Levittown, NY

The Shows

1959 - first Junior variety show

(1959?) - Taming of the Shrew (rehearsed but never produced)

1960 - ?
Junior class show, produced by Richard Streb

1961 - ?
Junior class show, produced by Richard Erbacher

1962 - ?

1963 - ?

1964 - ?

1965 - Annie Get Your Gun
Sandra Cullen (title role)

1966 - ?

December 1966 (?) - Amahl and the Night Visitors by Gian Carlo Menotti
starring Donald Kramer (1971), Margaret Homer, Gary Galante (1971)
director: Bill Reynolds
chorus and orchestra directed by Mr. Vitale

1967 - For Whom The Torch Burns
Producer/Director: Kerry McDonald
Filmed by David Schnapf
Music and Sound: Bob Hallett
    "In 1967, we did not have a senior class play or show, but instead produced a movie called 'For Whom The Torch Burns', a Cold War action flick about Russia's attempt to steal the Statue of Liberty, by blowing it up at its base and towing it to Russia using an abducted Staten Island Ferry.
    "Parts of the movie were filmed on the QE2 Luxury Liner, the Staten Island Ferry, the streets of Manhattan, the United Nations Building, and of course, at the Statue of Liberty herself. Part of this movie was also shown on the TV quiz show, 'To Tell The Truth' starring Gary Moore, where Kerry McDonald and 2 imposters appeared as guests and talked about the making of the movie. The movie premiered in May of 1967 for a two-day run, to packed houses, at DAHS." [Bob Hallett]

For Whom the Torch Burns, a film by members of Division Avenue High School Class of 1967
Possible Reunion - Copies Available!

1968 - The Man Who Came To Dinner
Jay Mallin in the title role
Allen Steinberg as the Doctor
Mary Grace Miner as Miss Sheldon the movie star
Jeanne Donnenberg as Joan the maid
"Dan Zuckerman and Scott Vreeland (and others?) made the mummy case out of paper maché. Scott's mom decorated it with the story of the play written out in real Egyptian heiroglyphs, which she had recently been studying."

1969 - ?

1970 - The Sound of Music
Susan Duggan & Pat Condon as Maria
Jimmy Whiting as the Captain
Robin Daskin as Baroness Elsa von Schraeder
Joanne Dutko as Liesl
Barbara Gallo as Liesl
Jeanne Donnenberg as Louisa
Joyce Estrin as Louisa
Melody Waters as Gretl
George Wolffson as Kurt
Marilyn Reynolds & Myra Rosenberg as the Mothers Superior
Gary Galante as Uncle Max
Produced by Richard Erbacher

1971 - South Pacific
Susan Duggan
Kathy Sullivan
Jeanne Donnenberg and Debbie Schnapf as Bloody Mary
Gary Galante as Billis in the coconut dance
Danny Arrigo as Luther Billis
Barbara Gallo
John Wexler
Jon Levy
Bill Montagne as Lt. Cable
Joyce Estrin & Sue Lerner as Dinah
Produced by David Metz

1972 - Amahl and the Night Visitors
Gabrielle Masel as the mother
Tim Kyte / George Wolfson
Gabby Masel as a shepherdess
(adults played The Mother and the 3 Kings)
George Wolfson as Amahl

(1971 or 1972) The Monkey's Paw
Gary Galante, ...

??? - The Lottery

1972? - Oliver!
Tim Kyte & Michael Lane as Oliver
Jon Levy & Mike Rosenberg as Fagin
Gabby Masel & Barbara Gallo as Nancy
Danny Arrigo & Mike Effinger as Sikes
Trina Cattler as the Strawberry Seller
Joel Edelson & George Wolfson as the Artful Dodger
Bill Montagne as Mr. Bumble
Joyce Estrin & Pat Condon as Mrs. Corney
Chris Worsthorn & Anna Masel as Mrs. Sowerberry
Jeanne Donnenberg as Mrs. Bedwin
Eve Finkelstein & Margaret Wodkins as Bet
boys: Eli Tray,

1973 - Mame
Mary Sharkey & Gabby Masel as Mame
Mary Sharkey & Gabby Masel as Mother Burnside
Chris Worsthorn & Barbara Gallo as Vera
Chris Worsthorn & Barbara Gallo as Madam Branislowski
Trina Cattler & Margaret Reynolds as Gooch
Robert Grant as Beau
Tim Kyte & Ken Edelson as Young Patrick
Mike Effinger as Older Patrick
Eli Tray, ...
Musical Production Staff:
Designed & Staged by Richard Erbacher (a teacher)
Asst. to Mr. Erbacher: Robert Grant
Stage Manager: Wilson Meier, assisted by Keith MacKenzie
Scenic Effects: David Schramm
Scenic effect executed by David Schramm & Joseph Cacossa (a teacher)
Lighting desgined and exectued by Richard Gray
Costume Design and Production by Stephanie Crumley assisted by Debbie Schramm
Musical Direction by Shirley Novak
Orchestra under the Direction of Bartolomeo Ferrara
6 performances ("those were the days")

