Yearbook Volume 1

entries from 1997.10.06 through 1998.12.31

Trina Cattler (now Wallace) - 1975 - - Jefferson, Maine - 1997.10.06
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Favorite DAHS memories: The plays, of course.
Looking for: Wendy Silverstein (Class of 1974) [found] and Rochelle Strom (Class of 1974)... does anyone know where these ladies are?

Grace Webb Brady - 1970 - - 1997.10.07
Looking for: I would love to know where several people like Gail Abernathy, Nancy Bonauito, Alex Derosa, Wayne Arnold went.
Comments: I would love to hear from any who graduated from DAHS. So many fond memories from Levittown. I live in Florida now but keep in touch with many friends from the past. Please email. I would love to hear from you.

Sara Greco (Bock) - 1964 - - Fredericksburg, VA - 1997.10.10
Favorite DAHS memories: Bowling with Mr. Dapolito
Comments: Would love to hear from fellow classmates.

Barbara (Ganz) Magruder - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Southern California - 1997.10.11
Favorite DAHS memories: Everything
Looking for: Harry Everett, Rich Purdy, Caryn Robinson, Pat Humphrey

Thomas M Ward - 1977 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Fort Worth, Texas - 1997.10.12 (new e-mail 2000.02.06)
Favorite DAHS memories: graduation day
Comments: I enjoy searching the world wide web. I miss all my friends and family in Levittown. I don't miss that New York winter weather.

Brett Levy - 1979 (moved) - (bad e-mail 1999.08) - Coral Springs, Florida - 1997.10.15
Comments: I never went to Division as I moved to Island Trees in HS, but many of my old classmates did, and they're from the Class of 1979. I went to Wisdom Lane Elementary and Junior High, and I lived on Gun Lane and Loring Road. Drop me a line if you remember me

Ronnie McDonough-Warren - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) / - Lusby, Md (where's that?) - 1997.10.23
Favorite DAHS memories: Canteen with Mr. Greco and daydreaming out the window of 9th grade English class.
Comments: Guess I'm the last one in the world to get a computer. Married Mike Warren from Levittown Memorial High in 1970 - still married - two kids (haha) both are grown up and much taller than me! Would love to hear from anybody in the class of 1967, 1968.

Lisa Marie Osborne (now Lisa M. Bondrew) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Pocono Mountains, PA - 1997.10.28 (new e-mail 2000.05.22)
Favorite DAHS memories: Choir, theatre, 'Brigadoon' Ruthie, both Kathys, Donna,
Mr Lucke, Mrs. Loonan, Mrs. Phef
Comments: I'm married (6 years now, wow) 2 beautiful children a boy and a girl (yeah, I don't have to go through it anymore. [Pregnancy that is]) I have lived in the mountains for 5 years and terribly miss Levittown. Would love to hear from old friends.

Richard Guinan - 1956 (LMHS) - - Texas - 1997.10.29
Favorite DAHS memories: Ffriday night basketball
Comments: In 1951 I attended 7th grade in Division Avenue (Junior High). Thoroughly enjoyed my three years there. Spent many hours in the library after school (they called it detention then). The bandbox gym literally shook on Friday nites for the basketball team (the D A Panthers). Didn't get to play there. Freshmen were banished to Summit Lane.

Rich Humbert - 1960 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Venice, CA - 1997.11.02
Favorite DAHS memories: Wrestling practice

Florence Gerner - 1974 - - Florida - 1997.11.03 (new e-mail 2003.09.09)
Comments: If anyone knows where Gary Cicio is, or what he is up to, please email me. I would really appreciate it.
Anyone else want to say Hi, I would love to hear from you. Is there going to be a 25-year reunion for the class of 1974?

Ray Castagnaro - 1974 - / - Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas - 1997.11.04 (new e-mail 2002.09)
my website: ;
I was the first one in the Class of 1974 to have "long" hair (8th grade, day 1, hair an inch over ears!) and the first to cut it short later (11th grade: GI haircut.) There are still people who think I was two different people! Has anyone heard from Gloria Hans?

Jane Debbins (now Jane Stein) - 1967 - - Pacifica, CA - 1997.11.08 (new e-mail 2004.04.05)
Favorite DAHS memories: Smoking in the girls' room!
Comments: I think this is wonderful! I've been in contact with five people that I graduated with and in turn have heard about others. ClassMates has also been a great help. Thank you for creating this page.
P.S., I quit smoking!

Richard Campo - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Sunrise, FL - 1997.11.08 (new e-mail 1998.11.24)
Comments: It was great to find the DAHS website on the Internet. Reading through all the pages brought back some good memories.

Ralph Boettger - 1973 - - Ithaca, NY - 1997.11.05 (new e-mail 2001.10.29)
Favorite DAHS memories: Football & Debby
Comments: I loved growing up in Levittown and had some great times. My daughter (15) is jealous of what we had in our town... how unique it was. I am a Physical Education teacher at Ithaca High School and have been so for 11 years... Ralph; Grace. My sister is Jamie Boettger Cole.

John Weissman - 1966 - - Blue Point, NY - 1997.11.15
Favorite DAHS memories: Yes
Comments: Surfing at the bird sanctuary and Gilgo. Skateboarding at Goodyear and hanging out at Burger and Shake. Walking the streets with a bunch of guys on friday nites. Going to dances at Division, Memorial, MacArthur, the Presbyterian church, and Saint Bernard's. Perry Mancusi, Alan Henderson, Tommy LaPaglia, the Stavin Brothers. Al Policano, Richie Galeota, Bobby Villatore, Johnny Gilroy. Those were the days. Levittown was the best.

