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supplement: Sep. 1954 - June 1959 and possible 1960 omissions

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In memory of those we knew, who are no longer with us.
In Memoriam

Reasons for these lists:

Your yearbook does not cover all your years at DAHS, just the final year. To see all of your years and all of your teachers, you need to see the yearbooks for all of your years. It's amazing to see your old friends who moved away and your old teachers who retired or transferred before your final year -- none of whom are mentioned in the yearbook of your graduating year. Very few of us had the foresight or the luxury of buying a yearbook for every year of our time in high school. With these listings we hope to share some of the information from other years.

By browsing the years you can see how long some of your teachers stayed, before or after you knew them at DAHS.

Browsing complete yearbooks, you can recognize some of your classmates 3 or 5 years younger than they were at graduation, or in the case of teachers, 30 or more years younger than when you knew them.


A yearbook -could- try to cover life in the school purely from the perspective of the graduating class through all their years in the school, but it's never done that way. It would take outstanding research and access to archives that are usually unavailable. To a limited extent, each yearbook includes a very limited look back to earlier school years, but basically it has no choice but to cover one year in the life of the school.

We recommend that all students buy a yearbook every year if they can. The yearbook is produced by the senior class, so naturally it covers the senior class a little more thoroughly. But each year's yearbook is the best coverage of that year in the school.

some teachers not listed above; from years 1974-1979
(1977) 10: Walter Alexander
Custodians: William C. Bryson,
Subs: Thaddeus? Ugarte, Mrs. Beazley, Mrs. Ramm

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