1974 - The Boyfriend
Hortense (the maid): Jacquie Weissman & Nancy Thrush
Maisie: Maryann McGowan
Dulcie: Trina Cattler
Fay: Cynthia Hajohn
Nancy: Laura Burke
Polly: Debby Nash & Margaret Reynolds
Bobby Van Husen: Joel Edelson
Marcel: Pete Potocnik
Pierre: Joe Condon
Alfonse: George Wolffson
Mdm DuBonnet: Debbie Swiggers
Percival Browne: Steve Clark
Tony: Dave Clark & Neal Lerner
Lord Brockhurst: Eli Tray
Lady Brockhurst: Judi Schechter
Gendarme/Waiter: Corey Jonas
Pepe: Pete Potocnik
Lolita: Cynthia Hajohn
The Girlfriends: Barbara Stuart, Elva Orlandini, Holly Yaeger, Maryellen Habel
The Boyfriends: Jason Frome, Marc Chabot, Tim Kyte, Al Koch, Richard Connery

1975 - Once Upon a Mattress with Judy Schechter, Neal Lerner,

??? - Ernest in Love
Jack Worthing: Joe Condon
Algy Moncrieff: Neal Lerner
Gwendolyn Fairfax: Trina Cattler
Cecily Cardew: Laura Burke
Lady Bracknell: Judi Schechter
Miss Prism: Jacquie Weissman
Dr. Chasuble: Eli Tray
Lane: Dave Clark
Perkins: George Wolffson
Effie: Barbara Stuart
Alice: Debbie Nash
Tradesmen: ___
Greengrocer: Ernie Murphy
BootMaker: Pete Potocnik
Dancing Master: Jason Fromme
Piano Teacher: Joel Edelson
Tobacconist: Tim Kyte
play by Oscar Wilde
(source: a "Cast List" which was posted on the music department bulletin board)

1975? 1976? - the songs from Man of La Mancha.
Some may remember this as a school show, but there were no costumes, acting or scenery, just the magic of Chorus.

1976? - the songs from Fiddler on the Roof
A Chorus-only production.

1976 - Bells are Ringing - April 1, 2, 3, 1976
Production staged by John W. Geida
Musical Direction by Shirley Novak
Orchestra Direction by Henry Corin
Construction Chief: Herb Lipsky
Stage Manager: Ken Riall
Assistant Musical Director: Eli Tray
Scenic Design: Vincent D'ambosio
Lighting Design: James Duggan
Cast of Characters in order of appearance
Announcer: John Kloberdanz
Sue Summers: Charlotte Reynolds
Gwinne Smith: Susan Nash
Ella Peterson: Eve Finkelstein
Sandor: Eli Tray
Carl: Richard Connery
Inspector Barnes: Danny Leeds
Francis: Mark Abrams
Jeff Moss: Marc Chabot
Olga: Rachel Keuning
Telephone Repair Man: Jon Zeiser
Larry Hastings: Tim Kyte
Dr. Kitchell: James Duggan
Blake Barton: David Sontup
Carol: Roni-Jean Carroll
Crovello Mobsters: Vincent D'ambrosio, Joe Cardali
Paul Arnold: Bruce Cross
Michelle: Peggy Stilianos
The People of New York: Lisa Pasca, Bruce Cross, Peggy Stilianos, Robert Mittel, Monica Lawrence, Paula Adorno, Paula Rivelli, Karen Lewis, Craig Preiser, Alice Behr, Ginger Schreiner, Hope Haas, Roxanna Elvir, Al Cardona, Sally Holec, Lisa Catanzaro, Mary Ellen Habel, Nancy Crumley, Bill Cantwell, Kim Crowell, Sheila McAndrews, Margaret McHugh, Sharon Post.

