Levittown, NY

Levittown Schools

(Some historical notes and links to the teacher lists)

Division Avenue High School
(grades 7-12)
cornerstone 1948; addition cornerstone 1955.
phased in as a high school from 1955 to 1960.
first graduating class 1960.
(grades 10-12) (also known as Division Avenue Senior High School)
(???-1979-???) organizational split into two separate schools in one building
(grades 9-12)

Schools that fed into DAHS:

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Division Avenue Junior High School (grades 7-9)
(???-1979-???) organizational split into two separate schools in one building

Wisdom Lane Middle School (grades 6-8)

Wisdom Lane School (grades K-6)

and Wisdom Annex (quonset hut)
(closed) (demolished)

Gardiners Avenue School (grades K-6) (grades K-5)

and Annex

Summit Lane School (grades K-6) (grades K-5)

Northside School (grades 3-6)/(grades K-6) (grades K-5)

Laurel Lane School (K-2)

Pintail Lane School (grades K-2)
(closed) (demolished)

Abbey Lane School (grades K-6) (grades K-5)

Division Avenue School (grades K-6?)
cornerstone 1948
phased out as an elementary school from 1955 to 1960?

East Broadway School (grades K-6) (grades K-5)


other schools in the district:

Levittown Memorial High School
(closed) all teachers and all enrolled students were transferred into DAHS

General Douglas MacArthur High School


Little Red Schoolhouse

Jonas E. Salk Junior High School

Jonas E. Salk Middle School

Lee Road School (grades K-5)


Seaman Neck School (grades K-6?)

Gardiners Avenue School (grades K-5)

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