Some Photos of DAHS

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A sample pre-zoomed satellite image of DAHS and surroundings.
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by the dawn's early light ...

... at the twilight's last gleaming

morning snow

a light dusting

just passin' by

flushing the mains

(guest band warming up for the USSBA)

Division (the new look) as-of 1999.09.02

an extra-wide photo-mosaic of the front face of DAHS:

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A steeper angle emphasizing the signs and the new rock garden.

The area schools, churches, communities and housing developments are growing fancy signs like these lately.

Mass Communications.

cornerstone shows now. new doors.


(.jpg with excessive compression) (click to enlarge)


Prehistory: 1948

from "Levittown, NY" page by DAHS students (1997) - essay and photos,

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