Levittown, New York

William Levitt, A man with a vision

          It's 1997 and the "instant suburb" has grown up. Levittown, in reaching its half-century anniversary, has proven not only that it can survive, but thrive.

        A typical Street

          Originally built for returning soldiers of WWII, Levittown has grown with America. The saplings planted by the original residents have grown into mature trees which canopies remind its original residents of Levittown's relatively protected atmosphere. Levittown has been, above all, a place for families.

All homes came equipped with the latest appliances. $100 down was all that was needed.

         It is a place where children play. their laughter can be heard on Levittown's playgrounds, pools and ball fields. It is a place where parents volunteer. Their love for their children can be seen at PTA meetings, ball fields, and school events. It is a place where teachers and administrators care about their students. They can be seen in the classroom, (after 2:30), at athletic competitions and at concerts. It is a whole community.

Division Avenue School

Built in the late '40s with government funds, Division Avenue School would later become Division Avenue High School. One of 3 high schools built to meet the demands of a growing community.

          Levittown was built because of the careful planning of William Levitt, who set out not just to dump a bunch of houses on a street, but to build a place where families could grow in a place they could be proud of. There is nothing "instant" about that.

The transformation of a ranch style Levitt original.




          Levitt's Levittown has gone through many transformations. Originally built on potato fields, the row housing was ment for the young men returning from WWII to have affordable housing. The original ranches where purchased for just under $8,000. Today the average Levitt house can be purchased for around $135,000, with some valued at over $200,000. Not a bad investment for the original owners.

          A visitor would be surprised to learn that Levittown has not become a ghetto in the suburbs. The fact is that property values are on the increase and it is rare for a home owner not to be able to sell their house. With good schools, low crime, and easy access to where ever a person needs to go, Levittown is William Levitt's dream come true.

Come for a visit, and help us celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Uniqueness abounds in our town



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