models, artifacts, furniture, toys, home furnishings, kitchen appliances, military collectables, and other items that pertain to the founding and early years of Levittown, the neighborhood's rural past (farming, aviation, auto racing, railroading, and the Hempstead Plains), the legacy of World War Two, and pre-1960 Americana. It is open to the public Wednesdays 2:30-4:30, and Fridays 7:00-9:00.
As long as you are online, why not visit our website at

Ronald McKeon - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Virginia Beach, VA - 2001.02.25
Memories: Musicals: The Sound of Music & South Pacific. Working on the 1971 Perspectum with a very talented and dedicated group of editors and staff! Terry Roskovics English Class when we read A Tale of Two Cities! The "Canteen". Hey it's been thirty years I'll try to remember more before the next reunion!
Comments: I think we ought to a have Rule for the Class of 1971 Reunion coming up this July 2001. No Hair Jokes! My hair seems to be growing every where but my head! But hey who's complaining? I still have all my original teeth!

Margaret McDougall (soon to be Laratondo) - 1993 - - Islip - 2001.02.26
Looking for: The Elite Ha!Ha!

Mikey Hernandez - 2000 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - L-Town the place to be! - 2001.02.27
my webpage:
Looking for: Life beyond the "red carpet"
Memories: 11th and 12th grade. God those two years rocked!! I love all my friends and will remember those years forever. Shout outz to my peeps keep it real dammit! Stay up players... hahaha...

Linda Passaretti (now Linda Lyles) - 1982 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) ; xclusive64 (not 2002.03.24) - Uniondale, NY - 2001.02.27 (new e-mail 2002.03.02)
Looking for: Kathy Narbuth
Comments: Looking for Kathy Narbuth - please e-mail me I would love to hear from you.

Erica Lefstein - 1999 - - Buffalo - 2001.02.27
Memories: Spirit Week, Spirit Night and Homecoming, especially senior year

Diana Pries - 1999 - - 2001.02.27
Memories: Deli runs before and after school, Wendy's long lunches, Marching Band Competitions, GIANTS STADIUM, Marching Band parties, toliet papering some houses, Music Concerts (especially when we did Andrew LLoyd Webber), running track, guys volleyball games (Steido, Carroll and some other crazies), being a spectator at many events, watching the play rehearsals and the plays.
Comments: I may have not have had the guts to stand up to everyone in high school, but I think I have grown as a person and will not take the same crap anymore. I no longer care that I was not popular and did not "fit in" with the cliques, because I am loved for who I am by everyone around me now. If you are one of the ones that does not like me, that is your loss. Popularity from high school does not matter when you get to college, and I am sure many of you realized this early on in college. Friends in college are there for you because they like you for you, not for your beauty or popularity. Life has given me many blessings, and I hope all of you will realize all of your blessings someday.

Gary Harding - 1981 - - Syosset, NY - 2001.02.28
my webpage:
Looking for: Barbara Nizich, Michael Chiocchio
Memories: Hanging in the computer lab, and hearing Mike Chiocchio bother the living hell out of Mr. Anderson. Working on the Junior Prom, and the Carnival.
It is great reminiscing about all of the great memories that we sometimes take for granted.
Comments: Just a re-entry to the book.
Looking forward to the 20th reunion.
Hope to see all the 1981 crowd there. Can you believe it has been 20 years already???

Josh Flinn - 2002 - - L-town - 2001.02.28
Memories: Playin Ball n' Tryin' to be kool
Comments: The Warrior always beats Hogan

Charlene Morrish (now Charlene Endruschat) - 1972 - - Boca Raton, Florida - 2001.03.02
Looking for: Fran Russell
Memories: Lou Cabibi as Janis Joplin.

Lynn McGuire (now Lynn Edwards) - 1964 - - Fort Walton Beach, Florida - 2001.03.04
Memories: It's amazing how many memories from my days of growing up in Levittown and going to school at Summit Lane and Division Avenue I remember. So many friends -- School dances -- Proms -- Football games -- Playing in the band...
All in all, they were good times.
Comments: I was delighted to find this web site... So many familiar names... Actually got out my old yearbook to put faces with the names.

