Yearbook Volume 14

entries from 2002.12.03 through 2003.03.25

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John Waunsch - 1975 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2002.12.04 - - 2004.09.30
Looking for: Love in all the wrong places
Memories: School plays, Madrigals, performing in Washington D.C. and Montreal. Great trips. Playing hockey in Phys. Ed. Drivers Ed. at 6:30 a.m. (yawn) Lots of fun!
Comments: I have been a television and radio meteorologist for nearly 20 years and I use my middle name ("John Gerard"). My family and I (married for 23 years with 3 children) have lived in south Florida for 10 years. I hope to make it back "up north" for one of our reunions. If anyone is ever in sunny south Florida, please look me up, or e-mail me and we'll do lunch!

Tom Fazio - 1987 - - Westchester County - 2002.12.06
Comments: Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to add myself to the list. Things are great by me -- I am married, living in Westchester and own my own mortgage company with my brother -- First Eagle Mortgage, Inc. -- based out of Jericho, LI.

Christina Sushko - 2002 - - Levittown, New York - 2002.12.08
Looking for: Looking for Classmates of Class 2002
Memories: My Favorite Division Ave H.S.
Memory was being with my friends! No Matter what I was going through they were always there for me, but the Greatest memory was during Graduation we all sat down hitting Beach balls around and blowing bubbles none the less it was the greatest day of my Life.
But the other good thing was being out on the track running 4 laps during gym class and me Being the only Girl playing football with the guys... Omg what a mouthful they got. And they said girls can't play football lol they are wrong about that...
Comments: Congrats to the class of 2002, We all made it through our 4 years of High School and now we are On to bigger and Better things in our lives, But what always stays in your minds is our Memories...
But for all the upcoming classes best luck to you all and Keep the Dragon flying High and never let it Down!
If you would like to talk some day just e-mail me or IM me at
Good Luck to you all...

Scott Reese / Stud - - Sayville - 2002.12.09
Memories: The Special ed kids eating our applesauce at lunch.
Comments: Stella, punches people.

Ryan Dooley - 2003 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown Ny - 2002.12.16
my webpage:
Looking for: Joyce Brennan
Memories: When me an Joyce walked through the school it was so very cool yes thats it thats what it was who and how come you hate me now I think but thats ok your love for life forever me to stay.

Ronald Kuhlman - 1962 - ?@? - Lake Grove, NY. - 2002.12.27
Memories: Great school to go to, the people were great and also the teachers were great.
Comments: Levittown was a great place for us to grow up. We had the bowling alley at the Green, Whealan's drugs and the pools. It was just great.

Pam Castagnaro (now Pam Kulin) - 1972 - - Norwell, Mass - 2003.01.04
Memories: Looking forward to the July 2003 reunion! It will be so great to see everyone again... it has been ages! Please get in touch with everyone from our class that you have even remotely been in touch with so we get a good showing of our class. The whole weekend idea is terrific. It'll be so cool to see our offspring~ little (hell, grown-up) versions of ourselves floating around!
So sad to see the passing of Mr. Amen and Mr. ("don't step on my blue suede shoes") Reggio... Jimmy Dunne (an all-around great guy), Kathy Hobb (a gentle spirit) and Barry Mckeon and Jane Hagan ('71) in the WTC tragedy... My heart goes out to their families.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Fran Silver??? (Fun times!)
Tracey Bender email me!!
Here's to a great reunion! Can y'all believe the OLDIES on the radio now... are our life?? LOL