1977 - Broadway Cabaret - January 13, 14 and 15, 1977
(A compilation of songs from many shows that were on Broadway at that time)
("We used the scene from Guys and Dolls as a plug for the upcoming spring performance of Guys and Dolls.")
Idea conceived by Monica Lawrence and Richard Connery
Directional Supervision: John W. Geida
Scenes staged by John W. Geida and Richard Connery
Musical Coordination: Shirley Novak
Choreography: Richard Connery
Musical Arrangements: John W. Geida
Stage Manager: Janice Kurtzke
Scenic Design: Vincent D'Ambrosio
Lighting Design: James Duggan
Dialogue Coordinator: Monica Lawrence
Sound Design: Robert Staib, Bill Muller
Directional Assistant: Richard Connery
Orchestra Conducted by: John W. Geida
Mistress of Ceremonies: Susan Nash
Master of Ceremonies: James Duggan
With Sally Holec as Dottie Klein
Announcer: John Kloberdanz
Act I
Opening, Cabaret: Susan Nash, James Duggan
A Chorus Line, I Hope I Get It: Paula Adorno, Andrea Angelo, Anthony Angelo, Marc Chabot, Katie Coleman, Richard Connery, Bruce Cross, Nancy Crumley, Karen Lewis, Alica Marcone, Lisa Pasca, Cathy Porqueddu, Les Porter, Judy Travers, Karen Vella
A Chorus Line, Nothing: Roxanna Elvir
Shenandoah, We Make A Beautiful Pair: Nancy Crumley, MaryEllen Habel
Shenandoah, Freedom: Monica Lawrence, Paul Mailloux
My Fair Lady, Wouldn't It Be Loverly: Margaret Wodkins, Michael Babino, Joe Cardali, John Kloberdanz
My Fair Lady, I Could Have Danced All Night: Elizabeth Pasca
Godspell, Day By Day: Alice Behr, Denise Rivelli, Karen Lewis, Paula Rivelli, Les Porter
Pippin, Magic To Do: Richard Connery, Denise Rivelli, Margaret McHugh, Jon Zeiser, John Kloberdanz, Rose Cardali, Paula Rivelli, Billy Cantwell, Karen Vella, Cathy Porqueddu, Katie Coleman, Ginger Schreiner, Alicia Marcone, Tracy Reid, Roxanna Elvir, Karen Lewis
Pippin, Corner of the Sky: Marc Chabot
Act II
Opening, If my Friends Could See Me Now: Susan Nash, James Duggan
Chicago, All I Care About is Love: James Duggan, Gloria Greitz, Rachael Keuning, Katie Coleman, Ginger Schreiner, Lisa Pasca, Roxanna Elvir
The Magic Show, Up To His Own Tricks: Sharon Rosenblum, Lisa Pasca, Anthony Angelo, Jon Zeiser, Richard Connery, Judy Currie, Melanie Tanzman, Rose Cardali, Pat Sullivan, Arlienne Bird
The Magic Show, West End Avenue: Charlotte Reynolds
Bubbling Brown Sugar, Sweet Georgia Brown: Susan Nash, Les Porter, Richard Connery
The Wiz, Tornado: Cathy Porqueddu, MaryEllen Habel, Paula Adorno, Alicia Marcone, Margaret Wodkins, Karen Vella, Monica Lawrence, Katie Coleman, Lisa Pasca, Richard Connery, Jon Zeiser, Anthony Angelo, Joe Cardali, Judy Travers
The Wiz, Ease On Down The Road: MaryEllen Habel, Marc Chabot, Les Porter, Bruce Cross, Paula Rivelli, Karen Lewis, Sheila McAndrews, Andrea Angelo
Guys And Dolls, I Got The Horse Right Here: Jon Zeiser, Mike Babino, Joe Cardali, John Schreiner, John Kloberdanz
Grease, Summer Nights: Susan Nash, James Duggan, Sally Holec, Bruce Cross, Paula Rivelli, Marc Chabot, Margaret Wodkins, Les Porter, Alicia Marcone, Joe Cardali, MaryEllen Habel, Jon Zeiser, Nancy Crumley, John Kloberdanz, Monica Lawrence, Richard Connery, Charlotte Reynolds
Grease, Freddy My Love: Charlotte Reynolds, Susan Nash, MaryEllen Habel, Nancy Crumley, Alicia Marcone
Grease, We Go Together: Full Company

