Yearbook Volume 9

entries from 2001.04.01 through 2001.06.30

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Debbie Mckillop (now Gordon) - 1982 - - 2001.04.01
Looking for: Bonnie Kessler & Tara Effinger

Brian Wood - 2000 - (moved away, 1987) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Dover, DE -- Air Force - 2001.04.03
Looking for: People that I went to kindergarten with
Comments: I left in 1987 and moved to Virginia. I lived on Silver Lane by the Bowling Alley. I would like to meet up with some of you. I am now in the US Air Force, at Dover AFB, in Dover DE.

Fred McFarland - 1987 - - Levittown - 2001.04.03
Looking for: K.C. Heffernan
Memories: All of the musical performances that I was in with all of my friends. It's funny how we cannot wait to graduate from High School, but once we are out, how much we long to be BACK IN.
Comments: I think that High School Reunions are the best thing. I had soooo much fun at our 10 year reunion. Seeing people that I have not seen in such a long time brought back a lot of good memories. I wish that we did not have to wait so long to see each other. I miss all of you a lot and hope that we can start to communicate again.
If it weren't for Billy Linn I would not have known about this web site. (I work with him) We should try to get more of our classmates involved with this web site. To me we we're not the class of 1987, but the FAMILY of 1987. Thanks for the time because, THESE ARE THE TIMES TO REMEMBER FOR THEY WILL NOT LAST FOR EVER. Feel free to email me at any time and keep me updated on upcoming events.

Wendy Clark - 1971 - - - (bad e-mail 2003.05.04) - Irvine, Ca. - 2001.04.03
What a great club that was - just the beginning of "earth days" caring about the environment, etc. Mr. Levy - where are you??
The Canteen - a great place to hide, and a great place to make more friends.
Working on the yearbook - an honor and a privledge.
The senior variety show. Such a fun few nights!
knowing the Lanfears - where are they now? Great teachers and human beings.
Comments: Will try hard to get to N.Y. in July. Thanks for your dilligence in putting everyone together - you're teriffic!!!

Anthony Russo - 1981 - South Windsor, CT - 2001.04.05 - - 2004.12.26
Memories: So many to list, not enough time. Simat, Bagley and Nelson parties. Hoops with Mr. Krug (did he really think he was Dan Tana?), Integrated Studies with Mr. Goelz and Mr. Cestaro, Friday PM basketball at Northside, good friends, P. Carew, C. Gallagher-Carew, Criesi, J. Bagley, M. Munnelly-Bagley, Tommy O. & Nancy, T. Moore. The girls from the class of '82, Sue D., Sue C., Krissy K. Good hearts and good people. Breakfast runs in Mike Bloom's car. McDonald's. The Senior Variety Show. If I'd only known then what I know now!!!
Comments: Hearing about Mr. Reggio's death saddens me. I will always remember his science class with the class of '79 blaring Marshall Tucker and Boston from the senior lounge. He never got flustered. His favorite saying from what I recall from some 20 years ago was, "ferinky dink!!" I believe it was his way of saying, "for instance!". He will be missed.
Anyway, life has been fun and pretty good for the last 20 years. I can't wait until the 20th reunion this Aug. It will be great seeing people I haven't seen since the 10 year reunion or even since high school.
Regards to all and Best wishes for succes and happiness.

Marian Hopkins (now Marian Fagan) - 1976 - - Burbank, Ca. - 2001.04.06 (new e-mail 2002.11.30)
Looking for: Caress Barton
Memories: Working in the Science Office and teasing Mr. Tier.

Donna Halvorson (now Donna Fielding) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Centereach, NY - 2001.04.06

Candy Davis (now Candy Thompsett) - 1966 - - East Islip, NY - 2001.04.07
Memories: I think I've blocked it all out, but then again how can you have memories when you still feel 18? Exploring this site is both interesting and at the same time sad. Where did all those years go?

Jane Donnelly (now Jane Conrad) - 1980 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Minnesota - 2001.04.10
Looking for: Randy Appel, Dane Myron, Beth Dess, Tina Cesarini.
Memories: The School protest over newly hired principal Dr. Fusco. Remember walking out of classes and protest Dr. Fusco's new rules?