Arnie Rubenstein - (almost 1966) - - California - 1997.11.17
Comments: Would enjoy hearing from any classmates.

Diane Pajunen-Levin - 1965 - - Greece, NY - 1997.11.18 (new e-mail 2000.11.18)
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Wright's English class
Comments: What a great idea! Hope to hear from other class of 1965 grads. I'm a School Nurse in Greece, NY and love it. I married Marty Levin class of 1965 Levittown Memorial. We've been married 27 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. Wish we could have been there this summer, unfortunately we knew nothing about the reunion until we found this web site!!! Diane

Wendy Max (now Tabet) - 1968 - - Belen, New Mexico - 1997.11.19
Favorite DAHS memories: Waiting for Mr. Levy's baby to be born; lunch; gym classes
Comments: Fond memories of DAHS (funny what 30 years will do!) Left NY for New Mexico in 1975, haven't been back since a 1978 visit. Love it here, but feeling very nostalgic lately. Wondering what all my classmates are up to, what Levittown is like now, etc. Thanks to the wonderful Internet, I have re-connected with several classmates. Would love to attend any possible reunion next year (1998.) Would love to hear from any former 1968 Dragons!

Caryn Robinson (Weinstein) - - Island Park, NY - 1997.11.20
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Levy
Comments: I've just recently gone online, and I'm looking for anyone who graduated with me. It's wonderful connecting with old friends and old memories. Please drop me a note anytime.

Ina Berg - 1977 - - Hyde Park, NY - 1997.11.23 (new e-mail 1999.09.20)
Comments: I would like to hear from people who remember me, since I did not get the chance to go to the reunion.

RoAnne Debbins - 1975 - - Long Beach, NY - 1997.11.25 (new e-mail 2001.04.12)
Favorite DAHS memories: Graduating!! & Mr Levy

Burt Chabot - 1971 - or - San Diego - 1997.11.30
Favorite DAHS memories: PDP-8/L our supercomputer
Comments: Great Idea! Don't drive like my brother.

What is a PDP-8/L?

PDP-8 Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8

Barnet Silver - 1966 - Hastings-on-Hudson, NY - 1997.12.02 -
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Pivnick (???)
Comments: When drifting in cyberspace, remember: You Are Not Alone.

Lois Rosen (Pasternak) - 1966 - - Coral Springs, FL - 1997.12.10
Favorite DAHS memories: North Green
Comments: We'll be back in touch soon. This is a great idea.

Avrum J. Rosen - 1972 - - Huntington, NY - 1997.12.10
Favorite DAHS memories: I plead the 5th.
Comments: We all just missed our 25th reunion. Why not do it late? I am in touch with a lot of people but some of us seem to have vanished. If you graduated in 1972, where are you?

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 1997.12.11
Favorite DAHS memories: Friends
Comments: It was a wonderful six years and it would be great to hear from old friends. I am in touch with Malcom Karman, Rich Humbert and Ira Selsky via e-mail. All of us live in California. Memories, I could write a book. The sports, dances, hanging out at the Village Green (see Billy Joel), the stuff of dreams. I look forward to your e-mail... Frank

Patricia Kelly (now Masone) - 1973
& Judson Masone - 1973 - - Nowhere else but Levittown - 1997.12.12 (new e-mail 2000.06.03)
Favorite DAHS memories: Laughing with good friends
Comments: Living in Levittown and still loving it!!

Geoff Tripp - 1968 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - 1997.12.13
Favorite DAHS memories: The pretty girls
Comments: Moved south since graduation (Rock Lane). Even though I have stayed in town, the class can't seem to find me for reunions. Is that a hint?

Shannon Kelly - 1996 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - 1997.12.15
Favorite DAHS memories: scavenger hunt

Tom Mattera - 1970 - Oswego, Illinois - 1997.12.18 - - 2007.09.09
Comments: It was good to find Levittown on the net. There are so many memories. It's amazing how quickly time passes. Would love to here from anyone who remembers me. Thanks for putting this page together.

Dennis Keller - 1968 - - Arlington, MA - 1997.12.19
Favorite DAHS memories: Same as Geoff's!
Comments: It all seems so long ago... December 1963, newly arrived from the midwest (Illinois)... 8th grade English with Mr Kelleher... "Where is your homework?"... I reply "I plum forgot it!"... as 40 kids and a teacher roar with laughter it hits me that I am in NEW YORK, and things would never be the same.

C J Slattery - 1984 - Oahu, Hawaii - 1997.12.23 - - Levittown, NY - 2002.02.23
Favorite DAHS memories: The 1980-1984 Stanley Cup Champion NY Islanders and their parades!!!
Comments: 9th grade math was my worst subject. Algebra with Mr. Simes was a nightmare. Paul Mendolia and I were best friends during this time. Tony Hernandez and I fought each other a million times and to this day I don't know why. Hanging out with Mike, and Ric Robinson, Paul, and some others in what was a simpler, more pleasueable age. I miss the comraderie and the adventure of being 13-18 growing up in Levittown.

Janice Davis Bensink - 1970 - (lost e-mail) - Pella, Iowa - 1997.12.24
Favorite DAHS memories: Miss Gold's gym classes
Comments: I always thought I'd end up back in NY after college. Guess I never made it!!