1977 - Guys and Dolls - March 24, 25, 26, 1977
Director: John W. Geida
Musical Director: Shirley Novak
Orchestra Director: Henry Corin
Construction Chief: Anthony Rivelli
Stage Manager: Janice Rivelli
Choreography: Richard Connery, Paula Rivelli
Cast in order of appearance:
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Joe Cardali
Benny Southstreet: John Kloberdanz
Rusty Charlie: Anthony Angelo
Sister Sarah Brown: Charlotte Reynolds
Arvide Abernathy: John Zeiser
Agatha: Pat Mailloux
Harry the Horse: Vincent D'Ambrosio
Lietenant Brannigan: Bruce Cross
Nathan Detroit: Marc Chabot
Angie the Ox: Billy Cantwell
Miss Adelaide: Susan Nash
Sky Masterson: James Duggan
Joey Biltmore: Paul Morano
Mimi: Lisa Pasca
General Cartwright: Rachel Keuning
Liver Lips Louie: Craig Preiser
Big Jule: Mike Babino
Society Max: Les Porter
Drunk: Bob Dash
Waiters: Paul Mailloux, Billy Cantwell
Newspaper Man: Billy Kramer
The Hot-Box Girls: Paula Rivelli, Alicia Marcone, Karen Lewis, Paula Adorno, Lisa Pasca, Cathy Porqueddu, Katie Coleman, Karen Vella, Roxanna Elvir, Alice Behr, Nancy Crumley, Judy Travers, Ginger Schreiner
The Mission Band: Kenneth Holt, Peter Freeman, Victor Siclari, Craig Preiser
More Guys: Randy Appel, Patrick Rosenberger, Steve Farmer, Bill Muller, Al Cardona
More Dolls: Denise Rivelli, Margaret McHugh, Tracy Reid, Judy Currie, Rose Cardali, Pat Sullivan, Stacie D'Errico, Arlene Bird, Melanie Tanzman, Celia Weisenfeld, Sheila McAndrews, MaryBeth Czerwinski, Ann Camilleri, Tara Effinger

1978 - Bye Bye Birdie
Directed and Staged by John W. Geida
Musical Direction by Shirley Novak
Choreographed by Paula Rivelli
Orchestra Conducted by Henry Corin
Art Design by JoAnna Wagoner
Set Contruction by Tony Rivelli
The Cast in order of appearance:
Albert Peterson: John Kloberdanz
Rosie Alvarex: Alice Behr
Ursula Merkle: Paula Adorno
Kim Macafee: Lisa Pasca
Mrs. Macafee: Pat Sullivan
Mr. Macafee: Bill Giovingo
Mae Peterson: Rachel Keuning
Conrad Birdie: Jeff Waunsch
Sad Girl: Katie Coleman
Hugo Peabody: Tony Angelo
Randolph Macafee: Randy Appel
Mayor: Mike Babino
Mayor's Wife: Cathy Porqueddu
Mrs. Merkle: Rose Cardali
Gloria Rasputin: Karen Lewis
Mr. Johnson: Joe Cardali
T.V. Stage Manager: Paul Mailloux
T.V. Cameraman: Craig Preiser
Ed Sullivan: Billy Cantwell
Charles F. Maude: Joe Cardali
Teenagers: Katie Coleman, Roxanna Elvir, Karen Vella, Pat Mailloux, Melanie Tanzman, Andrea Angelo, Patty Yonkasky, Judy Currie, Stacie D'Errico, Menne Magana, Eileen Shanahan, Vicki Dale, Arliene Bird, Tara Effinger, Kathy DeStefano, Arlene Hawes, Allison Kent, Theresa Hamablet, Jackie Cerna, Nancy Hirsh, Felicia Janal, Celia Wiesenfeld, Nancy Cortes, Debbie Cooper
Reporters: Craig Preiser, Mary Cronin, Al Cardona, Celia Wiesenfeld, Laurie DeLorenzo
Neighbors, Shriners, Teenagers: Lori Traveglino, Nancy Cortes, Caroline Funk, Patty Zambuto, Karen Lewis, Andrew Meltzer, Steven Farmer, Paul Mailloux, Paul Morano, Jeff Currie, Randy Appel, Al Cardona, Patrick Rosenburger, Craig Preiser, Joe Cardali, Billy Cantwell

1979 - [no show due to teacher strike]

1980 - Fiddler on the Roof
Directed by William Reynolds
Musical Direction by Barbara Gibson
Choreographed by John W. Geida
Scenic Design by JoAnna Wagoner
Orchestra Conducted by Henry Corin
The Cast in order of appearance:
Tevye: Tony Minella
Golde: Melanie Tanzman
Tzeitel: Roxana Elvir
Hodel: Dorianne Kennedy
Chava: Katie Coleman
Shprintze: Tina Auletta
Bielke: Lynn Taub
Yente: Felicia Janal
Motel: Randy Appel
Perchik: Steve Farmer
Lazar Wolf: Lenny Weinstein
Mordcha: Marc Waldman
The Rabbi: Michael DiTomasso
Mendel: Michael Rabinowitz
Avraham: Matt McAteer
Nachum: Kenny Reiher
Grandma Tzeitel: Patty Zambuto
Fruma-Sarah: Jane Donnelly
Constable: John Schmidt
Fyedka: Brian Fowler
Shandel: Jane Ray
The Fiddler: Allison Harrop
The Russians: William Elliot, Brian Fowler, Patrick Rosenberger, Randy Appel
The Villagers: Patty Yonkasky, Gary Waszcyzak, Kenny Reiher, Patrick Rosenberger, Jane Ray, Pat Kanaby, Mark Keller, Billy Gorman, Nancy Finkelstien, Ellen Essig, Ann Dyer, Jeff Cohen, Liz Clever, Jane Cleever, Jill Ciccone