Raymond Mierjeski (Teacher-Vocational Printing & Lithography) - retired from DAHS-1982 - - 9802 W Evergreen Dr., Sun City AZ 85373 - 2003.01.04
Memories: The fine students that I trained and placed into the printing industry. My students were in great demand through my active relationship with the L.I. Graphic Arts Association. Many of my students were granted scholarships as well to gain degrees in Printing management at Rochester Institute of Technology and NYU School of Printing Management. I still hear from many of my grads; and am so pleased to know that many are top management and executives in printing and publishing concerns; while some are in their own very successful businesses. I was always a firm believer of Occupational Education, and owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Bernard Rappaport for selecting me to begin the successful and still ongoing Printing and Lithography program in Levittown School District. I also would like to congratulate my former student Bill Cooper, who is now the teacher who succeeded me upon my retirement in Feb. of 1982. He is a fine person, with great ability, foresight, and dedication to the Industry that we both love. He is doing a fine job, and he has kept pace with the ever-changing dynamics of the printing industry; teaching the best program of its class on Long Island, (if not in all of N.Y. state).
Comments: It was most interesting and a wonderful surprises to learn of this website. I discovered it accidentally going into my E-Mail, clicking onto KimKomando Computer newsletters sent this past week; inviting her listeners and subscribers to her newsletters, to download a search program that I had never used. I put in a few names and "voila"; I discovered -- glad I did. Some very fine people have gone through DAHS and the Levittown district. My 21 years of teaching there was my most wonderful life's experience.

Jody Goldberg (now Jody Snider) - 1973 - - Plano, TX - 2003.01.04
Looking for: If having High School Reunion this Summer 2003

Deanna Moran (soon to be Deanna Tropeano) - 2001 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - 2003.01.05
Memories: I miss all the good times I had with my friends and remember all the "chats" we had in gym class and at lunch. We always used to talk about the day that Mike and I would eventually get married and now it's happening. I hope to see you all there.

Toni - Not from DAHS - - 2003.01.07
Looking for: Jimmy Senia
Memories: Hi, I did not attend Division, but I a looking for JIMMY SENIA.
He graduated class of 1983, I think he is residing in Florida now. If anyone knows or has email mail address, I would appreciate it. Thanxs

Kevin Kenefick - 1991 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Hartford Ct. - 2003.01.12
Looking for: To say hello
Comments: Time is going on by fast. We are hitting our 30's now.

Sharon Jahns (now Sharon Nelson) - 1976 - - Tampa, FL - 2003.01.12
Looking for: Everyone I partied with, you know who you are!
Memories: Too many to mention - The Stands, The Church, The Green, Dairy Barn, lunch at Wilfred's, Salisbury/Eisenhower Park, Brothers Pub, The Keyhole, Cheerleading, All the pool parties at my house, so many cool awesome memories, that's what it's all about!! I am still having a great time in life, are you???

Sharon Young (now Sharon Studwell) - 1967 - - Patchogue, NY - 2003.01.14
Comments: Sharon is my mother and I know she would love to hear from some of her old friends from high school. She used to hang out with (and excuse the spelling) Denise Roach, Diane Lawless, Veronica (Ronnie) Healy, and Victoria (Vicki) LaMocchia.
My mom's email is listed above. Thank you.

Stephen Colen - 1970 - - Amherst N.H. - 2003.01.17
Looking for: Anyone who remembers me and the times we had together
Memories: Lacrosse and surfing and girls

Cheryl Halpin (now Cheryl Angelo) - 1964 - - York, PA - 2003.01.18
Memories: Mr. Laskers interesting and enlightening Cit. Ed. classes. Mr. Aiello and the great personality of Mrs. Kelly. Stopping at Whelans on the way home from school. A

Ralph Boettger - 1973 - - Ithaca, New York - 2003.01.19
my webpage:
Looking for: Blue Dragons to come together in honor of Mr. James Amen
Memories: The Lax/Football/Baseball guys of 1973 are dedicated to preserving the memory of Jim Amen who passed away last year. We are in the process of organizing a memorial at the baseball field as well as a Hall of Fame... called the Jim Amen Hall of Fame.
If you are interested please contact Ralph Boettger at :
1. You make a donation to the Fund.
2. You could join a committee
*****Right now the fund stands at $500. (from Boettger, Leyden, Padgett, etc.)
First priority is to get a rock placed behind the backstop of the baseball field... with a memorial plaque... a ceremony will be held in late Spring. The link to go to for details (under construction) is

Diane Grater (now Strauss) - 1966 - - San Bernardino, CA - 2003.01.24
Comments: Email address change.

