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This web site is dedicated to poor souls like me, who managed to make it through 6 years in those hallowed halls.

Here's TrinaMy name is Trina Cattler Wallace, Class of 1975. My sister, Anita and brother, Robin both graduated from DAHS in 1965. We love to hear from fellow Divisionites (doesn't matter which year you graduated) to help us all reconnect and stay in touch. Browse the year pages to see who we've heard from in your class... Write in and get your name listed on the year pages... Check out and sign the yearbook -- tell us what you've been doing these days.

To add your listing to this website, have a look at our listings and then click the link to add your listing.

To the present and fomer DAHS teachers who may visit this site: your former students would love to hear from you. Sign our teachers' page -- just like you did all those years ago when we finally cut loose (I mean graduated).

Some alumni would like to coordinate a huge reunion, incorporating all graduating classes. The basic concept is for a big outdoor party in a state park setting (say, Eisenhower) to celebrate the new millenium (read as: year 2001)... any thoughts or ideas gratefully appreciated. Especially needed are folks who can facilitate their classes' message tree: getting the word out to other DAHS graduates who you know to be on the internet, even via snail mail!

If you have any suggestions for this site or would like to see a link added, please e-mail to webmaster@divisionsocialstudies.com .

Happy reunions, everyone.

Trina Cattler Wallace
Snowdrift Farm

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