1981 - Carousel
Directed by William Reynolds
Conducted and Produced by Henry Corin
Musical Direction by Shirley Novak
Scenic Design by Joanna Wagoner
Choreographed by Deborah Sablich
Cast in order of appearance
Carrie Pipperidge: Patti Yonkasky
Julie Jordan: Dorianne Kennedy
Mrs. Mullin: Felicia Janal
Billy Bigelow: Steve Farmer
David Bascombe: Randy Appel
Policeman: Marc Waldman
Nettie Fowler: Jane-Marie Ray
Enock Snow: William Elliott
Jigger Craigin: Mike Rabinowitz
Arminy: Krissy Spradlin
Captain: Michael DiTomasso
Heavenly Friend: Brian Fowler
Starkeeper: Andrew Kloberdanz
Louise: Tina Auletta
Enoch Snow Jr.: Patrick Rosenberger
The Hornpipe Dancers: Matt McAteer, Randy Appel
The Players: Amy Best, Colleen Foley, Kathleen Hancock, Christopher Hansen, Jeff Hansen, Kristine Hansen, Allison Harrop, Teresa Hartman, Dawna LoPiccolo, Kathleen McAteer, Annemarie Nestor, Kathleen O'Brien, Ward ODoherity, Kathleen Pfeifer, Kenneth Reiher, Audrey Rogers, Kim Turello, Samantha Yonkasky, Susan Kennedy

1982 - Oliver! - March 11, 12, 13, 1982
Old Sally: Dawna LoPiccolo
Pauper Assistant: Eileen Coffey
Mr. Bumble: William Elliot
Mrs. Corney: Krissy Spradlin
Oliver: Tommy Murphy
Mr. Sowerberry: Steve Farmer
Mrs. Sowerberry: Allison Harrop
Charlotte: Mary Barsauskas
Noah Claypole: Michael Willoughby
Artful Dodger: Mathew McAteer
Fagin: Michael Rabinowitz
Nancy: Patricia Yonkasky
Bet: Kristen Hansen
Bill Sykes: Andy Kloberdanz
A Barmaid: Dawna LoPiccolo
Mrs. Bedwin: Edythe Hancock
Mr. Brownlow: Gregg C Bucken-Knapp
DR Grimwig: Michael DiTomasso
Milkmaid: Tracy Bongiardino
Strawberry Seller: Denine Bongiardino
Rose Seller: Kathleen Hancock
Long Song Seller: Stephen Wroblewski
Green Grocer: Patrick Rosenberger
London People: Keith Hurd, Emil Coccaro, Jenifer Willman, Joe DiSalvo
Workhouse Boys and Fagin's Gang: Robert Menella, Steven Coffey, Steven Cohen, Greg Duffy, Lance Frank, Larry Gurr, Robert Hancock, Tom Hancock, Jeff Hansen, Kris LaMorte, Bryan Panzica, Tommy Vesque

1983 - Pippin - March 11, 12, 18, 19, 1983
Leading Player: Jeff Hansen
Pippin: Ray Hutchison
Charlemagne: Gregg C Bucken-Knapp
Lewis: Mitchell Weinstein
"Glory" Dancers: Mary Barsauskas and Ramona Toussaint
Fastrada: Lori M Klein (friday nights); Mary Barsauskas (saturday nights)
The Head: Debbie Hutchinson
Berthe: Kathy Hancock (friday nights); Allison Kent (saturday nights)
Beggar: Alex That
Peasant: Debbie Hutchinson
Noble: Kerry Healy
Soldier: Tracy Bongiardino
Field Marshall: Ramona Toussaint
Catherine: Suzanne F Lopez (friday nights); Krissy Spradlin (satuday nights)
Theo: Michael Ruckdaschel (friday nights); Kris LaMorte (saturday nights)
"Bolero" Dancers: Alex That and Ramona Toussaint
Understudy Pippin: Ward O'Doherty
Understudy Charlemagne: Brian Slattery
Players: Cathy Addotta, Mary Barsauskas, Denine Bongiardino, Tracy Bongiardino, Eileen Coffey, Jeanann Cramer, Chritina Diaz, Edythe Hancock, Kathy Hancock, Kerry Healy, Debbie Hutchinson, Jo-Jeanna Ingraham, Kelley Jaeger, Allison Kent, Lori M Klein, Kris LaMorte, Suzanne F Lopez, Chris Nickerson, Ward O'Doherty, Debbie Randall, Mike Ruckdaschel, Brian Slattery, Kristina Steinlein, Alex That, Ramona Toussaint.