Timothy Lavey - 1963 - - Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 - 2003.01.25
Memories: Larry Lasker
My girlfriend Linda Bishop
My friends Bob "Linc" Binninger, Bart Thibideau, Bob Berman
I also fondly remember Bob Leporati, Richie Liquori, Brian Williams, Alyce Weismann, Joe Imperato (Cinigliaro) and too many others to mention
Comments: Would love to hear from anyone out there who wants to reminisce or bring me up-to-date on what's been happening in their lives.

Robert Anderson - 1978 - - Wilmington, N.C. - 2003.01.25
Looking for: Mike Stasko
Memories: Just the good times I had.

Tracey Cook (now Tracey Wulder) - 1986 - - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 2003.01.26
my webpage:
Comments: Moved & changed email address: May 2001

James "Jimmy" Florentino (deceased) - 1964 - Las Vegas, NV - 2003.01.26
Memories: Jimmy Florentino class of 1964, passed away in Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 13, 2002. He is survived by his sister Fran, his four children, Christa, Jenna, Joseph, and Alea, and two grandchildren, Trevor and Audrianna. Jimmy always had fond memories of Levittown, and all his old friends. After we told stories, and memories of Levittown and how it was growing up in the old days with his kids, we'd always end it with "Glory Days" (Mary Ann Galizi, sister-in-law.)

Michele LeBright (now Michele Roberts) - 1971 - - Vero Beach, FL - 2003.01.27
Looking for: Laurie Placente

Jim Boisjolie - 1984 - - Acworth Ga. - 2003.01.27
Comments: I wanted to take time to thank Ron Corrente for turning me on to "The Clash". I had heard them before Ron but his love for them really got me hooked. Ron passed away late last year and Joe Strummer of The Clash passed away a few weeks ago. It seems only yesterday we went to the Hofstra University Gym to see The Clash. It seems only yesterday we hung out behind Division Deli and the bleachers. We used to walk to Azalea Pool in the summer blasting WLIR on my radio. I had not spoken to Ron in many years but I will never forget him, for memories last forever.

Nicole Ingenito (now Nicole Wade) - 1997 - - Massapequa w/ Shawn and daughter Emily - 2003.01.28
Looking for: Old friends
Memories: Just hanging out and talking about nothing

Scott R. BosÚs - 1965 - - Hollywood California - 2003.01.29
my webpage:
Looking for: old friends, Rusty Drumm, Brad Clarke, Jackie Considine
Memories: Whaelens Drug store, Jahns, The Roller Rink, Johmies Pizza and Carusos
Comments: almost forty years since I left and came to Hollywood.
Looking forward to a forty-year reunion!

Brian O'Brien - 1967 - - Mastic Beach, New York - 2003.01.29
Looking for: Mike Hughes

Thomas O'Brien - 2005 - - Levittown - 2003.01.31
Memories: every time I got a haircut people went "Why did you cut your mullet?"
Comments: Just call me Big T

John Dressel - 1965 - - Wellesley, MA - 2003.02.03
Looking for: Old friends

Thomas O'Brien - 2005 - - Levittown - 2003.02.03
Looking for: My band's website
Memories: Every time I got a haircut, I get a shocked expression from my friends and I would laugh at the thought for hours.
Comments: Jusy call me Big T

Barbara Gallo (now Barbara Bitela) - 1973 - - Antelope, CA - 2003.02.05
Looking for: Mike Rizzo

Anita Peluso (now Anita Maloney) - 1978 - - Smithtown, NY - 2003.02.06
Memories: Hanging out at redwing with the gang, lets see if I can remember the names - Jill, Patty G, Patty M, Kelly S, Terri, Kelly C, Ford, Blane, Falkie, Jay, Marks, Chris, Scott, Mike, did I miss anyone? Getting chased out of the park every night by the cops, son of egg, having a crush on Mr Gels, the senoir ski trip - why were Tom Aniello and Eric Koenig in our room? And my oldest friends Alice, Lori and Linda - we had a blast.
Comments: Any word on our 25th reunion?

Alicia Marinan (now Alicia Waters) - 1995 - - Westchester - 2003.02.06
Comments: I just wanted to say hello and this is the first time I have scanned this site in a while and it was good to read some memories. I got married on July 4, 2002 and am now living in Westchester. If anyone would like to drop me a line it would be great to hear from you.