Rick Davis - 1968 - - Englewood, NJ - 1997.12.24
Favorite DAHS memories: Getting out

Pam Davis Dameron - 1963 - Chester, VA - 1997.12.24
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. East's band classes
Comments: Any Divisionites in Virginia? Where is Pamela Arthur Marie Davis? [found]

Rich Doran RN - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2003.05.04) - Rolla, Mo. - 1997.12.28
Favorite DAHS memories: not attending class

Susan Morace - 1984 - - California - 1997.12.28 (new e-mail 1999.07.06)
Favorite DAHS memories: friends

Dave Morace - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Southern California - 1997.12.31
Comments: I graduated from Division Ave. H.S. in 1987. I see that there are unfortunately there are, as of yet, no other class of 1987 graduates on your page. I would be honored to be the first entry for 1987. My sister also graduated from DAHS. She is already on your list (class of 1984). I think this page is a great idea. My sister and I are both living in California now and do not see any of the people that we graduated with. So to read a page about our old high school, and see a list of some of our fellow classmates who have visited her was really neat! My reunion should have been sometime this past year. I never heard from anyone about it, but being 3,000 miles away I don't think I would have been able to make it anyway.

Rochelle Goldberg Aresca - 1975 - - Valencia, California - 1998.01.02
Favorite DAHS memories: my friends
Comments: Trina: Thank you for a terrific website!

Allen Cheifetz - - Miami Beach, FL - 1998.01.02 (new e-mail 2000.08.01)
Favorite DAHS memories: Graduating!
Comments: Certainly would like to hear from old Levittown friends and see what people are up to. I did attend the 20th class reunion in 1996 and had a great time catching up with long lost friends and seeing what people were up to.

Donna Ferrari (now Donna Davis) - 1970 - - Sunrise, Florida - 1998.01.06 (new e-mail 2000.04.20)
Favorite DAHS memories: Going to Jones Beach
Comments: I want to know when the next reunion will be so I can see some of you!!! I'm glad I came across this!!!

Pam (Castagnaro) Kulin - 1972 - - Highlands Ranch, Colorado - 1998.01.09
Comments: I have so many great memories of Division... What happened to class of 1972's 25th reunion??? Would love to see so many people from the class of 1972 and also had so many good friends from class of 1971! LOVE it out here in Colorado, but i do come back to vis t at least once a year. Please E-mail me if you would like to reconnect! Let me know of any reunions.

John Englert - 1968 - - San Francisco - 1998.01.10
Comments: If you don't remember me, it's probably because I slept through most of high school. Refer to page 83 of the yearbook.

James Wood - 1988 (moved 1987) - - Roanoke, Virginia - 1998.01.15 (new e-mail 2000.04.14)
my webpage:
Favorite DAHS memories: Frau Shoemaker's German class
Comments: Although I missed graduating from DAHS due to the fact I moved to Roanoke in April 1987. I still consider myself a Dragon. I regret having lost contact with so many of the friends I grew up with. I would love to hear from any of my fellow classmates. I am planning to be on the Island the week of June 15, 1998. Watch out, NY!

Ira Cheifetz - 1966 - - Princeton Junction, NJ - 1998.01.15
Comments: great idea... looking forward to reconnecting

Tom LaPaglia - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - W.P.B., Fl. - 1998.01.16
Favorite DAHS memories: all memories are good
Comments: Besides trying to find my fellow classmates... I would like to find or wonder what happened to some of the underclassmates.

Joseph Romano - 1989 - - Levittown - 1998.01.18 - Farmingdale, NY - (new e-mail 2003.03.06)
my webpage:
Favorite DAHS memories: Being editor of "The Flame", being named Oustanding Member of the Band in 1988.
Comments: Currently Director of Bands for "the enemy", General Douglas MacArthur High School.

Mia Ayala - 1975 - Blue Springs, Mo. - 1998.01.20 - Independence, Mo. - 2000.02.22 - - Oak Grove, Mo - 2005.06.15
Favorite DAHS memories: Home Economics class; winning badminton award for best player
Comments: I made it to the 1995 reunion great to see everyone. It's boring here in Mo. but living is much cheaper here. I had good h.s. memories. see ya. mia

Alice Laban-Baker - 1978 - - 1998.01.20 - between Washington D.C. and Baltimore (new e-mail 1999.11.08)
Favorite DAHS memories: Great Friends

Bradley Clark - 1966 - Palmyra, New Jersey - 1998.01.23 - - 2002.01.31
Favorite DAHS memories: Basketball for Lou Campanelli
Comments: Married Maryke Deryke (also class of 1966) 30 years ago, still kicking... As our 30th class reunion has passed (without any fanfare), I would be interested in a multi-year reunion. I noticed several names from my brother Merrill's era (class of 1962), as well as my sister Wendy's era (I think she graduated in 1971).

Madeline Pateracki (now Madeline Becker) - 1964 - - Sacramento, CA - 1998.01.23 (update 2000.06.06)
Favorite DAHS memories: Saturday football games
Comments: Those were the days, as Billy Joel sang, at the VILLAGE GREEN. Ellen McCarthy Volkammer (class of 1963) located me two or so years ago while I was living in Florida (was on the "missing list") re: possible reunion. However, I married a California and am now living outside San Francisco. If you know of Ellen (very active in reunions), please give her my e-mail address. Thank you so much.

Ronnie Wackstein - 1978 - - Amityville, NY - 1998.01.24
Favorite DAHS memories: Good Friends

Louise Nicolosi Hayn - 1960 - - Wappingers Falls, NY - 1998.01.25
Favorite DAHS memories: dances, sports, friendships made.
Comments: Last reunion attended was 1980. What's happened since then? Would love e-mail from anyone who knew me.

Daniel Krug - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Upstate New York - 1998.01.27
Favorite DAHS memories: Out to lunch with Marc, Fat Sax and Fitz!!

Chris Hall - 1991 - Penn State University - 1998.01.29 - outside Hartford, CT - (update 2001.05.20)
my webpage:
Favorite DAHS memories: "Relapse!"
Comments: Hello!