1984 - Brigadoon
Lisa Osborne as Fiona MacLaren
Ray Gaspari as Tommy Albright
Jimmy Mills as Jeff Douglas
Timmy Dodd as Archie Beaton
Mitchel Weinstein as Mr. Lundy
Ray Hutchinson as Harry Beaten
Ward O'doherty as Andrew MacLaren
Diana Backer as Jean MacLaren
Alice LoGiudice as Meg Brockie
Walter Reese as Charlie Dalrymple
Seth Pasternack as Angus MacGuffie
Mary Barsuaskas, Ramona Toussaint, Jeff Hansen, Sean Wingerter, Patti Greenidge, Eileen Coffey, Chris Commisso. Shris Doherty, Riki Edvansky, Sue Failla, Patti Greenidge, Jeff Hansen, Anne Healy, Kerri Healy, Rich Horan, Debbie Hutchinson, Mark Kent, Fred McGarland, Patrick McLehose, Stacy McMinn, Dawn Midnet, Diane Nardolillo, Chris Nickerson, Tim Perfetti, Laura Pritchard, Debbie Randall, Jeff Schmid, Scott Smith
Orchestra and Crew...
directed by Nina Pfeffer
conducted and produced by Henry Corin
production designed by George Dunbar
choreography by Randy Paul Appel
asst. choreographer Mathew Mcateer
costumes Dorothy Dolan
sound by Daniel E. Giordano
Lighting by Michael Dwyer
Promo director Ward O'Doherty

1985 - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Chris Doherty as Joseph
Christina Commisso, George DelGiorno, Patti Greenidge, Jeff Hansen, Alice LoGuidice, Diane Nardolillo, Tim Perfetti, Christine Smith, Ramona Toussaint, and Sean Wingerter as the Brothers
Timothy Dodd as Jacob and Potiphar
Ray Hutchison as Pharoah
Sue Faila, Jeff Schmid, Randi Wexler, Lisa Osborne, Dawn Midnet, Gail Severinsen, Fred McFarland, Mary Barsuaskas, and Diana Backer as the Narrators
Dawn Midnet as Potiphar's Wife
Gail Severinsen as the Violinist
Directed and Staged by Nina Pfeffer and Randy Appel

1986 - Oklahoma!
Jenny O'Toole & Randi Wexler as Aunt Eller
Ray Hutchison as Curly
Ramona Toussaint as Laurie
Mike Fierstein as Ike Skidmore
Ken Taylor as Fred
Tom Hancock as Slim, Carnes and Cord Elam
Jeff Hanson as Will Parker
Vinny Giordano as Jud Fry
Mary Barsuaskas & Sybil Saurell as Ado Annie
Fred McFarland as Ali Hakim
Sybil Saurell as Gertie Cummings
Anne Healy as Anne
Directed by Ardie Browne

1987 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Fred McFarland as Prologus and Pseudelous
Joanne Grimes, Dawn Kotschau, Debbie Randall & Jonathan Schwartz as the Proteans
Ramona Toussaint as Philia
Jamie Freund as Hero
Chris Tweitman as Senex
Deborah Hitchinson as Domina
Paul McGrath as Hysterium
Chris Goldman & Thomas Hancock as Lycus
Connie Cavallo as Tintinnabula the Courtesan
Kerry Healy as Panacea the Courtesan
Elif Okcugil & Tina House as Geminae the Courtesans
Karen Boris as Gymnasia the Courtesan
Shannon Bell as Vibrata the Courtesan
Randi Wexler as Erronius
Vinny Giordano as Miles Gloriosus
Directed by Ardie Browne