Lori Fontana (now Lori Fontana-Cass) - 1978 - - South Setauket, NY - 2003.02.07
Comments: Looking for anyone who attented woodward pkwy, howitt jhs, and of course my graduating year of 1978

Lynn Janet Wolfson (now Lynn Janet Kosick) - 1986 - - Pottsville Pennsylvania USA - 2003.02.09
Looking for: Class reunion and classmates of 1986 - where are you?
Memories: Hanging out with my best buddies while I was not doing any studying in any of my classes. Hello... Help out and tell me where the class of 1986 gonna be doing for their 20th class reunion and classmates come on I know you guys are out there or not!!!

Toni Crescenzo (now Toni Gelfer) - 1968 - - San Antonio, Texas - 2003.02.09
Memories: Hello to everyone.. Just a change of e-mail address.. I'm severely out of the loop, deep in the heart of the great state of Texas, so this site has been my eyes and ears.. It's wonderful!! It's been a long time since a reunion, hope all is well out there.. Take care and keep me informed.. P.S. I've got 2 grandchildren... I bet a lot of you do, too. Isn't it weird and great!!! Hope to see everyone again... Toni

Claudine Delury (now Claudine Rivera) - 1989 - - Hewlett - 2003.02.10
Memories: Riding in my Caddy, harrassing Mr. Allen, going to Spit. My ex-boyfriend Tony Razzano who is now old, old, old!!! Oh well I married his friend Willie! lol. Who I am now divorced from!

I want to say hello to Vinny Romano. Thank you for getting me interested in bodybuilding. Now I know so much about the sport I got my ex to win some shows! Tommy Squiteri I never forgot about ya! Oh Greg Cody, dont ever think I forgot about the penis thing in science class! God I miss cruising Hempstead Turnpike.

Let's see, of course Metallica and seeing them in concert oh and Pink Floyd and Madonna of course. I am still friends with Lori Dinucci. The Prom! Was I the only girl there with a guy who had facial hair? He had a full, and I mean full beard! Ewww gross!!
Comments: What happened to me??!!! Now all I wanna do is find a guy who can read a book and settle down and have kids. So much changed in my 20's. I learned how to ski, play basketball, baseball and boogieboard. I lost my good boyfriend 9/11 several months after I left my ex. But I know he died being a valiant hero and I will miss him forever. As for Willie, well when I was 15 I told him and his girlfriend at the time I was going to marry him and I did.

People tell me i'm like charlotte in sex and the city. How so much has changed. My hair is flat, a lot less makeup. Im way much more conservative now than in high school. Actually people tell me that I seem innocent now. What a big contrast from days gone by.

My life has changed so much. Pretty much overnight in 1990. I changed all of my friends, clothes, makeup and personality for Willie. Oh well i've met so much better I cannot believe it. Why in the world did I settle!

My biggest regret is not going to the reunion. Wait I went to willies h.s. reunion I got an invitation for that. I dont know how. I mean he graduated oceanside 1985 how did I get that? I guess I should have spent more time with people my own age.

Calvin ____ - 2001 - - 2003.02.10
my webpage:
Looking for: Old buddies
Memories: Tori and Christian Carbone fighting in the lunch room, and the tennis team
Comments: Still living in l-town

Terry Flumenbaum (now Famigletti) - 1970 - - Bayville, New York - 2003.02.14
Looking for: Barbara Greening

Robert Marxhausen (now Robert Mashedpotato) - 1972 - 2003.02.20- - 2005.05.03
Memories: Wresting team, 11th grade ski trip

Lucas Gomez - 2005 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - St. Cloud, Florida - 2003.02.20
Memories: What up to everyone,
keep it real forever
Colombian for life

Dan Lavelle - 1998 - (would've been 1998) - - Tucson/Phoenix, AZ - 2003.02.24
Comments: I know, I know... I didn't actually go here. But I think that most of you remember me... if you wanna know what's up, just e-mail me!

Phil Solomon - 1965 - - Mount Sinai - 2003.02.25
Memories: It's been nostalgic reading through these pages. What memories we all have! Wasn't life simpler then? Would like to hear from you, and especially those who lived near Elmtree Lane.

