For Whom the Torch Burns

a film by members of

Division Avenue High School Class of 1967

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1967 - For Whom The Torch Burns
Producer/Director: Kerry McDonald; Filmed by David Schnapf; Music and Sound: Bob Hallett.
"In 1967, we did not have a senior class play or show, but instead produced a movie called 'For Whom The Torch Burns', a Cold War action flick about Russia's attempt to steal the Statue of Liberty, by blowing it up at its base and towing it to Russia using an abducted Staten Island Ferry.
Parts of the movie were filmed on the QE2 Luxury Liner, the Staten Island Ferry, the streets of Manhattan, the United Nations Building, and of course, at the Statue of Liberty herself. Part of this movie was also shown on the TV quiz show, 'To Tell The Truth' starring Gary Moore, where Kerry McDonald and 2 imposters appeared as guests and talked about the making of the movie. The movie premiered in May of 1967 for a two-day run, to packed houses, at DAHS." [Bob Hallett]

Possible Reunion

[Note, this announcement predates the restoration of the film, which is now available (see below).]

A number of alumni from the DAHS class of 1967 are attempting to put together a unique reunion, largely based on our recent search for, and discovery of, our class movie, For Whom The Torch Burns (which we produced instead of a class play) -- as well the desire to make a sequel!

Subject: For Whom the Torch Burns Alumni Association


Greetings from Kerry McDonnell, Bob Hallett, David Schnapf, Ray Cuomo, Irene Zimmerman, Ken Mednick, Nancy Thomas and (add as we go).

The original copy of the movie you helped produce in 1967, For Whom the Torch Burns, has recently been discovered where it has laid, like Citizen Kane's sled Rosebud, in a seemingly abandoned warehouse. (Actually it was in Dewain Lanfear's hallway closet all these years, in Oak Beach, NY and Atlanta, Ga.)

Your fellow cast and crew members are now checking if the film can be renovated and converted to video. If it is technically possible to do so, we will make video copies of the entire film for the original cast and crew.

But wait, there's more:

1. We are exploring doing a FWTTB reunion for the first showing of the film in 34 years. There would probably be two reunions, one on the east coast, one on the west.

2. As bizarre as it sounds, there is the possibility that we may shoot a sequel. FWTTB II... Like Godfather II it picks up where the original plot left off, but shows the actors 34 years later. The plot line is secret at this point but may involve Bob Hallett reprising his role as a Russian spy, but now working as an Iranian terrorist and dumping Ebola gas at the Statue of Liberty. This to be shot in video this time, very cheaply and quickly, for showing at the reunion.

IF you are interested in this madness and would like to be 17 again for a few hours, let us know if you would be interested in:
-a copy of the film if we can convert it
-the reunion
-a leading role in the sequel (or maybe a walk-on?)

CONTACT either Kerry McDonnell or Bob Hallett

Folks, this is like Field of Dreams for live people.

Copies available

For Whom the Torch Burns - Order your Copy!

Copies of the Class of 1967 production "For Whom the Torch Burns" are now available on VHS Tape or DVD.

(The cost per tape includes professional restoration and conversion of the film to video and DVD.)

Cost per Tape is $35. (and $20. for each additional copy)
Cost per DVD is $40. ($35. if ordering along with a tape) (and $25. for each additional copy).

Please indicate number and type of copies.
Then add $5. shipping and handling to your order or $15. if you want Fedex.
You may pay by Master Card, VISA or American Express.
Please send name of card holder, name and address where to ship along with credit card number, expiration date of card and indicate which type of credit card.

This can be emailed to: Kevin Byrne -

Checks can be made payable to Euroson America, Inc. and mailed to:
Attn: Michelle Schmidt
Euroson America, Inc.
40 Cain Dr.
Brentwood, NY 11717

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