Christine Worsthorn - 1973 - - Long Island - 1998.01.30
Favorite DAHS memories: Oliver, Mame - Climbing into Ferrera's window after ditching Miss Garlick's gym class.
Comments: Trina, I remember you! We stood next to each other in Madrigals and Chorus (I couldn't hit those notes now if you held a gun to my head).

Mark Rotker / "Pence" - - Lake Worth, Florida - 1998.02.07
Favorite DAHS memories: hangin' with the guys and teamates...

Louise Nicolosi (Hayn) - 1960 - - Wappingers Falls, NY - 1998.02.08
Favorite DAHS memories: all of them, especially being a teenager!!!
Comments: This is just an update re: my e-mail address. My teenage daughter (13) decided we should each have our own e-mail address. I'd love to hear from my fellow classmates. I'm trying to locate my yearbook so I can write something witty to each of you that I knew. Talk to you all soon!

Rich Siefert / Bud Siefert- 1978 - - Oxford, NY - 1998.02.14 (new e-mail 2000.07.15)
Favorite DAHS memories: Good Friends

Mitch Lilien - 1968 - - Merrick, NY - 1998.03.22 (new e-mail 1999.08.19)
Favorite DAHS memories: Billy Hammer, Billy Fey

Brian Kennan - 1968 - - Boston, Massachusetts - 1998.03.22 (new e-mail 2000.04.15)
Favorite DAHS memories: All memories are good
Comments: Would like to hear from other classmates.

Scott Arnopol - 1968 - - Washington, DC - 1998.03.23
Favorite DAHS memories: some great educators we had
Comments: Congratulations to all our classmates who have survived this perilous journey called life.

Corinne Healey - 1993 - - Montgomery, AL - 1998.03.25
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Gallagher's Class

John Kennan - 1973 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Midland, MI - 1998.03.25
Favorite DAHS memories: Wow, I forgot how long ago that was. I still recall great teachers like Nolan, Sobanski, Strasser and Stillwaggon to name a few, as well as some close friends.
Comments: Great web site!!

Ody Svolos - 1992 - - Still in Levittown - 1998.03.25
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Wiezcerzak falling down during social studies

Dewain Lanfear - 1960 - - Georgia - 1998.03.28 (updated 1999.11.15)
also English, 1965?-1980 at Division
Favorite DAHS memories: my friends
Comments: I'd love to hear from classmates or former students. No place but DAHS has felt like home.

Stephanie Nofi - 1997 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - C.W. Post/L.I.U - 1998.04.01 (new e-mail 2000.06.28)
Favorite DAHS memories: just the fun high school times
Comments: I'm so glad little DAHS has a big web site on www. It makes me feel proud of my school. Blue Dragons!!! Class of 1997!!!

Tom Urban - 1960 - - 1998.04.05
Favorite DAHS memories: People
Comments: It seems like yesterday! Amazing how the mind works, but as I see a name, I envision the person. I remember SOOOooo many people SOOoooo well! I think this page is an illustration of just how small our cyber world has become! Tom Urban

Kristine Kranz (now Myer) - 1984 - - Columbus, OH - 1998.04.05
(new e-mail 1999.09.01)
Favorite DAHS memories: time with friends
Comments: Was there a 10 year reunion? Will there be a 15? I actually graduated a year early, so I would love to here from any friends from the 1983-1985 graduating classes.

Elise Cole (now Bannon) - - Bedford, Texas - 1998.04.06
all my memories are good

Carol Boneillo (Budd) - - Levittown, NY - 1998.04.06
Favorite DAHS memories: Football games
Comments: Married Ken Budd from class of 1976; 2 kids, 1 in DAHS and 1 in Wisdom Lane Middle School.

Carol Bracco (now Carol Pembroke) - 1980 - - Saint James, Long Island - 1998.04.18
Favorite DAHS memories: Having an abundance of friends and many great laughs. Going to school activities and the parties afterwards was always a great time. The rivalries with the other schools were fun too.
Comments: I am looking forward to our 20th reunion. Those of you that missed the 10th missed a GREAT party. Be sure to show up this time for the upcoming 20th. It'll be here before we know it. Remember how we use to say wow we'll be back in the year 2000, well it's almost here. Make an effort to show up because it really is a good time. See you there.

Ken Ryan - 1968 - - Chatham, NJ - 1998.04.23 (new e-mail 2002.01.14)
Favorite DAHS memories: Sports, North Green, annoying some of the teachers!
Comments: The town I now live in (Chatham, NJ) holds a "Great Reunion" for the high school every ten years or so. (It was on CBS news.) They hold it over 4th of July weekend to accomodate out-of-towners and all participants march in the town's parade with their classmates. A big party is held for all of the classes. It would be a great idea for DAHS! How about the summer of 1999?

Andy Ingeman - 1963 - - Stuart, Fl. - 1998.04.24 (new e-mail 2001.02.08)
Favorite DAHS memories: Lacrosse & Friends
Comments: Married Susan Brigante (class of 1965), three great kids, been in Florida 20 years and loving it, broker with A.G. Edwards, would love to hear from old friends.

Susan Brigante (now Susan Ingeman) - 1965 - - Stuart, Fl. - 1998.04.24 (new e-mail 2000.07.24)
Favorite DAHS memories: Friends, Jones Beach
Comments: Married Andy Ingeman, class of 1963, in Oct. 1969. Moved to Florida 20 years ago. Our 3 children were born on Long Island but are all still in Fl. Erik (23) lives in Stuart, college student and lives for SURFING! Kristy (27 UCF graduate) and Jaclyn (21 UCF student) live in Orlando, FL. Love to hear from one and all! (Tom Urban, how are your brothers? Dale, Jim and Norman, am I right?) I was the skinny little girl who lived across the street.