1988 - Bye Bye Birdie ("First performance at DAHS to include our teachers TEACHERS in the cast.")
Cast (in order of appearance):
Jamie Freund as Albert Peterson
Randi Wexler as Rose Alvarez
Kristen Peck, Effe Mihelis, Dawn Kotschau, Melanie Cullen, Danielle DeSocio, Jennifer Ann Simonetti, Tara Barnes, Christine Forseth, Keri DeVito, Tina House, Edwin Forseth, Tim Hayes, Matt Levinter, Jason Jampole, Tom Williams, Saiful Kahn, and Jonathan Schwartz as the Teenagers
Joanne Grimes as Ursula Merkle
Shannon Bell as Kim MacAfee
Vera Farrino as Mrs. MacAfee
ALAN ZACKER as Mr. MacAfee
Dawn Kotschau, Kristen Peck & Hope Forseth as the Teen Trio
RONALD ZOIA as the Policeman
Danielle DeSocio as the Sad Girl
Vicky Kaparos as Another Sad Girl
Debra Krischner as Mae Peterson
DENNIS GORMAN as Reporter #1
ROBERT FRESCO as Reporter #2
THADDEUS GIBNEYas the Traveler
Jarrod Meistel as Conrad Birdie
JOHN ALLEN as the Conductor
Melissa Hunter, Kristen Peck, Melanie Cullen & Connie Cavallo as the Cheerleaders
Jonathan Schwartz as the Mayor
Lisa Fischer as the Mayor's Wife
Paul McGrath as Hugo Peabody
Thomas Hunter as Randolph MacAfee
Diane Reuter as Mrs. Merkle
JOHN ALLEN, THADDEUS GIBNEY, DENNIS GORMAN, ROBERT FRESCO, RONALD ZOIA, Cynthia Zabicki, Jennifer Lockwood, Lisa Fischer & Amy Skolnick as the Neighbors
FRANK DENNIS as Mr. Johnson
Stacey Bell as Gloria Rasputen
ALAN ZACKER as the voice of Ed Sullivan
Constantino Mihelis as the TV Stage Manager
DENNIS GORMAN as Charles F. Maude
Jonathan Schwartz, Tim Hayes, Matt Levinter, Jason Jampole, Tom Williams & Saiful Kahn as the Shriners
Directed by Ardie Browne

1989 - no show (austerity budget)

1990 - 42nd Street
Marge Wade, director
Henry Corin, producer
Cathy Fairweather, orchestra director

1991 - A Chorus Line
Mrs. Wade, director
Steve Consoli,

1992 - Pippin
Mrs. Wade, director
Pippin: Steve Consoli

1993 - Annie
Melissa Holub as Annie
Stephen Parra as Daddy Warbucks
Mrs. Wade, director

1994 - Little Shop of Horrors
Tricia Fauvell as Audrey
Peter Lopez as Seymore
Ricky Robinson as the Dentist
Julie Jennaco
Mrs. Wade, director

1995 - Once Upon a Mattress
Tricia Fauvell

1996 - Fiddler on the Roof
Damian Maffey as Tevya
Tricia Fauvell

1997 - Bells Are Ringing
Announcer / Carl / Larry Hastings: David Fisk
Mdme. Grimaldi / Michelle: Katrina Sepulveda
Sue Summers: Jennifer Dassaro
Gwynne Smith: Gina Mingoia
Ella Peterson: Katrina Heidelberger
Inspector Barnes: Paul Lenhart
Francis / Butler: William Dulude
Sandor: Brian Fitzpatrick
Jeff Moss: Patrick Forseth
Helen Green: Lisa Paternoster
Beryl: Amanda Sapio
Phyllis: Jessica Biamonte
Alice Thompson: Deana Cappuci
Donna: Barbara Botti
Jeanine: Jennie Sandler
Gail: Melissa Maltby
Mary: Colleen Rice
Louie / Night Club Singer: Jason Porembski
Telephone Man / Master of Ceremonies: Michael Roig
Ludwig Smiley / Mob Man: Rich Burtt
Charles Bessemer / Mob Man: Brett Schmitt
Dr. Kitchell: Sean Valinoti
Drug Store Clerk: Rebecca Hauschild
Blake Barton: John Nigro
Olga: Jodi Tucker
Carol: Laura DeCarlo
Linda: Melissa Robinson
Julianne: Christina Ferrari
Maid: Nicole Koveos
Pamela Arnold: Lauren Maniscalco
Marcia: Nikole Florio
Bartender: Marisa Mulqueen

1998 - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
David Fisk as Charlie Brown
Rich Burtt as Linus
Rachel Occhiogrosso as Lucy
Bill Delude as Shroeder
Katie Heidelberger as Snoopy
Colleen Rice as Violet
Cassie Pinner as Peggy Jean
Laura Decarlo as Emily
Kristi Perkins as Frieda
Jodi Tucker as Lydia
Jen Dassaro as Sally Brown
Christina Ferrari as Poochie
Jessica Biamonte as Loretta
Stephanie Power as Peppermint Patty
Barbara Botti as Marcie
James Doyle as Floyd
Leona Stenzler as Joe Richkid
Michael Ditrich as Franklin
Brett Schmitt as Pig Pen
Andrea Vidal as Larry
Francesco Pipitone as Roy
Lisa Cappello as Royanne
Jessica Beattie as Truffles
directed by Marjorie Wade

1999 - Sweet Charity
Barbara Botti as Sweet Charity
Paul Beswick as Oscar
Christina Ferrari as Nikki
Melanie Neal as Helen
Laura Decarlo as Ursula
Brett Schmitt as Vitorio Vidal
directed by Marjorie Wade