Diane Kallas (now Diane Zuvich) - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - East Setauket, NY - 2001.04.10
Looking for: Some long lost friends!!!
Comments: I just wanted to say hello to all of my old friends!!! It really has been a long time and then again when you actually do talk to someone from high school after all these years... it seems as if you just saw them last week!!! This is really a great site and it has been so nice to catch up with everyone!!!

Cathy Pomponio - 1970 - - Hawaii - 2001.04.11
Memories: The whole thing's a blur.

Jeff Howard - 1974 - - Chapel Hill, NC (moving to Austin, TX 5/01) - 2001.04.13 (new e-mail 2003.11.17)
Memories: Still savor wonderful memories of special friends, musical and sports activies.
Very grateful for the experiences I had!
Comments: Haven't been back to LI in close to 20 years. After school in upstate NY and South Carolina, worked in NJ for 6 years (software engineer). Decided to take a year off to do other things and moved to North Carolina in the process. Life has been fun, tough, gratifying, and I'm still learning. Some very special relationships but haven't married (yet). :-)
Moving to Austin next month for a startup software company that I work for. Looking forward to a new place to live for a while.
Recently got a phone call on my birthday from 3 old friends. One I dated, one I tried to and the other I played music with. It was absolutely the best present I received. Thank you so much!

Joe Kaszovitz (now (a.k.a. Bubba) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - El Paso, Texas - 2001.04.15
Comments: Just found out about web site and like to say hello after all this years, married for 4 years no kids, I'm doing OK and I like to hear from anyone who remembers me. later...

Suzanne Hopkins (now Engleman) - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Fallon, NV - 2001.04.16
Memories: Memory?
Comments: Sorry for the long span of time... Hope all is well with each of you..

Debbie Walbroehl (now Deb Allegretti) - 1978 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) or (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - New Hampshire - 2001.04.16
Looking for: Janice Reilly, Caroline Izzo
Memories: Parties at my house and hanging out at the bleachers on the weekends, going to the green and hanging out with my friends.
Comments: Sorry I missed the reunion, looks like you guys had fun, hopefully I can make the next. If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you. Hoping you all are having a great life and are all very happy.
Been married for 23 years now, have a terrific daughter who is 20 and we are planning to move to Florida very shortly.
If anyone sees Janice Rielly, tell her to give me a email, would love to catch up with her. Funny how you get older and start thinking about old time.
Lots of love and good luck to everyone and email me.

??? - ??? - 2001.04.17
Looking for: Francine Silver, Carol Humphrey

Steve Pendleton - 1978 - - Anchorage, Alaska - 2001.04.19
Looking for: Old friends
Memories: Hanging around the little tree. Cutting class, Football on the front lawn of the school. Officer Kelly of the 8th, The Sweat Box, The people I will never forget.
Comments: I never graduated but I wish I had. If you knew me, write to me and say hi. I have been living in Alaska since 1977 where I work as an aircraft mechanic. I wish everyone well.

Elizabeth Costa - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2001.04.19
Memories: My best memory of Division would be walking to school every day with Therese Curry my best friend. There was always good company during the cold days. I definitely can not forget hanging out with Nancy because she is still one of the most funniest people I have ever met. I Love you both :O)

Gayle Lieb (now Gayle Cafferty) - - Coral Springs, Florida - 2001.04.20
(should have been 1980; I left in 1979 during the teacher strike, remember that!!)

Joe Schwartz - 1964 - - Coral Springs, Florida - 2001.04.21
Looking for: Joan Schoenfeld

Constance Schmidt (now Kramer) - 1981 - - Mount Sinai - 2001.04.22
Looking for: Dina Scarangella, Jimmy Beck, Joseph Senia
Memories: One of my favorite memories in High School was doing the Junior Variety Show.

Joan Watson - Social Studies 1964-1986(chairperson 1975-1986); Assistant Principal at Wisdom Lane, 1987-1991 - - Sag Harbor - 2001.04.23
Memories: The Class of '73 holds many fond memories for me. I was their advisor for the 6 years they attended DAHS. Some great memories are: the car wash, "Never too Late", Ski Trips, Dude Ranches, Mark Tintle in the 7th grade, the Prom, the Variety Show, the great kids who made our class so great. Remember the Field Days of '67 and '68? They were good times mixed with some bad. The Teachers' strike, the loss of three members, Rickie Magro's birthday party, class meetings, the Senior Lounge, the cafeteria food.

