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Theresa Wieczerzak Memorial Scholarship Fund

A letter from Ray Wieczerzak
May 2000

To the colleagues, former students and friends of Theresa (Terry) Wieczerzak:

For 34 years Mrs. Wieczerzak taught English at Division Avenue High School. During these years she helped hundreds of students decipher THE SCARLET LETTER, taught them to always support their ideas with specific references, and even got most of them to pass the dreaded English Regents exam. Throughout her career Terry worked diligently and lovingly. Students enjoyed her classes and especially enjoyed her dramatic readings, her keen sense of humor, and her obvious interest in them as people.

Four years ago, Mrs. W. left the classroom for health reasons. (Nothing else could have dragged her from her job.) Since then her efforts were directed to fighting her unrelenting foe -- Cancer. Unfortunately, despite her valiant efforts, Terry passed away in April. Although she is no longer with us, Terry's influence will not quickly be forgotten.

To ensure that both her memory and her desire to help students stay alive at Division Avenue High School, we are creating the Theresa Wieczerzak Memorial Scholarship Fund. Through this fund, Terry will continue to help the top English students at Division Avenue High School.

If you would like to honor the memory of Theresa Wieczerzak by contributing to this fitting memorial, please send a donation to
Mr. Ray Wieczerzak
Division Avenue High School
120 Division Avenue
Levittown, NY 11756
(Make checks payable to the Theresa Wieczerzak Memorial Scholarship Fund.)

Dollars for Scholars

This letter has been sent to every resident and business in the District.
October 2000

Dear Alumni,
Levittown has begun a chapter of Dollars-for-Scholars, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide scholarships for higher education for students from the Levittown Public Schools.  With this letter, the Levittown Public Schools Dollars-for Scholars Foundation is beginning its first annual campaign to raise money for such scholarships for graduating seniors from Division Avenue High School and MacArthur High School.

This is your opportunity to contribute in whatever way you can, large or small, to the continuing education of the children of the community.

Over 90% of the children in our community attend college, many of them attending the most prestigious schools in the country.  Any support that they receive can make an enormous difference in their ability to continue their education.  As an alumni of the district, we hope that you would like to be part of this investment in the community you grew up in.

At this time, we are asking that you send in a check, made out to the Levittown Public Schools Dollars-for-Scholars.  Along with the check, please include your name, address and phone number.  This can be mailed to:
Levittown Public Schools
Dollars For Scholars
150 Abbey Lane
Levittown, NY 11756-4042

The Levittown School District community has a tradition of helping and supporting each other.  As you know, it is a tradition that was born with our community and continues to this very day.  Please continue that tradition with your donation to the Levittown Public Schools Dollars-for-Scholars Foundation.

Gina Interdonato

If any one has any questions they can e-mail  Roxane Salustro Boneillo at rdb915@aol.com or call the school district (516) 520-8300 x 674

posted 2000.10.22
last edited 2005.04.22

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