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Stanley Miller (English Teacher 1968-1990) - moreh@adelphia.net - Boynton Beach, Florida - 2004.10.05
Comments: After all those wonderful years at DAHS I went over to Salk MS where I spent the next ten years teaching 8th grade English. It was fine but nothing compares to my years at Division. I will treasure them for as long as I live.)
I have been retired now for four years. in April of 2003 my wife and I moved to a beautiful new community in Florida. We are really loving it. It is just like being first married and building a new home. We are doing all the things we've always wanted to do like golfing, tennis, reading, eating out and traveling. The down side is that we miss our three little grandsons now aged 2, 6 and 9. But flying up to Long Island is very easy and we try to see everyone at least every 5-6 weeks.
I miss hearing from my old colleagues and former students so if you have a minute or two, please send me an email so we can keep in touch. I must admit that remembering everyone is becoming more and more of a challenge, but I'll do the best I can.

Raymond Mierjeski (Teacher-Vocational Printing & Lithography) - retired from DAHS-1982 - rmierjeski@cox.net (bad e-mail 2006) - 9802 W Evergreen Dr., Sun City AZ 85373 - 2003.01.04
Memories: The fine students that I trained and placed into the printing industry. My students were in great demand through my active relationship with the L.I. Graphic Arts Association. Many of my students were granted scholarships as well to gain degrees in Printing management at Rochester Institute of Technology and NYU School of Printing Management. I still hear from many of my grads; and am so pleased to know that many are top management and executives in printing and publishing concerns; while some are in their own very successful businesses. I was always a firm believer of Occupational Education, and owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Bernard Rappaport for selecting me to begin the successful and still ongoing Printing and Lithography program in Levittown School District. I also would like to congratulate my former student Bill Cooper, who is now the teacher who succeeded me upon my retirement in Feb. of 1982. He is a fine person, with great ability, foresight, and dedication to the Industry that we both love. He is doing a fine job, and he has kept pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the printing industry; teaching the best program of its class on Long Island, (if not in all of N.Y. state).
Comments: It was most interesting and a wonderful surprises to learn of this website. I discovered it accidentally going into my E-Mail, clicking onto KimKomando Computer newsletters sent this past week; inviting her listeners and subscribers to her newsletters, to download a search program that I had never used. I put in a few names and "voila"; I discovered the blue dragons.com... glad I did. Some very fine people have gone through DAHS and the Levittown district. My 21 years of teaching there was my most wonderful life's experience.

Gerald Millman - Faculty 1961 - 1986 - 4jerhelbronx@planet-save.com - Greeley, Colorado - 2002.11.25
- Colorado - 2004.04.07
Memories: I did not realize one could comment on DAHS memories. So here goes. Helene and I retired to Boynton Beach, Florida in June of '86. We lived there for 16 years and moved to Greeley, Colorado in June of 2002. Wasn't it Horace Greeley who said "Go West YOUNG MAN". The move was prompted by my daughter living in Cheyenne and then moving to Denver. My fondest memories at DAHS include my advisorship of the yearbook for seven years and the camaraderie of staff during our long strike. THOSE THANKSGIVING TURKEYS WERE GREAT!!    Good luck to all you future graduates.

Barbara Wexler - Math Teacher, 1985-2002 - wexedu@aol.com - 2002.11.17
Memories: Having just retired, I'm still too close to it to have a favorite memory. I truly loved it all!! (or most of it anyway!) - the students, my Mathletes, my friends.

____ - 2002.11.10
Comments: Division Avenue graduates should be made aware of the passing of John Monteleone, an elementary teacher at Abbey Lane for many years. Many Division graduates were students of this man who was loved by many. Mr. Monteleone pased away on October 28th, 2002

Frank Haggerty - English 1970 -1999 - hagwaf28@aol.com - 2002.10.08
Memories: Memories: Many good ones. It was easy to find and connect with friendly, supportive, smiling people during those years - teachers, students and administrators. A sense of humor abounded to feed on. I recall a crowded Flame room where the race to meet the deadline took place. Field trips to NYC. In ninth grade, "The Scarlet Ibis" was one of my favorites. Presently my family keeps me young. Peter is 8, in 3rd grade; Rebecca is in 9th grade, getting plenty of help with her essays. My wife Wanda teaches 4th grade in Babylon Grade School. There is still plenty of humor around and trips to the city. Thanks for the memories.

