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Northside School (grades 3-6 / 4-6 for some) (grades K-6) (grades K-7) (grades K-5)

Partial faculty listings (source: contributed memories):

(no K)

(first K) K: "Miss Barbie"
2: Miss Temesy (class transferred to new Summit Lane School in Spring, 1952)
4: Mr. Langan, Mr. Maloney, Mr. Holliwell  (very handsome and all the girls liked him)

1: Mrs. ____
5: Mr. Hugh Marassa, Mr.  Henebrey, Mr. Lynch

K: Miss Lewis / Miss Louis
2: Mrs. Freidlander
6: Mr. James Donovan, Mr. Maloney (he had a band and played at several of our dances over the years)

K: Miss Barbara McGloin / "Miss Barbie",
1 Miss Di Benedetto
3: Mrs. McGuire,
Asst Principal: Mr Fitzimmons

1: Miss Hoff,
2: Mrs. Gridley
4: Mr. Stein
5: Mr. Cologne
6: Mr. Campbell ("In November 1955 the entire 6th grade was transferred to East Broadway School because of overcrowding at Northside. In 1956, Pintail Lane and Laurel Lane opened up, relieving the pressure on Northside.")

2: Miss Biershank,
5: Mr. Diamond, Mr. Lane
6: Mr. Abernathy
Chorus: Mr. Singer

3: Miss Achino,
4: Miss Rogers
6: Mr. Campell, Mr. Lane
Gym: Mr. Miranda, Miss Glenn

4: Miss Standard,
5: Mr. Leo Nolan (his brother taught at Division)
Gym: Mr. Miranda, Miss Glenn

3: Mrs. McGuire
4: Miss Bilous (sp?), Mrs. Carey
5: Mr. Mulcahey, Mr. Root
6: Mr Langan
Gym: Mr. Miranda, Miss Glenn
Vocal Music: Mr. McCardle
Instrumental Music: Mr. Nachenberg

5: Miss Marzullo (sp?)
6: Mr. Breen,
Principal: Mr. Forsythe

3: Miss Ehrlich
6: Mr. Langan

3: Miss Ehrlich ("b----")
4: Mr. Meyer

3: Mrs. Gerbasi, Mrs. Hutchinson
4: Miss Bilous, Mr. Eugene Meyer ("inspired me to become a teacher")
5: Miss Marzullo, Miss Bancroft "Excellent teacher - extreme perfectionist.  I remember her spelling and grammar lessons to this day.  Spell-check had nothing on her. After 1966 I believe she transferred to Lee Road."
6: Mr. Nolan*
Music: Mrs. Vitale

*A special offer:
"I have scanned a class photo from Northside Elementary School, Mr. Nolan's 6th grade class, 1964. With the assistance of several classmates, I have captioned the photo with the names of everyone in it.  Anyone from that class who would like a copy, just e-mail me at .
Ernest Stern (Northside Class of 1964, DAHS Class of 1970)"

3:  Mrs. Gerbasi
4: Mr. Mulcahey
5: Mr Kazenoff, Miss Elaine Marzullo ("inspired me to become a teacher")
6: Mr. Leo Nolan
Special Ed, girls:  Mrs. Dimantini
Special Ed, boys:  Mr. Calasi

3: Mrs. Acino, Mrs. Christiansen "she was the best teacher of my elementary experience",
4:  Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Gerbasi (she remarried during the summer of, I think, and had a different name by the fall of 1965)
5: Mr. Breen, Miss Marzullo, Miss Kirby
6: Mr. Clark (he returned and replaced Miss Friedrick), Mr. Leo R. Nolan ("inspired me to become a teacher")
Gym: Mr. Granelli and Mrs. Steiner
Music: Mrs. Vitale, Mr. Nachenberg
Art: Miss Singleton
Art: Mrs. Fuller
Instrumental music tutor: Mr. Title