Gerald Trotter / Jerry Trotter - 1962 - - Spring Hill, Florida - 2001.04.23
Looking for: James Mazzetti / Jim Mazzetti, Elane Grote
Comments: I was shocked as to how many names I recognized and even remember most of the faces.

Anne Lukeman (now McAllister) - 1993 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lindenhurst - 2001.04.24
my webpage:
Looking for: Everybody from the class of 1993
Memories: Going on deli runs.
Going to the chinese restaurant & bringing it back to school for lunch.
Going to lunch in the orange pumpkin with Paul & Steve.
The junior prom was a blast
The senior breakfast where my stepfather painted the mural for it.
My stepfather is deceased for 3 years now.
Comments: I now have 3 beautiful children. Caitlin who will be 3 in Aug, Edward who will be 2 in July & Anne who will be 1 in March 2002. My youngest is the only one I could get on my web page. I hope you all like her. I will be putting a new picture on it in the future. Those of you who have my old e-mail address please don't use it anymore it is no good.

Susan Bova (now Susan Kuskowski) - 1962 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Lewisville, Texas - 2001.04.25
Looking for: Paula Vogt, Pat Behrman and Joanne Beliveau
Comments: So glad that I found out about this site. Would love to hear from some of the group I hung out with.

Mary Ellen Burden (now Mary Ellen Podgorny) - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Chicago, IL - 2001.04.25
Comments: I went to Division for 7th and 8th grade then switched to Holy Trinity for high school years.

Kathy Miller (now Kathy Kaufman) - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.09) - Vacaville, California - 2001.04.27 (new e-mail 2002.05.03)
Looking for: Still looking: Alicia Marcone - Where are you my friend?

Tom McKeon - 1962 - - Roanoke, Virginia - 2001.04.28
Memories: Great friends; great times in and out of school; some really great teachers. Cruising Wetson's and MacDonald's on the turnpike. Going to the games. Working on the Yearbook. Senior Class Show. Going to Jones Beach with friends from school in the summer time, and sometimes in the winter. Our 3rd period lunch bunch senior year.
Comments: What a tremendous impact DAHS has had on my entire life. Levittown was a great place to grow up in the '50s and '60s.

Mary Wilhelm (now Mary Grasdorf) - 1965 - - Manasquan, NJ - 2001.04.28
Memories: Hanging out at the North Green, Tri-Delt Sorority

Nick Corrado - 2000 - - Levittown - 2001.04.28
my webpage:
Memories: My favorite high school memory was not going to high school very often.
Comments: I'm so popular

??? - ??? - 2001.04.29
Looking for: Jimmy Kavanaugh

??? - ??? - 2001.04.23
Looking for: Lori Weinger

Deanna Sparks (now Gentile) - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Myrtle Beach, SC - 2001.04.29
Memories: I have been living in Myrtle Beach about 3 years now, where I met my husband. We were married on June 2 and recently moved into our first house by the beach. There are no plans for children at the moment but we are waiting to see what happens. I miss my friends very much, its a shame we dont keep in contact anymore.

Mike Rutzel - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Attica, NY - 2001.04.29
Looking for: My schoolbag that someone threw down a river at Huguenot. And I want to know who threw the football at my car.
Comments: great site. it's a good site I can view on my Apple 2gs

Claudio Juarez - 1998 - - Michigan State University - 2001.04.29
Looking for: No one in particular
Comments: I stumbled across this page because of my brother Ron -- I must say I had a great time in Division for the short time that I was there before I got sent away to New York Military Academy -- To all the people that doubted I WOULD EVER MAKE IT -- LOOK AT ME NOW -- Michigan State University -- funny how people perceive you in a certain manner but then you mature and grow up and are going to make it -- LIKE MYSELF -- To all the HAters thanx for having me on your mind - -To those who supported me ONE LUV

Jean Marie Wuest (now Jean Marie Wuest-Ponterio) - 1978 - - Hudson, Florida - 2001.04.30
Looking for: Donna Wilkinson (Rini)
Memories: Hanging out with friends