Fred Von Burg - Taught English 1976-1981 - vonburgem@juno.com - Long Island - 2002.02.22
my webpage: http://www.geocities.com/vonburgem
Memories: Seeing how well the students did during the once- or twice-in-a-lifetime oratorical contest. Also, working with the writers of "The Flame."
Comments: The students at Division were mostly so well-intentioned it made my stay there really worthwhile.

Judy Evans-Gallagher - English - efildim@excite.com - 2001.06.22

Jim Gallagher - Social Studies - efildim@excite.com - 2001.06.22

Joan Watson - Social Studies 1964-1986 (chairperson 1975-1986; Assistant Principal at Wisdom Lane, 1987-1991) - jlwatson@optonline.net - Sag Harbor - 2001.04.23
Memories: The Class of '73 holds many fond memories for me. I was their advisor for the 6 years they attended DAHS. Some great memories are: the car wash, "Never too Late", Ski Trips, Dude Ranches, Mark Tintle in the 7th grade, the Prom, the Variety Show, the great kids who made our class so great. Remember the Field Days of '67 and '68? They were good times mixed with some bad. The Teachers' strike, the loss of three members, Rickie Magro's birthday party, class meetings, the Senior Lounge, the cafeteria food.

Gene Aiello - Teacher & Administrator 1951-1981 - aiello39@hotmail.com - Plano, Texas - 2000.09.27
Memories: All of them. My 30 years at Division Avenue were a tremendous experience. Getting to know the kids and helping them out were my greatest joys. The good times we had at games, the proms (the class of '73 named me Prom King, a wonderful surprise), and seeing the kids grow up are fond memories indeed. Thanks to Bonnie Antonowitz Ramsey for remembering me and searching for me. That's how I became aware of this Web site, which is great.
After retiring in 1981, my wife Dorothy and I moved to Orlando, Florida, and spent almost 20 years there playing golf and enjoying a life of leisure. Now in our early 80s and slowing down a bit, we decided this summer to move into an assisted-living home near my daughter and her family in Dallas. You may write to me at 3000 Midway Road Apt. 125, Plano TX 75093. I would love to hear from people. (added e-mail 2000.12.20)

Tonie McDonald - Social Studies 1995 - present - macdee109@aol.com - Levittown - 2000.08.29

Daniel Abrahams - Band Director 1993 - 1995 - abrahams@radiks.net (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Omaha, Nebraska - 2000.08.01
my webpage: http://www.ops.org/bryansr/home.htm
Memories: I was one of the many Band Directors in the History of DAHS. I loved the band that we had during the 1993-1995 seasons. Great Marching Band and fantastic Concert Band. Never a greater Jazz Festival since.

Cathy Fairweather - Music Department, 1988 - 1991 - cathyfairweather@bigfoot.com (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2000.07.14
Memories: I loved being music director for the shows, and of course conducting the orchestra.
Comments: I taught orchestra at DAHS from 1988 to 1991. I was also at Summit Lane for a year, 1989-1990. I left to teach elementarty strings in Freeport (I would have probably been doing general music if I had stayed in Levittown) and have been there ever since.
This website is great - I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Fred Goelz - Social Studies 1969-1995; Assistant Principal 1995-2002 - fred.goelz@gte.net (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2000.02.05
I have been at DAHS for 31 years, since 1969-1970. I taught Social Studies, then became the Social Studies Chairperson in 1991, and finally one of two Assistant Principals in 1995. I am currently working with the children of many former students which is an added benefit to a career that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Any former students wishing to come back and tour the building are certainly welcome. Just give me a call at 520-8350 X703 and I'll be happy to show you around.

Richard Jacobia - Coach, J.V. Softball 1987-1994 - grouchy3647@aol.com - Cape Coral, Florida - 2000.02.05
Looking for: Former Lady Dragon Softball players
Memories: My favorite memories of Division are those of the hard work that the girls did to achieve the success they deserved. They were out there in the rain and cold and sometimes even snow working hard for a common goal.They all gave 110% all of the time and it showed in their success. It was a great feeling after a game to have the umpires, the opponents' parents, and even the other team, congratulate me on the fine team we had. I even got a note in the mail from one parent of an opposing team that played in our J.V. Invitational Softball tournament stating how much she enjoyed watching the Lady Dragons play. I would also like to thank the many parents who supported the team at both home and away games. Well enough about softball for now. I hope everyone is doing well, and if you ever find yourself in beautiful Southwest Florida, please feel free to visit. Bye for now.