Joe Poole - 1965 - - Charles Town, WV - 1998.04.25
Favorite DAHS memories: Too many to list
Comments: While surfin' the net, poked in "Levittown" and found my way here. This is great! I am enjoying all of the comments and names that I haven't thought about for a long time. I guess that I will have to pull out the old yearbooks. I haven't been back home in twenty years. Maybe I'll have to take a trip. My thanks to the folks facilitating this web page.

Ken Budd - 1976 - - Levittown - 1998.04.29
Favorite DAHS memories: Playing Soccer

Philip A. Cabibi - 1971 - - Belle Mead, NJ - 1998.05.02
(new e-mail 1999.12.14)
Comments: Hi! Sign me up! Also in touch with other 1971 classmates: John Stuart Salvatrice Ifasi Williams (see 1971 page) By the way... this is a great site. I've bookmarked and will check it often. Thanks! Phil

Frank Budd - 1974 - - Charleston, WV - 1998.05.06
Comments: Great web site - This will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone. I own a moving company in Charleston, WV. I sure do miss good old Levittown.

Michelle Maltby - 1997 - SUNY New Paltz - 1998.05.11 (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Levittown - (new e-mail 2001.01.29)
Favorite DAHS memories: my friends
Comments: Anyone from my graduating class, I would love to hear from you. E-mail me! :-)

Marlyn Arnopol (Appelt) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27)- Westbury, NY - 1998.05.14
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Levy's class, swimming at the village green pool after dark
Comments: Great idea! hope that more classmates from 1969 find out about this and sign in.

Dottie Boita (now Todesco) - - Beaufort, S.C. - 1998.05.16 (new e-mail 2002.10.15)
Comments: I enjoyed browsing your website. It brings back memories!! We have a daughter graduating High School this May 1998. Things sure are different.

John Castrogiovanni - - Port Jefferson, NY - 1998.06.04
Favorite DAHS memories: I miss those fun and innocent days. I was "most outstanding" in art my senior year. I miss those days that I had the time to just sit and draw and dream...

Jamie Boettger (now Cole) - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Aiken, SC - 1998.06.10
Favorite DAHS memories: Cliff Cole
Comments: Yes!! Let's have a 1999 reunion, 30-year reunion.

Cliff Cole - 1969 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Aiken, SC - 1998.06.10
Favorite DAHS memories: Jamie

Christopher Antonacci - - Penn State University - 1998.06.14
Favorite DAHS memories: the entire experience
Comments: My days of Division Avenue High School have been the greatest of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed them for what they were - a time to learn, to mature and to develop. Through it all, I feel as if I am a better person because I graduated from Division. I would like to take this time to thank all of the teachers, faculty and administrators for making me the person I am today. Although I didn't realize it at the time, I am forever in gratitude for all that they have done for me.

Bob Arthur - 1966 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Middletown, Delaware - 1998.06.17
Favorite DAHS memories: Senior Prom Weekend
Comments: This is a great idea. I can't believe it's been 32 years. Has anyone kept in touch with any of the teachers like Mr. Mezzapesa (I'm sure I didn't spell it right). Hope everyone is doing well. Maybe we could figure out a way to put together our bios for each to see.

Robert Tennant - 1963 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 1998.06.26
Favorite DAHS memories: Graduation

Bob Gushue - 1970 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Hauppauge - 1998.06.29
Favorite DAHS memories: North Green Bombers
Comments: Just stopped by to say "Hello"! Let me know if there's a Class of '70 30-year reunion.

John Hajohn - 1973 - - Columbus, OH - 1998.07.01
Favorite DAHS memories: The teachers: Ed Sobanski, Dr. Straussa, Mr. Danube, Dr. Levy, William Gross... Jones Beach...
Comments: I've been in Columbus, Ohio for twenty years now. My wife, my daughter (7 years old) and I come back to LI about once per year. My sister, Cynthia (Class of 1975), still lives in Levittown with her family - same house I grew up in. My brother, Andrew (class of 1977), resides in Copiague. This is a great web site!

Laurie Weimar (now Laurie Frazier) - would have been 1978 - (moved 1975) - - North Augusta, South Carolina - 1998.07.02 (new e-mail 2003.07.20)
Favorite DAHS memories: Hanging out with my friends - Lori Cutolo, Eva Lopez, Louann Corrao, Donna DiMartini, Frannie Panatello, Janine Shaw, Debbie Basile, Donna Brunoforte, and all the rest of the ROCKERS!! (sorry if I forgot anyone!)
Comments: This is a fantastic page! I left Levittown in 1975, but I always consider Levittown my hometown. I will always remember the fun days of hanging out at "The Green" (North Village) and the vacant lot behind the church on Wolcott Rd. Oh, how could I forget all the nights at the Skating Rink when we told our parents we were going skating, but really just hung out outside checking out the action! I am now an 8th grade English teacher and have two wonderful girls - 14 and 8. I have been married for 15 years to a great guy. But I still miss those days hanging out in Levittown. Someone look me up and let's reminisce! Send me info about 1978 reunion - really wanna make it! Long live DAHS!!

Denise Craven (Rivera) - - Aibonito, Puerto Rico - 1998.07.19
Favorite DAHS memories: The end of the day.
Comments: Haven't been back to Levittown since 1970. Lots of fond memories of friends and growing up. Am presently living in Puerto Rico with my husband. Have a daughter and two beautiful grandchildren. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Jay Hallett - 1974 - - Huntington, L.I. - 1998.07.21 (update 2004.02.01)
Favorite DAHS memories: TFC

Marsha (Ainbender) Solomon - - Cooper City, Florida - 1998.07.21
Favorite DAHS memories: Friends and great times.
Comments: Love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!