Lynne Powers (now Kramer) - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2001.03.05
Comments: Still living in Levittown. I've been married for a little over 1 year and have a beautiful daughter Kaylee Marie. Hope everyone is good. Keep in touch.

in memoriam, Tracy Farrell - 1985 - (her mom, Sue Farrell-Kinder) - 2001.03.05
Comments: Tracy loved Division. She graduated from college in 1990 and became a social worker here on Long Island. She was cheerleading coach for Division 1987-1988 as well as cheering at college and coaching her Levittown Red Devils teams. Tracy was killed in a car accident on her way to work in 1991. A lot of her friends and cheerleaders keep in touch with me. I'd love to hear from any of her friends. Thanks for this site. It's wonderful. (Sue Farrell-Kinder / DAHS1965)

Steven Frome - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Glen Cove, NY 11542 - 2001.03.05
my webpage:
Looking for: Harold Orenstein

Tom Policano - 1975 - - Ronkonkoma, NY - 2001.03.05
Comments: It would be great to start all over again...

Melissa Andaur (soon to be Melissa Martinez, on April 28, 2001) - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown (Brentwood pretty soon!) - 2001.03.08
Comments: Since I graduated high school, I have been in and out of Nassau. Still have yet to graduate from there but I will eventually. Right now, and for the past 3 years, I'm a store manager of a girls' clothing store at Roosevelt Field Mall. I basically live there but I don't complain when I see that money. I recently started dating a Puerto Rican guy named Oscar. Who would have ever thought... I'm getting married on April 28 of this year and I'm very excited to say that we're having a baby. At this point right now I am 4 months pregnant and the baby is due in September. We can't wait!!!
I've lost touch with a lot of people ever since we graduated back in 1997, but there's only one person that I could never lose touch with... my best friend for 7 1/2 years. Love you Lyssa (also my child's godmother :D .) Anyways that's basically what's going on in my life right now. Take care of yourselves and if you wanna say wassup just e-mail me!

Sandi Garber (now Sandi Cantor) - 1966 - - Thousand Oaks, California - 2001.03.09
Memories: Graduation...

Carole Resnick - 1965 - - Syracuse, NY - 2001.03.09
Comments: I was in the class of 1965 from K through 11th grade. I left at the end of my junior year for early admission to college. (My name's not on the class roster.)

Craig Hesekiel - 1973 - - Wantagh - 2001.03.09
Memories: Playing poker in study hall with Phil Baron, and John Berry

Sandee Resnick - 1967 - - Wilmington, NC - 2001.03.10
Memories: Football games, school dances, hanging out at the North Village Green and on the corner of (I think) Sugar Maple Rd. Playing field hockey, going to Azalea Pool. Junior Prom and Senior Prom. Bob Terrel and Jack Kilbride. Mr. Levy. For Whom the Torch Burns. My best friend, Linda McCormick. Getting my first car (1960 Rambler). Going to the beach. Lots of other things - maybe later!

Chris Smith - 1991 - - Virginia Beach, Virginia - 2001.03.10
Memories: My best memories of high school are the great group of people I used to hang around with. If it had not been for some of those people I would not be here today. The sports at Division were great as well.
Comments: After high school I joined the Marine Corps and completed four years of active duty which took me all over the world. That was the best four years of my life and it made me into the person I am today. I am currently living in Virginia Beach. I recently got married to my wonderful bride Sarah, and we just had our first child named Ashlyn Nicole. She is currently two weeks old and quite adorable I might add. I am currently a police officer in the city of Portsmouth. I would love to hear from you guys and hear how your lives are going. Hope to hear from somebody. Smitty 24

Laura Hanshe - 1999 - - Levittown - 2001.03.10
Memories: Some of my favorite DAHS memories are: field parties!! (my favorite), kevin auer keg parties, drunken bowling, sweet sixteens, Daddy Krug, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Miller, going to Mount Misery and getting chased by a truck, meeting up at the cow, parties at my house, spirit night '99, proms, going to Dave Matthew concerts and comparing with your freends who went on a different night which show was better!, "ownedge","we own you!!!", chilling with my best friends ~~ liz martins, erin cooper, kathryn taraci, liza borzoni, dennis fitzpatrick, chris mcgrath, and of course schmity, (all the guys are awesome!) senior ski trip (only the best time I ever had, and will ever have), homecomings, going running with liza, liz and boneillo in the summer 8am, going to Jones on the bus and singing "brown-eyed girl" and annoying everyone. I loved my years at division, I wouldn't change a damn thing.