Marti Lanfear - Phys. Ed. teacher 1966-1972 - martilan@yahoo.com - Hartwell, Ga. - 2000.02.05
Memories: Division was my first teaching experience and I have many fond memories. I ended my career at Northside Elementary, teaching there for the last 15 years. My husband and I retired in June and moved south in October. I would love to hear from any of you that would like to be in touch.

Doug Robins - P.E. teacher, baseball coach - bluedrag55@aol.com - Levittown - 1999.12.15
at LMHS 1974-1983; at Division 1983-present; athletic director.

My favorite moment came out of a bad experience. I was very disappointed when I found out that LEVITTOWN MEMORIAL was going to shut down. Having graduated from LMHS, I was sad to see it close. But I have to admit that from day on I have loved every day that I have spent at Division.

My greatest memories of Division are the great baseball teams and the tremendous players who have worked so hard to make division the great baseball program that it is. Not only are the baseball players great, but the entire student body is so energetic and proud of their Division heritage. I hope that this Division pride and spirit continues into the next millenium. Hopefully in the year 3000 there will be people just like us using some newer mode of communication to express their Levittown pride.

I want to thank all of the basketball players that I have coached, and I especially want to thank all of the great baseball players I've coached. Whether you were All-County or a substitute you all played major roles in the success of your team. You all laid the ground work to make Division baseball what it is today. I hope that you all will find time to make a game or two this spring. We are in a tough league that includes MacArthur (coached by Costello, LMHS 1977), Hewlett (coached by Sal Gambina, an ex-Division teacher), Bellmore JFK (whose top pitcher LaBella's father is an LMHS grad from 1968), Carey Floral Park, and New Hyde Park whose coach is Doug Robins Jr, a Division grad from 1991. Our division staff is led by 9th grade coach Ray Weidlein (LMHS 1975); our J.V. coach Steve DeCaro is a Division grad from 1981. Tom Casey is still with the varsity, and has coached with us from 1977 back at LMHS. Tom Tuttle (Division 1991) also helps coach the varsity team with us.

Thank you to the baseball state champs of 1984, 1996, the Long Island champs of 1984, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1999, the Nassau County champs of 1970, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999 and, of course, to the teams who won the league championships during the baseball seasons of 1961, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. I hope this year's team and Division baseball teams of the future can live up to the standards that you have set. No other school in the history of Long Island can compare to the accomplishments that youhave achieved.

Bill Reynolds - vocal music, 1969-1983-wreyno6314@cox-internet.com (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - San Angelo, Texas - 1999.12.15 (new e-mail 2001.10.22)
Memories: The wonderful students and faculty I met at DAHS, especially my colleagues on the music faculty; our choruses; our madrigal singers singing at Lincoln Center; guitar students who quickly learned to play better than I did; our shows.
Comments: I would love to join you for the reunion; however, because of distance I am afraid that won't be possible. We enjoy it here in West Texas, which some of you may remember, is my home state.  Janet and I sing in the San Angelo Symphony chorus and in the First Christian Church choir, and I have been involved in some theatre here.  We enjoy the open spaces, and traveling over Texas and New Mexico. This summer it will be Scotland!  Our children still live in the east, so we get there from time to time.  It would be great to hear from you!

John O'Brien - Social Studies, at DAHS 1962-1981 & 1992-1995; retired - bojomo@tampabay.rr.com (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Tarpon Springs, Florida - 1999.10.09 (new e-mail 2002.04.14)
Memories: Returned from exile in 1992. I spent the previous 11 years teaching Math on Levittown's south side. There's nobody like the north side kid.
Comments: I've been to a lot of class reunions and your idea for one massive event just sounds great. I, like most of you, always enjoy a party. I'm enjoying retirement immensely here on Florida's west coast with my family. Hitting golf balls everyday sometimes gets boring but I've learned to deal with it. Would love to hear from any of my past students. GREAT PAGE  -  THANKS.