Ken Mednick - 1967 - - Canoga Park, California - 1998.07.22 (new e-mail 2000.10.29)
Favorite DAHS memories: prom, growing up
Comments: you can get an updated picture of me (if you can stand to look!) by going to:
my webpage: (Look under Inside KFWB: Staff Photos & Bios: Evening Team: Ken Jeffries (my on-air name))

Steve Clark - 1974 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - West Hempstead, NY - 1998.07.22
my website:
Favorite DAHS memories: Music Theory. Mr Mahoney. Rob Davenport. Tom Tesitore. Bill Wheadon. Charlie Winterhalter.
Comments: 1948 Division's cornerstone: [1968 My entrance:] 1998 Millenium approaches -- dragons in America

Marcy Solomon Gerson - 1974- (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) / - Levittown - 1998.07.23
Favorite DAHS memories: too many
Comments: thanks for doing this

Pete Senesi - 1975 - - Charles Town, WV - 1998.07.23 (new e-mail 1999.10.13)
Favorite DAHS memories: Senior Variety Show - The "Granny Flinch" segment.

Sindee Fink - 1995 - - 1998.07.24
Favorite DAHS memories: sittin' by myself @ graduation
Comments: no comment @ all!!!

Linda Galvin (now Brescia) - 1978 - - Levittown - 1998.07.24
Favorite DAHS memories: Coneheads - Senior Variety Show

Judy Schechter Walicki - - Florida - 1998.08.02
Favorite DAHS memories: theater productions

Marcie Greene (now Allen) - 1978 - - Farmingdale, NY - 1998.08.08
my webpage:
Favorite DAHS memories: Pinball Wizard Dance for the Senior Variety Show, The Senior Ski Trip!!! The Marriage Experiment in Integrated Studies (should have studied harder - I'm divorced!), crashing the famous football parties with Joanne Buccigrossi, Leader's Club with Nancy Plante
Comments: This website is a great idea! Reading about everyone's favorite memories is a blast... brings back many of my own that I haven't thought of in years! With the 20-year reunion coming up, this website was a great find - can't wait for the reunion! Would love to hear from my classmates! Thanks, Trina!

Rita Mannino (Utz) - - Chesapeake, VA - 1998.08.09
Favorite DAHS memories: Friday Night parties, Saturday afternoon Football Games, Snow Days
Comments: Great pages, Trina. Sure brought back a lot of memories (most of them good!!)

Larry Juliano - 1976 - - Clearwater, Florida - 1998.08.17
Favorite DAHS memories: graduating
Comments: great site... keep up the good work

Kristine Buccigrossi (Smith) - 1975 - (bad e-mail 2005.04.19) - Florida - 1998.08.26
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Miller's class
Comments: This is a great way to get in touch with friends of yore!!

Steve Tray - 1965 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Glen Head, NY - 1998.08.30
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr Reggio: "Who do I look like, Novack?"

Phil Rubin - would have been 1971- (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - 1998.08.31
my website: (gone)
- President of Tritone Interactive in Manhattan
Favorite DAHS memories: A deaf math teacher
Comments: I grew up in Levittown (two houses from Ron Chabot) but moved in 8th Grade after 1 year at DAHS.

Martin Dulfon - 1975 - - Saint George, Utah - 1998.09.08
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. T

Gary Morse - 1963 (almost) - Annapolis, Maryland - 1998.09.11 - Houston, Texas - 1998.09.11 (new e-mail 2000.06.29)
Favorite DAHS memories: Friends and Baseball
Comments: What a wonderful time that was in the early 1960s. So many friends and great memories. Say hello if you remember me.

Lydia Foy (Doerflein) - - Rockville Centre - 1998.09.17
Favorite DAHS memories: Majorette Pep Rallies
Comments: I'd like to hear from all classmates that remember me.

Andrea Judson (now Ferrara)- 1988 - - Levittown - 1998.09.29 (updated 2000.05.18)
Favorite DAHS memories: Laughing at Mr.Tier
Comments: Looking forward to our 10th reunion on October 9th... hope everyone goes!

Diane Grater (Stauss) - - San Bernardino, CA - 1998.09.29
Favorite DAHS memories: Friday night basketball games, and going to Fiesta!
Comments: I was really surprised to find this website for DAHS. I have enjoyed reading all the comments. Sure has brought back a lot of memories of school and Levittown. HI EVERYONE!!!

Jeanette D'Hondt (now Weingart) - 1979 - - Still living in Levittown - 1998.10.08
Favorite DAHS memories: My senior year.

Joni Borgatta Webster - - Austin, TX - 1998.10.13
- 13102 Lamplight Village Ave, Austin, TX 78727
my webpage:
Favorite DAHS memories: Cutting out of algebra class. And biology (sorry, Mr. Danhieux).
Comments: Looking forward to seeing all at our 25th next year. Are there plans yet? Let's make some!

Jack Jacobsen - 1962 - - Millersville, Maryland - 1998.10.15
Favorite DAHS memories: Everything... school was my audience!

Susan Volkomer Peterson - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Milford, Delaware - 1998.10.21
Comments: Hello to EVERYONE!! Enjoy seeing were people have moved to. Miss LEVITTOWN. Know matter where I've lived over the years, there's no place like LEVITTOWN.

Midge Bollinger Finck - - Levittown - 1998.10.22
Favorite DAHS memories: football games, parties, going to caruso's after basketball games. just being with friends at the north village green.
Comments: as I said, i'm glad to see the names of the people who already signed on. we are planning a 40th reunion, so all please 1960 people keep in touch and send names.