Penny Schiller - 1969 - - Cape Cod - 2001.05.04
Looking for: Margie Cianci, Sherri and Diane, Bernardi, Cortez
Comments: Old friends continue to circle round the wagons -- many of us from the class of '69 are taking advantage of seeing our old friends in the class of '66 -- we'll be out in the parking lot releasing emergency brakes and pushing cars around... well wait -- we're a tad older now -- maybe you'll just find us at the bar. Tried to talk Carol in to coming but she's home suffering with a pulled thigh muscle and won't even discuss it... crashing the class of 66's reunion OR how she pulled that muscle... but from what I gather, it had something to do with riding an elephant and her sneezing --- she is one gal that needs to find new work!!!... Anyone know where Jackie and Linda Eydler from Blacksmith Rd. are?... don't remember the spelling for sure--- if Rusty Arneson, our old paperboy sees this -- i returned to Blacksmith Rd. and passed the Chin's house - they're no doubt gone but it is STILL an ORIGINAL Levit home - complete with the vent in the kitchen and the horse and buggy on the house - it was wild. Rusty - you had the COOLEST dog.

Thomas Vesque - 1988 - - Valley Stream, NY - 2001.05.05
Looking for: Great to see this online area
Memories: The camaradery I had with my close friends; The teachers and staff that would always give more than what was expected of them.

Barbara Bordini (now Barbara B. Sutphin) - 1963 - - Naples, Fl - 2001.05.06
my webpage:
Looking for: Former classmates; will there be a 40th reunion?
Comments: Looking forward to the class reunion in 2003. Haven't seen most of my classmates in almost 40 years, have we changed??? HaHa - a little bit older, I guess.

Bob "Monk" Mancino - - North Calif. - 2001.05.07
Looking for: Danny Morales, Mike Cocarro, Eric Salfeety, Stewey Grant, Vinny Tomasulo and any of the other footballers of '69
Comments: Still having grand thoughts of the reunion in Oct. 2000 which was an evening that ended far to soon. Sorry that a lot of the "69ers" didn't attend, it was a blast from the past and I got a recharge that will probably keep me runnin' til the next one.
Please allow me to wax philosophic as we have passed the first half century of our lives; a great writer once said that by the time one turns 50 we get the face we deserve. Well noble classmates, look into the mirror -- do you deserve that face? Comments appreciated.
All the best, Monk

Gary Proses - 1968 - - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2001.05.09
Memories: Wild parties at my house while my dad was at work. Jamin' with Wendel, Frank & Phil AKA The Novas/Is.
Comments: I am a high school math & leadership teacher in Sunrise, FL and still playing in bands making the same noise I made in '68 & lovin' it.

Debbie Brown (now Debbie Feola) - 1986 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Florida - 2001.05.09
Looking for: Cookie, Lisa Pepe, Lisa Albanese

Pat Collins (now Pat Corrigan) - 1972 - - Burlington, NC - 2001.05.10
Looking for: Kathy Boita's email

Diane Whittier - 1967 - - Somerville (Boston), Ma. - 2001.05.11
Looking for: Pat Terrillion, Kevin Byrne, Anne Barash Breitstein, Lillibet Zwilling (class of '65 I think), Jane (Belsky) Alexander
Memories: Getting a ticket (my first) for going through a red light bringing a bunch of us back from Manhattan where we'd filmed the first version of For Whom the Torch Burns. My folks didn't know I had taken their car all the way into the City - thought I'd just taken it to the LIRR station in Hicksville. I think one of the Hallets (Norm?) was in the car and maybe Kevin Byrne, and Anne Barash. Anne drove me back to appear in court to pay the fine, after we'd arranged to do something (highly illegal, no doubt) to get me out of class. I had a "starring??!!" role in that version, but alas, as fate would have it, the truck bearing the film to Rochester for developing the film was stolen. (I still have the NY Times article describing the theft.) My potential career in Hollywood was thwarted as I wasn't available when the scenes were re-shot.
To summarize the past (shudder) 35 years: Graduated Syracuse Univ. '71 (after marching on Washington, etc. etc.) with BS in Nursing, moved to Boston; worked as a psych RN in various settings including getting MS in Psych-Mental Health Nursing in '77 at Boston Univ. Involved in Union and Democratic Party activities. Been to Greece, USSR, UK, the Caribbean. Bought the condo I still live in in '83; bought a house on Martha's Vineyard in '93 (which I rent by the week in the summer if anyone's interested) Semi-retired from nursing '97 (working in health care is unbearable these days) and started a small antique and crafts business.