Perry Vitucci - 1988-1992 at Division; + LVC - smpk79@yahoo.com - 1999.09.07
Comments: This web site is a fantastic creation! Great Job! It brought a smile to my face to read about the alumni that I know. It began for me at Division as a young teacher in1988, through 1992. It has now been twelve years in Levittown. I am presently at Levittown Vocational Center (Memorial). I was at Wisdom Lane 1992-1994. It has been a pleasure to have bonded with and watched so many young teenagers grow and become adults, and a gift to me to have a career where I am a part of their lives, and this wonderful community. Hey students, I am now 35 years old and have three children. Many of you from Division are probably married by now also, I'd love to hear from you. **I'll never forget the class of 1991!!** I am very happy at LVC, room 117, where I continue to teach drafting and architecture. I am still a big part of our DAHS teenagers' lives, teaching Drivers Ed (1992-present); those memories continue to fill volumes in my book. You ALL are great!! Let's have that GIANT reunion. I will be there!

Bob Graham - English, Chairman, Assistant Principal and Principal, 1956-1986 - ideal@optonline.net - 1999.08.31 (new e-mail 2001.12.17)
I was thrilled to come upon this web page after serving with great joy for 30 years at Division. I've been to a number of reunions but think it is a great idea to have one huge one at Eisenhower Park.
After leaving Division, I was at Central Office for three years, but that was a drag compared to the fun and the great people at DAHS. I am now retired after a sales career of selling software to schools. My wife and I have two wonderful grandchildren who we see often as well as two Division graduates who live in our development. Both are teachers. If you get a chance, drop me an e-mail.

Thomas Cestaro - English, 1965-2000at Division - tac6930@aol.com - 1999.08.12
I am still teaching at Division; this will be my last year (1999-2000). I have thoroughly enjoyed my career and look forward to retirement. I am now a grandpa so I will have many things to do with my little granddaughter, Juliana. Her mom (my daughter Donna) is teaching at Abbey Lane (4th grade), so the Cestaro legend will live on. I would love to hear from former students.
Re All-class reunion: I would love to see this happen; I think it would be a great party to include an all-class reunion.
Mr. Goelz and I once ran a 5-year reunion party and it was a great success. Please try to organize this.

Dave Emeritz - English, 1971-1976at Division - dave56ny@yahoo.com - Levittown - 1999.08.08 (new e-mail 2001.12.01)
(Also DAHS class of 1963)
Memories: I remember twelve students in my VW Beetle, looking for a prom place. And an evening when Kevin Grau and Frank Cudia had almost gotten my VW Beetle onto the roof of the school... Lots of wonderful memories, both as student and teacher.
Comments: Another hi to all those with whom I've corresponded. And, Sidney Lee, thanks for the pralines!

Dewain Lanfear - English, 1965?-1980at Division - dewainlan@yahoo.com - Georgia - 1998.03.28 (updated 1999.11.15)
(Also DAHS class of 1960)
Favorite DAHS memories: my friends
Comments: I'd love to hear from classmates or former students. No place but DAHS has felt like home.

A partial "Wanted" list:

Christa Rhea Pendleton (now Christa Yamanita) - 1992 - kissiegal@aol.com (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - still here in Levittown - 2000.07.27
If any knows where Mrs. Evans (English teacher while I was there, 1988-1992) and Mrs. Andresakes (Art teacher, same years) are, please let me know.

I am looking for info on my math teacher Mr. Chenevey.  He taught at DAHS in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 and I thought 1960 also, but he isn't in my 1960 yearbook.
He was monumental in making me love math and that is why I teach it today.
And by the way I am a wonderful teacher!!!
Thanks -- Lilette Bagwin-Fogel (Lilette Levy 1960) - liletteb@aol.com (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2000.03.30 (updated 2001.04.05)

Alex Behr - 1972 - fourbehrs@aol.com - 1999.12.14
If anyone can help - I am looking for Mr. Gross - my Geometry and Advanced Algebra teacher.
I'd like to thank him for being a large part of my success.

Found list

Trina Cattler - 1975 - trina@divisionsocialstudies.com - is searching for any info on music teacher and soprano extraordinaire Shirley Novak. Tell her I miss her! And let me know how she is!!
[Mrs. Novak has been located.]

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