2000 - Mame - Thursday-Saturday, March 23-25, 2000
Stephanie Power in the title role
Barbara Botti as Vera
Sean Power as grown Patrick
Laura DeCarlo as Agnes Gooch
Directed by Marjorie Wade
Produced by Henry Corin

2001 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Thursday-Saturday, March 22-24, 2001, at 8:00pm
Cast (in order of appearance):
Pseudolus/Prologus: Michael Tricarico
Senex/Prologus: Michael Pariti
Domina: Lisa Cappello
Hero: Paul Beswick
Hysterium: James Doyle
Lycus: Greg Nelson
Eunuchs: Travis Chisholm, Lenny Gomez
Tintinabula: Michelle Mingoia
Panacea: Melanie Neal
The Geminae: Michelle Bontempi, Jessica Beattie
Vibrata: Donata Ferrari
Gymnasia: Kathryn Wieckhorst
Courtesans: Ashley McLaughlin, Morgan Ramirez, Jaime Silverman
Philia: Stephanie Power
Erronius: Jose Aquino
Soldiers: Jason Biever, Matt McGregor, Bryan Nelson, Tom White
Miles Gloriosus: Sean Power
Citizens: Andres Arrendondo, Laurie Fitzpatrick, Lenny Gomez, Danielle Occhiogrosso, Kristi Perkins, Emily Picarello, Jennifer Stephens
Director: Mrs. Wade
Assistant Director: Tara Boneillo
Orchestra Conductor: Mr. Corin

2002 - Footloose

2003 - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 27, 28, 29, 2003 at 8pm
Tickets $6 ($5 for senior citizens)

[] Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
Narrators: Courtney Schmaeling, Kristen Caserta
Joseph: Jonathan Bender
Jacob: Richard Gonzalez
Reuben: Daniel McBride
Simeon: Michael Schlapp
Levi: Nicholas White
Napthali: Andrew Barlow
Issachar: Justin Vegh
Asher: Keith Jones
Dan: Ryan Carley
Zebulun: Lianne DeCarlo
Gad: Laura Angyal
Judah: Marco Luciano
Benjamin: Jessica Hudes
Reuben's Wife: Allison Venckus
Simeon's Wife: Kelly Sickler
Levi's Wife: Ashley McLaughlin
Napthali's Wife: Amy McDougal
Issachar's Wife: Jennifer Spoto
Asher's Wife: Nicole Aznaran
Dan's Wife: Kristen DeSantis
Zebulun's Wife: Jeannie Grier
Gad's Wife: Alyssa Dorka
Judah's Wife: Rachel Smucker
Benjamin's Wife: Steffan Switzer
Potiphar: Kevin Viola
Mrs. Potiphar: Samantha Smith
Potiphar's Guards: Vanesa Angel, Siobhan Delgado
Butler: Nicole Huebner
Baker: Sheryl Silvers
Pharoah: Alexander DiDio
Pharoah's Guards: Ashley Anderson, Meghan Murphy
[] Understudies
Narrators: Allison Venckus
Joseph: Alexander DiDio
Jacob/Potiphar: Keith Jones
Reuben/Simeon/Judah: Nicholas White
Pharoah: Lianne DeCarlo
[] Orchestra:
Conductor: Henry Corin
Flute, Piccolo: Alison Nistal
Clarinet: Ulysses Colon, Amanda Kingdon
Bass Clarinet: Stephen Greco
Trumpet: Christopher Damm
French Horn: Michael Zadik
Guitar: Frank Harris
Drums: Mark Carman
Percussion: William Jahn
Bass: Kyle Sabo
Piano: Eng-tze Pan
Keyboard: Peter Albertelli
[] Behind the Scenes
Director: Marjorie Wade
Assistant Director: Tara McGrath
Producers: Henry Corin, Marjorie Wade
Choreographers: Ricci Adan, Alice LoGuidice
Sound: Nelson Vetter
Sound Crew: Sarah Johns
Lighting: Nelson Vetter

2004 - Grease
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 25, 25, 27, 2004

2005 - Anything Goes
Thursday, March 10, 2005; Saturday, March 12, 2005

2006 -

2007 - Les Misérables
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, April 19, 20, 21, 2007


2025 - Cats

2030 - The Producers

2035 - Rocky Horror

2040 - Star Wars (parts 1-9)

(Many years, due to an abundance of talent, there were often two complete casts, divided among the nights.)

Sorry about all the ???'s, lack of year information and other errors. We're posting our best information and, for now, this is what we've got.
(Maybe someone in the DAHS music department has a more complete list.)

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