Gerald Trotter / Jerry Trotter -1962-geraldtrotter@msn.comor (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hidden Hollow Ranch, Brooksville, FL - 2001.05.13
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone that cares to e-mail
Memories: Enjoyed the good times with good friends. I consider myself lucky to have grown up in middle class America during those years. The kids today will never have it so good. Remember do-opping around the lamp post on weekend nights, remember all the girls couldn't get enough, Wetsons, Jolly Rodgers, Jahn's, roller skating. Cannot locate a few have been looking for Jim Mazzetti & his sister Elaina Mazzetti, Jim Weeder, Mike Zimborski, Frank Utter, Elaine Grote, Bill White, George Rudman, have not found any traces of them, If you have any info please let me know, Thanks. Found many not mentioned.
Often wondered about you all and would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me.
Hope to hear from you. - Jerry
Comments: I was a late bloomer, didn't get smart until the age of thirty and hit my physical prime in my forties. When I was a kid I was weak and skinny, now 40 years latter I do all the things a kid can do and am in great physical shape. I am a total outdoors person, camp, hike, ski, explore, jog (10 miles per day), play ball whenever I can and ride one of my six horses at least 20 to 30 hours per week. More energy than time. Most of my friends nowdays are much younger, the ones my age have become couch potatoes. Life has been great, have and done everything.

Gerald Trotter / Jerry Trotter -1962-geraldtrotter@msn.comor (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Hidden Hollow Ranch, Brooksville, FL - 2001.05.16
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone from 1960 to 1964
Memories: The public pools, Murry the K, American Bandstand, The Village Greens, Jahn's kitchen sink, Roller rink, many friends, Do-opping around the lampost on weekends, Jones Beach, so many things to do. The kids today will never have it so good.
Comments: In reading the year book notes, so many names, so many faces popped up, I remember so many things it's chilling. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Its like it was yesterday not 39 years ago. I am shocked as to how many still live in Levittown and even more shocked as to how many ex-students and teachers live in Florida. Drop me a e-mail please I'd love to compare notes.

Ron Scherer - 1992 - - Levittown - 2001.05.14
Memories: I can think of a few interesting moments...
Comments: Anyone who would like to give a buzz call (516) 841-7181

Susan Balsamo (now Susan Bailin) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Levittown, NY - 2001.05.15 (new e-mail 2002.10.30)
Memories: Graduating and getting into 2 great colleges.

Chris Hall - 1991 - - outside Hartford, CT - 2001.05.20
my webpage:
Memories: - Drawing "Surf Monster" cartoons in calculus class and the ultimate rapper in health class...
- Discussing what it's like to travel at the speed of light with Bob Villatore in physics class...
- All the bus rides back to Division after golf practice (Nah, nah, nah, na-na-na-nah... na-na-na-nah... Hey, Natt!).
- M.C. Haller, Monty, Hall's Mentholyptus, U-Hall, Hall'o'ween...
- "Bonus!" "Extra Credit!" "First Aid!"
- The walk-out during "Desert Storm" where we burned the Iraqi flag (I'm actually a pacifist, but there's something about being in the middle of an unruly mob... )
- Having my face painted with a green '91 at Spirit Night. Thanks, Jessica Aiello! (It's amazing what you remember...)
- Driver's Ed with Keri and Effie and... who was that fourth person in the car??? Have I starting forgetting it all already? I do remember the dog we almost hit. :)
- The valedictory speech at graduation. I can't believe I actually got through that thing without freaking out like I did in social studies class (I kept it short and sweet for a reason)!
- Diplomacy and the Utopia project. Mr. Wieczerzak may have been a little odd, but you had to love his class. Trials? Tribulations?...
- Mike Inger pretending he was like Michael Knight or something, and getting his car airborne over the hump at Newbridge Rd.
- Seven or eight people in a car meant for five on the way to McDonald's for lunch...
Comments: I'm currently an aerospace engineer working at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, CT. I develop software for jet engine noise prediction, which is another way of saying that I sit in front of a computer all day and slowly get fat! :)
See you at the reunion!