Pat Collins (now Corrigan) - 1972 - - North Carolina - 2001.03.10
Looking for: Kathy Boita

Maureen McDougall - 1986 - 2001.03.13
Looking for: Looking for Angela Diliberti

Penny DARLENE Schiller - - Cape Cod - 2001.03.13
Looking for: Margie Cianci, Kevin Reilly, The Ingrassia gals... SURFACE PLEASE!
Memories: mmmmm - I remember Bernardi wanting to get a look at Frank Trembly. It was between classes and we were the only ones in the hall - we got to laughing and lost control (how uncommon of us)... well, never mind - anyway... i just LOVE this site - all sorts of people have gotten in touch... i just love finding old friends - please let me know if anyone has heard from Flectner - last I heard the circus was travling thru third world countries and i'm a tad apprehensive.

Debbie Walbroehl (now Allegretti) - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hillsboro, NH - 2001.03.13
Looking for: Janice Reilly, Pat Graw
Memories: Hanging out at the green and at the bleachers. Pre-parting at Richie's house with Janice. Jones beach with Mary, Eileen checking out slit wrist. Parties at my house. Hanging around in front of mine and Mary's house, so many people that the cars couldn't even get through. Those were the days.
Comments: Left Levittown in '88 and moved out east till '94 then moved to NH. But looking to go down south after all the snow we just got. I have been married for almost 23 years now and have a beautiful daughter who just turned 20. Would you believe I couldn't wait to graduate and get out of school (loved all the friends, but hated the school thing) and now I work in the Special Ed field in Middle School. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or anyone who just wants to say Hi. Saw Jeanne M. in Fl, she told me about the 20th reunion, sorry I missed you all hopefully can see you all for the next. Wishes everyone the best.

Kathryn Disimile (now Kathryn Blake) - 1964 - - Coral Springs, Florida - 2001.03.14
Memories: Mr. Hall's English class, football games
Comments: I just found out about this website and am looking forward to hearing from good old friends. When is there going to be another reunion??

Troy Moore - 1981 - ; - Wantagh - 2001.03.14 ; 2001.03.30
Comments: I lived in California for about 4 years. It was a wonderful experience. I became a professional bodybuilder. Now living in Wantagh with a beautiful woman, and soon to married. I will be competing in NY in June the 2nd and the 9th in the city, then in Saint Louis & Vegas. I'm a Graphic Designer in the city, doing websites & magazines. Everyone in the Class of '81 I'm looking forward to seeing you at the class reunion. It's been a very fast 20!

Antoinette LaCommare (now Antoinette Laieta) - 1992 - - Suffolk County - 2001.03.14
Looking for: Anyone who wants to say hi
Memories: Too many to mention
Comments: I am happily married to my husband Tom. We met right after graduation. We had our daughter Alexandra 4/1995 and are currently expecting our second child in 11/2001. I am a stay-at-home mother and couldn't be happier. I can't wait until our class reunion. Hope to see everyone there.

Lisa Tardo - 1977 - - Huntersville, NC - 2001.03.14
Looking for: Ellen Monica
Comments: Should have been class of 1978 graduated early. Living in NC since 1992 with my three kids (19, 18 and 16). It is fun to see some familiar names and read about people I haven't seen in a long time. Would love to hear from people who remember me.

John Stalberg - 1962 - - Santa Monica, California - 2001.03.18
Memories: I enjoyed every day of school -- and I kept on going.
My mashed potatoes trophy at the prom when our guests were Vicky Spencer and Jay Walker and the Pedestrians and Ralph DelPiano sang too.

Ashley Anderson - 2004 - - Levittown - 2001.03.18
Memories: HomeComing I got to get my groove on and Spirit Nite was the best it was just crazy nite and I hope to be apart of it next year again... the best part of the year so far was when I won Vice President for Next Year... *Vote For the Flava*

Ron Demaio - 1992 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2001.03.18
Looking for: Anyone who has funny stories from high school and old friends
Memories: Favorite memories were National Cut-Out Day, hanging out and partying. Happy to see everyone is getting on with their lives and doing well. Haven't really spoken to anyone in a while. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have a little girl. I am with the Nassau County Sherriff's Department working at the jail as a C.O. Would love to hear from people from school. Good luck in life.