Scott R. BosÚs - 1965 - - Hollywood California - 2003.02.25
my webpage:
Looking for: Old school mates
Memories: Mr. Reggio! Mr. Amos
Surfing at Gilgo beach
The roller rink
Helbros toy store!
Comments: Living in Los Angeles for many years now.
Love to hear from anyone in the area or otherwise.

Debbie Damiani (now Traenkle) - 1987 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2003.02.25
Memories: I had so many wonderful times at Division ave, met a lot of great people that I will never forget.
Comments: Life is good, I married Doug Traenkle (graduate of Division 1984) in 1995. We have 2 beautiful boys, Taylor who is now 6. He plays Ice hockey for the Nassau County Tigers, (He is following in his Dads footsteps & Hunter who has just turned 2, will be on the ice before we know it! They are a lot of fun to be with. I work p/t for gmac. Doug has his own Spackling business & is doing well. Our kids will attend Abbey Lane school & eventually go to Division Ave, which we think is pretty cool. We still see all of our close friends from school. We just bought a house in Levittown in Aug, we really do love it here. We would love to hear from anyone who feels like saying hello!

Tom O'Brien - 2005 - - 2003.02.26
Looking for: My band
Memories: each time I got a haircut, the reactions of my friends would be hysterical to me
Comments: just call me Big T

Pete Araujo - 1980 - (would have been 1980) - - 2003.02.27
Looking for: Levenglick girls
Comments: I went to Summit Lane but moved from the Island at 12 in 1974 so I never made it to Division Ave H S but I have many fond memories of the childhood years in Levitown. I am looking for Janet Levenglick or her sisters if anyone can help.

Stanley W. Saas - 1968 Amityville High School - - Patchogue, New York - 2003.02.28
Looking for: Classmates

Mattirea Washington - - Crystal Springs Mississippi - 2003.02.28
Looking for: Any Choir members that was in the choir with me under Dr. Bobby Cooper 1990-1989
Memories: Some of my best members was practicing with the choir members at night. And going off on the trips to sing (lead singer Kevin Cross.
Some of us stayed on campus. Just to name a few (Donald Evans, Arron Ron, Cameal, Pam, Tracy, Richard, Patricia, Mattirea (me) and my boyfriend

Michael Robinson - 1984 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Levittown - 2003.03.01
Comments: You had my e-mail address listed incorrectly

Bob Calabritto - 1989 - - Bali, Indonesia - 2003.03.03
Memories: Thinking back - they were all favorable.

Timothy Kelly - 1998 - - 2003.03.03
Comments: Graduated Brown University in 2002. Currently attending Law School. I saw there was someone else with the name Tim Kelly from Class of 2000 so I just wanted to clarify.

Bob "Monk" Mancino - 1969 - - N. Calif. - 2003.03.05
Comments: I would like to wish the class of 1971 a collective happy 50th birthday from one who's been there. A lot can happen in half a century as I'm sure we all can attest. Please allow me to convey a small piece of advice concerning the mental process of aging and that is don't ever act paranoid about it because that only makes the people watching you nervous. Visit our website @ for a unique birthday idea. Warm Regards,
Comments: Happy 40th birthday to the class of 1981... You most likely don't know me as I have graduated several years prior but maybe some of your older siblings have heard of me. The 40s can be divisive years with mid-age crisis, I wanna do something else, half my life is gone... etc... etc. Perhaps some words from the guru of gonzo journalism Hunter S. Thompson may help in a time of crisis and those are; "when the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." Come visit our website for your birthday @
All the very best,

Stacey Suzanne Hyland - - Frewsburg, NY - 2003.03.08
Looking for: Joseph M Lavelle
Memories: One of the most fun memories in high school was the class trip we took to Boston in the 11th grade. The parties, spirit night, homecoming parades and of course the Senior variety show. Everyone just seemed to have fun and that was cool.

Sandy Carman - 1983 - - Ocala, FL - 2003.03.08
Looking for: Kathy Contess, Kevin Foley, Peter McDonald, Patty Youngkowski

Wendy Max (now Wendy Tabet) - 1968 - - Belen, New Mexico - 2003.03.09
Comments: Just updating with my new e-mail address. It's so great to see so many now registered here. When I first signed up, there were only 4 of us. It's been great reconnecting with old friends. For those of you that didn't respond... I have to wonder why. It takes just a minute to write back and let people know how you are and what you've been up to. It's such a treat to hear about everyone. I sure hope there's a reunion this year.