??? - ??? - 2001.05.23
Looking for: Francine Silver, Diane Weinstein, Carol Humphrey

Jan Levy (now Jan Fine) - - Melville, NY - 2001.05.24
Memories: Red knees from walking 1.7 miles to school in the winter... making confetti to throw at the football games... those lovely, yellow gym uniforms... doing jump rope routines in PE... making decorations for the prom... working as an aide in the guidance office.
Comments: Greetings to the class of '68! Memory Lane isn't just a street in Levittown... it's a website. It's been fun to reconnect with my classmates from "way back when". I've been married for 25 years, (yikes!). Our daughter just graduated from SUNY Albany and our son will be attending the University of Maryland in the fall. I'm a school counselor, so I go back to high school everyday.

Nick Steadman - 1995 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 2001.05.26
Comments: I never sign a yearbook the same, so don't eat scrap metal, ya might hurt a monkey! Have fun this summer, To "the big L.P." Ya always were hott! -Nick

Patricia A. Henry (now Patricia Henry Gehrmann) - 1963 - - Atlanta - 2001.05.26
Comments: I Would like to hear from former classmates.

Bertha Gomez (now Bertha Gomez Madden) - 1965 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Pompano Beach, Florida - 2001.05.27
Comments: I graduated Saint Louis City Hospital School of Nursing in Missouri in 1969. After Graduation I married Joe Madden (also a 1965 graduate of D.A.H.S.). We moved down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1978. In 1994 Joe and I divorced and I moved to Pompano Beach, Florida. I have a daughter Lisa and three beautiful grandchildren who live in Port Saint Lucie, Fl.
I was a Head Nurse at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale from 1978-1990. I have been working as a Physician Assistant for an Orthopaedic Surgeon since 1990.
I'm very interested in finding out when the next class reunion is.

Robert Burdick (now Lemme check, yup still Robert Burdick) - 1973 - - Deerfield Beach, FL - 2001.05.27
my webpage:
Looking for: Anyone that remembers me
Memories: I lived on Peachtree Lane across the street from the Pergolas and the Dodds. Mostly drinking in the lots LOL and buying cigarettes at the green for 35 cents... WOW.
Comments: Drop a line if you care to. If you remember me. I'd love to hear from you :)

Marilyn Monsrud (now Marilyn Frese) - 1963 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown, NY - 2001.05.29
Comments: I'm not quite "computer savvy", so the e-mail listed belongs to my daughter. She'll give me any correspondence.

Steve Kino - 1978 - - Palm Bay, Florida - 2001.05.29
Memories: memories wow things we did in levittown... hangin' out at azalea, pool drinking cold brew on violet lane, running from the Police... hey where the hell is Billy Gray amd Robin Herold? if any body want to talk about the old days drop me some mail... Later

Deirdre Murphy (now Deirdre LaTorre) - 1972 - - Port Charlotte, FL - 2001.05.30
Memories: Levittown itself was a favorite memory. Those days are long gone and our children are living a completely different life.
Comments: I moved to Port Charlotte, FL. in 1991. I have one daughter (now 15 years old) and have been divorced for the past 10 years. It took a long time to get used to Florida, but I now consider it home and I visit friends on Long Island once a year.
I'm an Admissions Counselor in a local Nursing Home / ALF Retirement Community.

Brian Doherty - 1989 - - Ronkonkoma, NY - 2001.06.04
Memories: Mr. Ginther's chemistry class with John Adrian, Paul Armstrong, Ricky Carriger and the rest. Always bringing food to class until we had Mr. Ginther himself (!) chowing down bagels with us and always making him talk about things that had absolutely nothing (!!) to do with chemistry. Those were funny times.
Comments: Never ever ever ever ever thought i'd say this but I really miss high school.

Eddy Calabritto - 1987 - - Andover, Massachusetts - 2001.06.05
Looking for: Everyone
Memories: I was the only punk!
Comments: I hope everyone is doing well. Wassup Barbara & Nancy

Fred Roeder - 1983 - - Florida - 2001.06.07
Looking for: Some good old friends... If you remember me!
Memories: Hanging out at the sump.
Cutting class. Smokin'... whatever.
Riding my dirtbike through the streets and the sumps.
Comments: It seems like just yesterday when Diane Festante was sending those cut slips to my home.
I sure do miss those days though, forget them I will not!
Fusco Mustgo!!! Ha, I still remember!
I am an Electrical Design Engineer these days. Married since 2001.
Anyone from the class of '83 that remembers me please drop a line or two.
Hope everyone is well. God bless.