3: Miss Sutcliffe,
4: Mr. Meyers, Mrs. Gerbasi / Mrs. Gerbassi, Ms. Bilous,
5: Miss Marzullo
6: Mr. Mulcahy, Miss Hughes

4: Mr. Bulla,
5: Miss Marzulo, Mrs. Bushman, Mrs. Cunningham, Mr. Ira Newman
6:  Mr. Leo Nolan,

5: Mr. Newman,
6: Miss Hughes, Mr. Leo Nolan ("my favorite teacher ever"), Mr. Mulcahey, Mr. Clark "He reminded me of Phil Donahue"
Band: Mr. Nauchenberg

3: Miss Christenson(?),
6: Mr. Clark,

3: Miss Christiansen
4: Mrs. Projanksky,

4: Mrs. Bushman
5: Miss Marzulo,

3: Mr Mulcahey, "Miss Chris" / Ms. Christiansen ("she was so cool")
5: Mr. Meyer
6: Mr. Raymond Clark,
Art: Mrs. Baroni

4: Mrs. Mann,
6: Mr. Daly,
Art: Mrs. Baroni

3: Mrs. Byrne,
5: Mr. Newman, Mr. Bulla
Art: Mrs. Baroni

1: Mrs. Wheeler
4: Mrs. Biershank
5: Mr. Kazenoff
6: Mr. Daly
Art: Mrs. Baroni

1: Miss Schmidt
2: Mrs. Thompson
5: Mr. Torrence
5&6: Mrs. Tobin & Mrs. Kelly

6: Miss McCoy

2: Mrs. Bierschank
3: Mrs. Maulkahey (sp?)
6: Mr. Isoldi

K: Mrs. Bosniack and Ms. Schmidt (sister to Mr. Schmidt)
1: Mrs. Wheeler
2: Mrs. Anne Byrne, her sister Ms. Mary Curry, Mr. Schmidt
3: Miss Alice Curry
4: Mr. Clark
5: Mr. Daly and Mrs. Projansky
6: Mrs. Pat Kelly (later became assistant principal) (wife of Ron Kelly, DAHS English dept. chairman)
?: Mrs. Wruck (former Ms. Christiansen) (still there, June 2000)
?: Mrs. Stuart [came over from Laurel Lane after the Teacher strike]
?: Ms. Lewis [also from Laurel Lane]
?: Mrs. Murphy [was Laurel Lane principal up until the school closed the same year]
?: Mrs. Gridley [she and a lot of other good teachers took early retirement at that time]
phys. ed.: Mrs. Harvey and Mrs. Daly
principal: Rose Auteri

3: Miss Mary Alice Curry
4: Miss E. Christiansen
5: Mr. Maulkahey (sp?)

4: Miss Elise Christiansen ("Miss Chris")
5: Mr. Tom Daly
6: Mr. Torrence

6: Mrs. Patricia Kelly and Mrs. Arlene Meckler
7: (we had 3 teachers, switched classes and had a homeroom) Social Studies: Mrs. Shwartz

7: Ms. Ambrogio, Mr. Tom Nolan
["7th Grade was at Northside 1982-1983. The next year, 1983-1984, Wisdom Lane became a middle school holding only grades 6,7 and 8.]


1: Miss Hickey

2: Miss Werner

3: Mrs. Matza

4: Miss Nelson

5: Mrs. Cowan




1972-1973 means the September 1972 - June 1973 school year.
6: means the 6th-grade teachers follow on that line.


Sending in your information:

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graduated DAHS 1990.
12th grade year was 1989-1990.
Subtract 12 for K year.
You end up with a list like this:
1977-1978, you were in K
1978-1979, you were in 1
1979-1980, 2
1980-1981, 3
1981-1982, 4
1982-1983, 5
1983-1984, 6
1984-1985, 7
1985-1986, 8
1986-1987, 9
1987-1988, 10
1988-1989, 11
1989-1990, 12
(Adjust accordingly if you jumped ahead, fell behind, or moved into Levittown.)

List the school year and grade and teacher you had.

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