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Levittown Schools' Alumni Directory project (print version)
Each class usually prepares and distributes a directory at reunion time.

Alumni Directories for Schools Near DAHS

General Douglas MacArthur High School
GDMHS Forum - [You must log in as a Delphi Forums member (free) to see the message boards or post.]
GDMHS Alumni Directory & links

Levittown Memorial High School
Levittown Memorial High School Alumni 1954-1959 + links & info
LMHS Class of 1982 and friends / Reunion July 27, 2002
LMHS Classes of the 1960s reunion, July 2000: contact Tony Moors
LMHS Forum - [You may "Enter as a Guest" to see the message boards. You must log in as a Delphi Forums member (free) to post.]

Island Trees High School
Island Trees High School Alumni Online BIG "over 3520 listings" (as-of 2002.07.07) and FREE

possibilities for all Long Island high schools and colleges
Newsday search on alumni:

Alumni Directories that cover All Schools (including DAHS)

(Most also include one or more of colleges, universities, companies, organizations.)

(Free services): (this site) (Listed here for comparison -- contains DAHS only.)
[DAHS: 4868 listings (as of 2002.07.07)]
(+): names on the pages are [eventually] indexed on search engines. (-): privacy is low. (+) no ads.

Popular reunion organizers in the NY area - you might find your reunion here:

(Sponsored free services):

Alumni.NET alumni registry
(-): Tricky to use. (+): has great privacy. (+): It confirms your e-mail address when you sign up. (-): Only signed-up people can write you or see your information. (+): The "bulletin board" is public. (+): Optionally notifies you of all new sign-ups. (+): searches by name at each level! (+): lists by year or alphabetically. (-) slow at times. (-) pop-up ads, click-through ad pages. (- - -) now pops up multiple spyware and adware installers per page. surfs safely with Mozilla Firefox, but it is a scary and dangerous place if using Internet Explorer. We have removed the hyperlinks to Surf there at your own risk. (2005.04)
[DAHS 361listings; MacArthur 434; LMHS 257 as of 2005.04.17]
Alumni.NET - Division Avenue High School
Alumni.NET - Levittown:
Alumni.NET - New York:
Alumni.NET - USA:
Alumni.NET - (worldwide):

(Semi-free services):
Free to sign up and be listed (write down your password!); AFTER THAT, free to see who they have; AFTER THAT "one-time fee" of $3 for access to e-mail addresses, message boards and reunion postings. [Old free listings waived the fee. Recover your old listing.]
(-) You MUST enable "cookies" or you can't log in -- and no error messages either. (-) privacy is low.
[DAHS 104 listings; MacArthur 234; LMHS 111; Island Trees 178 (as of 2005.04.17)]

(Paid services):
Free to sign up and be listed (write down your password!); even add profiles; AFTER THAT, free to see who they have; see profiles (if you add yours), see photo albums (few); AFTER THAT, registration fee [$36 for 1 year] to become "Gold Member" (needed to see details, post enhanced listings, access forums, or to write anyone).
(+) is Heavily Advertised. (+) Includes search by name (across whole database, but state by state.) (+) includes elementary schools, Colleges, Workplace, Military, interest groups. (-) pop-up ads.
[DAHS 3839+234+15 listings; MacArthur 6208+151; LMHS 3412; Island Trees 4178 (as of 2005.04.17)]
Free to sign up and be listed (write down your password!); even add "then" and "now" photos; AFTER THAT, free to see who they have; AFTER THAT, registration fee [$24 for 1 year] for "AlumniAccess" (needed to view profiles, or to write anyone).
(-): Must signup and login to see directory. (-): you or the person you want to send e-mail must be a paid member! (-): Directory format is LastName, FirstName (MaidenName) (+): Directory is alphabetical or by year (under "class listing"). (+): member entry can include comments and photos.
[DAHS 504 listings as of 2002.07.07]

Look for other alumni directories and alumni registries:
[ We can't investigate them all. An arbitrarily selected few are reviewed above. Please refer your favorites, if you find some that are really effective or interesting, whether they cover the whole world or specific schools or districts near Levittown, NY. ]
links to many alumni registries and sites:
links to a few alumni registries and sites:

General Directories

"White Pages" directories online:
The national telephone directories merged with user-submitted entries and updates. Searches return white-pages and e-mail info together in one unified result set. Free lookup, free sign-up. Write down your passwords.

Worldwide Web "Search Engines":
Google [ ]
AltaVista [ ]

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