Junior Salazar - 2004 - - Florida - 2001.06.08
Looking for: Hot chicks
Memories: Mike schlapp!!

Robert White - 1966 - - 2001.06.10
Memories: My friends, sports, and the North Village Green.

Lisa Pasca (now Lisa Maciejewski) - 1980 - (moved 1978) - - Texas - 2001.06.12
Memories: Bells are Ringing, Pacem in Terrace, Guys and Dolls, Madrigals, St. John the Divine, anything to do with the DAHS music department.
Comments: I did not graduate DAHS. Our family moved to Half Hollow Hills / Dix Hills in 1978. But I started in Levittown (Summit Lane) and spent most of my school years at DAHS.

Henry Cohen - 1972 - - Mountville, PA - 2001.06.14
Memories: Mr. Sobanski, Howie Pivnick and the track team, the plays (they really did a super job, didn't they?), Mr. Miller, Miss Gough, Mr. O'Brien (may he rest in peace), and too many great kids to mention here!
Comments: Say "hi" if you've got a minute -- it's been almost 30 years now!

Mike Nistad - 1992 - - Farmingdale - 2001.06.14
my webpage:
Looking for: Greg Kohler

Edward Pratt - 1965 - - Leeper, PA - 2001.06.15
Looking for: Harvey Silverman, Eileen Freeman '66?, Bonnie Pierce '72, Sam Eisenberg
Memories: Howie Pivnick, E. F. Murphy, Cross Country. Graduation.
Comments: I noticed that some of our missing classmates are listed on
Kind of strange to think back to high school! A lot has happened since '65 some good some not so good. I haven't lived on the Island since '73, but I was back there for a day in April of '85. It truly seemed magical as I drove around. Trees made tunnels of some of my familiar roads.

William Carnes - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Santa Rosa, CA. - 2001.06.16
Memories: In looking through the comments from other alumni I noticed a number of comments and stories about Bunny Goldstein. I would like to set the record straight on the time of his death. Bunny died in December of 1972. He lived a self-fullfilling prophesy. I lived with Bunny in Westbury, just before he met the love of his life. A women named Mary Galvin. Mary moved to Los Angles in 1972. Bunny missed her so much he packed up and followed her. All of you who knew Bunny well know that he was a little different. He had a zest for life and a positive attitude about all. We all have crazy stories about Bunny. The way he lived is the way he died.
In december of 1972 Bunny was at a bar. He had driven his motorcycle there. At sometime that evening he got into a dispute with someone who then took Bunny's bike. Bunny went after him in a friends car. What happened next was just a tragedy. A drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into Bunny's car. He died instantly.
I can still see that great sly smile he had. We have missed him dearly. He was a free soul and a great friend. Play the Blues

Joe Kaszovitz (aka Bubba) - 1985- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - El Paso, Tx - 2001.06.16
Comments: I like to give out my new e-mail address because the other one was wrong, once again I like to say hello!!! to everyone who does remember me please give a ring hope to hear from you. Yeeh hah!!!

Lisa Sherman (now Lisa Dunaj) - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown ; Westbrook Park, NY - 2001.06.16
my webpage:
Comments: Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Freddy Negron - 1999 - - L-Town - 2001.06.17
Looking for: Looking for what?
Memories: "Nothing"
Comments: Thank god I got out of this [heck]-hole.

Glen (now Guy Ferguson) - 2004 - - [Heck] - 2001.06.17
Looking for: Who
Memories: I didn't finish yet
Comments: Huh?

Dennis Bammann - 1973 - - San Diego, CA - 2001.06.18 (new e-mail 2003.08.27)
Comments: I left Levittown in 1977 but Levittown has never left me. I've been in San Diego since 1979 after my transfer here while serving in the Marines. My wife and I have a beautiful 9 year old little girl. I am currently retired from my career in law enforcement and I'm looking forrward to my new career as a private investigator.