Kyle P.K. Sabo - - Levittown - 1998.10.25 (new e-mail 2000.11.16)
Favorite DAHS memories: Faculty parking permit (Sorry Fred), Hrach, Henry Corin, Mola's sign, my trees, Homecomings, Gym football, the 1998 Ireland Trip
Comments: As the first member of my class, 1998, to sign this on-line yearbook, I have to take a moment to let all of you "older folks" know what's going on at 120 Division Ave. As some of you may know, Division is experiencing a Renaissance. Our test scores are up drastically, our extra-curriculars are expanding monthly, and our sports teams are, of course, still fighting with the endless Division spirit steeped in tradition. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, MacArthur. An unprecedented number of students from our class are pursuing careers in education, which says a lot for the quality of teachers at Division. I can say, on behalf of everyone else, that no matter how much trouble we may have caused, we have great memories of our high school. As recent Alumni Chairman, I would really love to see a millenium celebration, surrounding the fortieth reunion of my mother's class (Kathleen O'Brien-Sabo), the first class, 1960. I look forward to hearing from a lot of you!

John Wallace - 1973 - - Albany, GA - 1998.10.25 (new e-mail 2002.08.03)
Favorite DAHS memories: 7th grade, 1st day looking for my homeroom next to the pool in the basement, courtesy of an upperclassman. Lesson learned, trust no one.
Comments: Trina, Great job on this page. Brought back a lot of memories. When you watch "Wonder Years", don't you feel like you grew up with Kevin, Paul and Winnie. Looking back it seems you couldn't have invented a better place to grow up. It had it all. Like to hear from any of my classmates from Pintail, Northside or Division Avenue Reform School.

Mary Ellen Winterhalter (now Mary Ellen Gomrad) - 1965 - Orlando, Florida - 1998.10.27 - - Winter Springs, FL - 2003.10.27
Favorite DAHS memories: Friends, Beach, North Green, Wilfred's coffee shop for lunch, Mr. Caldarone's class.
Comments: It is hard to believe that it is actually 33 years that we graduated from HS. It's even more difficult to believe that I have a grandchild!!!

Tom Filiberto - 1963 - - still in Levittown - 1998.10.28
Favorite DAHS memories: seeing my children graduate from DAHS
Comments: Nice webpage

Gary Harding - 1981 - - Syosset, NY - 1998.10.29
Favorite DAHS memories: The friendships
Comments: This is a nice way to 'reunion' with others. Kudos!

Wayne D'Hondt - 1978 - - Rochester, NY - 1998.10.31
Favorite DAHS memories: Ski Trip

Julie Wallace (now Julie Shaw) - 1977 - - San Diego, CA - 1998.11.02 (new e-mail 2003.10.04)
Favorite DAHS memories: FUN TIMES

Larry Carelli - 1980 - - Lakeworth, FL - 1998.11.05
Favorite DAHS memories: Hanging out with friends
Comments: Even though I graduated 1 year early because of my dad's job transfer, I will always feel I am part of the class of 1980.

Ann Marie Alberici (now Ann Marie Johnson) - 1993 - - Las Vegas - 1998.11.07 (new e-mail 2002.01.10)
Favorite DAHS memories: being with friends
Comments: I am so glad I still have my 2 best friends... Tina Nekola 1993 and Marsha D'Amato 1994. After all these years and miles away we are still so close but so far... Division was the best. Its still in my heart the best.

Fred Bollinger - 1971 - (bad e-mail 2000.04.14) - Levittown - 1998.11.08
Favorite DAHS memories: Graduating
Comments: Still living the life in Levittown. Four beautiful daughters. Theresa, DAHS Class of 1991. Katherine, DAHS Class of 1993. Deborah, DAHS Class of 1995. Candace, DAHS Class of 1998.

Roseanne (Cacioli) Carroll - - Levittown, NY - 1998.11.08
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Miller's English class - Mr. Chierichella's science class (he was scary at first!) - Ms. Gough's Asian Studies (What a witch) ETC.

Jacki Botti - 1998 - Seaford - 1998.11.09 - Lindenhurst Village (update 2001.06.13)
Favorite DAHS memories: the friends I've made and the laughs we've had
Comments: Sorry, but I don't miss Division yet because it really hasn't been that long since I graduated. I just hope that I can keep my best friends for as long as that lady in Nevada did.

Jennifer Carroll - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown & Binghamton - 1998.11.09
Favorite DAHS memories: Mr. Morrisey's 10th grade math class, Mr. Festante's 10th grade bio class, Miller's physics class, Hrach's english class, lunch with geo and hot chris (hehe)
Comments: the shannon, no bech, ben what's this?, bole, nand, lauren, umm allright, shut your big fat mouths, diane, pippy, bageltown, now I have to get them dry cleaned!, wanna play a board game?, thooong, rish (it was rich... hehehe)

June Thornton (Voelpel) - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Pembroke Pines, FL - 1998.11.09
Favorite DAHS memories: Village Greens, Mr. Levy's class, great friends and good times. Listening to Billy Joel practice in a garage off Spindle Rd with his band (who knew?)
Comments: I probably dropped off everyone's list when I moved to Florida. Would love to know about reunions, etc. What a great place to grow up !!!