Jason Liquori - 1998 - (bad e-mail 2004.10.07) - Los Angeles, Ca - 2003.03.09
my webpage:
Looking for: Your mom

Jack Maryon - Transferred to LMHS 1953? - - El Cajon, CA. (San Diego area) - 2003.03.10
Memories: Going to the Bluegrass Lane pool across Hempstead Turnpike during lunch, then sit in class in a wet suit.
Comments: Joined the U.S. Navy in 6/56, retired 7/74. Graduated college. Got my Pilot's License. Made 1,000 Parachute Jumps. Joined U.S. Customs 10/80, retired as an O-5 (Cdr.) 1/99. Now I do some Armed Escort jobs. Last year I traveled around the world three times doing jobs for Customs (DC office). During my spare time(?) I go out in the ocean fishing in my boat

Walt Speelman - 1964 - - Folsom, Ca - 2003.03.10
Looking for: Jim Carney. (Found Bernie Karpel.)

Eddy Calabritto - 1985 - - Andover, MA - 2003.03.15
Looking for: All old friends

Julia Lopez - 1998 - - Long Beach, NY - 2003.03.15
Memories: All the different types of people I met.

Miachael Shortell aka Shorty - - 2003.03.16
Memories: Memories? I remember Mark convincing me to join the football team in 9th grade. He said "chicks love the jersey." The school had no money that year so I didnt get a jersey, I just got my butt kicked up and down the field.
In 10th grade the Chemistry regents exam was stolen and published in the paper. To this day I thank the powers that be. I never would have passed otherwise. I met the love of my life (she went to MacArthur). Now we've been married for over six years.
Nothing really happened in 11th BUT 12th grade. . .
12th grade was when I decided I was going to take over the world. I dreamed of being in a Punk band. Got my first car, a 1972 Beetle Convertible. Met Hellen and Jen, the only two other punks in all of Division. Hung out with rubber cement and a bottle of Brian in photography class. No permanant damage.
That was over ten years ago. Now my world is ruled by a two year old. I had to sell my Beetle to go to college. I still dream of being in a punk band. PUNKS NOT DEAD! Still mourn the death of Sid Vicious 02/02/79. Havent seen Hellen and Jen since. I heard Hellen was experimenting on the brains of humans. Soon I will have the honor of being an usher in Brian's wedding.
Email me and be patient because I don't get to check my messages that often. Boomshanka.

Frank Zupky - 1971 - - Long Island, NY - 2003.03.20
Looking for: Walter Talgo
Comments: I'm looking for my high school buddy, Wally Talgo. We played football together in school and were best friends. I should have graduated in 1971, and I think he would have also. He lived on Crabtree La. and had a younger brother named Glenn. I know he joined the Army and was stationed in Germany. I last saw him around 1978 when he stayed a few days with me in Centereach, we had a great time! He talked about going back to Germany back then, and I never heard from him again. I also moved shortly after our last contact. If you have any knowledge of Wally or his whereabouts please email me.

Scott R. BosÚs - 1965 - - Hollywood California - 2003.03.24
my webpage:
Looking for: Rusty Drum
Memories: Surfing at Gilgo Beach
Jolly Rogers
Jahns Ice Cream
Azelia Lane Pool
North Village green

Lauren - ??? - (bad e-mail) - 2003.01.24
Looking for: Lost Classmates
I am working on an upcoming television show called “Classmates.” Do you have an old friend you want to reunite with on TV? If you're interested in meeting up with a classmate that you haven't seen in years and having your reunion filmed, tell us who you'd like to meet and why.
We are especially interested in stories of unfinished business – did you never get to tell someone how you feel? Wish you had treated someone differently, or taken someone else to the prom? Here's your chance to make things right.
Please be sure to let us know how we can get in touch with you, including your phone number with area code.
Thanks so much,
Lauren Anderson
Associate Producer

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