John Luginbuhl - 1970 - - Gallup, New Mexico - 2001.06.19
my webpage:
Comments: Wow! The years have really flown by! I would love to see many of you at a reunion some time. I am sure that your lives have taken many "twists and turns", even as mine has! Who would have thought that I would have become a minister, living in New Mexico, married with four children? YIKES! God sure moves in mysterious ways! God bless!

Johanna Stewart (now Johanna Stewart - Suchow) - 1971 - - Melville, NY - 2001.06.19
Looking for: Billy Seward
Memories: Egg Creams at Wilfred's
The North Village Green
Mr. Bunten, Mr. Grissom, Mr.Caccossa, Mrs Miranda
Evading Mr. Aiello at May's
Football games

Robert Salvesen - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown, NY - 2001.06.21
Barbara D'Ambrosio (now Barbara D'Ambrosio Salvesen) - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Levittown, NY - 2001.06.21
We married in 1972 and still together, who knew?... Both sons graduated from DAHS, Bob in 1994 and Craig in 1996... they both are on their own, so it's back to the two of us... We have contacted a number of people and even had our "own reunion" in Florida with Barbara's best buddy in high school, Donna Ferrari Davis and her wonderful husband, Glenn last fall... Looking forward to another "mini" reunion this fall since every year we fly down to Miami during football season to watch the Miami Dolphins play... (The Dolphins are Bob's #1 passion, Barbara's a close 2nd)... If anyone remembers us and cares to drop a line we'd love to chat a bit... (since we have no life anyway)... Regards to all...

Jim Gallagher - Social - 2001.06.22

Judy Evans-Gallagher - English - 2001.06.22

Karen Boris - 1989 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - East Islip, NY - 2001.06.23
Comments: Since high school I have gone on to complete my dream, as well as someone else's. I am currently a two-time Egg Donor and plan to donate again this fall. As a result of my first donation, someone who has dreamt of having a family and has battled many obstacles for many years, will soon be having that become a reality as she is due to deliver in mid-November.

For more information on how you too can help an infertile or same-sex couple, please contact your local fertility clinic or email me for information.

I have an amazing son of my own as well. Christian entered the world in February of 1996 and will be entering kindergarten this September and then he is off to first grade, possibly at the Long Island School for the Gifted if I move back to Nassau County.

Colleen Drozd - 1996 - - Levittown, LI, NY - 2001.06.23
Memories: There was a lot of HS memories; I am so sorry that we couldn't do any actitivities like having a car wash to raise money. There was a lot. I did achieve on my own the gold award in the girl scouting. I just want to tell you all that I have changed a lot. I now drive a 4-door SUV. I have been working out a lot and taking 2 walks one on the lunch break and other walking the dog. I have been bowling and have a good average. I hope there is a 10-year reunion in 2006. I miss Rosina who died in our sophomore year in hs. Hope all is well and take care.

William E. Flinn Jr. - - 2001.06.24
Memories: Mr Amen. / Mr. Calderone as he stepped into the waste basket while teaching class. / Spitballs at Miss Gough's blackboard (when she snapped, it was like visiting Hell. There was something enjoyable about ruffling her feathers. :} Listening to 'Dr. Danubes' grand postulations and personalized pronunciation of words such as 'stomatch' & 'doowadeenum' as he strolled out the classroom door, book in hand (open as a preacher's at sermon) gesturing with his free hand as though orchestrating the heavens, anointed the hallway, then strolled back in. What A Ham! :} / And of course Gym. (I'm such a jock :} Get a chance to be exposed to Mr. Amen maybe. A special man. The most significant exposure of my life. Gotta love him.
Comments: I spent not much time at DAHS, but for those of us that shared, (especially those I came through Summit Lane with) Those times were the most meaningful, the most real, the most fun. Would love to be able to go back & do it a number of times :} Thank you

Alan S. Goldstein - 1962 - Apopka, Florida - 2001.06.27
Memories: Technical Electronics 1, 2, and 3 with Mr. Gerrity, Mr. Black and Mr. Fields; Mr. Chapman's juicy footnotes; the great bunch of guys and girls in the class of '62. For the life of me, however, I can't remember what Mr. Reggio ("good bye jake") told us to come back and tell him. To this date, after all I've done and seen in my 57 years, my senior year at DAHS remains the best year of my life.

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