Kathryn McDougall - 1988 - Westbury - 2001.04.01
Memories: Levittown Deli

James R Redmond - 1976 - - Riverhead, NY - 2001.03.19
Looking for: Judy Pollinchock

Shannon Bell (now Shannon Camacho) - 1989 - - Merrick - 2001.03.21
Memories: My memories include fun times I shared with dear friends during theater productions and all of the band events.
Comments: Anyone who knew me in my junior and senior year knew about the guy from Seaford H.S. that I was dating at the time. Well, we've been married for 9 years now and have two beautiful children, Cody (6) and Lauren (2). Lou has his own HVAC business and when I'm not at work at Houlihan's I'm his secretary & bookkeeper. My most important job, though, is Mommy.

Scott Ferry - 1987 - - Spring Hill, Florida - 2001.03.22
Comments: Living here for 12 years ALREADY!

Melissa Hirsch - 1999 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Sarasota, Florida - 2001.03.25
Looking for: Lisa Reyes, Trudy Treu, Nicole Calabrese
Memories: Being out of class more than I was in it. Seeing the same teachers in the halls over and over again and getting asked where I was going. Mrs. Wade's chorus class when I was a freshman with all the senior guys who along with Mrs. Wade made it great. 1999 SPIRIT NIGHT which we won.
GO PURPLE!!! Deli or Chinese lunches which made me almost late for my cosmetology class. Going out in between classes to the smoking doors or across the street and getting in without getting caught. Having one of the new lockers senior year and sharing it with 2 other people. Going to the nurse just to get outta class... Drivers Ed... There are so many more to say but I can't name them all...
Wandering the halls. Finally graduating, then missing it because I was in the hospital getting surgery. Zacker and Cestaro's English classes; sleeping during Hahn's and Gallegher's classes...
Comments: Right now I'm currently 3 months pregnant. I am also engaged but we haven't set a date yet. Well other than that this is one thing I never thought I'd say, I miss school and looking back I know I could have done better. Also in school I wasn't one of them popular spoiled stuck-up girls who had daddy pay for everything but I had my friends and they were awesome and I still keep in touch with them today. And I'm happy with the way my life is going right now...

Jeff Grau - 1973 - - Methuen, Massachusetts - 2001.03.26
Memories: Hanging out with good friends.

Tim Josiah - 1965 - - Ellicott City, Maryland - 2001.03.27
Memories: Taking Fridays off senior year spring to go surfing (occasionally with Dorothy Woodley). Cross-country training with Mr. Pivnick "71, 72, 73...". Being one of 3 guys in typing class.
Comments: Joined the Coast Guard in '65, liked it a lot, and have been in ever since and am now CG Chief of Staff. They will probably make me retire one of these days.

Jessica Guthy (now Parrish) - 1992 - - Philadelphia, PA - 2001.03.29
Memories: All the awesome times with my friends at Keri's house, spirit week senior and junior year, the bleachers!!!, Senior Prom Weekend at the Poconos, the Hamptons in the freezing cold, Bunny Bash (those in attendance will surely remember the many fun times and colored coordinated shirts that made this annual event so memorable), volleyball freshman year... so many awesome times. Thanks to all my friends who made it so much fun!!

John Siraco Jr. - 2001 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 2001.03.30
my webpage:
Comments: Spirit Night Champs, Class of 2001, for two years in a row. Congratulations to all seniors. Hope you all have fun in college. I'll miss every single one of you. Especially the sight of the beautiful japs. OH DAMN I SHOULDN'T HAVE TYPED THAT ! ! ! Well, back on a serious note, I really loved going through these years knowing I'm going to graduate with probably the best group of people I will ever know. And one final thing, I just wanted to let you all know that I'll always remember all of you. Feel Free To E-mail Me Any Time At:

Ginger Schreiner (now Ginger Fuentes) - 1979 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Kendallville, Indiana - 2001.03.31
Looking for: Anyone from my class & the Shows
Memories: Show practice. Hanging out in the Auditorium. Best Friends.

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