Tracy Bongiardino (now Tracy Milk) - 1985 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Las Vegas - 1998.11.14 (new e-mail 1999.10.23)
Favorite DAHS memories: Orchestra with Mr. Corin

Barbara Borgatta (now Wallace) - 1972 - - Mineral, VA - 1998.11.19 (new e-mail 2002.08.15)
1354 Dongola Road, Mineral VA 23117

Bill Euell - 1975 - Orange, California - 1998.11.20 - - Orange, California - 2001.07.20
Favorite DAHS memories: Every time we walked into Mr. Pahel's Physics class was an adventure, depending on what Bill Mitchell and Co. did the period before. Seeing that big bod with a "Kick Me" sign and a tail on his butt was pretty funny. We let him teach the whole class that way. Deegan putting a dead bird in my baseball cleats before practice comes to mind, can't imagine why. Ms. DESIMONE!!! Guten Tag, Fraulein! Don Filipelli's Tie dye T's. Pinball marathons. 4th of Julys in Cairo.
Comments: Props to you, Trina. Like most of the other people who've left town have alluded to, it's difficult explaining to my (3) kids how much there was to do in Levittown. How many friends we had. How much beer we... no, wait, scratch that. Anyway, all the best to all the Dragons, from the Left Coast.

Mary Ann Galizi - 1963 - - Santa Monica, CA - 1998.11.28
Favorite DAHS memories: getting out alive

Toni Crescenzo (Gelfer) - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - San Antonio, TX - 1998.11.29
Favorite DAHS memories: study hall, the battle of the bands, the Azalea Road pool, the North Village Green, Mays department store, summer recreation, Mr. Aiello, the proms, Sadie Hawkins Day dance, etc...

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 1998.12.01
Favorite DAHS memories: Friday night dances
Comments: A 40th reunion of the Class of 1960 in the year 2000 would be super. I am working on a class mailing list and newsletter in hopes of a reunion being created. If you know where anyone from my class is, please let me know.

Trina Cattler Wallace - - STILL in Maine (brrrr) - 1998.12.02
Favorite DAHS memories: Well... since Euell mentioned it... You were a true hybrid, Billy... a jock with brains! But I digress :-) Filipelli's shirts were catchy, weren't they? Some of the best times I ever had in Levittown was time spent hanging out with all those Hopkins kids... I still keep in touch with seve al of the sisters, and even a few of the brothers... the rotating Saturday night parties, though I, of course, NEVER touched a beer til I was at least... ummmm... 14?

Jeanne Donnenberg (now Jeanne Mulligan) - 1972 - (bad e-mail 2004.05.15) - Reisterstown, Maryland - 1998.12.03 (new e-mail 2000.03.25)
Favorite DAHS memories: my prom, making hamentaschen with Jon, Todd and Jann

Russell Green - 1960 - - Santa Barbara - 1998.12.03 (new e-mail 1999.12.13)
Favorite DAHS memories: 20th reunion in 1980
Comments: The class of '60 should have a 40th reunion in 2000. We need to find each other.

Ken Yarmosh - 1976 - - North Babylon / Lake Grove, NY - 1998.12.06
Favorite DAHS memories: Wish I had some - spent too much time outside school to remember much inside.
Comments: This is a wonderful website. Levittown was a great place to grow up. I lived on Gun Lane with my 5 sisters and 3 brothers. You would have found me playing sports or at the library (there were concerts across the way in the park). I left Levittown when I was 18 - but a part of me will always be there. I still drive by Gun Lane every now and then and recall how quickly time has run its course. Wisdom Lane, Saint Bernard's, Memorial H.S. and Division H.S. were places where I attended school at one time or another. McLaren Field on Loring Rd. also holds great memories. If anyone remembers the Yarmosh's, email me and I'll pass any information on to my brothers and sisters. Thanks!

Gary Bendjy - 1973 - - Lake Ronkonkoma, NY - 1998.12.07
- 195 Avenue B, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Cliff Cohen - 1972 - - Newton, Mass. - 1998.12.10 (new e-mail 2000.04.23)
Favorite DAHS memories: Most of 'em.
Comments: Who'd a thunk our little suburb & high school could generate such nostalgia?

Karen Balos - 1960 - (bad e-mail 2001.04.05) - Oakland, CA - 1998.12.11 (new e-mail 1999.11.12)
Favorite DAHS memories: Playing the concert grand piano

Jay Citrin - 1960 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Port Jefferson Station, NY - 1998.12.24
Favorite DAHS memories: All 4 Years

Ray Castagnaro - 1974 - / - Dallas/Fort Worth TX - 1998.12.27 (new e-mail 2002.09)
my website: ;
Favorite DAHS memories: Making [you-know-who - the class bleeding heart liberal] cry in Dr. Levy's class!
Comments: When and where is our 25-year reunion going to be?

Frank Barning - 1960 - - San Diego, CA - 1998.12.28
Favorite DAHS memories: Food fights in cafeteria
Comments: If anyone would like an e-mailed copy of the Class of 1960 newsletter, let me know. We are seeking addresses of class members, so any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year.

John Sweet - 1962 - - Holden MA - 1998.12.30 (new e-mail 2001.03.17)
Favorite DAHS memories: 12th Grade English
Comments: I missed all previous reunions. A millenium reunion sounds great.

Dolores Murrin (now Mancini) - 1981 - (bad e-mail 2003.03.27) - Florida - 1998.12.31 (new e-mail 2000.07.10)
Favorite DAHS memories: Graduating!!!
Comments: It would be nice to hear from people that graduated in the class of 1981! I don't know if there was a reunion or not, I never heard. Please keep me informed of any future reunions. Great webpage, I really enjoyed it, Keep up the great work. P.S. I really miss Levittown!!!

Daria Marusevich-Quataert - - Randolph, NJ - 1998.12.31 (new e-mail 2000.04.21)
- 16 Deer Run Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869
Favorite DAHS memories: dances in the gym
Comments: Great job... keep up the good work and maybe we can all meet for the year 2000. Have a wonderful New Year.

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